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Feith Systems and Software, Inc.

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Feith Systems and Software, Inc.
File:Feith Logo smaller.png
IndustryEnterprise Content Management, Business Process Management, Workflow, Records Management, Document Management and Imaging, Business Process Automation
Founded 📆Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1979)
Founder 👔
Headquarters 🏙️Fort Washington, Pennsylvania
Number of locations
2: Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, and Fairfax, Virginia
Area served 🗺️
United States and Worldwide
Key people
Don Feith, Founder & CEO
Daniel Feith, Executive Vice President
Robert Spitz, Vice President of Operations
Mitch Farbstein, Vice President of Sales
John Wehle, Chief Technology Officer
John McCann, Vice President of Engineering[1]
Products 📟 Business Process Management Software, Workflow Software, Records Management Applications, Document Management & Imaging Software, Web Forms, Enterprise Reporting & Dashboards
Number of employees
approx. 50
📇 Address
📞 telephone

Feith Systems and Software, Inc. (alternately referred to as Feith Systems or simply Feith) is a U.S.-based international business-to-business software and technology company that develops Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM), and 5015.2 Records Management (RM/RIM) applications for a variety of industries. The firm was founded in 1979 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is currently based in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania.

Feith's software is utilized within a number of industries, including manufacturing, retail, health care, pharmaceutical, engineering, financial services, and legal services; within several agencies of the U.S. Federal Government as well as in state government and within higher education.

Feith Systems is one of the largest independent, family-owned companies in Enterprise Content Management, despite rapid and widespread consolidation elsewhere in the industry. Feith's current executive management team averages over 20 years tenure.


Feith Systems and Software, Inc., was founded in 1979 by current President and CEO Donald Feith (son of Dalck Feith, brother of Douglas Feith), and was initially based out of his residence in Cedarbrook, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Current Vice President of Operations Robert Spitz joined a year later, in 1980, working from his home in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. The origins of Feith's business were in producing accounting software, including bill of materials and inventory control solutions, for manufacturers and distributors. The company's first solutions were DOS-based and created on 8-bit microcomputers, eventually migrating to small Unix systems.

Needing a permanent facility, the company moved to professional office space in the Philadelphia suburb of Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, in 1981, and began hiring a full-time engineering staff.

One of Feith's first notable clients at this time was AT&T Technologies' Paradyne (now a division of TPG Capital), creating an enterprise imaging application for the company in 1985. Feith was also just the second accredited reseller in the history of AT&T Computer Systems after the breakup of the Bell System,[citation needed] distributing Unix servers. Feith's first major standalone software product came shortly after, in 1986, with the release of the Feith Document Database (FDD), based on an Informix database.

Feith Systems Headquarters in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania

As the organization grew, it was decided that Feith would again need to relocate to a larger facility to accommodate expansion. In 1990, a move was completed to Eastman Kodak Corporation's Philadelphia regional office in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania's Fort Washington Office Park, where it is currently located.

In 1995, Feith created WebFDD, a web-based version of the core document management software (previously named Ambler[2] and Marble[3]), becoming the first document imaging company on the web.[4]

In 1997, Feith became a U.S. Federal Government contractor for the first time, entering a deal with the U.S. Department of Defense. Feith has since expanded its relationship with the U.S. DoD, as well as installed projects at other federal government offices, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Department of the Treasury, U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Access Board, and NASA. In 2008, Feith opened a regional office in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Fairfax, Virginia to serve its Federal Government clients.

As the company moved into the new millennium, its product suite expanded to include Workflow 1.0 workflow software in 1999 (later branded Workflow iQ) and electronic document web forms in 2004 (which became Forms iQ). Feith has also had a long presence as a cloud services provider, having introduced its Application Service Provider (ASP) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in 2000.[5] Continued growth necessitated expansion again, culminating with the creation of a dedicated Solutions Department within the organization in 2006.

In order to unite its growing lineup of individual business process software tools into one cohesive solution, in 2007 Feith introduced BridgeLogiQ, a software suite that incorporated a number of Feith's most popular products into one integrated package, including workflow, records management, document management, dashboards, and web forms.[6] BridgeLogiQ has become Feith's flagship offering.

In 2008, Feith became the first corporation to be certified by the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) on the U.S. Department of Defense 5015.2 v.3 Design Criteria Standard for Electronic Records Management Software Applications,[7] the highest classification offered by the DoD, conformant on standards for the baseline, on classified, and on both the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) (and e-FOIA) and the Privacy Act.[8] In 2012, Feith became the first organization to achieve "Perpetual Certification"[8] (no requirement for certification to be renewed) for 5015.2. Feith has been certified for over a decade, having received its initial DoD 5015.2-STD Compliance certificate, for the FDD 7 product, in June 2002.[9]

In 2011, Feith introduced new Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) redaction technology to the industry, which automatically recognizes, redacts, and stores document information without pre-programming field location using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).[10]

Feith held their first customer User Conference, known as FACT ('Feith Annual Conference & Training'), in 1996, which has become an annual event held each summer in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Feith also publishes a semi-annual customer e-newsletter called FeithConnect. The company's website,, has been online since 1993.[11]


File:Feith Systems' BridgeLogiQ software product logo.png
Product logo for Feith Systems' BridgeLogiQ BPM Software Suite

The primary product services for Feith Systems' business software solutions are business-to-business Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM), Records Management (RM/RIM), and Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM) software technology and applications. Within this technology are solutions for workflow, email management, document management, web forms, dashboards and key performance indicator metrics for business intelligence, enterprise output management, enterprise report management and Computer Output to Laser Disc (COLD), document imaging, email archiving, records auto-categorization, automatic data capture, and file sync & share.

The company’s business applications manage electronics and automate business processes for integrations such as accounting and financials, human resources, contract management, task management, case management, expense management (travel & expense), legal and compliance, and procure-to-pay. Key industries currently using Feith's applications include federal and state government, higher education (including a partnership with Jenzabar ERP), manufacturing & retail, pharmaceutical & healthcare, engineering, financial, legal, and insurance services. In addition to an ownership model, the software is offered on a subscription Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis, which lets users utilize applications in environments that are managed and maintained by Feith.

Stemming from the name of its flagship product brand, BridgeLogiQ, most Feith software products are branded in the format of [Purpose] iQ.

Enterprise Content Management and Document Imaging[edit]

Feith provides Enterprise Content Management and document imaging, management, and collaboration software that supports the creation, editing, and distribution of documents stored in an object repository and accessed via desktop application (fat client) or web browser (thin client). Feith File Cabinets provide a central hub for the storage and management of documents, giving users the ability to check documents in and out for editing, detail the chain of custody, and create electronic document approval. Feith Systems' document imaging applications give users the ability to capture, index, process, and access content on a unified information platform that can monitor and import document, transaction, and e-mail files, convert data into readable documents, and share data with other applications. This technology also supports information capture via full-text search of scanned documents with full-page optical character recognition (OCR) conversion of scanned images. FDD (Feith Document Database) was the company's first stand-alone application.

Business Process Management and Workflow[edit]

Feith's business process management and workflow management software automates the flow of information throughout an organization. Process administrators or owners create, manage, and modify workflow processes through configuring of rules, routes, and roles. Workflows can be triggered by a number of events, from internal and external systems, from a variety of inputs, documents, or transactions, and distributed to a variety of output formats. The workflow controls and creates a hierarchy for the distribution of business objects, documents, and transactions, and centrally manages user and administrative privileges. The workflow product is named Workflow iQ, and the company's full BPM suite is branded BridgeLogiQ.

Records Management[edit]

Feith's Records Management solution electronically manages the life-cycle of enterprise business content, ensuring both electronic and paper records are acquired, administered, and disposed of based on industrial, organizational, or governmental records retention requirements. Examples of this include automated dispositions, legal and audit holds (for e-discovery), and the generation of certificates of destruction, through a series of automated processes, including auto-categorization. Additionally, governmental or industry compliance is maintained by ingesting and following an organization's particular file plan. Feith's Records Management product, RMA iQ, has been certified conformant under the U.S. Department of Defense Design Criteria Standard for Electronic Records Management Software Applications, known as 5015.2 (currently Version 3 for baseline, classified, and both FOIA and the Privacy Act),[12] and as well as with Sarbanes–Oxley and HIPPA. (see section Awards and Accreditations below for further information)

Web Forms[edit]

Feith's Web Forms product enables the electronic data capture and management of business-specific or process-specific information through HTML, XSLT, or CSS-based forms displayed on the web in plain language, which often include items such as text boxes, drop-down lists, and check boxes, and filled in by users either inside (closed) or outside (public-facing) of the collecting agency. The design software allows users to create self-service forms that capture specifically-requested information and - upon submission - can trigger workflows and send auto-generated emails. The content is collected, stored, organized, and secured independently, enabling users to route information, apply version control, and enter, select, view and modify information. Feith Systems' brand name for this software is Forms iQ.

Dashboard Metrics and Business Intelligence[edit]

Feith's Dashboards software provides a real-time, customizable view of KPIs (key performance indicators) relevant to a particular objective or business process, such as sales, marketing, human resources, or production, viewable in one environment. These analytics are presented in a variety of formats or pods, including gauges, bar graphs, pie charts, bubble charts, Cartesian coordinates, geo-maps, and RSS feeds. Dashboard iQ is unique in its ability to allow users to drill down level-by-level through clicking to viewable documents, as well as filter the data, including unstructured full text filters, and redraw based on returned results.


Feith's auto-categorization product is an automated decision tool which performs sophisticated, automated categorization of both structured and unstructured data files, attachments, and metadata, as well as monitoring for exact phrase matching in the metadata and full text. The analyzation tool, known as Analyze iQ, calculates decisions on how to categorize objects for records management in accordance with the organizational and industrial rules learned through training sets of data, based on Naive Bayesian classification for decision making.

Email Archiving[edit]

Feith's email archiving software allows businesses to securely manage all email communications with dynamic search functionality from creation, retention, auditing, and disposition, including legal hold and freeze, for messages, attachments, and all metadata in preparation for any future records management or electronic discovery needs. The product, known as Mail iQ, also contains a data deduplication feature which keeps the database from storing multiple copies of emails and associated metadata.

Enterprise Report Management[edit]

Feith's solution for Report Management is designed to integrate with and enhance the usefulness of existing business intelligence reporting software (such as SAP's Crystal Reports), adding the ability to automatically schedule recurring reports and then output them with any parameters, frequency, and format. This integration, branded as Reports iQ, can also assist in management by exception.

Enterprise File Sync & Share[edit]

Feith provides an integrated content file hosting service for file synchronization, file sharing, and workflow to share data and documents remotely in real-time, remove files from email to access at a later time, and act as a secure and portable file backup. While similar to consumer-grade file hosting services such as Google Drive, SkyDrive, and DropBox, the product, named FeithDrive, also allows data to be submitted into a workflow, integrated into dashboards, or records managed, without compromising security nor Design Criteria Standard for Electronic Records Management Software Applications DoD 5015.2 compliance. FeithDrive can run in a private cloud, public cloud, or cloudless (on-premise).

Automated ERP Integration[edit]

Feith's rapid desktop Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system integration automation, branded as Quick Integrator (QI), is desktop automation software that provides connectivity between Feith's document imaging and process management software and legacy (line of business (LOB)) and server applications. The technology allows the user to integrate the Feith applications with existing enterprise resource planning technology, such as Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft, and Lotus Notes, via the web browser, calling the process or transaction's associated documents.

Community Engagement[edit]

Feith Systems sponsors two annual Pennsylvania-based student science competitions by donating software and Engineering & Solutions resources to automate and facilitate registration, judging and scoring, and administration.

Feith Systems offers a top-level high school and college internship program, and has attracted top engineering talent nationwide. Former Feith interns have proceeded to extend their careers to renowned software companies including Oracle, Google, Microsoft, and remaining with Feith Systems.[15][16]

Feith Systems also hosts a number of free educational industry webinars throughout the year,[17] as well as free live Business Process Management & Records Management seminars twice a year in Washington, DC.[18]

Frig the Dragon[edit]

Frig the Dragon poses with Feith Systems Founder Don Feith, and his son Dan Feith, FACT 2012, Atlantic City, NJ.

Frig the Dragon is the Feith Systems corporate mascot, which was created in the late 1980s as an advertising cartoon called "The Fax Dragon",[19] and was eventually renamed 'Frig'. In 1994, Feith employee Natalie Price turned Frig into a program icon to identify the FDD Power Client application within the software. Presently, the Frig graphic icon is used as an identifier for the Feith action button throughout the entire Feith product line, as well as the company website's favicon and social media identifier. Frig the Dragon is also a costumed character that appears at a variety of company events, including the annual User Conference.

Awards and Accreditations[edit]

Feith Systems was the first software provider to be certified by JITC on the 5015.2 v.3 standard for Records Management Applications, the highest classification offered by the Department of Defense, conformant on standards for baseline, classified, and both FOIA (and e-FOIA) and the Privacy Act.[20] Feith was the first provider to achieve 5015.2 "Perpetual Certification" as well. The software has also been certified compliant for the Sarbanes–Oxley Act and HIPPA.[21]

In January 1996, Feith's FDD product was named 1995 Product of the Year by Imaging Magazine and NewsBank/Readex Corp..[22] Then in September 1992, Feith received the Award for Advertising Achievement from Imaging Magazine as well.

Feith Systems is an Oracle PartnerNetwork Member Partner,[23] SAP ERP Central Component Certified for SAP NetWeaver,[24] and a Microsoft Certified Partner.[25]


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