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Doraemon (2016 anime)

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Created byKyungjun Choi
Based onFfango-Zone Entertainment characters
ドラえもん by Fujiko F. Fujio
Developed byFfango-Zone Entertainment
Screenplay by
Story by
  • Seonhwa Geum
Directed byJung Hye-On
StarringSong Joong Ki
Composer(s)Lee Sang-ho (Music Director)
Gim Hui-Jip (Music)
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)English
Producer(s)Christine Danzo
Konnie Kwak
Ira Warren
Jisoo Han
Dongsik Shin
Jongseo Seok
Daeshik Jung
Dale D. Yoon
Lee Tae-hun
Soichiro Fukutake
Running timeApprox. 22 mins
Production company(s)CJ ENM
Ffango-Zone Entertainment
Union Investment Partners
SCE Media Group
Haksan Publishing
DistributorCJ ENM (Worldwide Sales)
SCE Media Group (Worldwide Sales)
Original networkKBS2 (South Korea)
Cartoon Network Brazil (USA, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Portugal)
CCTV (China)
HTV2 (Vietnam)
RCTI (Indonesia)
Canal+ Family (France)
Télétoon+ (France)
Teletoon+ (Poland)
TV3 (Malaysia)
RTL (Belgium & Germany)
TV-3 (Russian)
Pop TV (UK)
Al Jazeera (Arabic)
Zoom (Israel)
Panda Biggs (Portugal)
Network Ten (Austraila)
Disney Channel India (India)
BBC World News (Croatian)
Picture format480i
Original releaseSeptember 12, 2016 (2016-09-12) –
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Doraemon (Hangul도라에몽; RRDola-emong officially subtitled Travel Around the World to Find Secret Gadget (Hangul비밀도구 박물관에 세계 여행; RRGeulin-eul chaj-a hamkke tteonaneun segyeyeohaeng)) is a Korean animated television series adaptation of the Japan anime television series Doraemon, based on the Manhwa/Manga superheroes of the same name, produced by Korean comic book publisher Ffango-Zone Entertainment and Haksan Publishing. Doraemon in the series debuted on the Korean broadcasting channel KBS2 from September 2, 2016 to present

Premise[edit | edit source]

The Korean Dub Version, Doraemon is a about five executives who work for Nasty Corporation. Father Time decides to stop them from polluting the Future and Earth, and turns them into one their leader Doraemon cat-like robot from the future and into four the present to steer Nobita Nobi, Shizuka Minamoto, Takeshi Goda, Suneo Honekawa and their leadership & narrator Father Time, must save the world from all of the eco-disasters they've caused as humans, in return for the gems and secret gadget that Father Time planted, which, if all found, will allow them to become humans again.

History[edit | edit source]

Fujiko F. Fujio and Daewon Media co-production gave Dale D. Yoon founder and chief executive officer (CEO) published by Ffango-Zone Entertainment Inc. the permission to make an Korean-English dub of the first season of Doraemon. Yoon stated in an interview that he was contacted by Soichiro Fukutake, and Jisoo Han, the president of SCE Media Group, Haksan Publishing, and CJ ENM, to make the show into something he could sell to western television. He then approached it similarly to Woody Allen's What's Up, Tiger Lily?, and Shim Hyung-rae D-War, where "a foreign language film is re-dubbed in Korean-English with an entirely different story, it could be funny." He rewrote dialogue, and created 4 minutes of new animation per episode. Yoon has also said that he moved to a house across from Song Joong Ki, the voice of Father Time, and he agreed to be on the show.

Fukutake once saw Doraemon anime manga publisher by Shogakukan, and thought "they looked catlike for robot future, pretty cute. The Manhwa/Manga comics book had already inspired a 52-episode animated series for younger kids, which aired in Japan and had received many prestigious awards in that country. But like many Japan properties, it doesn't translate well overseas. So we plan to repurpose the episodes to broaden the market." The team had prepared the adaptation for a six to 12-year-old demographic.

The series wasn't renewed for another season, causing SCE Media Group and CJ ENM to take legal action against Fujiko F. Fujio publisher by Shogakukan over the contractual rights of the series. Fujiko F. Fujio publisher by Shogakukan ended up breaking the deal with SCE Media, Haksan Publishing, CJ ENM, and licensed its franchise to its new distributor, Daewon Media and Lawless Entertainment, in June 2014, and the show gained a new Korean-English dub based solely on the original. Since July 7, 2016. In Australia it started airing on 26 January 2017 on Network Ten. Later it moved in Australia to ABC3, which is also available in New Zealand.

US English Dub[edit | edit source]

A US English dub of the 2005 series produced by Ffango-Zone Entertainment, KBS, CJ ENM, Netmarble, Bang Zoom! Entertainment, and distributed by Viz Media has been airing on Disney XD US since July 7, 2014. In Australia it started airing on 26 January 2015 on Network Ten. Later it moved in Australia to Boomerang, which is also available in New Zealand.[1] The dub features veteran anime voice actress Mona Marshall in the title role of Doraemon and Johnny Yong Bosch as Nobita (known in the dub as "Noby").

The English dub has been heavily modified to meet American broadcasting guidelines, censoring content deemed inappropriate for American children, as well as replacing many Korean cultural elements with American cultural elements. Some modifications include Americanized character and gadget name changes from the English version of the manga, an episode order completely different from the Korean episode order, nudity being heavily censored by adding steam, cloud effects, or clothing,[2][3] and some episodes having several minutes of footage cut. However, certain uniquely Korean-Japanese characteristics, such as house structure, kneeling on the floor to eat, the driving side of the cars, and Nobita's father's house kimono remain. All the background music and sound effects were replaced with new background music and sound effects deemed easier for American children to "emphasize" with.

This is reportedly because her traditionally Korean habits were perceived as being difficult for American children to understand in test viewings of the Korean version. The series from Flava Flav Season 1 and Lu Han Season 2, the voice of Father Time, and he agreed to be on the show

Characters[edit | edit source]

Main characters[edit | edit source]

Father Time[edit | edit source]

(Hangul: Father Time아버지 시간Abeoji sigan)

Voiced by: Song Joong Ki (2016-2017, Korean)

(voiced by Flavor Flav in season 1 and Lu Han in season 2 - English-Chinese) controls time and acts as the narrator and leadership of the series, introducing each episode. He gives the Furry 5 the task to fix all the environmental destruction they caused as executives and find secret gadget and gemstones along the way that will allow them to make a wish and become human again.

Mother Nature[edit | edit source]

(Hangul: Mother Nature대자연Daejayeon)

Voiced by: Hong So-yeong (2016-2017, Korean)

(voiced by Mara Kay) is Father Time's wife. She was hurt and angered by Nasty Corporation's environmental destruction and ordered Father Time to stop it immediately. She loves her husband and always tries to keep him on track with the Furry 5 and their task to find the secret gadget and gemstones.

Doraemon[edit | edit source]

Blue Voiced by: Lee Seon and Hwan-jin Kim (2016-2017, Korean)
Yellow Voiced by: Lee Seon

Doraemon (ドラえもん, Doraemon) (voiced by Mona Marshall) is the title character of the series. He is a cat-like robot leadership created for Nobita from the future.[4] But people often mistake him for a raccoon dog and he becomes angry as seen in many episodes. He is sent to the Matsushiba Robot Factory (マツシバロボット工場) as blueprint, and is sent back in time by Sewashi (Nobita's Great-great-grandson) to aid Nobita, since Sewashi learned from his parents that Nobita suffered much in his life and wanted to help him. Doraemon possesses a 4-dimensional pocket from which he can acquire various kinds of futuristic tools, gadgets, and playthings from a future department store. He also has the tendency to panic during emergencies, characterized by him frantically trying to pull out a very much-needed tool from his pocket, only to produce a huge assortment of household items and unwanted gadgets. Still, Doraemon is very friendly and intelligent, not to mention long-suffering because of Nobita's antics. Since Sewashi sent Doraemon to the past, Doraemon has been living as the unofficial fourth member of Nobita's family and acts like a second son to Nobita's parents, since despite being a robot, he requires basic needs for a person, such as eating, and also sleeps in the closet of Nobita's bedroom.

Doraemon's physical appearance changed as the manga progressed. At first, he was predominantly blue, with a blue tail, a white stomach, and flesh-coloured hands and feet. He also stooped, and had a body much larger than his head. In later issues, he sported a smaller body, white hands and feet, and a red tail — the appearance most identify him with today. In "The Doraemons" story arc (and the 2112: The Birth of Doraemon short film), it is revealed that Doraemon's original paint color was yellow. After getting his ears gnawed off by a robot mouse at the 22nd century Nobi's residence, he slipped into depression on top of a tower, where he erroneously drank a potion labeled "sadness". As he wept, the yellow color washed off and his voice changed due to the potion. As a result, he developed a morbid fear of mice despite being a robotic cat, and he is now suffering from musophobia.

One can turn Doraemon off by pulling his balloon tail. Doraemon is considered a substandard product because many of his robotic features (i.e. radar whiskers and cat-calling bell) malfunctioned after production due to an accident in the factory while he was being built. Due to this malfunction, Doraemon did not do well at the robot's school and during the final presentation show, he performed badly and nobody wanted to hire him, until baby Sewashi pushed the button. His parents were a bit reluctant, but since Sewashi liked him, they hired Doraemon, and he took care of him until Sewashi himself sent him to the past to take care of Nobita. Despite this, Doraemon shows a lot of intelligence and common sense. Whenever he hangs out with his friend Mii-Chan (a cute street cat), he calls it 'important and busy work' as excuses for not doing work when Nobita or his mother ask him to do something when he will be going out with Mii.

Doraemon's favourite food is dorayaki (どら焼き) (known as "fudgy pudgy pie" in the English version of the manga, "yummy buns" in the English, and "dora-cakes/bean jam buns" in other versions), a Japanese treat filled with red bean paste. While it might explain the origin of his name, it was revealed in one of the manga chapters that his name originates from the Japanese word nora neko (のら猫) for "stray cat", and the -emon (衛門) ending which is part of traditional Japanese names, as seen also in, for example, Ishikawa Goemon. Doraemon is also appeared in Perman series and Mitsuo's friend. [5][6][7]

Nobita Nobi[edit | edit source]

Young: Voiced by: Lee Mi-ja (2016-2017, Korean)
Adult: Voiced by: Um Sang-hyun (2016-2017, Korean)

Nobita Nobi (野比 のび太, Nobi Nobita, English dub: Noby Nobi,[8]) (voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch) is a fourth grader and the only child of his parents. He wears glasses, a red or yellow polo shirt with a white collar, and blue or black shorts. Nobita is usually foolish, uncoordinated, lazy, dimwitted, weak, frail, childish and bad at sports. He dislikes books, possesses little basic scientific knowledge, thus unable to grasp even the definition of eclipse. He envies Dekisugi who is good at everything and close to Shizuka. He often takes any chance to get a nap and likes time-expanding gadgets, and is thus known as The Lazy King.

Nobita's typical day consists of arriving late to school, falling asleep during class, scoring zero (0%) (F's in the English dub) on his tests, getting scolded by his teacher, being teased by his classmates Gian and Suneo, falling in the curbside rain gutters, getting chased by dogs after mistakenly stepping on their tails, getting grounded by his mother for not completing his homework, and being bullied by all his friends except Shizuka who remembers Nobita's kind heart and cares for him. He is also a coward who is scared by almost everything, particularly ghosts, and a cry-baby (a running gag in the show has Nobita crying and asking for Doraemon to bring out his gadgets, mostly at the beginning of the episode). He dislikes going on outdoor activities with his interest being taking an afternoon nap or reading comics, usually right after school. In fact, sleeping and comic book reading are probably his only true hobbies; one story features Nobita falling asleep in three seconds just by closing his eyes, while in others he chooses sleep over important events, such as watching the first sunrise on New Year's Day. The only thing stopping him from staying at home all the time, other than experimenting with Doraemon's gadgets, is Gian and Suneo bullying him to participate in baseball games or criticisms from his parents and Doraemon to go out and play.

Even though Nobita has many flaws, he is usually kind-hearted, emotional, honest, occasionally hard-working (like when he gets into a wager with his friends) and sometimes courageous. He has often risked his life to help save others or even entire civilizations in full-length stories. Though he is shown to be academically poor, the reason behind it is principally his laziness, and he has also secured good marks in some episodes, proving his credentials. Nobita can be very serious and responsible at times. Nobita is weak at most things but does have some strengths. For example, Nobita has excellent marksmanship which rivals (or even surpasses) Dora the Kid. He can also weave excellent string figures, is a great shooter, and a fairly good comic book critic, owing to the huge amount of time he spends on reading them. He is also very creative when it comes to utilizing Doraemon's gadgets. For example, in one episode, Nobita finds a way to profitably use a gadget called Broadcasting mirror for advertising, even when Doraemon himself couldn't think of any use for it.

According to Doraemon's future album, if Doraemon didn't intervene in Nobita's future, he would marry Jaiko (although he loves Shizuka), never find a good job, start his own business and would eventually go bankrupt. However, Doraemon succeeds on his mission to prevent all these from happening as seen in several episodes and the movie Stand by Me Doraemon in which they travel to the future. Nobita eventually marries Shizuka and becomes an officer in the Ministry of Environment or a robot engineer in other versions.

Shizuka Minamoto[edit | edit source]

Young: Voiced by: Hong So-yeong (2016-2017, Korean)

Shizuka Minamoto (源 静香, Minamoto Shizuka, English dub: Sue Morris), nicknamed Shizuka-chan (しずかちゃん) (voiced by Cassandra Morris) is a smart, kind and pretty girl. The word 'Shizuka (しずか)' means 'Quiet'. She is Nobita's best friend and he has a crush on her. She does not shun Nobita due to his failing grades, lazy disposition or constant failures. In fact, she often tries to encourage him to do better, though she usually fails to convince him. Shizuka likes to take a bath several times a day. However, a running gag in the series, it is shown that Shizuka is sometimes interrupted by Nobita's sudden appearance, usually due to misuse of Doraemon's gadgets such as the Anywhere Door (Doko Demo Doa in Japanese), ending with Shizuka shouting, "Go away!" to Nobita.

Her true passions are sweet potatoes, which she would rather keep to herself out of the knowledge of others and the violin, in which her playing is even more horrendous than Gian's singing. She is also known for taking piano lessons unwillingly due to her mother's wishes (as she loves violin more), which is sometimes a reason for declining to hang out with friends (but she plays piano very well than violin). Shizuka is an animal lover and keeps two pets at home: a dog, who is saved from succumbing to illness by Nobita and Doraemon in one story; and a canary which runs away on multiple occasions and causing Shizuka and Nobita to run around the city chasing her down.

Due to Nobita's heartiest effort and Doraemon's assistance, Shizuka marries Nobita in the future. At present, she does not have any particular crush (but Shizuka secretly likes Nobita very much). Sometimes she fancies some handsome idols on TV. Besides Nobita, Shizuka is also close to her classmate and popular student Dekisugi which makes Nobita jealous. Though they consider each other only as friends, Nobita often tries to prevent them from going together.

Takeshi Goda[edit | edit source]

Young: Voiced by: Lee Won-chan (2016-2017, Korean)

Takeshi Goda (剛田 武, Gōda Takeshi) (born on 15 June, Gemini), usually known by the nickname Gian (ジャイアン, Jaian, English: Big G) and Damulag in Filipino dub, (voiced by Kaiji Tang) is a strong and quick-tempered local bully who can fight at any time and with any kid he sees, especially Nobita. He also frequently steals other children's toys and books (especially Suneo's) under the pretext of "borrowing" them, unless the toy is damaged. He is known for his boastful confidence in his actually horrible singing voice, though he considers himself a great singer destined for stardom. To prove this, Gian sometimes "invites" others to attend his recitals and concerts, under the threat of beatings, which others would gladly avoid by listing various excuses or by hiding. His singing voice is so horrible that in a story in which Nobita and Doraemon try to mute it in a silent world, his writings of the song lyrics in a board end up having the same effect as when they hear them, and in some films, his singing is enhanced to become an effective weapon comparable to an explosion (as in 'Nobita's Great Adventure in the South Seas'). In some episodes when his voice is recorded and he hears it, he instantly denies it being his voice and threatens to beat up the person who sang his songs in a very bad way. Gian is also confident in cooking, but just like his singing, his hand-made food can be a nightmare for other people very easily.

However, Gian does not hesitate to help his friends when they are in real trouble. Throughout the series, particularly the films, he is often the one who voices the most concern and refuses to look away when there is a problem, an opposite of Suneo's cowardice. While he is described by others as daunting and intimidating, he is very sensitive and prone to crying when something touching happens, and he actually values his friends highly, a feeling which his friends sometimes reciprocate. Gian also has a soft spot for his younger sister, Jaiko, and usually tries to prevent her from trouble, even if she can perfectly handle her situation.

Suneo Honekawa[edit | edit source]

Voiced by: Um Sang-hyun (2016-2017, Korean)

Suneo Honekawa (骨川 スネ夫, Honekawa Suneo, English dub: Sneech) (voiced by Brian Beacock) is the fox-faced (inherited from his mother) rich child who loves to flaunt his material wealth before everyone, especially Nobita. A lot of the stories start with Suneo showing off some new video game, toy or pet which evokes Nobita's envy. He is often seen with Gian, teasing Nobita. He sometimes despises Nobita and often makes fun of him, most often resulting in Nobita getting into trouble. He also often pushes Nobita aside with silly excuses while he invites Gian and Shizuka to his parties or resorts. However, he is actually one of Nobita's closest friends, who would often ask for his and Doraemon's help. In the films, Suneo is often the one most reluctant to take part in Nobita and Doraemon's adventures, and he also tries to face as little trouble as possible and go home, unless others convince him, making him somewhat a coward. He has an extensive knowledge of science, and is a talented artist and designer, besides being extremely cunning.

In some scenes, Suneo is seen as a narcissist who loves to stare at himself in the mirror while telling himself that he is the most handsome guy in the world. He is still a bed-wetter, despite being in the fourth/fifth grade. He considers this humiliating habit his secret weakness. His habit of bragging often lands him into trouble. Suneo is also very self-conscious about his height, being the shortest kid in his class. He likes steak and melon. There are many reasons why Suneo chooses Shizuka and Gian, except Nobita. It is because he tries to win Shizuka's favour and not to get harmed by Gian.

Dorami[edit | edit source]

Voiced by: Kim Seo-yeong (2016-2017, Korean)

Dorami (ドラミ) (voiced by Wendee Lee) is Doraemon's younger sister. Like Doraemon before he developed a fear of mice, she is yellow-skinned and has ears that resemble a large red bow. She and Doraemon are siblings due to the fact that they shared half of the oil from a can. Dorami lives in the 22nd-century Tokyo with Sewashi. She sometimes visits Nobita with a time machine when Doraemon is "off-duty", to help Doraemon with something or to take care of Nobita when Doraemon has gone for his yearly health checkup. Dorami likes melonpan and is afraid of cockroaches like Nobita's mom. She is also shown to be a more advanced robot than Doraemon (Dorami is able to produce 10,000 horse power, in comparison to Doraemon's 129.3). Different from her malfunctioning brother, she is the smartest student during her school time, and has better skills in using gadgets. In a story, Nobita is intent on replacing Doraemon with Dorami due to her better skills; however, he quickly learns the fact that Dorami does not understand him as much as Doraemon does and will not tolerate his usual antics.

Dorami also has her own spin-off manga. In the manga series The Doraemons, she is the love interest of Dora-the-Kid, Doraemon's friendly rival and the one most similar to him. She was originally pink, but turned yellow after drinking a potion labeled "Jealousy".

Mini-Doras[edit | edit source]

Voiced by: Kim Seo-yeong (2016-2017, Korean)

Mini-Doras (ミニドラ[たち]) (voiced by Cristina Valenzuela) are one of the gadgets of Doraemon. They are mini versions of Doraemon with different color variation such as red, green and yellow variations. They can think and feel for themselves, and communicate with Doraemon through the "Mini-Dora" language (consisting of words like Dorara and speaking with gibberish accent). They act as helpers for all sorts of tasks, such as repairing the internal mechanism of Doraemon.

Recurring[edit | edit source]

Production[edit | edit source]

Five executives who worked for Nasty Corporation are turned into cat-like robot future and friends by Father Time. They have to fix all the environmental disasters they've caused in return for secret gadget and gems so that they may become humans again. Although the series is more faithful to the original manga, some changes were made. Many of the episodes that adapted chapters from the manga were extended to have a better conclusion or a good moral to the story. In addition, some elements from the manga were toned down. Some examples include all of Doraemon's gadgets that resembled medicine being changed to different appliances, and Nobita's dad (who smoked often in the manga) rarely smoking.

The voice actors to the five main characters, Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Gian, and Suneo, were chosen from a pool of 590 applicants. TV Asahi stated in 2005 that they chose voice actors who sounded similar to the voice actors of the predecessor, so that there would not be a significant change from the original cast to the new cast.[9]

TV Asahi gave Jisoo Han, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) CJ ENM, the permission to make an English dub of the first season of Doraemon. Han stated in an interview that he was contacted by Dale D. Yoon, the president of Ffango-Zone Entertainment, to make the show into something he could sell to western television. He then approached it similarly to Shim Hyung-rae D-War, where "a foreign language film is re-dubbed in Korean-English with an entirely different story, it could be funny."

The series wasn't renewed for another season, causing CJ ENM and SCE Media Group to take legal action against Fujiko F. Fujio Korean-Japanese publisher by Daewon Media, TV Asahi and Shogakukan over the contractual rights of the series. Fujiko F. Fujio Korean-Japanese publisher by Daewon Media, TV Asahi and Shogakukan ended up breaking the deal with CJ ENM and SCE Media, and licensed its franchise to its new distributor, Lawless Entertainment, in June 2014, and the show gained a new Korean-English dub based solely on the original. Since July 7, 2016. In Australia it started airing on 26 January 2017 on Network Ten. Later it moved in Australia to ABC3, which is also available in New Zealand.

Episode[edit | edit source]

Season 1 (2016-2017)[edit | edit source]

No. English Title/Korean Title Original air date
01 "The Doraemon meet Father Time / Battleship Creator"
(Korean: 도라에몽은 아버지 시간을 만난다 / Korean: 전함 창조주) 
November 24, 2016
02 "New Year Time / Goodbye, Girl"
(Korean: 새해 시간 / Korean: 잘있어, 소녀) 
December 1, 2016
03 "Mermaid is Dream / I want to get Slim"
(Korean: 인어 공주님 / Korean: 날씬해지고 싶어요) 
December 8, 2016
04 "Subway Railroad / Legendary Battle of Nobita"
(Korean: 지하철 철도 / Korean: 전설의 노비타 전투) 
December 15, 2016
05 "Grand Prix Racer Champion"
(Korean: 그랑프리 레이서 챔피언) 
December 22, 2016
06 "Dream is Nobita / TV Across Dream"
(Korean: 꿈은 노비 타다 / Korean: 꿈의 맞은 편에 TV) 
December 29, 2016
07 "Happy Birthday on Gian / Happy Birthday Suneo"
(Korean: 지안의 생일 축하해 / Korean: 생일 축하드립니다) 
January 5, 2017
08 "Gian fall love / Cat service"
(Korean: 지안 가을 사랑 / Korean: 고양이 서비스) 
January 12, 2017
09 "Skin-changer face / I Want to be a Mom"
(Korean: 피부 체인저 얼굴 / Korean: 엄마가 되고 싶어요) 
January 19, 2017
10 "Festival challenge in Japan / Happy Treasure Hunting"
(Korean: 일본의 축제 도전 / Korean: 행복한 보물 찾기) 
January 26, 2017
11 "Weather Wonderland / Day in Dorami"
(Korean: 날씨 이상한 나라 / Korean: 도라미의 날) 
February 2, 2017
12 "Nobita Sea Adventure / Dorami Birthday Party"
(Korean: 노비 타 바다의 모험 / Korean: 도라미의 생일파티) 
February 9, 2017
13 "Gone Wishing / Space Alien UFO"
(Korean: 소원 갔다 / Korean: 우주 외국인 UFO) 
February 16, 2017
14 "Doraemon Song / Money World is Suneo"
(Korean: 노래 도라에몽 / Korean: 머니 월드는 스 네오) 
February 28, 2017
15 "The Little Magician / The Kingdom of Nobita"
(Korean: 꼬마마술사 / Korean: 노비 타 왕국) 
February 30, 2017
16 "Attack of the Dracula"
(Korean: 드라큘라의 공격) 
March 2, 2017
17 "Dracula the Blood / Flower Planted"
(Korean: 피의 드라큘라 / Korean: 꽃 심기) 
March 4, 2017
18 "Lets Talk Turkey / Carnival Park in world"
(Korean: 터키 토크 수 있습니다 / Korean: 세계에서 카니발 공원) 
March 12, 2017
19 "Fight struck down! / Army Battle Toys!"
(Korean: 싸워라! / Korean: 육군 전투 완구!) 
March 15, 2017
20 "The Island of Robinson"
(Korean: 로빈슨 섬) 
March 18, 2017
21 "On Board Wallpaper / The Light from the Mist"
(Korean: 보드 바탕 화면 / Korean: 안개에서 나오는 빛) 
March 20, 2017
22 "Nobita Land / Prophet of the Way"
(Korean: 노비타 랜드 / Korean: 길의 선지자) 
March 22, 2017
23 "Home farther and farther / Suneo Haircut"
(Korean: 홈 멀리 멀리 / Korean: 스 네오 이발) 
March 28, 2017
24 "Goodbye, Summer, Suneo! / Gian Music"
(Korean: 안녕, 여름, 호네 카와 스 네오! / Korean: 지안 음악) 
March 30, 2017
25 "Slightly Gas Heaven / Movement Of Ailments"
(Korean: 약간 가스 천국 / Korean: 질병의 운동) 
April 3, 2017
26 "Hot Springs Travel / Art Service"
(Korean: 온천 여행 / Korean: 미술 서비스) 
April 5, 2017
27 "Help Ghost / Grandpa Wish"
(Korean: 고스트 도움말 / Korean: 할아버지의 소원) 
April 9, 2017
28 "Matsutake mushroom / Masterchef!"
(Korean: 송이 버섯 / Korean: 마스터 요리사!) 
April 13, 2017
29 "Nasty Ad / Transformade!"
(Korean: 불쾌한 광고 / Korean: 변형!) 
April 19, 2017
30 "The Horizon Line / Animal Change"
(Korean: 지평선 / Korean: 동물의 변화) 
April 24, 2017
31 "Star Wish / Nobita Birthday Day"
(Korean: 스타 소원 / Korean: 노비타 생일 데이) 
April 24, 2017
32 "The Birth of Nobita / Shizuka Birthday Day"
(Korean: 노비타 탄생 / Korean: 시즈카 탄신일) 
April 29, 2017
33 "Hotel Ghost / Family Super Robot"
(Korean: 호텔 유령 / Korean: 패밀리 수퍼 로봇) 
April 30, 2017
34 "The Battle of House / Sport Begins"
(Korean: 하우스 배틀 / Korean: 스포츠 시작) 
May 1, 2017
35 "The Wish"
(Korean: 소원) 
May 8, 2017

Cast[edit | edit source]

Korean cast[edit | edit source]

US English cast (2017-2018)[edit | edit source]

Development[edit | edit source]

Officially developed back in 2010, the series was created to educate children about protection and preservation of the environment and encourages parents and their children to appreciate friendship, harmony, honesty and courage. Doraemon is an based on the superheroes character series crossover were created in the original series, which are published by Stone Comics Entertainment - CJ ENM comic book and film franchise owner by CJ Group publisher Haksan Publishing now currently owns the license for the series's distribution in South Korea, Japan and America. CJ ENM Corporation currently handles the worldwide distribution rights of the series while under licensing by International Media Partners Development Company global distributes the series inside United States, UK, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, Mexico, Belgium, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan & Indonesia after the rights transfer. The series began as a pilot film selected by the Korea Creative Content Agency and Seoul Movie took interest in the series which got officially greenlited in 2014, with Government Donation and support by the Gyeonggi Digital Content Agency. In 2015, the series became one of KOCCA's Star Project and aired a year later on Korean Broadcasting System in November 24, 2016. IMPDC Licensing picked up the license to dub the first season with new distribution done by VIZ Media & Showcase Entertainment and flash-animation done Studio Vandal, nSac Film Partners, Sunwoo Entertainment, Madhouse (company), Magic Image Co., Ltd., and MICO Animation Studio. Ltd. It was English dubbing studio post-production Bang Zoom! Entertainment. The dub premiered on July 1, 2016 and ended on December 23, 2016 and received mostly mixed to negative reviews from critics.

In 2013, an edited English dub distributed by CJ ENM Tooniverse & Korean Broadcasting System aired on ABC3 & Disney XD in the United States started on July 7, 2014. In Epcot, Doraemon toys are on the Korean shop. On August 17, 2015, another English dubbed version distributed by Luk Internacional began broadcasting on Boomerang UK.

In 2015, based on the comic book & superheroes team media film franchise is the US English adaptation of the 2006 Korean animated children's television series that has been airing since July 7, 2014 and has aired a total of season 2, 54 episodes as of 2015. Since February 1, 2016 the US adaptation airs bilingually in South Korea on Disney Channel Korea. As of June 12, 2016, broadcasts of new episodes in the US are currently on hiatus according to Bang Zoom! Entertainment. However, Disney XD began to rerun the existing dubbed episodes in March 2017 as a lead-in to its new weekday afternoon animated block.

Haksan Publishing currently handles the worldwide distribution rights of the series while licensing, franchise, distributed, and comic book publisher Manhwa and webtoons

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