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DisputeSoft is a computer software litigation consulting and expert Witness services Company based in the Washington D.C. suburb of North Bethesda, Maryland, U.S. It was founded in 2003 to help efficiently resolve disputes involving Computer software and Information technology systems. DisputeSoft consultants utilize legal, technical, and scientific experience to provide expert witness and consulting services to clients ranging from startups to Fortune 100 corporations based in the U.S and internationally, and to United States governments at the state and federal level.[1][2][3][4]

In 2021, Dr. Raj Subbu acquired DisputeSoft, and became its President and Managing Member. The founder, Jeff Parmet, became Chief Advisor following this move.



Jeff Parmet, originally from Maryland, had been working with the Law Firm Services Group of Price Waterhouse to provide litigation consulting services. He advised lawyers on the uses of computer technology as well as designing important document database for top firms. Mr. Parmet graduated from Cornell University with a Baccalaureate degree, then earning his J.D. from San Fernando Valley College of Law.[5][6]

In 2003, Jeff Parmet founded Jeff Parmet & Associates, the predecessor to DisputeSoft. Jeff Parmet & Associates was rebranded as DisputeSoft in 2008 to emphasize the company’s focus on software and IT litigation consulting and expert witness services.


In April 2021, DisputeSoft was acquired by Dr. Raj Subbu, the company’s current President and Managing Member. Dr. Subbu graduated with a Ph.D in Computer and Systems Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2001.[7] In 2004, he published a book based on his doctoral research, co-authored with thesis advisor Arthur C. Sanderson, titled Network Based Distributed Planning Using Coevolutionary Algorithms.[8][9]

He worked at General Electric's Global Research Center from 2001-2012, publishing over 40 peer reviewed articles in applied artificial intelligence.[10][11] He is also an inventor/co-inventor on 28 U.S patents.[12] Dr. Subbu was with Pratt & Whitney between 2012-2020 where he was Director of Analytics and Data Science.[13]

Notable Cases[edit]

Since DisputeSoft's founding in 2003, it's noted experts, [1][14][15][16][17][18][19][20] have supported over 400 client matters.[1] Some of DisputeSoft's notable cases are below:

ConnectU v. Mark Zuckerburg:[edit]

DisputeSoft was engaged in 2005 as a consulting and testifying expert by ConnectU in Connect U v. Mark Zuckerberg & The Facebook Inc. dispute. DisputeSoft’s role in the case was the investigation into Mark Zuckerberg’s alleged misuse of ConnectU’s Source codes for their Harvard Connect website. The dispute lasted until 2008 after three years of litigation with a $65 million settlement in favor of ConnectU and the Winklevoss Twins The litigation made its way into the movie, The Social Network as well.[17][18]

IBM v. Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry:[edit]

DisputeSoft was engaged in 2017 as a technical expert in a dispute between IBM and the State of Pennsylvania. DisputeSoft’s role in the case was to investigate a failed $150 million IT system upgrade for Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor and Industry. This case settled in 2021 before trial.[1][21]

MHBE Pre Litigation Investigation:[edit]

DisputeSoft was engaged in 2014 as a consultant expert by the state of Maryland to assist with a pre litigation investigation involving the MHBE (Maryland Health Benefit Exchange).[1]

Apple v. HTC:[edit]

DisputeSoft was engaged in 2010 as a consultant expert by assisting HTC in a patent infringement case involving Apple Inc. and HTC. DisputeSoft’s role in this case was to perform extensive research on source code systems of Apple and Android devices to support HTC’s claims.[1][22][23][24]

Visa USA v. Maritz:[edit]

DisputeSoft was engaged in 2008 by Maritz Inc. as a consultant expert against Visa Inc. DisputeSoft’s role was to conduct a defect analysis of an agreement between Visa and Maritz Inc. The case settled in 2009.[1][25]

Lands' End Inc. v. Versata:[edit]

DisputeSoft was engaged in 2006 as a technical consulting expert by Lands' End in a dispute between Lands’ End Inc. and Versata Software Inc. in which Versata was accused of infringing on Lands’ End’s source code. DisputeSoft’s role was to analyze source code to determine for any misappropriation by Versata Inc.[1][26]

MillerCoors v. HCL Technologies Limited:[edit]

DisputeSoft was engaged in 2017 as a consulting and testifying expert by MillerCoors to resolve a breach of contract suit worth $100 million. DisputeSoft’s role in this case was to research functional requirements specifications and change request documents to assess the validity of HCL Technologies argument.[1][27][28]

General Electric v. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries:[edit]

DisputeSoft was engaged as a consulting expert by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries against GE Energy to resolve GE’s claim that Mitsubishi had infringed on two of its wind turbine patents. DisputeSoft’s role used new technology, e-Sift, to review thousands of documents efficiently to support Mitsubishi’s claims.[1][29][30]


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