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Which pages should be deleted on Everybodywiki?[edit source]

  1. Bad or illegal content such as hoaxes, fake news, and copyright violations. Examples include articles that have been tagged with the speedy delete template. These articles have been tagged as G3 (pure vandalism and blatant hoaxes), G10 (pages that disparage, threaten, intimidate, or harass their subject or some other entity and serve no other purpose), or G12 (unambiguous copyright infringement) on Wikipedia.
  1. Pages kept on Wikipedia can be deleted on Everybodywiki expecting they were just merged or redirected. This deletion is not automatic at present.

Why are there so many red links on pages?[edit source]

A red link links to page which doesn't exist, you should be on a page which was imported from Wikipedia and has many links to pages which don't exists on Everybodywiki.

How can I clean a page ?[edit source]

  • You can remove red links. if link text is important, you can bold it or add the tag <strong> if you are editing in wiki code.
  • You can remove duplicate blue links in a page and keep just one. We think article should be linked once from another article.
  • Please don't remove
    • categories even if the page is the only one which belong to this category. These categories will be use to show pages of the same category in the future and a page rely to this category could be imported or created some day.
    • The template {{Source Wikipedia}}

I have created a page on Wikipedia which is currently considered for deletion, Everybodywiki will copy it ?[edit source]

  • Everybodywiki only copy pages which belong to the category "Articles for deletion" and category "Deletion Requests" on simple english wikipedia so you page should be copied within 24 hours on EveryBodyWiki. You can search it to be sure.
  • Everybodywiki doesn't copy pages from the categoy Candidates_for_speedy_deletion, if your page belongs to this category you have to copy it manually if it's a not a bad or illegal content. To keep the formatting we advise you to copy the source in wikicode and create the page in wikicode on Everybodywiki. Don't forget ot add the template "Source Wikipedia" at the bottom of the article to display the link to the page on Wikipedia. For that simply add {{Source Wikipedia}} in wikicode.

Why a page I edited was edited by WikiMasterBot ?[edit source]

Maybe because a page with the same name is currently in a "Articles for deletion" category on English or Simple English Wikipedia and has been automatically overwrited by WikiMasterBot.

WikiMasterBot could make periodically some minor changes too like replacing some text.

How can I improve the position of article on search engines ?[edit source]

Be sure your article...

  • ...is long enough (more than 200 words)
  • ...contains keywords especially in header section. You can bold keyword or put between <strong> </strong>
    • Dont stuff too many keywords, your article should remains clearly readable by visitors
    • Put this keywords in "alt" tag or pictures description.
  • Put links from other articles related to the same topic. The anchor of the link should contains the key words. The artcle could be from everybodywiki or any other website. If the links are from outside websites they should be not in "nofollow" for a better result.
    • Don't put too many links at the same time and not from links farm.
    • Add existing relevant categories on everybodywiki and links to pages of the same categories will be displayed in the future.
  • Update your article informations when needed.

See user:WikiMasterBot