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Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer is an Australian writer and literary critic.


Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer was born in South Australia as Cecelia Hopkins. She graduated from Avondale College in NSW in 1987 after her marriage as 'Cecelia Drewer'.[1] In 1988, Hopkins-Drewer reportedly wrote her first full length fictional manuscript, but it was her academic work that first saw publication, with her master's project "The Literary Manifesto of H.P. Lovecraft: A Writer in Search of a Theory", which had been completed in substitution for several units through the University of New South Wales, being extracted for publication as "Symbolism of Style in The Strange High House in the Mist", Lovecraft Studies 31 (Fall 1994): 17–21.[2]

In 2000, she reportedly wrote her second full length manuscript, which she continued editing until it was eventually published as Silver Springtime. Then in 2004 her third full length manuscript, which ultimately became All for Love, was purportedly completed.[3] In 2010, a Nativity play she wrote was produced by a local church.[4] Hopkins-Drewer has also written reviews for Australian Library Review, (Charles Sturt University—Riverina, Centre for Information Studies, Periodical : 1990–1996)[5] Weekend Notes (an online magazine) and Hubpages.

Some of Hopkins-Drewers' writing has been Christian, for which she received a Hindson Award for Christian journalism in 2001.[6] Other writing has been of a secular nature. Hopkins-Drewer attempted to reconcile the various creative urges in her article "Christians and creativity", published in The Record, (ed. Brown, N.), Signs Publishing Company, February 3 2007, pp. 10–11, but the conflict appears to continue in her works.[7]

Hopkins-Drewer's poetry can be found on Poetry Soup.[8] Hopkins-Drewer has given interviews in which she talks about writing and publishing as an independent and freelance author.[9]


Some of the author's critical writing has focussed on H.P. Lovecraft.

  • "Symbolism of Style in The Strange High House in the Mist. Lovecraft Studies 31 (Fall 1994): 17–21. (as by 'Cecelia Drewer'). This article has been cited in subsequent scholarly studies, [10] bibliographies. [11] and reading lists. [12]
  • "New York, Culture Shock, and a Glimpse of the Future in "He" (short story) (as by 'Cecelia Drewer') Lovecraft Annual 11 (Edited by S.T. Joshi, Hippocamus Press, 2017), pp. 41–50
  • "Feminine Powerlessness and Deference in The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" (as by 'Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer') Lovecraft Annual 12 (Edited by S.T. Joshi, Hippocamus Press, New York, 2018), pp. 13–20
  • "'The Cats': An Environmental Ditty" (as by Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer) Lovecraft Annual 13 (Edited by S.T. Joshi, Hippocamus Press, New York, 2019), pp. 69–74[13]

Indie novels[edit]

  • The Silver Springs Christian University Series: Silver Springtime (2017), Faith and Love (2018), Love Always Hopes (2019)
  • The Nevermore Parables Series: Mystic Evermore (2018), Saints and Sinners (2018), Autumn Secrets (2018)
  • All For Love: on the charity dating show (2018)[14]


Hopkins-Drewer's poetry acquired a science fiction influence due to publication in The Mentor, a fanzine edited by Ron Clarke.[15]

Poem/s Magazine Editor Publisher Issue Notes
"The Reconciliation", "Planet Nemesis" and "Song from 5 million BP". The Mentor Ron L. Clarke Ron L. Clarke TM 83 July 1994
"Sweet seventeen and never been kissed" The Mentor Ron Clarke Ron L. Clarke TM 84 October 1994
"Childbirth on a Civilized Planet", "The Illusionist", "The Cyborg" and "The Resurrection" The Mentor Ron Clarke Ron L. Clarke TM 85, January 1995
"Sub-station One", "Rejuvenation" The Mentor Ron Clarke Ron L. Clarke TM 87, July 1995 [16]
"The Vampire - Need" Spectral Realms S.T. Joshi Hippocampus Press SR, No. 11, September 2019 p. 38[17][18]

Short story anthology inclusions[edit]

Short Stories Anthology Title Editor Publisher Date Notes
"Flashback", "Radiation Sickness", "The Black Hole", "The Duel", and "The Takeover" Worlds (Dark Drabbles #1) Dean Kershaw Black Hare Press June 2019 [19]
"Pride", "Prisoner", "Seraphin", "Shepherding", and "The Temptress" Angels (Dark Drabbles #2) Dean Kershaw Black Hare Press July 2019 [20]
"Manchine", "Spider Alert", "The Slime Monster", "The Waygrim", "You" Monsters (Dark Drabbles #3) Dean Kershaw Black Hare Press August 2019 The anthology as a whole recieved a HWA nomination[21]
Beyond (Dark Drabbles #4) Dean Kershaw Black Hare Press September 2019 [22]


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