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Granny ( Game )

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BornUnknown (Theorized to be above 60.)
StatusAlive ( as a ghost )
Known forKidnapping People, Murdering and cannibalism ( In game )
ChildrenAngeline: Daughter
RelativesSlendrina: Desceased Granddaughter-Spirit

Granny is a free indie horror game which was released on November 2017 on Android and December 2017 on IOS Devices. It was later released on the PC on November 2018.

The game is based on stealth and speed. As of March 2018 the game has became very popular in the gaming community as YouTubers such as DanTDM, DashieGames, Denis, Kindly Keyin, John Wolfe, LightningBlueDragon, and Vividplays Channel have played the game. It is a horror game in which you have to escape in 5 days from Granny's house (the antagonist) before she kills you.


The game starts when the player gets up from the bed. He/She has been captured by an insane 60 year old deranged grandmother. The objective of the game is to try and put together the puzzle pieces of escaping the house without granny seeing the player. The player has 5 days to escape. Granny has been programmed to rush to any sound she hears. The player can hide under beds, in closets and in rooms if necessary. If Granny sees the player, she will come towards the player and, if He/She is close enough, Granny will slam the bat on the His/Her head. If the character dies, He/She wakes up the next day to find out that they have only 4 more days to get out and that Granny has locked the door of the room the player is in. The player finds the way out, usually by dropping something to get Granny to unlock the door and come in. The player will face obstacles such as bear traps. When a player get trapped in the bear trap, they will have to hold the trap to free themselves from it. The player will need a series of items such as a Padlock key, Master Key, Hammer, Cutting Pliers, Cogwheels, Winch Handle, Play house key etc. The player will need to use them in order to get out of the house within the 5 days. As of the 1.5 update the player can escape with the car. The player needs to find a car key gasoline car battery engine part spark plug wrench and padlock key to open the lock on the garage door. You hit the wall at the garage door 3 times before you escape.


If you fail to escape 5 days in Granny. 2 endings happen. The Basement Ending or the Guillotine Ending. If you escape there are 3 endings. The Escape ending, The Teddy Ending or as of the 1.5 update The Car Ending.

Basement Ending

In this ending Granny throws you down the basement steps then the player blacks out. Them when the player wakes up they look around and when they look at Granny she jump scares you while eating you. The tune during this formerly featured frantic violins from the 2011 movie Insidious however, in the Update 1.3 the theme was changed to a more ominous tune.

Guillotine Ending

The other ending results you in waking up in the back yard held in the guillotine. You look at the grass then you look at Granny who stares evilly surprised at you before sending the guillotine head down chopping your head off resulting in a game over.

Escape Ending

In this ending if you manage to escape the screen will go black with the door creaking opening and a sound of the player running away. Then it fades back and shows Granny at the open door and the camera slowly zooms out of Grannys house as the player escapes. Then it goes black again and zooms in to Grannys face.

Teddy Ending

In this ending the screen will go black with the door creaking opening and a sound of the player running away. It will show Granny holding the teddy with the ghost Slendrina standing behind her. This one dosent go black and zoom in like the escape ending.

Car Escape Ending

As of the 1.5 update there is a new way to escape from granny. In this ending the player starts up the car and the hit the garage wall 3 times before escaping. A funky tune will play when they escape with granny watching the player escape in the car.


You wake up in the starting bedroom on the first day. When you wake up on each day Granny always spawns in the basement and looks for the player 20 seconds later. Horror piano music will be playing in the background but there is a setting in the menu screen to turn it off. Just remember when you make a noise Granny will run faster if the mode is extreme or hard. Starting on day 2, the player begins limping which becomes more noticeable as each night goes on. Once the player reaches day 4, there is blood on the bed they wake up on. When you make your way to the secret area bottom floor beware that there is sometimes a glitch where Granny can see you going to the secret area and try to chase you there. To avoid this make a noise in the basement near your hiding place and Granny wont see you and chase you. As of the 1.5 update, there are more features added such as more items, locations, a new ending, as well as a new pet spider located in the attic which kills the player upon getting too close to it. The spider can be distracted by placing meat on the empty plate. The 1.5 update adds a new "Practice Mode" which allows the player to freely explore the house without worrying about Granny killing them as a way of understanding the game, however the player can still die. There is also a note from Granny left on the main door which says,"I'll be back soon". This is exclusive only in this mode.

Defend yourself against Granny[edit]

As of the 1.1 update you have the chance to defend yourself against Granny. One option is to find the weapon key and go to the secret area top floor and grab a crossbow out of the weapon safe and a Tranquilliser Dart. When Granny is shot with a dart she will be knocked unconscious for a certain amount of time depending on what difficulty you play. As of the 1.4 update there are 2 new ways to defend against Granny. There are 3 parts of a shotgun to assemble and the blue print of its assembly is in the garage. When assembled find ammo and Granny will be knocked out for the same periods of time as the crossbow and dart. As of the 1.5 update granny will be knocked out for 2 minutes 30 seconds on easy mode with the shotgun To lure granny in the sauna in the garage below the basement the player has to make a sound inside the room and hide in the cabinet and when Granny goes past the door close it and the metal plank and turn the machine on. It will take about 25 seconds for Granny to go unconscious. She will be knocked out for the same period of time as the Crossbow and dart and the shotgun. A table below shows how long she is knocked out for from The Crossbow Shotgun and Sauna.

Difficulty Time Knocked Out
Easy 2 Minutes 30 Seconds ( With Shotgun )
Normal 1 Minute
Hard 30 Seconds
Extreme 15 Seconds


Version 1.0

Games release on December 07 2017 on IOS

Version 1.1

The house is a bit bigger now

Added more objects

Now you have the opportunity to defend yourself against Granny.

Added easy difficulty

Fixed some bugs

Version 1.2

Added hard difficulty

Opportunity to get a bonus day. (only normal and easy)

An extra lock on the main door ( Only Hard )

Now you can drop items on bear traps to disarm them

Granny has legs

Small change of the menu

Version 1.3

More places to explore

More objects to find

Added extreme difficulty

An extra lock on the main door ( Extreme Only )

Fixed some bugs

Version 1.3.2

This update was released on April 25th 2018

Added a second game over scene

Added a second the end scene (Only appears when teddy is delivered )

Fixed the problem with the player sometimes get stuck in the wall to the secret passage

Now the opportunity to get all the locks on the main door no matter what difficulty you play

Extreme is now a little more harder

A little darker texture on grannys house

Changed some sounds

Fixed some small bugs

Version 1.4

This update was released on May 29th 2018

There is a garage where the player can find a car and assemble the shotgun

There also appears to be a sauna where the player can trap granny in

There is a Car Key


This update was released on May 29th 2018

This update was mainly to fix bugs. Fixed main menu bug.

Version 1.5

This update was released on August 22nd 2018

More places to explore

Now there is a second way to escape from granny

Added practice difficulty

More useful items to find

Granny is now gone a little longer when she gets shot with the shotgun.

Granny now has a pet

Fixed some bugs

Added more the end scenes


Granny has earned a gamerscore of 8.80 for its iOS release based on 61.4K user reviews[1] and an 8.40 for its Android release based on 2.58M user reviews[2]. Its PC release has also earned a gamerscore of 8.70 on whatoplay based on 440 user reviews.[3]


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