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Happy Birthday Wild Wes

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Happy Birthday Wild Wes
📅 ReleasedJuly 17th 2019
🎙️ RecordedAugust 2018 - May 22nd 2019
⏳ Length50:36
🤑 Producer
  • Wild Wes
  • Sinima
  • BXMB

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Happy Birthday Wild Wes is a the first best of album by american rapper Wild Wes. It released on YouTube on July 17th of 2019.


Happy Birthday Wild Wes
1."16" (Intro) 0:07
2."Itz Wild Wes In Da House"Wild Wes (Mixtape)2:48
3."Do It"Wild Wes (Mixtape)2:09
4."I Don't Play"BeWilderness1:47
5."What's Tha Deal"BeWilderness2:23
6."Worth The Risk" (ft. Slaydz)BeWilderness4:29
7."Wasn't Supposed To Happen"BeWilderness3:09
8."Short Boi"Itz A Wild World0:55
9."Hit Me Up"Wild Wes 23:22
10."It'll Be Better"Wild Wes 24:09
11."Changes Are Fake"Wild Wes 22:51
12."I Was Staring At The Sky"Wild Wes 31:24
13."Never Heard This"The New Funk2:53
14."You Know Why"The New Funk3:10
15."Rapper Got Wacked"The New Funk2:32
16."Sam's Diss" (ft. Lil Smardy)The New Funk4:16
17."Won't Go Out Like This"Blue is Dominant2:41
18."Jumping Them Off"Blue Is Dominant3:07
19."Check Me Out"Previously Unreleased2:07
20."Outro" 0:09
Total length:50:36
  • I Was Staring At The Sky was removed due to hate