How to get my knowledge panel on Google ?

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In this Tutorial we will use the example of the bio Christian Canlubo who has created his bio on EverybodyWiki but you can get the same results for your company !

Thanks Christian to allow EverybodyWIki to show your bio as example ! 😃

How to get my knowledge panel on Google thanks to EverybodyWiki ?[edit]

  1. Create your Bio on EverybodyWiki (example "Christian Canlubo" ) or company page.
  2. Fill in as many fields as you can and save to get an InfoBox (on the top right of your article)
  3. Write your bio content with at least 100 words and improve the SEO see here some tips
    A bio with content and Infobox at the right which contains structured data.
  4. You can then check the structured data of your page on
    Google has discovered your structured data !
  5. Wait some days or weeks... and update your article every week if relevant or when needed.
  6. Search on Google the name of your page Example "Christian Canlubo" plus a structured data present in your infoBox example "age" for a person
    Your Knowledge Panel is now displayed on search results and you can claim it !
  7. Click on "Claim this knowledge panel" and follow Google's instructions

Remember Its not up to EverybodyWiki, only search engines decide whether to display the knowledge panel. BUT, the more your Everybodywiki page is linked by relevant pages and have structured data, the more chance you have to get a knowledge panel.