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Add icons from Nuvola or Tango to the Draft:WikiMap when done, WikiMaster will copy it to the real Everybodywiki:Wiki map

Doing 👨🏻‍🔧️[edit]

Translate messages into many languages[edit]

New skin user tests[edit]

Request features :

How does it work ?[edit]

  1. VectorLike is a fork of the skin Chameleon 2 based on Bootstrap 4.X MediaWiki extension based on Bootstrap framework
  2. Layout is designed thanks to this file Vectorlike.xml : (host on server)
  3. CSS could be added on this page MediaWiki:Chameleon.css and is applied immediately Content of (MediaWiki:Common.css applies to all skins )
  4. If you cannot edit this page you can add CSS only for you on https://da.everybodywiki.com/index.php?title=Bruger:WikiMaster/chameleon.css&action=edit
    1. replace WikiMaster by your user name

How to test it ?[edit]

Track bugs and error messages on Everybodywiki:Technical_issues[edit]

Move page that are not in English in the right Everybodywiki[edit]

See EV on other languages

Highlight Fake news, hoax and jokes as fake[edit]

Concerning Fake news, hoax and jokes and misleading pages, they should not be deleted but highlighted clearly at the top of the article as hoaxes, fake news/bio/information... To display a message please insert the template {{Db-hoax}} or {{Fake news}} at the top of the article. See help page on how to add template.

Feature suggestions[edit]

You can put below feature suggestion like installing a new MediaWiki extension in the table


  • User:WikiMasterBot2 should also record the page size (bytes) of each revision in the Edithistory: namespace table page.
  • User:WikiMasterBot2 should record the page ID (also known as curation ID, curid) into the edit history namespace table page. Visible in ?action=info
  • In articles imported from Wikipedia's Draft: name space, the category links (example: [[:Category:Example]]) should be converted into actual categories: [[Category:Example]].
    • I'm planning to do this task but I wonder how to avoid replacing on true link to categories that could exist. WikiMaster


  • Interwiki linking with e.g. de:Hauptseite.
    • Special:Interwiki already exists, WikiMaster will create new interwiki prefix like even for english EverybodyWiki, evfr for french one, evde for german one...

Page protection[edit]

  • Allow Wikeepers to change the protection of pages to prevent vandalism on high-traffic pages and misuse of the “Protect from non-authors” feature on general pages. Vandals currently can create and author-protect pages just to block the titles from any editing (namejacking/titlejacking).
  • There should be protection levels “Autoconfirmed only” (semi-protected) and “allow Wikeepers and WikiGuardians only” for pages like this.

Wikipedia has fine protection levels such as pending changes protection, semi-protection (editable automatically after both 4 days and 10 edits), extended autoconfirmed protection (editable automatically after both 30 days and 500 edits) and template editor protection. Access to the template editor right can only be manually granted by an administrator.

If pages are protected as administrator only due to excessive vandalism, vandals could prevent legitimate editors from editing.

WikiMaster has tried to add the right authorprotect to Wikeeper but it's not working. I will create a report page to let anybody report an abuse of the right to protect a page.

  • Possibly helpful: mw:Manual:$wgRestrictionLevels. --–– Handroid7  discuss
    14:21, 14 November 2020 (CET)
    • Thanks I will check that. WM
      • @WikiMaster: - Do you have check that ? Florian COLLIN (talk) 12:13, 22 December 2020 (CET)
      • $wgGroupPermissions['Wikeeper']['author'] = true;. I think that's it, for the EverybodyWiki in French according to my API requests.


  • Dark mode extension
    • to be tested after upgrade to MW 1.35
  • Enabling $wgMaxCredits (setting to 5 or 10) to write the name of article authors at the bottom)
    • WikiMaster : interesting but "impact on performance for large wikis."
  • Import queue site for user:WikiMasterBot2, such as Project:ImportQueue, because manual copy-pastes do not include edit history tables.
  • Show both Edit and Edit source on top for editors by default:
    • As most of user will never use wikicode I prefer to let the edit Source link hidden but you can still go to your prefs > Editing > Editing mode > Show me both editor tabs to display both :)


Feel free to propose a new extension to install

Extension (full list installed extension) Status of extension DB must be updated ? Installed on description BUG
TemplateSandbox 2020-12-15 Facilitates previewing templates on target pages under the edit form (Preview page with this template).
TitleBlacklist 2020-12-15
TwitterCards experimental no Generates preview cards with thumbnails when articles are shared on Twitter, and possibly other social media platforms.
CleanChanges 2020-?-? I cannot see any change ☹️ excepting the filed "users"
VoteNY 2020-02-15 FR et SV BUG if tag in system message sys, OK if in templates
EasyTimeline stable no 2020-12-15 images are not created
JSBreadCrumbs 2020-10-09
Create_User_Page 2020-10-09
Popups 2020-?-? yes for logged in users see JS console


Remove SPAM[edit]

Theses pages should be deleted and user who has created SPAM must be blocked for 1 year.

Spammers are usually writing on their own user page, often links to external sites. Check the list of user page that have content.

Undo Vandalism[edit]

Blanked pages, (all content removed)[edit]

Check the pages or sections that has been blanked and restore content only if content is not bad or illegal.

For recent edits by new users, see here.

Check first the most ancient blanking (90 days ago) and go to more recent.

Add the tags Human (not bot), #Blanking and Latest Version

Last check[edit]

  • 6 May 2020 to 13 July 2020 included
  • 18 December 2019 to 23 April 2020 included
  • 14 Nov 2019 to 26 Nov 2019 included
  • 16 August to 31 Oct 2019 included
  • from 23 June to 12 August included
  • up to 16 May 2019 included and
  • From 22 May 2020 to 11 August 2020 included
  • From 12 August 2020 to 31 August 2020 included
  • From 31 August 2020 to 16 October 2020 included

Replaced content[edit]

Some times deleters are not blanking page but just replacing content by few text like a template.

  1. Check Short pages too (160 on 2020-08-02).
  2. Start with page that have at least 1 octet
  3. Check if former content was not bad or illegal
  4. If it's OK revert the edit to restore content


Add Emoji[edit]

Find emojin https://emojipedia.org/search/?q=web and paste it after Template or Form fields label or Everybodywiki:Wiki map, example

Done on



Add categories for most used templates[edit]

Add [[Category:Name of template without INfobox]] just before <noinclude> tag (at the end). Example : [[Category:Software]] for Template:Infobox software. Example



Done for Person

Todo for Company and other forms.

Edit requests[edit]

Some pages are edit-protected to prevent damage from vandalism.

To submit an edit request, insert {{edit request}} on the discussion page.

A list of pages with pending edit requests:

To be done by User:WikiMasterBot2[edit]

Check if page "marked as kept on WP" were really kept[edit]

Pages kept on WP are automatically blanked, but the bot could be wrong sometimes so every page has to be checked manually. If the page was finally not kept it has to be restored on Everybodywiki. To do this job go to Template:Kept_on_Wikipedia


Captcha is not necessary for autoconfirmed users

Today was the first time I got a hCaptcha challenge when adding a reference to one of my articles.

I think that autoconfirmed users should not have to solve a CAPTCHA every time they add a link.

I understand it is to prevent bot spamming, but there is already a new hCAPTCHA for registration and strict action throttling for non-autoconfirmed users, therefore autoconfirmed users should not have to solve an hCaptcha.

I hope my feedback will be taken into consideration.


The skipcaptcha user right needs to be added to the Autoconfirmed group.

–– Handroid7  discuss
14:17, 2 November 2020 (CET)

2020-12-27 moving "Projet" namespace to "Everybodywiki"