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Hard Times in Two Dimensions

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Hard Times in Two Dimensions
📅 Released30 November 2018
⏳ Length24:16
🏷️ LabelMint 400 Records

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Hard Times in Two Dimensions is the debut studio album from the American rock band aBIRD.


The seven-track album was digitally released on 30 November 2018, with Mint 400 Records. After the disbandment of Those Mockingbirds in February 2016, Adam Bird began working on a solo synth-driven project called aBIRD, drawing inspiration from the trip hop group Massive Attack, the ambient electronica duo Air, and the electronic rock band LCD Soundsystem.[1][2] The album is described as a "sound-based record," that uses a "heavy incorporation of a synth, repeated beat patterns, and effect pedals makes for the music to be less garage band and more GarageBand."[3] Hard Times in Two Dimensions is compared to the music of singer-songwriter David Bowie, and the alternative rock band Radiohead.[1]

For an interview in Jersey Beat with James Damion, Adam Bird explains "I quickly got over that old artifact left to us from the classic rock generations, still upset about disco, that rock and electronic music were supposed to be segregated in some form or another," and addressing the transition, he adds "the final Those Mockingbirds single "How the Story Goes" was a step in that direction, and once the band ended I decided to just run full force into it because I knew I would be opening up a much bigger color palette to work with for what became aBIRD."[4]

In 2017, they released two singles, "Polluto" and "The Sun and the Moon," and in 2018 they released "A Cool Island Song." The song "The Lights" is described as having a retro, cyber-punk disco vibe," and the music video for it is directed by former Those Mockingbirds band mate, Rob Fitzgerald.[5]


The review in The Aquarian Weekly by Debra Kate Schafer begins "with fresh start in mind and intensity in his lyrics, Adam Bird has taken the creativity he always had and the musicality he always wanted and blended the two to create the perfect concoction of new and old, fresh and classic," and continues "he's taken the authentic quality of instrumentals, creating an original and dedicated sound, and rocking out in the purest state and pushed all of that aside in order to create a sound that is grounded within its electronic, computationally mixed roots."[3]

Track listing[edit]

1."Fuck You (and You and You)"2:55
2."A Cool Island Song"3:48
3."The Creatures We Ignore"4:05
4."The Lights"3:19
5."The Sun and the Moon"3:13
6."If I Had a Gun"3:41
Total length:24:16


  • Adam Bird – vocals, synth and guitar
  • Nick Ivory – keys and bass
  • Kevin Walters – drums


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