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ARMA 2 Chernarus factbook map.png
2009 map showing Chernarus and the surrounding region
Other name(s)Chernaruska Republika (English: Chernarussian Republic)
Located inEastern Europe
Created byMarek Spanel
TypeSovereign state
Ethnic group(s)Chernarussians and Russians
Notable locationsSouth Zagoria and Utes
Notable charactersValentina Galkina, Akula Lopotev, Lieutenant Marny, Lieutenant Nikitin
Population3,800,000 (as of October 2009)[1]
First appearanceARMA 2 (2009)
Last appearanceDayZ (2019)
Drives on theright
Time zoneUTC +3 or +4
Observes daylight savingsUnknown
National anthem"Chernarussian Anthem"

Chernarus is fictional Eastern European country featured in the video games ARMA 2 and DayZ, as well as the DayZ modification for ARMA 2.[2][3][4][5]


According to supplementary materials released in 2009 by Bohemia Interactive Studio, the developer of ARMA 2, Chernarus borders Russia to its north, the fictional country of Takistan to its west (featured in the ARMA 2 expansion pack ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead), and the fictional body of water known as the Green Sea.[6]


The entirety of Chernarus is not rendered in ARMA 2 or the DayZ standalone game; rather one region known as "South Zagoria" is[7] in addition to an island called Utes. The rendition of Chernarus featured in the DayZ standalone game is based on that featured in ARMA 2, but is more detailed and expansive.[8] The geography of the South Zagoria region itself is based on the Usti region of the Czech Republic; the developers of ARMA 2 are based in the Czech Republic.

According to 2009 promotional material provided by Bohemia Interactive, the developer of ARMA 2, South Zagoria borders Russia to its north and the (fictional) Green Sea to its south and east. The largest city in South Zagoria is Chernogorsk.[6][9] The capital of Chernarus is Novigrad, located in the western part of the country.[6]


Flag of Chernarus
Seal of the CDF
Flag of the CDF

The people of Chernarus are referred to as Chernarussians, which is also the name of the predominant ethnic group of the country, of which there are 3,000,000.[10] The country is home to a sizable Russian minority of 800,000, particularly in the South Zagoria region.[10] Ethnic Chernarussians speak Chernarussian, which is essentially Czech written with a Cyrillic alphabet.[10] In the game's 2009, the South Zagoria is home to a Communist insurgency led by the Chernarussian Red Star Movement (ChDKZ, pronounced "Chedaki"),[11][10] amidst inter-ethnic tensions between the country's Chernarussians and 800,000 Russians. Chernarus' national colors are green and yellow, featured on its national flag. It has its own national anthem, based on the Soviet song "Березы" (English: "Birch trees").[12]

Chernarus has a NATO-trained military, known as the Chernarussian Defense Force (CDF).[13]


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