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Crime in Sports Podcast

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Crime in Sports is the hit true crime comedy podcast hosted by James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman which started in early 2016, and worked its way into the ears and hearts of listeners around the world in early 2017.

When these assholes (not scumbags) aren't researching and recording their podcasts, you can find them on stage at a local comedy club.


James and Jimmie salute the crowd at the end of a live show.

James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman are stand up comedians in the Phoenix, AZ area.

Jimmie Whisman is a regular at Stand Up Live and the Tempe Improv, although you can find him performing all over the Pho.  With his quick wit and stories of his family antics he has become a favorite. When asked for his bio, he sent this response: "I’m generally pretty loose about my bio. I say things like 'as a regular at the Tempe Improv and stand up live if you have gone to see your favorite comic, Jimmie has probably opened the show and you forgot.'”

Jimmie has a dirt bike, a strange fascination with Dolly Parton in an apron, and has NOT seen "The Wire" or "Deadwood".

Recurring Characters[edit]

The Mexican Pimp: Introduced in episode 26

The Shawarma Man: Introduced in episode 32

Dexter Manley - Interior Designer from New York City: Introduced in episode 52

Bobbie Colorado - Animal Trainer: Introduced in episode 61

Estevez Jones - MMA Fighter and 70's Blacksploitation Actor: Introduced in episode 82

James' Grandma - Introduced in episode 94

Paul Calhoun - Shit Pipe Enthusiast: Introduced in episode 100

Show Lingo & Definitions[edit]

Brain Damage Sport:

Sahara Desert Fart Fact:

Non-Linker: Somebody who when mentioned in a famous person's life story on Wikipedia will not contain a hyperlink to their own page, as they are not significant enough to be viewed.[1]

Silver-Haired Middle Aged White Man: A coach, team owner, athletic director or public official who publicly excuses , colludes or conceals the illegal activities of an athlete/s for financial or professional gain to the detriment of wider society.[2]

Crime in Sports Rules[edit]

1. Don't name your kid 'junior'

2. Keep your silver-haired, middle-aged white man close

3. Don't move back home

4. Don't find religion

5. Don't get married

6. Don't have a kid

7. Don't keep a teenager in your hit squad

Scummie Awards[edit]

Award 2016 2017
Athlete Episode Athlete Episode
But Not Nearly As Bad As Award Art Schlichter 20 Ike Ibeabuchi 55
Golden Gilretha Award Gilreatha Dotson 14 Shana Mayfield 96
Skip Bayless Award Lenny Dykstra 7 Miki Dora 71
Best Self-Given Nickname Award Robert Rozier 11
Silver Haired Middle Aged White Man Award Pete Rozelle Various Mentions Shana Mayfield

Billy Martin

Bob Arum




Dumbest Scumbag Award Tommy Morrison 23 Barrett Robbins 85
Longest Fall From Glory/Grace Award Larry Bethea 46 Riddick Bowe 84
Cracked Egg Award No Award Given Ike Ibeabuchi 55
Most Likely to Have a Second Crime in Sports Episode Isaiah Rider 49 Ben Cousins 92
Person You Would Least want to Date Your Daughter Award Bruno Fernandes De Souza 6 Randall Woodfield 54
Please Turn it Around Award No Award Given Ron Leflore 81
Most Likely to Find and Kill James and/or Jimmie Award Ion Croitoru 33 Shana Mayfield 96
Scumbag of the Year Award Eddie Johnson 9 Eugene "Buck" Zumhofe 74

Series Overview[edit]

Episode Number Release Date Title Subject Athlete Sport Characters/Notes
135 10/15/2018 A Valium and Flatulance Cocktail - The Regrettableness of Lamarr Hoyt Lamarr Hoyt Baseball
134 10/7/2018 A Matter of Taste - The Gregariousness of Adrien "The Problem" Broner Adrien Broner Boxing
133 9/30/2018 That's A Lot of Murder - The Inordinateness of Anthony Smith Anthony Smith MMA
132 9/16/2018 Skip to my Jail - The Cantankerousness of Rafer "Skip to my Lou" Alston Rafer Alston Basketball
131 9/9/2018 Jeeps, Meetballs, and Forcible Sex - The Determinedness of Billy Tibbetts Billy Tibbetts Hockey
130 9/3/2018 Hated By Most, Disliked by All - The Loathedness of "Bruiser" Bob Sweetan Bob Sweetan Wrestling
129 8/26/18 A Surprise in Hiss Pants - The Ashamedness of Gary Charles Gary Charles Soccer
128 8/12/18 Hall of Fame or Trailer Park? The Squanderedness of Brein Taylor Brein Taylor Baseball
127 8/5/18 The Escalator to Failure - The Abruptness of Darryl Henley Darryl Henley Football
126 7/29/18 Straight Out of the Bad Bin - The Two-Facedness of Olden Polynice Olden Polynice Basketball
125 7/22/18 The Ghosts Made Him Do it? The Mercurialness of Josh "The Fluke" Grispi Josh Grispi MMA
124 7/16/18 Drugs, Speed & Stupid - The Sophisticatedness of Gary "Hot Shoe" Balough Gary Balough Car Racing
123 7/9/18 The Revenge Of Mr Pancake - The Anonymousness of Lee Siner Lee Siner Boxing
122 7/3/18 Watching It Burn To The Ground - The Ineptness of Andre Rison Andre Rison Football
121 6/25/18 The Tornado of Temper - The copiousness of Milton Bradley Milton Bradley Baseball
120 6/18/18 Who Put Cocaine In My Underpants? - The Pugnaciousness of Bob Probert Bob Probert Hockey
119 6/4/18 Like A Greased Up Sled - The Unendingness of Tammy "Sunny" Sytch Tammy Sytch Wrestling
118 5/29/18 Violence Just Follows Some People - The Menacingness of Anthony Mason Anthony Mason Basketball
117 5/21/18 Never A Dull Moment, Always An Empty Glass - The Recalcitrantness of John Daly John Daly Golf
116 5/14/18 Terrible People Do Terrible Things - The Vileness of Hermes Franca Hermes Franca MMA
115 5/7/18 Hitting A Bullseye With A Hammer - The Shiftlessness of Chris Mason Chris Mason Darts
114 4/24/18 Bad Luck, Booze & Bullets - The Disorderliness of Steve Foley Steve Foley Football
113 4/17/18 Punching Leads To Shooting - The Turbulentness of Jermain Taylor Jermain Taylor Basketball
112 4/3/18 Flexing His Crime Muscles - The Exhaustiveness of Jose Canseco Jose Canseco Baseball
111 3/26/18 The Worst Kind Of Double Life - The Diabolicalness of Bob Hewitt Bob Hewitt Tennis
110 3/19/18 The Chemical Killing Machine - The Enhancedness of Gordon Kimbrough Gordon Kimbrough Bodybuilding
109 3/13/18 Another One Bites The Dust - The Calamitousness of Roy Tarpley Roy Tarpley Basketball
108 3/5/18 The Crown Prince Of Violence - The Excitableness of Ryan Gracie Ryan Gracie MMA
107 2/25/18 A Founding Father Of Crack - The Fortunateness of Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson Thomas Henderson Football
106 2/12/18 Murder In A Flash - The Unpredictableness of Esteban de Jesus Esteban de Jesus Boxing
105 2/5/18 Always An Explanation - The Smoothness of Aurelian Smith Jr, AKA Jake 'The Snake' Roberts Jake Roberts Wrestling
104 1/28/18 Dumb, Dishonest & Dead - The Energeticness Of Steve Howe Steve Howe Baseball
103 1/21/18 More Stabbings Than Medals - The Daringness of Matti Nykanen Matti Nykanen Ski Jumping
102 1/14/18 Lies Can Be Deadly - The Wholesomeness of Trevis Smith Trevis Smith Football
101 1/7/18 The Malicious, Menacing Moron - The Incredulousness of Keon Clark Keon Clark Basketball
100 12/31/17 Fighter. Killer. Victim? - The Sternness of Amar Suloev Amar Suloev MMA Introduction of Paul Calhoun - Shit Pipe Enthusiast

2017 Scummie Awards

99 12/25/17 Lesson Never Learned - The Punchiness of Joey Barton Joey Barton Soccer
98 12/17/17 Violent Lives Bring Violent Deaths - The Ferociousness of Edwin Valero Edwin Valero Boxing Live from Chicago
97 12/11/17 His Strangles Know No Bounds - The Hostileness of Elijah Dukes Elijah Dukes Baseball
96 12/4/17 There's Meth In Those Potholes - The Speediness Of Jeremy Mayfield Jeremy Mayfield Car Racing
95 11/27/17 Fighting For Jail Time - The Damagedness of Rudy Poeschek Rudy Poeschek Hockey
94 11/20/17 How Many Stabs Does It Take... - The Appallingness of Terry Underwood Terry Underwood Football
93 11/13/17 There's A Gun In My Crawfish - The Disappointingness of Marcus Bullard Marcus Bullard Basketball
92 11/6/17 Such Is Annihilation - The Chaoticness of Ben Cousins Ben Cousins Australian Rules Football
91 10/30/17 Like Peanut Butter & Cocaine - The Hardheadedness of Michael Nunn Michael Nunn Boxing
90 10/23/17 Rich Kid Gone Rogue - The Dishonestness of Byron McLaughlin Byron McLaughlin Baseball
89 10/16/17 A Monsoon Of Bad Decisions - The Goldenness of Jason "Mayhem" Miller Jason Miller MMA
88 10/9/17 Flexing His Murder Muscle - The Unthinkableness Of John Riccardi John Riccardi Bodybuilding
87 10/2/17 Liar, Liar, Life On Fire - The Aristocraticness of Roscoe Tanner Roscoe Tanner Tennis
86 9/25/17 Immensely Naked Mistakes - The Forcefulness of Ruben Patterson Ruben Patterson Basketball
85 9/18/17 The Attack Of The Disoriented Sasquatch - The Uncooperativeness of Barret Robbins Barret Robbins Football
84 9/11/17 From Undisputed To Just Plain Stupid - The Respectfulness of Riddick Bowe Riddick Bowe Boxing
83 9/5/17 From Failure To Murderer - The Evasiveness of Kenneth Eriksson Kenneth Eriksson Hockey
82 8/28/17 The Next Step Is Murder - The Irrationalness of Cody East Cody East MMA
81 8/21/17 An Enemy To His Own Cause - The Miraculousness of Ron LeFlore Ron LeFlore Baseball
80 8/14/17 Impulsive Actions, Killer Results - The Jealousness of Leslie Hylton Leslie Hylton Cricket
79 8/7/17 Violence In, Violence Out - The Unraveledness of Mandy Meloon Mandy Meloon Taekwondo
78 7/25/17 Violent, Stupid & Beloved - The Heedlessness of Bernard King Bernard King Basketball
77 7/18/17 A Killer Without Conviction - The Mysteriousness of Jim Dunaway Jim Dunaway Football
76 7/11/17 The Fresh Prince Of Violent Behavior - The Hazardousness of Brett Rogers Brett Rogers MMA
75 7/4/17 Fast times & Slow Sentences - The Catastrophicness of Tim Montgomery Tim Montgomery Track & Field
74 6/27/17 Death Would Be Too Good - The Detestableness of Eugene "Buck" Zumhofe Eugene Zumhofe Wrestling
73 6/20/17 Violence Becomes Him - The Ridiculousness of James Kirkland James Kirkland Boxing
72 6/13/17 The Murdering, Gunslinging, Honor Student Gang Banger - The Unnecessaryness of Javaris Crittenton Javaris Crittenton Basketball
71 6/6/17 The Pirate Of Grift & Plunder - The Audaciousness of Miki Dora Miki Dora Surfing
70 5/30/17 If Opportunities Could Kill... - The Curiousness of Greg "Toe" Nash Greg Nash Baseball
69 5/23/17 A Menace Of Ground & Sky - The Manicness of Alonzo Spellman Alonzo Spellman Football
68 5/16/17 Pumped For Murder - The Brutalness of Bertil Fox Bertil Fox Bodybuilding
67 5/9/17 A Penchant For Prison - The Thickheadedness of Patrick Cote Patrick Cote Hockey
66 5/2/17 The End Of The Crime Rainbow - The Feloniousness of Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett Charles Bennett MMA
65 4/25/17 The Death Of Black Superman - The Debaucherousness of Billy Ray Bates Billy Ray Bates Basketball
64 4/18/17 Killers Are Sometimes Golden - The Deceptiveness of Keli Lane Keli Lane Water Polo
63 4/11/17 The Path Of A Dangerous Individual - The Erraticness of Trevor Berbick Trevor Berbick Boxing SPECIAL GUEST: Dan Cummins
62 4/4/17 Hard Time For A Hard Man - The Inexplicableness of Peter Storey Peter Storey Soccer
61 3/28/17 Colder Than A Killer - The Tyrannicalness of "Hardbody" Harrison Norris Harrison Norris Wrestling
60 3/21/17 The Sudden Violence Of Bad Decisions - The Madness of Vernon Maxwell Vernon Maxwell Basketball
59 3/14/17 If OJ Simpson Had A Little Brother - The Explosiveness of Tommy Kane Tommy Kane Football
58 3/6/17 If He Could Kill The World... - The Terribleness of Viacheslav Datsik Viacheslav Datsik MMA
57 2/27/17 Death Was His Co-Pilot - The Obliviousness of Salt Walther Salt Walther Car Racing
56 2/20/17 The Naked, Knife Wielding Evangelist - The Ugliness of Otis Nixon Otis Nixon Baseball
55 2/13/17 Demons In The Air Conditioning - The Regalness of Ike Ibeabuchi Ike Ibeabuchi Boxing
54 2/6/17 A Genuine, Bona Fide Serial Killer - The Viciousness of Randall Woodfield Randall Woodfield Football
53 1/30/17 The Heart For Murder - The Gruesomeness of Jarrod Wyatt Jarrod Wyatt MMA 2016 Scummie Awards
52 1/23/17 Couldn't Read The Warning Signs - The Untruthfulness of Dexter Manley Dexter Manley Football
51 1/16/17 Murder Ruins A Garden Party - The Passionateness of Marc Cecillon Marc Cecillon Rugby
50 1/9/17 You Can Kill With A Toaster - The Torturousness of James Waithe James Waithe Judo
49 1/2/17 The Killer Of Common Sense - The Disastrousness of Isaiah "JR" Rider Isaiah Rider Basketball
48 12/26/16 The Grinch Who Stole Lives - The Evilness of Joe Son Joe Son MMA
47 12/19/16 Cocaine Plus Brain Damage Equals Gunplay - The Stubbornness of Clifford Etienne Clifford Etienne Boxing
46 12/12/16 His Own Biggest Victim - The Aimlessness of Larry Bethea Larry Bethea Football
45 12/5/16 Everything But A Killer - The Ceaselessness of Alvin Robertson Alvin Robertson Basketball
44 11/28/16 Murder, Mayhem & Maple Syrup - The Cluelessness of Brian Spencer Brian Spencer Hockey
43 11/20/18 A Murderous Gentleman - The Selfishness Of Chris Adams Chris Adams Wrestling
42 11/14/16 All Of The Intent, None Of The Remorse - The Heartlessness of Russell Erxleben Russell Erxleben Football
41 11/7/16 Murder Is A Strange Thank You - The Despicableness of James Butler James Butler Boxing
40 11/1/16 Would You Kill For A Pizza? - The Homelessness of Darrell Allums Darrell Allums Basketball
39 10/25/16 The Conscience Of A Killer - The Scariness of Lee Murray Lee Murray MMA
38 10/18/16 A Symphony of Self Destruction - The Carelessness of Stanley Wilson Stanley Wilson Football
37 10/11/16 How Many Bodies In The Ocean? - The Needlessness of John Paul Sr. John Paul Sr. Power Boat Racing
36 10/4/16 Which Father To Kill? - The Haziness of Mike Danton Mike Danton Hockey
35 9/27/16 Murderers Are More Honest - The Untrustworthiness of Denny Mclain Denny Mclain Baseball
34 9/20/16 Money, Fame & Dead Ballerinas - The Tirelessness of Carlos Monzon Carlos Monzon Boxing
33 9/13/16 So Many Bodies, So Little Prison - The Brazenness of Ion Croitoru Ion Croitoru Wrestling
32 9/6/16 The Miniature Teflon Monster - The Repetitiveness of Dave Meggett Dave Meggett Football Introduction of the Shawarma Man
31 8/30/16 A Slight Death In The Family - The Nastiness of Sly Williams Sly Williams Basketball
30 8/23/16 The World's Most Graceful Predator - The Sleaziness of Wolfgang Scwarz Wolfgang Scwarz Figure Skating
29 8/16/16 Murder for Boots - The Shortsightedness of Eric Naposki Eric Naposki Football
28 8/9/16 His Arrogance Killed His Excellence - The Aggressiveness of Marlon King Marlon King Soccer
27 8/2/16 Didn't Die Soon Enough - The Atrociousness of Tony Ayala Jr Tony Ayala Jr Boxing
26 7/26/16 Crack Gets You Murder Time - The Unluckiness of Willie Mays Aikens Willie Mays Aikens Baseball
25 7/19/16 Murder at the Speed of Smuggling - The Recklessness of Ben Kramer Ben Kramer Power Boat Racing
24 7/12/16 Murder Gets You Less Time - The Tragicness of Keith Wright Keith Wright Football
23 7/5/16 His Mother Had a Murder Charge - The Trashiness of Tommy "The Duke" Morrison Tommy Morrison Boxing
22 6/28/16 The Penniless Ghetto Cowboy Millionaire - The Excess of Marvin "Bad News" Barnes Marvin Barnes Basketball
21 621/16 Too Many Causes Of Death - The Monstrousness of Craig Titus Craig Titus Bodybuilding
20 6/14/16 The Grim Reaper Of Gambling - The Shamelessness of Art Schlichter Art Schlichter Football
19 6/7/16 Square Broads, and Floating Bodies - The Hubris of Jack Roland "Murph the Surf" Murphy Jack Roland Murphy Surfing
18 5/31/16 More Ted Bundy Than Gandhi - The Wasted Potential of Tom Payne Tom Payne Basketball
17 5/24/16 The Worst Man Alive? - The Hideousness of Mel Hall Mel Hall Baseball
16 5/17/16 The Vampire Gigolo Slayer - The Gullibility of Evangelos Goussis Evangelos Goussis Boxing
15 5/10/16 How Did He Not Kill Anybody? - The Insanity of Steve "Mental Case" Durbano Steve Durbano Hockey
14 5/3/16 How Many Huge Corpses Are Found In Texas? - The Sickness of Carlton Dotson Carlton Dotson Basketball
13 4/28/16 BONUS EPISODE!! - The Godfather Of NFL Draft Busts - The Arrogance of Ryan Leaf Ryan Leaf Football
12 4/26/16 A Charles Dickens Kind of Revenge Murder - The Shady Past of Gavin Grant Gavin Grant Soccer
11 4/19/16 More Murders Than NFL Games Played - The Brutality of Robert Rozier Robert Rozier Football
10 4/12/16 At Least Kill Who You're Mad At - The Senselessness of Mark "Gator" Rogowski Mark Rogowski Skateboarding
9 4/5/16 Worse Than a Murderer - The Awfulness of "Fast" Eddie Johnson Eddie Johnson Basketball
8 3/29/16 Love, Steroids, and Pistol Grip Shotguns - The Ballad of Sally McNeil Sally McNeil Bodybuilding
7 3/22/16 A Brain Damaged Donald Trump? - The Delusions of Lenny Dykstra Lenny Dykstra Baseball
6 3/15/16 Don't They Have Milkbones In Brazil? - The Horrors of Bruno Fernandes De Souza Bruno Fernandes De Souza Soccer
5 3/7/16 A Violent Forrest Gump? - The Happenings of Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka Jimmy Snuka Wrestling
4 3/1/16 Nobody Wants To Be My Neighbor - The Stupidity of Jayson Williams Jayson Williams Basketball
3 2/22/16 What Is Your Net Worth... In Noodles? - The Sordid Diddlings of Chad Curtis Chad Curtis Baseball
2 2/15/16 From Hero... To Hanging In a Cell - The Tale of Lawrence Phillips Lawrence Phillips Football Origin of "in their own words". Intro song: Letters From Camp
1 2/9/16 Did Tracy Morgan Shoot a Pregnant Woman? - The Saga of Rae Carruth Rae Carruth Football

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