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Script error: No such module "Draft topics". Script error: No such module "AfC topic". Eranipatti is a Habitation in Rangiyam Village which falls under the Thirumayam Sub District of Pudukkottai District in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.[1] The place holds the status of Habitation. It is located 34 km from the district headquarter Pudukkottai and 419 km from the state capital Chennai.

Historical References[edit]

In the early times people across kudamalai, kuruvikondanpatti and rangiyam had their farm lands in the surroundings of Eranipatti. Paddy was the main cultivation crop in this region earlier. Paddy cultivation also provides employment opportunities for many people in this region. The traditional farming techniques was followed previously. The water source for Eranipatti is received from Eranipatti Kanmaai, Rangiyam Kanmaai and groundwater irrigation for the farmlands in Eranipatti.

Once the paddy plants mature, they are ready for harvest.  At the time of harvest in the months of October to December as the rain intrudes, "The paddy, the hay and fields will be get soggy and wet" so the harvested paddy should be dried for further processing. At these stage, paddy farmers need at least three to four sunny, rain-free days before they can start preparing the kalam.

kalam (a rammed-earth courtyard for curing paddy)[2] was prepared near the small lake which is situated at the center of the habitation area. Without getting the kalam ready they can't go into harvest as the crops will be ruined. After drying the paddy in the kalam, the rice is threshed to remove the grains from the straw. Threshing of rice involves separating grains from panicles without removing husk. Such methods of harvesting and threshing are adopted universally, which maximize grain recovery, minimize harvesting losses, and improve the straw yield. The straw serves as dry forage for milking and meat animals. The grains are then cleaned and sorted before being sold or stored for consumption. These grains are then husked to remove the outer layer before they are finally milled to get rice.

Gradually the people constructed Patti (stable) a barn or stable is a house set up to house animals. A stable usually refers to a place set up for goats and cows. Food and water for these are provided in the stable itself. Generally, the barn is in a shed structure with thatched roofs. To protect the Cattles and grains placed near the small lake and kalam, a family member was placed for security from the thief in the night. Gradually people moved to their new residence constructed around the small lake, as it was convenience for them to reduce the walking distance from the previous one to the farmland, Kalam for drying the harvest, drinking water and for grazing cattles. Since then the residence multiplied and a new habitation was originated.


The name "Eranipatti" was derived from "Eranivayal" and "Eranivayal" was derived from "Eranikalam".

Eranipatti – "Yeri" (ஏரி) + "Patti" (பட்டி) = (Yeranipatti) மருவி Eranipatti (ஏரணிப்பட்டி)

The word, 'Patti' (பட்டி) means 'Cattle Rearing Lands' (கொட்டிகை) in Tamil. The Patti suffixed villages may be of good vegetation. முதலில் "பட்டி" என்பது ஒரு குக்கிராமம் அல்லது மக்களின் சிறிய குடியேற்றத்தைக் குறிக்கிறது.

Eranivayal – "Yeri" (ஏரி) + "Vayal" (வயல்) = (Yeranivayal) மருவி Eranivayal (ஏரணிவயல்). Eranivayal derived its name from the lake located at the centre of this charming village from two Tamil words: "Yeri" for lake and "Vayal" for field.

Eranikalam – "Yeri" (ஏரி) + "kalam" (களம்[3]) = (Yeranikalam) மருவி Eranikalam (ஏரணிக்களம்). Eranikalam derived its name from the lake located at the centre of this charming village from two Tamil words: "Yeri" for lake and "Kalam" for drying harvested paddy (a rammed-earth courtyard for curing paddy) Without getting the kalam ready farmers cannot go into harvest.


Eranipatti is located at the border of the Pudukkottai and Sivaganga districts. Ponnamaravathi, Kilasevalpatti, Thiruputhur, Thirumayam, Karaikudi, Pudukkottai, Natham, Sivaganga, Madurai and Trichy are the nearby places.

Surrounding villages[edit]

Ponnamaravathi, Kilasevalpatti,[4] Ilaiyattangudi, Thiruputhur, Thirumayam, Kulipirai, Karaikudi, Kanadukathan, Athangudi, Singampunari, Panayapatti, Thirukoshtiyur, Pudukkottai are the nearby places.


Bus Transport[edit]

The government and private bus service connects the nearby towns such as ponnamaravathi, kilasevalpattti, rangiyam, Pudukkottai and Karaikudi.

Railway Station[edit]

Thirumayam railway station (15.7 Km) is the nearest railway station, its connected by regular trains from Chennai and Rameswaram.

Some of other nearest railway stations are Pudukkottai railway station (29 Km), Karaikudi railway station (35.5 Km), Sivaganga railway station (55 Km), Tiruchirappalli railway station (79 Km) and Madurai Junction railway station is (89 Km).


The nearest airports are as follows:




Nearby Post office:[edit]

  • Rangiyam (Sub Post Office)[5]
  • Kuruvikondanpatti (Branch Post Office)[5]


Electricity supply to Eranipatti is regulated and distributed by the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited (TANGEDCO) Kulipirai. The basic amenities such as water supply, roads, street lights are constructed and maintained by Panchayat Union Office Rangiyam.



  • Panchayat Union Primary School, Eranipatti[6]
  • Sri Chockalingam Meenakshi Middle School, Kuruvikondanaptti
  • Sri Sivakami Ambal High School, Rangiem
  • Sri Sivakami Ambal Vidhyasalai Elementary School, Rangiyam
  • Government Girls Higher Secondary School, P.Alagapuri
  • S.M.S Higher Secondary School, Keelasevalpatti
  • Global International School (CBSE – Senior Secondary School), Singampunari[7]
  • AVM Public Matriculation School, Sevvoor, Poolangurichi


  • V.S.Sivalingam Chettiyar Government Arts College, Pulangurichi.[8]
  • Mount Zion College of Engineering & Technology, Lena Vilakku.

Houses of Worship[edit]


  1. Shri Muthu Mariamman Temple - Keeranipatti
  2. Kailasanathar Nithyakalyani Temple – Ilaiyattangudi[9]
  3. Jeyangkonda soleeshwarar temple – Nemam[10][11]
  4. Sri Atkondanathar Temple - Iraniyur[12]
  5. Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar Devasthana Thirukkoil - Kilasevalpatti[13]
  6. Kunnakudi Shanmughanathar temple - Kundrakudi[14]
  7. Karpaka Vinayakar Temple - Pillaiyarpatti[15]
  8. Sri Arulmigu Sowmiya Narayana Perumall Temple - Thirukkoshtiyur
  9. Tiruttalinathar Temple - Thiruputhur
  10. Arulmigu Sri Vairavar Swamy Temple - Vairavanpatti.[16]
  11. Sri Velangudi Karuppar temple – Velangudi
  12. Ayonithishvarar Temple – Mathur
  13. Sathyamurthi Perumal Temple – Thirumayam
  14. Sathyagiriswarar Sivan Temple - Thirumayam
  15. Thirumayam Fort - Thirumayam

Place of Interest[edit]


Paddy, Coconut and some Seasonal Crops. People in Eranipatti, at least has one or two cow and they don't depend on the milk suppliers and they supply milk to the milk society.


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