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Games Finder (alternatively GamesLikeFinder) is a video game website that catalogs and reviews video games across major game platforms with the intention of grouping them into curated recommendation lists editorially.[1] There are currently more than 350 editorially crafted recommendation lists[2] in addition to a search function that will return similar games[3]. The site contains crowd sourced elements including a user rating system to rank games throughout the website and is supported via advertising[4] and Patrons.[5]


The Games Finder database contains general information, review critique, screenshots, video content, user ratings, user comments and platform availability for each game. Visitors can review games (out of 10) with these scores aggregated into an averaged value which is displayed with the number of user votes.

Recommendation lists and search results display these user votes with further functionality available to filter by game platform and price.

Games Finder is a contributor of review data to the online game database, MobyGames with over 500 approved critic scores.[6] Games Finder is also a participant of the Steam Curator Program[7] and Meta Reviews of Neoseeker.[8][9]


Former Games Finder logo used until 2014

Games Finder was founded in 2013 by Samuel Franklin who at the time was primarily a League of Legends YouTuber operating under the channel name 'SeelyonGaming'. His YouTube channel has amassed over 3.2 million video views.[10]

The Games Finder database originally started with recommendation lists on popular games of the era such as Minecraft, Diablo and The Sims before expanding into less known video games.[11] The website reached a peak Alexa rank of 37,682 on 12 July 2015 serving an estimated 2.8 million visitors per year.[12]

Games Finder has supported several independent video game development projects such as Orcish Inn[13] and in 2016 contributed to the Jupiter Hell Kickstarter project which raised £70,067 from 2,083 backers.[14]

As of 2019 Games Finder held six Dungeon Keeper 2 world record verified speedruns[15].

In the media[edit]

In 2014 Games Finder was featured on Wibki as one of the top 25 gaming websites[16] while it was recommended on the PopTechJam blog for those that have "fond memories of a particular game".[17]

In 2020 Thumbsticks ranked it as the top 10 useful video game websites in 2020[18] and Feedspot ranked Games Finder as number 57 in their 2020 Top 100 Video Game News Websites and Gaming Blogs.[19]

Games Finder founder Samuel Franklin has been interviewed as an expert on a range of topics. This includes recommending C++ and the Unreal Engine for indie game developers looking to break into the market due to the "flexibility of PC and mobile" while noting the Epic Games Store revenue split benefits.[20] He was also interviewed by Reuters after the successful release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order commenting that the game's success was driven by the mixture of Tomb Raider, God of War and Batman.[21]

Samuel Franklin has provided comment on controversial topics including an interview with Euronews on the effects of video gaming digital and physical production on climate change suggesting that physical games could be more environmentally friendly if they included all game content[22] referencing the Division 2's large 50GB day one patch[23]. He has also weighed in on the topic of loot box legality[24] noting the recommendations of the 2018 Australian inquiry into the loot box industry.[25]

Games Finder has produced several notable reviews across various video game genres including one for the 2015 free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Skyforge with a 9/10 score stating "“Within a few hours you’ll be trapped inside this unique fantasy and sci-fi blend.”[26] The Early Access sandbox title Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution with a 8/10 score noting that it “captures the true essence of evolution and gives you a front row seat.”[27] and the shutdown Webkinz created child focused MMO, Amazing World where Games Finder gave the title 9.5/10 while praising the game, "The children’s MMO space has been in need of something fresh and exciting for a long time and Amazing World is that game."[28] Games Finder has also been featured on Product Hunt[29], the iTunes App Store[30] and Gamasutra[31] for its review content.

Games Finder has been included in two specialist research papers as a source reference, the Hofstra Law Review's Vol. 43 "Virtual Economics Virtually Unregulated"[32] and the Arizona State University School of Engineering "Using Semantic Technology to Address Gender Stereotyping in Videogame Recommender Systems"[33].


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