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Please read all questions/answer before sending us an email (you will find our email address at the bottom of this page) or Facebook Messenger 2019.png Chat with us on messenger

Has EverybodyWiki any affiliation with The Wikimedia Foundation ?[edit]

No, you can see the project of the foundation here

How to get a knowledge panel displayed for a bio or a company page ?[edit]

Its not up to Everybodywiki 😞 only search engines decide whether to display it.

BUT more your Everybodywiki page is linked by relevant pages and more you have structured data more you have change to get a knowledge panel.

You can check the structured date of your page on

Which pages should be deleted on Everybodywiki?[edit]

  1. Bad or illegal content such as personal attacks, privacy leaks and copyright violations. Examples include articles that have been tagged with the speedy delete template. These articles have been tagged as G3 (pure vandalism but not blatant hoaxes), G10 (pages that disparage, threaten, intimidate, or harass their subject or some other entity and serve no other purpose), or G12 (unambiguous copyright infringement) on Wikipedia.
  2. Pages kept on Wikipedia can be deleted on Everybodywiki expecting they were just merged or redirected. This deletion is automatic. Pages forked on EveryBodyWiki could be kept here, just add the template {{nobots}} anywhere in the page to be sure the page won't be duplicate.

A page was finally kept (not deleted) on Wikipedia, what should I do ?[edit]

In wikicode you can replace all the content of the article by the template {{Kept on WIkipedia}}

  1. Be sure you are connected
  2. Go to the page
  3. Click the tab "Edit Source" or the pen on mobile view
  4. Select all the content (Tip you can useCtrl + A) and delete it
  5. copy the template in wikicode : {{Kept_on_Wikipedia}}
  6. Preview
  7. You should see a link "This page was kept on Wikipedia check : of the page"
  8. Save

Do you delete duplicated with Wikipedia ?[edit]

Yes WikiMasterBot2 is removing from april 24 2020 duplicates with Wikipedia replacing all the content by the template {{Kept in WIkipedia}} if it find the same page on Wikipedia.

It will delete only pages that WikiMasterBot2 or WikiMasterBot have edited and that are still on WIkiPedia (but not as redirect or still marked for deletion).

If you don't want a page you have copied from Wikipedia being deleted just add the template {{nobots}} anywhere in the page.

If the content of a page was already replaced by {{Kept in WIkipedia}}, feel free to revert WIkiMasterBot2 edits and add the template {{nobots}} anywhere in the page. WikiMasterBot2 won't replace the content anymore. After some weeks, pages kept on WIkipedia will be deleted.

What about hoaxes, fake news... ?[edit]

They should not be deleted but highlighted clearly at the top of the article as hoaxes, fake news/bio/information... To display a message please insert the template {{Db-hoax}} {{{{Fake news}} at the top of the article. See help page on how to add template

How can I help ?[edit]

Some maintenance job could be done see : Projet:ToDo Unfortunately our WikiMasterBot is too stupid to do these jobs at this time :(

You can translate some interface sentences into a specific language or correct english mistakes, WikiMaster has not a native understanding of English. See Projet:Translation

Do some search engine optimisation for some articles/expression, see below

How to move/rename/redirect a page in order to remove duplicates[edit]

Only users that belongs to admin and Wikeeper groups can move page. But you can make a manuel redirect, for example if you want to redirect PageA to PageB just write in wikicode in pageA :

#redirect [[pageB]]

How can I improve the position of article on search engines ?[edit]

Be sure your article...

  • long enough (more than 100 words)
  • ...contains keywords especially in header section. You can bold keyword or put between <strong> </strong> tags
    • Dont stuff too many keywords, your article should remains clearly readable by visitors
    • Put this keywords in "alt" tag or pictures description.
  • Put links from other articles related to the same topic. The anchor of the link should contains the key words. The article could be from everybodywiki or any other website. If the links are from outside websites they should be not in "nofollow" for a better result.
    • Don't put too many links at the same time and not from links farm.
    • Add existing relevant categories and portal on everybodywiki and links to pages of the same categories will be displayed in the future.
    • Put just one link on others articles to your page
  • Update your article informations when needed.
  • Don't create duplicate of your article, anyway search engine will display only one article on results pages. A good position is better than 2 bad positions.

Need help from everybodywiki team to improve the position fo your article ? Add it on Projet:Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

I have uploaded a file (picture) on the english Wikipedia but I can see just its name of not the picture itself why ?[edit]

You have to move the file from english (or any) Wikipedia to commons, more info.

Commons in common repository of file for all wikimedia projects. Images from commons are automatically and remotely displayed on many other wiki like

Is that you who deletes pages from Wikipedia ?[edit]

No, on every Wikipedia, EverybodyWiki doesn't

  • delete any page,
  • vote for or against deletion
  • put articles as candidates for deletion
  • decline or reject drafts submissions

Why are there so many red links on pages?[edit]

A red link links to page which doesn't exist, you should be on a page which was imported from Wikipedia and has many links to pages which don't exists on Everybodywiki.

How can I clean a page ?[edit]

  • You can remove red links. if link text is important, you can bold it or add the tag <strong> if you are editing in wiki code.
  • You can remove duplicate blue links in a page and keep just one. We think article should be linked once from another article.
  • Please don't remove
    • categories even if the page is the only one which belong to this category. These categories will be use to show pages of the same category in the future and a page rely to this category could be imported or created some day.
    • The template {{Source Wikipedia}}

For page that was formerly in Draft namespace[edit]

Cleaning categories : on Draft page on Wikipedia categories are marked as a link [[:Category:NameOfTheCategory]] (with :)

To change it to a real categorisation of the page, edit the page with wikicode and remove ":" after "[[". Example :

  • Before : [[:Category:NameOfTheCategory]]
  • After : [[Category:NameOfTheCategory]]

I have created a page on Wikipedia which is currently considered for deletion, Everybodywiki will copy it ?[edit]

Why a page I have edited was edited by WikiMasterBot2 ?[edit]

Maybe because a page with the same name is currently in a "Articles for deletion" category or on the Draft: namespace on English or Simple English Wikipedia and has been automatically overwrited by WikiMasterBot2.

WikiMasterBot2 could make periodically some minor changes too like replacing some text.

SOLUTION : add the template {{nobots}} at the bottom of the page. See help page on how to add template

See user:WikiMasterBot

How can I display subpages of a pages ?[edit]

Add in wikicode

{| class="wikitable" 
|+ Subpages

Where you want to display the list of subpages.

How can I remove "Draft:" in the title of the article ?[edit]

Only for user in the wikeeper group :Simply move the page to the new title (without "Draft:")

  1. Go to the page
  2. On desktop mode hover your mouse over "More" at the top right of the page
  3. Click on "move" link or tab
  4. Choose a new Namespace (usually it's (main))
  5. Choose a new title (it's here you can remove "Draft:")
  6. Write a reason like not "a draft anymore"
  7. Click the button MovePage

more help

How to delete an article about me (like my bio) or where my name just appears[edit]

Do you know that you can improve this article after creating an account on Everybodywiki ?

But as a EU citizen (or a person living on the european union) you have the right to be forgotten for that please prove that you are the person (Or you can act for this person) about or mentioned by the article in sending by email (see below our address):

  • from the official website of the person example :
  • OR
  • of a known organisation (like big company, university...) including the full name of the person ( IS NOT OK !) Example :
    • We will reply and request a confirmation before removing the page
  • OR
  • a copy of your ID/passport (You can hide useless part of the document like number or picture...)

You can choose the simplest way but we need these information to delete the content requested.

Process duration after receiving all the needed information : more than one week.


Don't ask us to edit a page that you can edit yourself !

Please warn us if you find any illegal/bad content on Everybodywiki and blank it (delete all its content, write a reason and save).

But don't ask us to delete (or delete yourself) a piece of content without a legal or good reason, take care of Streisand effect

You can send an email to

admin contact everybodywiki (point) com

or for a public message post it on my user talk page here

Facebook Messenger 2019.png or Chat with us on messenger

Twitter account of EverybodyWiki or send a tweet or DM to

You can also use any talk page of any article/user if your talk is related to the article/user.

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