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Hosein Mortada

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Hussein Mortada (b. 1972), is a Lebanese national from the city of Hermel, Lebanon. He holds a BA in political science from the Lebanese University and is a lecturer at the Faculty of Mass Communication in Damascus, and director of the Al-Alam TV office in Damascus.[1]


Hussein was born in 1972 in Lebanon and completed his studies to obtain a secondary certificate, after which he obtained his university studies and obtained a BA in political science and began to develop himself to complete his media passion, and became the focus of global media and politics attention.[2][3][4][5]


He began his media career by covering some events in Lebanon for the local Al-Fajr radio station in 2000, then moved to work as a broadcaster on the Voice of the Oppressed program in 2001, then moved to Tehran in 2002, where he was among the founders of Al-Alam News Channe[6]l and worked as a news anchor. As for the channel's political programs, he then moved to the position of bureau chief for Al-Alam News Channel and the Iranian Press Channel in Damascus,[7] where he covered all events in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan, in addition to presenting it. A number of political, economic and field programmes.[8] In addition to his work as a lecturer at the Faculty of Mass Communication at Damascus University, he worked in electronic media for many years,.[9] He also conducted a large number of interviews with a number of heads of state, including Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.[10] In addition to his meeting with former Iranian President Ahmadinejad and the late Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, and meetings with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri. Al-Maliki, Ibrahim Al-Jaafari and Adel Abdul-Mahdi. He also met with former Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir and President Amin Gemayel. Emile Lahoud[11] and Suleiman Franjieh


He wrote a book[12] entitled Lessons in Psychological Warfare in Syria.[13]


Lebanon: In October 2013, he was honored at a ceremony held by the Association of Muslim Scholars for his achievements in covering events in the region.[14]

Syria: In March 2016, he was honored during a lecture organized by the General Union of Syrian Students, the administration of Damascus University and the branch of the Arab Socialist Baath Party.[15]

Lebanon: In January 2017, he was honored at a ceremony honoring reporters for outstanding coverage of the war against ISIS.[16]

Threats and controversy[edit]

Journalist Hussein Mortada received many threats from foreign parties in the Arab world because of his political stances, including the Saudi ambassador, because of his talk about the Saudi role in Lebanon.[17] He was subjected to threats from armed groups on Syrian territory.[18]

Hussein Mortada is always considered one of the controversial figures.[19][20] There was an argument on Twitter between Murtada and one of the princes of Saudi Arabia, because the prince spoke about the presidential elections in Syria,[21]

He also always raises controversy with Israel through IDF Spokesman Avichai Adraee.[22][23][24]


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