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User name meaning[edit]

I originally used to be a big Android OS fan until, next to improvements, sadly much functionality was unreasonably removed and many restrictions needlessly added over time. In addition, the word „Handy” is a German colloquial language word for “mobile phone”.

The big initial crack that appeared was the MicroSD restriction scandal in 2014 (Android 4.4 KitKat), followed by, next to improvements, many more questionable changes that solicited increasingly more users to root their devices or use custom modified third-party operating systems such as LineageOS.

I know, this user name makes me appear like an Android OS fanboy, and honestly, I very much was one in the earlier days. But then, sadly, Google gradually messed up, enforced scoped storage being their most recent iOS-tier witch craft (as of 2020). Obviously however, I very much prefer them over Apple iOS.

For that matter, if I registered today (as of November 2020), I might have selected a different user name to begin with.

But the biggest “🖕f*** you” from mobile phone vendors towards consumers was the transition into non-replaceable batteries, also known as “The Great Replacement of Mobile Phones”, after mobile phones with and without user-replaceable batteries gracefully co-existed for years.

Why number 7?[edit]

It has nothing to do with the Android version Nougat, but because I have subconsciously associated it with modern high-tech.

User:Handroid8 is my alternative account for editing from public networks and/or foreign devices.


Articles I have put the most work into:

Anyone is invited to constructively contribute to the articles.

And if any of my articles have supported your position in online and/or real-life conversations, you're welcome!

I would be delighted to hear about it on my user discussion page or the article's respective discussion page.

And if you disagree on anything in the articles, please also explain it there. Feedback is appreciated.

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Custom CSS[edit]

Feel free to fork and re-use. Preferably, link to my original.

Obviously, improvement suggestions are always appreciated.