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Hui-Shin Wong

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Hui-Shin Wong
WongHuiShin.jpg WongHuiShin.jpg
Hui-Shin Wong at the Monterey Bay, California, USA in August 2012
BornWong Hui Shin
(1979-09-27) September 27, 1979 (age 44)
Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia.
🏳️ NationalityMalaysian
💼 Occupation
  • Technology Entrepreneur
  • Woman-In-Tech
  • Academician
  • Researcher
  • Photographer
  • Cupid
  • Book Author or Writer
  • Artist
  • Humanity Activist
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Hui-Shin Wong, Wong Hui Shin or Shyan H. Wong (黄慧欣) is a Technology Entrepreneur, Woman-In-Tech, Academician, Researcher, Photographer, Cupid, Book Author or Writer, Artist and Humanity Activist. She has a big mission to form a better world for all human beings since January 2008 according to her profile write-up in her blog, Malaysian Footprint. [1] She wish to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich, the intelligent and the ordinary, the masters and the slaves, the local graduates and the overseas graduates, the easterners and the westerners, the information technology-savvy and the non-information technology-savvy individuals. She would like to share the information with the people around her mainly for a better place to live. Her writing style ensures you read with joy; a bit classy, a bit didactic, a bit exaggerated, a bit funny and a bit hilarious. It is just her style in love with 'zero' and 'one' in consequence of a Techno-Educationist by education and training.

She is a simple Malaysian who love to read a lot and travel the world. Through her stories, she aims to change the world for a better place to live.

She has been building her international books writing profile ever since year 2012 with a Hui-Shin Wong's Author Page [2], Google Play Books, Goodreads and BookBub.

Her profile tag line about her writing is "Follow & Join Me For A World With Totally Humanity".

Research Finding and Publication[edit]

She hope her readers evolve their mindset to a globally thinker and not only following others without thinking. "See, Think, Enlighten, then, Follow (S.T.E.F.)!” is one of her research outputs and self-quotes after traveling the world in 365 days within 10 years to solve a miscommunication puzzle. She was working on the minimization of human communication conflicts and misunderstanding and the key factors of human communication and misunderstanding since year 2003 and eventually she published a 1st edition self-help, travel, ethics and non-fiction book called "Sunshine Little Kitchen" [3][4][5][6] in year 2012. The 2nd Edition of "Sunshine Little Kitchen" was published in year 2015. The 3rd edition of "Sunshine Little Kitchen" was published in February 2021.[7][8][9] She has drafted the contents and the titles of all these 9 books since year 2012 and she has been contributing to form a better world, i.e. a world with humanity.

She published "Amore: The Indication of Civilization in 22nd Century" [10][11][12][13][14][15], A Prodigy's Love Story in year 2019, "My Children's Guide Book" [16][17][18], Do You Want A Mom Like Me? I Can Be Your Virtual Mom in year 2021, "A Letter To Sir James Murray" [19][20][21], A Proposal For Humanity in year 2021, "Mommy's Son" [22], A Prodigy's Diary in year 2021, "How To Ask Question?" [23], The Humane Children Development in year 2021, "How ENTJ Woman Fall In Love?" [24] in year 2021, "The Lamborghini" [25] in year 2021, "Sherlock Holmes Meet The Wonder Woman" [26] in year 2021 and "Fair? Why?" [27] in year end 2021.

She is actively to grant her 10 books' film rights to the movie and anime producers. Let's look at the books' synopsis as listed below:

Book 1 - Sunshine Little Kitchen: The World Traveling Logs In 365 Days (2012)


Sunshine Little Kitchen is a compendium of ten travel tales of Wong Hui Shin in 365 days over 10 years, where she writes about her wrestle with communication or the lack thereof. "There is no such thing as miscommunications. The fact is, ideas and thoughts are filtered and broken down due to popular perceptions. Coupled with the nuances of the human mind that perceive every situation as colorful as a kaleidoscope." She believes that everyone can dream and everything is possible. The "world-wind" story begins with three adventurous musketeers bound for Thailand (2001). The author continues her solo journey "Fogg-style" to experience firsthand heritage preservation and environment protection with Korea National Commission for UNESCO in South Korea (2002), train-hopping through Japan using a Japan Rail Pass (2003) and the Peace Voyage of Maldives (2004). In year 2005, she has announced herself as Nefertiti in Egypt, transformed a mission impossible to a Clairvoyant Reservoir, awe-struck by the legendary blue light of the Great Lake Erie and traveled around America searching for aliens and lost Malaysians using US Rail Pass. In 2009, she had a train adventure from Chennai to New Delhi for a connecting flight to London, she spent her first, real Valentine's in Hanwell Community Observatory, United Kingdom after finally solving the problem of miscommunication by a five-minute video session in Berlin, Germany a couple of years before and she met great Malaysians for Culture and Food exploration in Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom.

Book 2 - Amore: The Indication of Civilization In 22nd Century (2019)


The story illustrates that mankind had made significant scientific and technological advances in the 22nd century. Buildings and machines are growing like mushrooms in the Earth. It is rare to find any part of the Earth that doesn't show signs of development. The advancement of Information Technology is surprisingly stable and mature. The Earth is monitoring by the AhKleh Planet Savier Society (APSS). APSS is an elite group of human beings with special talents and highly intelligence. They are the chosen members to ensure the Earth is safe for all human beings to live. They carry out the mission to protect the Earth and guarantee that human beings will live happily ever after on the Earth. Of course, they also train human beings to operate and run the Earth. Ve-Eng Saw is an American born Chinese. He is a well-known computing prodigy. He was recruited by the APSS when he was 10 years old. His first assignment was a job working with World Sound Monitoring Task Force on the Earth. He monitored the babies crying sounds every day and night. He needed to analyze the baby crying sound frequency to identify talented babies. He is an expert in sine curve, cosine curve, parabolic graph and quadratic graph of babies crying sounds. One fine day, he was eating his Sesame Supreme while monitoring the babies crying activities. Sesame Supreme is pretty famous in the 22nd century. It is a type of fast food with 3 main ingredients: grilled chicken, minced sesame paste and water spinach (kangkung). Ve-Eng was shocked. He zoomed in the magnifying lenses to justify the sound. It was from a small little wood house in a Chinese New Village in Black Water (Air Hitam), Teluk Anson, Perak, Malaysia. The crying sound was 200 decibels (dB).The baby girl was named as Ru Xia (卢霞) or Wendy. It means the beautiful clouds group in the sky. Wendy is a gift from the God to Ru couple. Wendy’s family members are farmers. It is a love story of prodigy and talented human beings in 22nd century.

Book 3 - My Children's Guide Book: "Do You Want A Mom Like Me?  I Can Be Your Virtual Mom." (Hui-Shin Wong Children Book Collection) (2021)


“My Children’s Guide Book” is a guide for the children, teenagers, adults, parents and grandparents in all generations to know more about how they should act to be the perfect worldwide citizens in this century as well as the coming centuries. This book illustrates the art of fats and the needs for growing up, the definition and examples of clean and the definition and examples of dirty, the important and urgency in mastering at least one language especially our international language, English, a suggestion of setting projects’ due dates and introduction of the progress tracking of any project or any activity. No worry! Many of us are very hardworking to earn for a living, and, yet, working smart is slowly and sooner penetrating our life for the great respect of the labour law revolution in the latest four generations; your grandparents, your parents, you and your children to share a borderline of ignoring responsibilities or being lazy. Of course, user innovation is a vocabulary to the majority and yet, an entrepreneurial ecosystem is built, where users find the solution or build something new to solve users’ daily problems. The different types of arts and the history of arts were highlighted by giving some good examples of vandalism, body art and the art creation by mentioned earlier parties or stakeholders. Plagiarism and citation are also the highlighters of this children’s guide. In order to have a balanced lifestyle; healthy body, healthy mind and healthy soul, this guide book says that body exercises are a must for all levels of human beings. Relationship education, the definition of love, types of body contact, culture and manner are also being highlighted. The feeling of deep love in nature and its acknowledgement, the acknowledgement of heroes, heroines, blessing and being thankful among all individuals especially in children’s childhood, education tracks and careers.

Book 4 - Mommy's Son: A Prodigy's Diary (Hui-Shin Wong Children Book Collection) (2021)


Rupert A. Lewis (RAL) is the eldest son of Wendy Ru and PAL (Philip). He is being categorized as a child prodigy in Science and Mathematics. He is 10 years old in year 2101 and he is recruited by AhKleh Planet Savier Society (APSS) on 2nd January 2101 like other talented children and highly intelligent individuals to join the mission to have a prosperous, healthy and perfectionism Universe especially applying to our planet, Earth. This book illustrates the detailed introduction of AhKleh and its related Task Force through the diary of RAL (Rupert). The main objective of this book is to create awareness and interest for the public to educate their highly talented children to join the mission of the Universe, not only think globally, yet, think about globally and beyond.

Book 5 - How To Ask Question?: The Humane Children Development (Hui-Shin Wong Children Book Collection) (2021)


"How To Ask Questions?" illustrates the learning track for your children to excel the techniques to ask questions in the public and search for their queries through In this book, the discussion of the list of example questions in Creativity, Maximize Potential, Love, Integrity, Make a Difference, Knowledge, Trust, Develop and Inspire Others, Appreciation/ Recognition, Harmony, Security, Challenges, Spirituality, Fun and Networking/ Meeting People are highlighted for humane children development towards perfectionism in the 22nd century.

Book 6 - A Letter To Sir James Murray: A Proposal For Humanity (2021)


"A Letter to Sir James Murray" is a book that illustrates the research output of an aspiring entrepreneur, Hui-Shin Wong who has spent about 20 years to understand a few collection of voices and comfort zones from the people who are living in the humble society including the poor, the ordinary, the slaves, the local graduates and the easterners from all poor countries and developing countries and the non-IT savvy individuals. These humble society individuals were frustrated and angry with sorrow tears during their sleeping time after they were shouted some negative words in Oxford Dictionary by the people who were not within their society. A list of riots and assassination happened as well as the number of people with depression is increasing. A revolution of new era definition of some words are redefined, the learning of acronyms are suggested to be eliminated in the education system and a collection of the five-scaled score weighted word lists are introduced instead of only positive and negative words to illustrate any words related to any people's status of the society.

Book 7 - The Lamborghini: Hardworking & Honest (Hui-Shin Wong Love Stories Collection) (2021)


A year 2005 summer experience in United States of America enhances the author to have the motivation to illustrate her role model imaginary husband as the very hardworking and honest with life long learning. She named her imaginary husband as "The Lamborghini" due to her love and passion to have a long-term investment in the financial market especially New York Stock Exchange. She had taken a photo with the iconic illustration, a golden bull in the financial street with an act as the bullfighter from Malaysia instead of Spain to use her hat to lead the bull. She like the logo of the Lamborghini, i.e. a golden bull and it is the iconic illustration of the financial market in New York city too. Also, she is a Chinese Malaysian which all Chinese having in mind that bull is always hardworking. Hence, if we are having the attitude of bull to be very hardworking individuals, we will definitely not be in the poverty, yet, a good life. She is projecting this book writing for an imaginary husband as the dream of majority women and the motivation for men to work hard to walk far from poverty with marriage especially for those men from poor countries and developing countries.

Book 8 - The Sherlock Holmes Meet The Wonder Woman (Hui-Shin Wong Love Stories Collection) (2021)


Prodigies, RAL and CAT: Rupert A. Lewis (RAL) who is also known as The Sherlock Holmes met Caterine S. Quintessa (CAT) who is also known as The Wonder Woman on the first day of their job reporting at AhKleh Planet Savier Society (APSS) when they were 10 years old on 2nd January 2101. Five years later, they were fully funded by Dr. Wong Foundation, i.e. APSS's parent company to work on their entrepreneurial business ideas related to Global Warming and Climate Change full time for a better world. Today is 2nd January 2108, i.e. their 7th Meeting Anniversary, 5th Dating Anniversary and also, a marriage proposal day of RAL and CAT. Yes! RAL and CAT are going to get married on the 2nd January 2108. This book illustrates the scenes of the love stories, daily activities and thinking ability of highly intelligent people, extremely rich people, IT-savvy people and also to bridge the gap between easterners and westerners. It also highlights the struggles and perceptions of the people who are jealous, incompetent, greed and lust of power as well as the ordinary folks who are honest, hardworking, active, analytical and confident. The characters and intelligence of Sherlock Holmes and Wonder Woman are featured in the 22nd century as the role models for worldwide citizens to form a better place to live for all individuals.

Book 9 - How ENTJ Woman Fall In Love?: Step-By-Step To Marry A Billionaire, His/ Her Family Or Associate (Hui-Shin Wong Love Stories Collection) (2021)


"How ENTJ Woman Fall In Love?" is a memoir of Hui-Shin Wong on her success to engage a "billionaire" and getting married very soon with a simple wedding ceremony due to COVID-19 constraints. Through her research finding on the research question, "Step-By-Step To Marry A Billionaire, His/ Her Family Member or Associate", her online profile, behaviours and characters are extremely attractive and promising due to she is an ENTJ woman. She managed to attract 300++ worldwide admirers through Tinder matchmaking mobile app with an admirer, John who had a Gulfstream G550 in United States of America. Sooner, she founded "TrainCan At Amore Paradise", your matchmaking agent using Artificial Intelligence (AI) through Representative Dating for all wonderful people who want to be matched to billionaires, their family members or associates for marriage by having children. Her mission is to form a humane, wonderful and better world through cultivating the quality next generations. Due to the total number of millionaires worldwide, i.e. the billionaires' associates is more than the total population of Malaysia, she said, "Why not all Malaysians marry a millionaire or a billionaire?" She created a generic "Character Building Workshop" or "Self-Esteem Boost Consultancy" and Training for all wonderful people who want heavy responsibilities during marriage. Through her study of the wife or husband of Forbes-List-Billionaires, the purpose of marrying a billionaire and a millionaire is to have the heavy responsibilities to help our nation and the world to become better with more inventions and more solutions for our social problems not the grave of luxury lifestyle only. What are you waiting for? Go to to fill up an online form to register yourself as an Ordinary Member, VIP Member or VVIP Member. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

Book 10 - Fair? Why?: Shoulders of The Heavy Worldwide Responsibilities (2021)


"Fair? Why?: Shoulders of The Heavy Worldwide Responsibilities" is a fiction/ novel about the next generations of Yuan Dynasty, The Great Moguls + Roman Empire inherited with the continuous storylines from my 3 other books: "Amore: The Indication of Civilization In 22nd Century", "Mommy's Son: A Prodigy's Diary" and "The Sherlock Holmes Meet The Wonder Woman" to further illustrate their roles and involvements to shoulder the heavy responsibilities in their community and the world as the past-time royals and family members.

"Can you believe that? I was born and raised in Malaysia with a very happy childhood as a child labor of my parents and grandparents in their farming lands after school hours and at the moment when I received a Nobel Prize at the Stockholm Concert Hall, Sweden, on 10th December - the anniversary of Alfred Nobel's death, I received a marriage proposal from one of my investors cum my panel doctor, i.e. the cardiologist, PAL who was raised in central London with Italy royal blood; a group of Chinese or Asian with a representative to greet me, "Princess, congratulations!" He led the team to greet me again, "Your Royal Highness, Princess of the Yuan Dynasty, The Great Moguls!""

Sunshine Little Kitchen[edit]

Through her research and finding, she published and finalized 4 self-quotes and 8 important quotes through her book, "Sunshine Little Kitchen".

She has listed the quotes as below:

1. "See, Think, Enlighten, then, Follow (S.T.E.F.)!" ~ Ms. Wong Hui Shin
2. "There were not miscommunications, in fact, there were communications broke down due to public perception and people perceive situation differently." ~ Ms. Wong Hui Shin
3. "A surprise: a dump, a deaf, a disable will feel angry because they are human beings." ~ Ms. Wong Hui Shin
4. "There is no absolutely right or wrong for every situation and any information. It is always a grey area because we are human beings. This is the knowledge about Ethics, Professionalism, Economics, Politics and Law." ~ Ms. Wong Hui Shin
5. "Everyone can dream, nothing is impossible!"
6. "Strive to be the first: the first to nod, the first to smile, the first to forgive and the first to forget."
7. "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." ~ Benjamin Franklin, American polymath and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, leading author, printer, political theorist, politician, Freemason, postmaster, scientist, inventor, humorist, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat.
8. "If you born poor, it is not your mistake, but, if you die poor, it's your mistake." ~ Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft
9. "Rome wasn't built overnight. Thousand miles of journey starts with a single step."
10. "I am a slow walker, but, I never walk back." ~ Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States
11. "But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but, in the sunshine of life; and, thanks to a benevolent arrangement of things, the greater part of life is sunshine." ~ Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), Third President of the United States
12. "Home is not where you live but where they understand you." ~ Christian Morganstern

A Letter To Sir James Murray[edit]

She published "A Letter to Sir James Murray", A Proposal For Humanity in year 2021 after years of research since year 2012 with her total understanding of the definition of a humane world and the true meaning of being a successful technology entrepreneur by finalized 2 self-quotes. Her final chapter of the book is a letter or an email sent to Sir James Murray (lexicographer), his followers and his successors; CC: Oxford University Press and Oxford Civic Society on 11st February 2021. The contents of the letter or email was about the voices from humble society and the urgency to revamp, edit and recreate some meanings of the words from the humanity perspective.

She has listed the quotes from her research outputs as below:

1. "A humane world is a world which is taking care of all the human beings’ emotional comfort and physical needs or desires (七情六欲) in any living environment." ~ Ms. Wong Hui Shin
2. "The successful entrepreneurs must have the objectives not because they want to grow rich or having a lot of money, however, they are building an Entrepreneurship Kingdom which can change the world by providing a better place to live, i.e. a better world or a humane world and at the same time, to create social impacts to the society for the possibilities of progressive improvement towards "perfectionism", i.e. an Utopia eventually." ~ Ms. Wong Hui Shin

Early Life, Education and Hobbies[edit]

Hui-Shin Wong was born in Teluk Intan Hospital, Hilir Perak, Malaysia. Her grandparents and parents are grain (padi or paddy) and tobacco leaves farmers. Her grandparents sold their tobacco leaves yields to British American Tobacco through some agents. Her father i.e. Sam Wong, AMP is one of her heroes besides Microsoft Founder, Bill Gates and Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg. Sam Wong, AMP took the opportunity to become an extremely proud AMWAY product distributor to sell shampoos after his first job fortune visit at Kuala Lumpur in year 1980. AMWAY (American Way) is an American direct-selling and multi-level marketing company that sells health, beauty, and home care products, which has an office in Malaysia since year 1976. Besides farming, Sam Wong, AMP was also an AMWAY product distributor and an insurance agent in Overseas Assurance Corporation (OAC) which is known as Great Eastern Life now during his younger days. His hardworking and enthusiastic attitude brought him wealth fortune and kingdom by having a new car, Nissan Sunny, a new Ipoh-brand architect-designed non-attached brick house and farming lands in Hilir Perak, Malaysia ever since 1983. He is also one of the early customers of Celcom Malaysia by having his first mobile phone or handphone model, a Motorola DynaTAC 8000x. He is a member and a branch leader of Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), a political party in Malaysia since the day he joined MCA.  In the 14th Malaysian General Election (2018) in Malaysia, Sam Wong, AMP represents Chinese in parts of Perak state, Malaysia and he is the Chairman of Pasir Salak chapter, Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA).  Sam Wong, AMP is one of the joint leaders with Tajuddin Abd Rahman who is representing UMNO with 20,003 votes under Barisan National (BN) as the winners for Pasir Salak chapter in the most recent general election.

Since Hui-Shin Wong's hero, i.e. her father's first car is a Nissan, she bought a Nissan Sentra GXE 1.8L as her first car. She is the eldest in the family and she has two younger brothers and three younger sisters. She love to read since she was a child where her father subscribed to Reader's Digest, Forbes, Asia Weekly-亚洲周刊, The Economist and daily newspapers, Nanyang Siang Pau-南洋商报 and Berita Harian. Her two younger brothers, her youngest sister and her were studying in schools which were far apart from home where they couldn't live with their parents during their schooling time after twelve years old or what we can call them as studying in "Boarding Schools" and later, their universities life which their colleges or universities were far apart from their home where they must live and grow on their own without their parents nearby.

She graduated from Multimedia University (MMU) with a Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) majoring in Software Engineering in year 2002 and a Master of Science in Information Technology from Malaysia University of Science & Technology (MUST) in year 2005.

With Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST), she is a collaborated student with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, USA.

She was partnering with Professor Vijay Pante from Stanford University to supervise her student's computer programming participation of a community project, "Folding@home" [28] in year 2003.

She was an Academic Visitor for 6 months in Information Security Group, Royal Holloway, University of London, University of Cambridge and Newcastle University to learn and excel Research and Development (R&D) in Information Security in year 2009. She learned from Professor Roy Maxion from Carnegie Mellon University, Professor Ross J. Anderson, Professor Keith Martin, Professor Peter Wild, Dr. Price Geraint, John Austen, Andreas Fuchsberger, Dr. Alex Dent, Dr. Jason Crampton and Professor Jeff Yan during her 6-month stay in United Kingdom. She presented the Social Problems caused by Unethical IT professionals particularly Software Programmers and Database Administrators. Also, she pointed that the advertisement of "Unbreakable Oracle Database" was not genuine. It should be "The Hardest to Break Oracle Database" and definitely not "Unbreakable". Her other Information Security associates during her stay in United Kingdom were Oracle R&D, Microsoft Research, Surrey University, British Telecom, India Government, IBM, InfoSecurity Europe, 2009 London Hopper Colloquium, Queen Mary University of London, BCS and Women@CL.

In year August 2012, she received a 2012 Linda Latham Scholarship [29] to present her paper related to her research on Green Computing: Predictive Analytics for Cost Optimization in Air Conditioning System for Data Centers in Monterey Bay, California, USA.

In year 2014-2018, she was busy with the Research and Development (R&D) of [30] with her belief in an action to change the world by promoting the Tourism Revolution or Travel Revolution which created by her.

In year 2019, she learned "User Innovation" from Professor Eric von Hippel in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA.

In year 2020, she learned "R Programming", "Data Science" and "Machine Learning" from Professor Roger Peng, Professor Brian Caffo and Professor Jeffrey T. Leek in Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

In year 2021, she learned "Contract Law" from Professor Charles Fried and "Justice" from Professor Michael Sandel in Harvard Law School, Harvard University.

She also attended "Numbers", The Philosophy of Mathematics, Michaelmas Term 2021, Oxford from Joel David Hamkins, Professor of Logic in University of Oxford.

Moving on, she attended "The Birth of Algebra" by Professor Keith Devlin at Stanford University and "The Beauty of Calculus" by Steven Strogatz, the Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of Applied Mathematics at Cornell University in year 2021.

She is multi-lingual. She like golf, arts and sports car.

She reported to Portrade Dot Com on 2nd May 2002 as a Software Development Engineer in Java and J2EE programming right after she finished her examination for her final semester in her 1st undergraduate degree. She worked in this company until 30th August 2003 to pursue a Master of Science degree with a MUST-Ehsan Foundation Scholarship donated by Motorola, USA. Right after her completion, she worked as a temporary school teacher in Sri KDU smart school for 3 months, a Camp Counselor in YMCA Camp Fitch for 3 months, a full-time lecturer position in Multimedia University for 9 years and 3 months and a part-time lecturer/ tutor position in Lincoln University College, Monash University, UCSI University College and Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC) to date during her involvement in entrepreneurship until all her startups are fully funded.

Entrepreneurial Journey[edit]

She is the founder of SoLemMi适旅迷, [31] on 7th May 2014. is a solution for all global citizens and travelers to travel and see the world in a more economical way.

Definitely, Hui-Shin Wong wish to bring joy to all level of individuals by putting her best efforts through a few other publicly declared and operating in World Wide Web (WWW) as well as at the planning stages business platforms i.e. "The-Joy!", "Fair? Why?", Malaysian Footprint Magazine, Angel's Breakfast, Shyan Quintessa Art and Design Supply [32], Dr. Wong Foundation [33], Dr. Wong Fellowship, "TrainCan At Amore Paradise" [34], Mchat, All-Rounded Virtual Mom, HR-Evaluation Consortium, LifeProg, HumaneData, PrivacyQ, Your Digital Debts, EmoKilogram and etc. besides

Let's explore the history of all Hui-Shin Wong's business ventures!  She wanted to be a businesswoman like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg who used their coding or Computer Programming skills to start a business and expand the business worldwide like Microsoft and Facebook.  Both of these are always her heroes because she know Computer Programming when she was 15 years old and she was trying all her best to form a business related to Computer Programming.  Soon, she formed her first startup in May 2014, i.e.  She sold her condominium in Kelana Jaya to ensure herself to work full force on this startup, however, she was not able to read enough about startups and the development of the startups.  Hence, she had spent a lot of money in marketing and socializing to get funding by attending many events such as RISE Hong Kong, Money2020 Las Vegas and many others, yet, her attendance was not noted because she was not one of the speakers of the conferences.  

Soon, after years of no income and she did not have a full-time job while she was a part-time tutor or lecturer, she started Angel's Breakfast ( to sell American Breakfast at the entrance of Lembah Subang LRT Station.  She couldn't sell Nasi Lemak there because a "makcik" or we called her as an aunty or a woman after middle age who was selling Nasi Lemak there for many years before she acted as a competitor because she needed to find money for her daily food too.  She woke up at 5.00 a.m. and she cooked all the necessary like pancakes, waffles, sandwiches and etc.  All her food would be ready by 6.00 a.m. and she will end her business at 8.30 a.m. to get ready for her daily work.

When she was a primary school student, she won water colour art creation, drawing or painting competition as the champion among all her schoolmates for a consecutive of 3 years.  She would like to thanks her father because he subscribed to the magazines and she managed to imitate the drawings with water colour during the competition.  Hence, she started Shyan Quintessa Art and Design Supply ( to teach students to draw and paint by imitating the outstanding drawings or pictures, teaching people how to create and maintain their personal or business website and she is helping people to do their personal website and business website with the most affordable price to accumulate her business capital since in order for her to move to the next step, she need to establish her website and investors wish to have sales records.  She did not let go her aspiration to get a full time job at the same time she was working on   

She started to do blogging by providing the contents to "BRIDGE THE GAP" to form a wonderful world for all human beings.  Thus, she have started Malaysian Footprint Magazine (Online) by converting the contents of her blog into a quarterly magazine.  The main idea is to encourage people to understand each other well no matter you are within any social status, poor, rich, intelligent, ordinary, westerners, easterners, overseas graduates, local graduates, Information Technology (IT)-savvy individuals and non-IT-savvy individuals.

The-Joy (Reading Fans' Favourite: Read and Share) was started when she was a seasonal tutor in Monash University Malaysia Campus to help all worldwide people to be globalists by reading a lot.  

All-Rounded Virtual Mom or Virtual Mom (Do you want a mom like me?  I can be your virtual mom! was started in year 2012 when she planned on a book title writing, "My Children's Guide Book".  The book was on sales in Amazon dot com worldwide online book stores, Kindle and Google Play Books.  This startup is a parenting and child psychology consultation mobile app for all individuals in the world who are unfortunate that they do not have well-educated parents who can guide them advice along their growing up process.  Hence, All-Rounded Virtual Mom or Virtual Mom mobile app would like to act as Virtual Mom or Virtual Parent for people to get the consultation at a very affordable price.  It is a monthly subscription.

Dr. Wong Foundation ( is a charity arm of to solve social problems with technology such as no more stealing activities, no more cyber crimes, no more hunger with enough nutrients, encouraging reading and writing culture, no more climate change or global warming, no more mental health illnesses and many other funded entrepreneurship activities through Dr. Wong Foundation to cultivate humane leadership or leaders with humanity.

She started TrainCan At Amore Paradise ( mainly because she has attracted more than 300 millionaires and billionaires who are going after her through a Match-Making Mobile App called Tinder.  They loved her because she is a Malaysian.  Hence, she started TrainCan At Amore Paradise to match all Malaysians to her contact list of 300 millionaires and billionaires worldwide so that they can marry a billionaire, his/ her family member or associate step-by-step.  If you want a billionaire or a millionaire husband or wife, subscribe and enroll for a membership at TrainCan At Amore Paradise website.   

She wrote a book called Sunshine Little Kitchen in year 2012 and she was aspired to seek for investment funds to open the Sunshine Little Kitchen Food Court, Fine Dining Restaurants and Board Games to further illustrates her passion for food from around the world to be able to have the worldwide food availability at all range of prices in everywhere in the world.  Sunshine Little Kitchen and Angel's Breakfast would be a trademark for franchising worldwide.  

She has created the pitch-decks or write-up for "Fair? Why?", PrivacyQ, HumaneData, MChat, HR-Evaluation Consortium, LifeProg, EmoKilogram and Your Digital Debts for the purpose of entrepreneurship to form a Malaysian born and raised conglomerate to form a better world, i.e. a humane world with technology such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and many others as well as these are her efforts for the contribution to develop Malaysia by providing more jobs worldwide.

PrivacyQ is the privacy policy which enhances all online privacy profiles with values and humanity using distribution architectural system and data design.

HumaneData "I mean when your online profile is representing you; Opportunities and Services knock your door.  You are no longer alone and being abandoned!  Let's Support HumaneData In Clouds!"  The mission is to let the values of humanity in clouds being the automation start from a single piece of entered data!

MChat is a location-based chatting platform which has a group of like-minded people in a library, shopping complex, train station or train to communicate effectively to have the decision making to meet eventually if they want to.

HR-Evaluation Consortium (Say, "No More Unemployment Mental Health Problem!" with Centralized HR Employment Metrics, KPIs, Monitoring and Evaluation").  The mission is to provide a 100% guarantee of job placement only after 1 Online or Face-To-Face interview/ chit-chat to extend our values in HUMANITY & EFFICIENCY for unemployment mental health advocacy.

LifeProg "Give me your hand and stop crying because you are worrying about food for yourself and your family, I am going to give you a job after we talk face-to-face or online."  The mission is to provide a 100% guarantee job placement only after 1 Online or Face-To-Face interview/ chit-chat to extend our values in HUMANITY & EFFICIENCY for unemployment mental health advocacy.

EmoKilogram (Say, "No More Being the Victims of Online Negative Emotions!" with Perfect/ Tailored Online Privacy Policy and Protectors Adjusted by Bots to Boost the Public Mental Health).  The mission is to use AI, i.e. BOTS to solve privacy problems in social media and also contributing to public mental health.

"Your Digital Debts" is a virtual world for you to borrow as much money as you need to attend online training, purchasing food/ clothes/ holiday packages, invest in the shares market, buying a house and many others.  Your action in this virtual world for us to do the worldwide economic planning and human resources or manpower allocation.  

"Sancus' Coal Manufacturing and Distributing" is converting Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to Carbon(C) and more Oxygen (O2) in our atmosphere with hibiscus and chrysanthemum flavour.

Tonemono's Paint Manufacturing is a painting materials manufacturer emphasizing monotone painting, black and white drawing and calligraphy.

"Juzt Chinese Online Calligraphy Training" for all individuals in the world to learn more about Chinese Culture through calligraphy with the first word, "Well-Done" in Chinese or Mandarin.

"EsiGN.DR For Data Analysis" is to provide added value services to Dynamic Power Generators or Water Turbine Power Generators worldwide using Data Analysis and Machine Learning to empower enough rain drops to fill rivers and lakes for seasonal extra green electricity power generation.

She did not stop her aspiration to get a full-time job to support herself before she manage to receive funding to expand further what she has in her mind for this conglomerate.  Through her job-seeking experiences for more than 7 years now with no full-time work which was longer than 6 months and she is depending on her family members to feed her and support her in all her business expenses after she finished her money which accumulated from the sales of her condominium, she founded LifeProg and HR-Evaluation Consortium to ease majority to get a job without having mental health illnesses because too much of jobless and they cried because they must have a job to put food on the table.

In October 2021, "Hui-Shin Wong is the Founder and CEO of, TrainCan At Amore Paradise, Shyan Quintessa Art and Design Supply, Dr. Wong Foundation, Virtual Mom, PrivacyQ, HumaneData, Angel's Breakfast, Malaysian Footprint Magazine, The-Joy, Fair? Why?, MChat, HR-Evaluation Consortium, LifeProg, EmoKilogram, Your Digital Debts and Sunshine Little Kitchen Food Court, Fine Dining Restaurant and Board Games."


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