Holy Tune

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Holy Tune
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Holy Tune
Holy Tune
Record Label And Islamic Song Production House
Founded 📆
Founder 👔Muhammad Badruzzaman
Headquarters 🏙️Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Area served 🗺️
OwnersMuhammad Badruzzaman
Number of employees
🌐 Websitewww.holytunebd.com
📇 Address18 Purana Paltan, Paltan Plaza(4th Floor) 1000 Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh.
📞 telephone01912-123018
🥚 TwitterHolytuneRecords
👍 FacebookHolyTunebdofficial
📷 Instagramholytunebdofficial/

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Holy Tune is one of the most prominent record labels in Bangladesh. It’s a also leading lslamic record label of the country. The peace loving Bangladeshi Muslims have been searching for a quality Islamic entertainment platform for a long time. To meet up the existing demand of the Islamic entertainment, Holy Tune has started its journey since 2011. It is founded by Muhammad Badruzzaman. Holy Tune basically cherishes the ideals of peace and solidarity in Bangladeshi Muslim Community. To this purpose Holy Tune is continuously composes Bangla Islamic Songs, Hamd, Naat and Islamic Nasheed for Islam loving people of Bangladesh. Holy Tune is lucky enough as it has a bunch of quality and talented singers originated from Kalarab Shilpogosthi, a popular Islamic Cultural Organisation in Bangladesh. Holy Tune highly acknowledges the contribution of Kalarab Shilpogoshti which helps Holy Tune to grow up with all of its support and collaboration.

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