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Type of site
Website, Massively multiplayer online game, Strategy Game, Browser Game
Available inEnglish, Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Indonesian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Danish, Deutsch, Dutch, Farsi, French, Georgian, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian
OwnereDominations d.o.o..[1]
RevenueSale of item packs and virtual gold
LaunchedApril 25, 2017 (beta phase started on March 25, 2017)
Current statusOnline


eDominations (also referred to as eDom) is browser based massively multiplayer online game with strategic elements, which follows the free-to-play model. The open beta phase of the game lasted one month – from March 25, 2017 to April 24, 2017. The official launch of the game was on April 25, 2017. The environment in which gameplay is set imitates the real life development of politics and geopolitics. Players are separated in countries and can take part in politics, warfare, economy, journalism and many more.


eDominations’s gameplay is centered around a multitude of daily activities, which all citizens can do. Each citizen’s contribution adds up to the performance of the country they are located in. The actions can be working, training, voting in state elections, fighting, writing articles in own newspaper, working as a country president or congressman, leading an alliance of countries or just hanging around the different chats. A distinct characteristic of eDom is the mostly text based gameplay. Graphics are available to compliment the nature of the game. This provides both simplicity (ease of doing the different actions) and depth (role-playing and acting on duty as politician or war general).

The countries which are available in the game are based on actual real life states and are located on real life map. The players start working to earn local currency and train their strength. New players receive a bonus in training up to 14 000 strength to be able to catch up with the older players. From there on the possibilities are a lot, but the mandatory actions can take only few minutes per day. There is global currency, which is named Gold. It acts as a medium to convert between currencies, purchase in-game goods, build companies or military units, and trade with players from all around the world. Gold is earned through fighting and a wide array of game achievements. It can also be purchased for real life money. There are no locked elements of the game that require mandatory payment.


The game can be separated into an array of modules, each of which is responsible for a particular part of the game. The main ones are Political Module, Military Module, Economy Module and Journalism module

Political module[edit]

Each citizen has the opportunity to participate in politics on few different levels - party member, party leader, congressman, minister or country president. There are congress and presidential elections each month. The congress of each country is responsible for proposing laws, voting the laws and possibly to impeach the president of the country. Party members vote for the leader of the party, who is in charge over the list which contains the candidates for congress.

The country president has the right to propose laws, some of them specific only to him, like the Declaration of War law. He has access to all the governing tools. He appoints ministers to help with the ruling of the country. Each of them has access to specific options related to the exact position - Defense, Foreign Affairs, Finances, Education and Internal affairs. All citizens have the option to take a leadership position in the alliance of which their country is a member. The positions are related to geopolitics, but also cover the military aspect of the game.

Military Module[edit]

It is the main part of the game. Each country can declare war to its neighbours and conquer their regions for bonuses to production or fame. Each battle lasts 24 hours, separated into three rounds of 8 hours each. Citizens can use a wide array of weaponry to inflict damage - weapons, tanks, aircrafts, mortars, rockets and damage boosters. Simply put, the side that deals more damage wins the battle. Once a region is conquered, a resistance war can be started to free it.

There are two types of battles - direct war and resistance war. In the direct war, the countries of both sides can get direct assistance from their allies through mutual protection pacts. Participants can fight without moving. In Resistance war, it is the aggresor versus the occupant country. Everyone else should travel to participate in the battle.

Soldiers are not only organized on country level, but they can also be grouped into military units. Each military unit can have it’s own rules, own uniform, own battle priorities. There is also internal message system, military unit donation and option to own a military unit organizations which produces goods for the sake of its members.

Currently there are two types of strategic tools that affect the gameplay - defense systems and hospitals. The defense systems are installed in regions under attack. They provide damage reduction to the attacker, but if the defense system gets destroyed, there is a damage bonus for the aggressor. Hospitals are usually set in the capital of each country and they allow citizens to recover energy, which they can use in battles. Very interesting part is that once a battle reaches a total of 200 000 hits made, it becomes epic. The visual aspects of the battle page change and all players receive a damage bonus.

Economy Module[edit]

The economy of the game is mainly moved by the production and realisation of different products on the market. There are two types of companies - raw material ones and finished product ones. There are three different raws - food, weapon and building materials. They are used to produce Food, Weapons, Tanks, Aircrafts, Houses, Hospitals and Defense Systems. This means that there is a product tied to every action in the game.

Each players has the option to build unlimited amount of companies in his profile or military unit organization. He can work in those companies or he can pay wage to other players to work in his companies. Each company has a base level of production, which can be raised if the country where the user produces has bonuses. Bonuses can be obtained by conquering regions.

Journalism Module[edit]

Each player has the option to create his own newspaper in which he can publish articles of his like. There is a comment section under each article. Articles can be voted by players and the most voted ones appear on the homepage of the game. Readers can support their favorite authors by endorsing them with currency. Each newspaper can have subscribers, who receive notifications when new materials are published. The game gives reward to the authors for each 100 subscribers they get on their newspaper.

Important improvements[2][edit]

The game gets updated on daily or weekly basis. Updates are not only related to fixing bugs, but mostly to implement new content for the players. All modules are upgraded simultaneously to give the most wide array of activities for each user, not favoring modules one over another.

Military Unit Organizations[edit]

Called shortly orgs, these are like accounts connected to military units. Each Military Unit can have one. Based on its level, the Org gives free worker tokens to the unit every day. In the organisation, the commander can set up companies and use the workers to create big amount of production on very decent price. Organisations can be placed in any country so the user can make use of full production bonuses, no matter of his citizenship.


Events are bringing new objectives for the player to conquer on daily basis. Doing hits in specific battles, earning medals, playing some kind of a game, inviting players and so on. Every achievement brings rewards to the players. There are country, military unit or citizen tournaments organized on regular basis. Usually the rewards in this type of events are bigger and the competition is huge.

Strategic buildings[edit]

Strategic supplies building was introduced to provide players with Adrenaline Kits on daily basis. Depending on the quality, it consumes some kind of food to produce the same quality adrenaline kit. Players can use Adrenaline kits to restore more energy on the battlefield.


There are four type of abilities which alter the gameplay of the user. Each player can choose and develop one of them.

  • Medic - there is chance on each battle hit to receive an Adrenaline kit. The quality and the chance depend on ability points accumulated.
  • Sniper - there is chance on each hit to consume all the loaded energy, resulting in one huge hit. It allows the player to do more damage in smaller amounts of time. Ability points affect the chance of activation.
  • Destroyer - there is a chance on each hit to inflict damage on a Defense System that is installed in the defending region. The amount of damage depends on the amount of ability points accumulated. Each quality Defense System has a different amount of life points that need to be reduced to 0. Once a Defense System is destroyed, there is a 3% damage bonus for all the players that fight on the attacker’s side for 10 minutes.
  • Artillery - there is a chance on each hit to inflict bonus damage added to the regular hit. The amount of the bonus is connected to the amount of ability points the player has.


Each player receives small tasks multiple times a day. Completion of each one grants him a gold reward. Tasks are related to doing a certain amount of hits on the battlefield, buying products from the market, voting and writing articles

Additional production opportunities[edit]

A page named “My productions” was added, which allows each person to collect a Mortar each two hours and an Energy bar each twelve hours. On the homepage, there are five small factories. Their production can be collected respectively after 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes. The rewards vary and contain experience, gold, energy and all type of weaponry.

Battlefield Redesign[edit]

The battlefield received a redesign which makes the players feel more in the action of the battlefield. Tools for easy regeneration of energy, switching of weaponry and buttons for fine tuning the fight process were implemented alongside the visual improvements.

New Players Experience[edit]

Players can choose bettween a number of ways to catch up to 78% of the maximum strength in the game. There are paid and free options to do that.

The main source of new players is through advertising campaigns made by the administration, which are spread over all the active countries. There is an option for the players to their own advertising campaign to bring new players, for which they will receive support from the administration.

There is an in-depth guide sections which covers each aspect of the game in details[3].

Mobile Version[edit]

The game has an adaptive mobile design to allow players to play on their smartphones and tablets. A dedicated mobile app is in development. It’s expected to arrive in 2020th.

Community and community management[edit]

eDominations consists of 78 individual countries on 5 continents. On 19th of November, 2019, there are 47 698 registered players[4]. The game is solely administered by its ownersand does not involve players on moderator positions. This is done, because a regular player on position in moderation of the game can lead to unobjective investigations of players, based on personal agenda. The rules of the game are focused on regulating the environment for communication and making abuse of resources, exploiting of bugs and creation of multiple accounts illegal[5]


There are multiple systems for communication between the players. There is shout section for instant chat between the players on national and world level. There is military unit shout section and trading section. Players can also use the Personal Message system to communicate with each other. There are mass messaging systems which allow sending a message to all party members, all military unit members, all referrals of the player and a system for a mass message from the government to all the citizens of the country.

The most throughout discussions happen in the comment section under articles which touch the topics of wars, alliances, improvement of the game and sharing fun general info.

The game also offers an official Discord server.

Contact with administration[edit]

Each player has the option to contact the administration team through a personal message in the game. It is the official support system and guarantees fast answer to queries. There is an option to reach out to the staff through e-mail or social media. Members of the team hang out in the official Discord server daily to talk with players and discuss the development of the game.


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