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G2 Esports
File:G2 Esports Logo 2017.svg
Short nameG2
DivisionsLeague of Legends
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Rainbow Six Siege
Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft
Rocket League
Racing games
FoundedFebruary 24, 2013 (2013-02-24)
LocationBerlin, Germany
OwnerCarlos "ocelote" Rodríguez Santiago
ManagerRoberto "Goro" Irusta (CGO)

G2 Esports, formerly known as Gamers2, is a Spanish esports organisation based in Berlin, Germany,[1] with players competing in League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, Hearthstone, Rocket League and Rainbow Six Siege. The organization was established on February 24, 2013.

G2's League of Legends team competes in the League of Legends European Championship (LEC), the highest level of competitive League of Legends in Europe. The team won the 2016 Spring, 2016 Summer, 2017 Spring, and 2017 Summer EU LCS, the 2019 Spring LEC and the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational.

League of Legends[edit]

G2 Esports
SportLeague of Legends
LeagueLeague of Legends European Championship
Team historyGamers2 (2014–15)
Based inBerlin
OwnerCarlos "ocelote" Rodríguez Santiago
Head coachFabian "GrabbZ" Lohmann
Championships2014 EU CS Summer, 2016 Spring EU LCS, 2016 Summer EU LCS, 2017 Spring EU LCS, 2017 Summer EU LCS, 2019 Spring LEC, 2019 MSI


G2 had made a start for League of Legends in 2014 with an initial roster of Top laner Jesper "Jwaow" Strandgren, jungler Sebastián "Morden" Esteban Fernández, AD carry Soler "Yuuki60" Florent, and support Hugo "Dioud" Padioleau.[2][3]

The team participated in the Spring Expansion Tournament, beating Reason Gaming in the seeding game and Team Strix in Round 1. Gamers2 were knocked out of the tournament in Round 2 after being beaten by n!faculty.

G2 Esports is a Spanish organization, renamed from Gamers2 after qualifying for the 2016 EU LCS Spring Season.[4]

G2 Esports has also a sister team in Spain competing in the EU Challenger Series, called G2 Vodafone, in representation of their sponsor Vodafone. They got qualified for the 2016 EU Challenger Series Summer Split Qualifiers, but they failed to qualify for the EU CS. They also won the Spanish 2016 FinalCup Spring Split.

The team failed to qualify for the LCS three splits in a row.[4]

The team finished 1st in the Challenger Series season. They then took 2nd in the playoffs, thereby qualifying for the 2016 Spring LCS. Gamers2 qualified for the LCS by defeating SK Gaming 3-2.[5]

G2 finished the 2016 EU LCS Spring Split regular season in 1st place. In the playoffs, they defeated Fnatic before winning the 2016 EU LCS in Rotterdam after beating Origen. This also meant that they had qualified for the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational tournament in Shanghai. G2 would represent Europe at the competition against 5 other teams. However, in the weeks before the tournament, the team took an infamous vacation and came to the tournament unprepared. Because of this, they lost 8 of their 10 games, their only two wins against the lowest ranked seed there. This also cost the EU LCS league its 1st seed for the 2016 World Championship later that year. This meant that the 1st seed for Europe of the 2016 Summer EU LCS would be put in Pot B for the group draw instead of Pot A.

G2 became the first team to be crowned LEC champions after they won its inaugural split on April 14, 2019, in a 3–0 sweep against Origen.[6]

After sweeping Team Liquid from North America 3–0 in the grand final of the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational, G2 became the first European team to win a Riot-sponsored international tournament.[7][8]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive[edit]


G2 Esports acquired the roster of Team Kinguin on September 11, 2015.[9] G2 finished 3rd-4th at DreamHack Open: Cluj-Napoca 2015.[10] On January 20, 2016 G2 Esports announced that FaZe Clan had acquired their international Counter-Strike roster.[11] G2 announced a new French-speaking roster on February 1, 2016[12] which consisted of Titan's former roster. On April 9, shortly after placing 9–12th at the MLG Major Championship: Columbus, G2 announced Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro would be replacing Kévin "Ex6TenZ" Droolans.[13] G2 placed 2nd at the ESL Pro League Season 3 Finals on May 16, 2016 after losing 2-3 to Luminosity Gaming in the grand finals.[14] G2 Esports won the Esports Championship Series Season 1 after beating Luminosity in the finals on June 26, 2016.[15] With effect from 3 February 2017, 3 players from Team EnVyUs have joined G2 Esports. Kenny "kennyS" Schrub, Dan "apEX" Madesclaire and Nathan "NBK" Schmitt thus forming the now called "French Super Team". The players they replaced were Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom, who joined Team EnVyUs, Cédric “RpK” Guipouy, who also joined Team EnVyUs and Edouard “SmithZz” Dubourdeaux who is now the head coach of G2 Esports.

Tournament results[edit]

  • 1st — DreamHack Open Tours 2017[16]
  • 1st — ESL Pro League Season 5[17]
  • 1st — DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017[18]
  • 3rd — EPICENTER 2017[19]
  • 5th — BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2017
  • 7th — ESL Pro League Season 6 Europe[20][circular reference]
  • 9th-10th Intel Extreme Masters Season 12 – Oakland[21][circular reference]

Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

G2 Esports signed Weston "Westballz" Dennis on July 11, 2016 but Dennis and G2 parted ways on March 31, 2019 .[22]

Rocket League[edit]


G2 Esports signed the RLCS Season One World Champions, former iBUYPOWER Cosmic on September 7, 2016.[23]

Lachinio and 0verZer0 left the team, and Rizzo and Jknaps were picked up on February 22, 2017.[24]

The team won the ELEAGUE Cup 2017 tournament after missing RLCS season 3,[25] and placed 2nd at Dreamhack Leipzig 2018.[26]

The team finished 7th–8th at the RLCS World Championship Season 5, despite being the #1 seed from North America.[27]

The team finished 9th–10th at the RLCS World Championship Season 6, despite being the #2 seed from North America.[28]

On January 7, 2019, the team dropped former captain Kronovi, and picked up Chicago from Evil Geniuses.[29] Kronovi went on to join Rogue.[30] G2 then finished 2nd at the RLCS World Championship Season 7 with Chicago.[31]

Clash Royale[edit]

G2 Esports signed with Supercell to join in Clash Royale League (CRL) on April 3, 2018.

Rainbow Six Siege[edit]


The announcement that G2 Esports acquired the full roster of PENTA Sports, all five players and two coaches came a few days before the kick-off of the Six Major Paris group stage. These players, winners of the Six Invitational 2018 and multiple Pro League champions, have represented the colors of G2 from August 10, 2018 onwards. The team quickly proved to be a beneficial pick-up by G2, winning the Six Major Paris and its $350,000 prize pool immediately following the purchase by defeating their rivals Evil Geniuses 3-0.[32]

The team won the Six Invitational (world championship) on February 17, 2019 by defeating Team Empire 3-0.[33]

Players and coaches[edit]

Pengu is the most experienced player in both the team and the Rainbow Six Siege pro league, having been in the Year 1 Season 1 'PENTA' roster which would eventually transform into G2 Esports. Fabian is the IGL (In Game Leader) of the team to whom the strategic success and flexibility of the team is often pointed towards, as one of the best IGLs in the European pro league and the pro league in general. Goga is the only non nordic player on the team, and the only Spanish player in the whole of pro league. He is often praised for his ability on the games hard breachers, particularly Thermite, and who's support based playstyle has led to him having the highest amount of plants of a player in the European pro league season. JNSzki was one of the 2 Finnish players on the team, being acquired from PENTA's Y1S1 rival's of Gifu (Now Ence Esports) he has been reputed throughout the pro league's history as one of the best aimers and Bandit players in all of Siege. JNSzki was released by G2 ESports on May 27,2019, replaced by Finnish player UUNO of LeStream. Kantoraketti, originally being a loan to PENTA (Now G2) from Ence for the LAN finals of season 7 Pro League. Following the departure of prior teammate Sha77e from both PENTA and European pro league, Kantoraketti became the 5th member of PENTA. UUNO, the newest addition to the roster was aquired by G2 ESports on May 27, 2019 replacing JNSzki who returned to his former squad of Mousesports which both players were once apart of. UUNO had played for the PENTA Academy being coached by G2's own coach, Shas[O]Uas. Shas[O]Udas is one of the longest working coaches in siege, originally coaching for Team Fenix, a team which had also featured Fabian and previous roster teammate of KS, and is the head coach for the team. Sua is the secondary coach and analyst of the roster, brought in to replace Ferral, G2's original analyst and a current player for Team Secret. Sua was previously the head coach for Ence (Now MouseSports).

Call of Duty[edit]

G2 Esports announced their Call of Duty roster for the Black Ops 4 season on 25 October, 2018.[34]

Current rosters[edit]

Game Nat. Name ID Role
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive France Richard Papillon shox Captain/Lurker
France Kenny Schrub kennyS AWPer
France Audric Jug JaCkz Entry Fragger
France Lucas Chastang Lucky Entry Fragger/AWPer
France François Delaunay AMANEK Rifler
France Damien Marcel maLeK Coach
Fortnite Poland Jakub Szygulski Lothar
Germany Dominik Beckmann RazZzero0o
Slovenia Kevin Batic Tohaj
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Netherlands Thijs Molendijk Thijs
Romania Radu Dima Rdu
League of Legends Denmark Martin Hansen Wunder Top Laner
Poland Marcin Jankowski Jankos Jungler
Denmark Rasmus Winther Caps Mid Laner
Croatia Luka Perkovic Perkz Bot Laner
Slovenia Mihael Mehle Mikyx Support
Germany Fabian Lohmann GrabbZ Coach
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Germany René Rehling Braexco
Germany Magnus Hartmann UdyrMayFire
Germany Alexander Syukrin Caint
Germany Christian Blank Itzz_ChrizZ
Rocket League Canada Jacob Knapman JKnaps
United States Dillon Rizzo Rizzo
United States Reed Wilen Chicago
United States Jacob Suda Jahzo Coach
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Denmark Niclas Mouritzen Pengu
Spain Daniel Mazorra Romero Goga Support
Sweden Fabian Hällsten Fabian In-game-leader
Finland Juhani Toivonen Kantoraketti Fragger
Finland Aleksi Työppönen UUNO
United Kingdom Thomas Lee Shas[O]Udas Coach



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