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I No Know

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I No Know
Album art of Lordmoon's I No Know single track
📅 Released2023/05/24
🎙️ Recorded2023/05/01
VenueLekki, Lagos, Nigeria
⏳ Length2 minutes 52 seconds
👔 DirectorLordmoon
🤑 ProducerLordmoon

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This song was recorded on the Bandlab Android app on my phone on the 1st day of May, 2023. I was already anticipating the release of my first song Fine (2023 edition) and I needed time to plan that release well that's why I moved the other one to be released later on the 24th of the same month.

My first single track under my new and permanent name Lordmoon, how was it going to be like obviously my style of music is the slow and romantic afrobeat style.

I took up my headsets went into my music app and started flowing with the instrumental after 2 days this masterpiece was created.


Well with layers of love and romantic flows around this song. I made it in relation to the type of feeling I had for my girlfriend.

Almost all my songs are centered on the type of things we do together as a couple. I used this song to acknowledge the fact that out of all the guys who came to her for love she chose me and I didn't know how and why she made that decision hence the title of the track "I No Know" and as such I was so grateful of the opportunity I was given to be apart of her life I wanted to dedicate a published song to it.

The lyrics are self explanatory she sent me the first message and as such was the one who instigated the whole process hence creating the first sentence in the first verse of the song "You sure say your hello no be typo" it was written in the pidgin English and the translation to normal English is "Are you sure your hello is not typo".

I was thinking that the first message she sent was a mistake and she meant to chat some one else and mistakenly sent the message to me that was what led to the follow up lyric "hope you know say messages get delete".

The subsequent lines got more and more emotional as I took my time to explain how suprised I was that I was talking to a real girl for the first time in a while.


The recording was hard as I took a whole day just to get an idea of the lyrics would look and sound like.

After 2 days and some hours the song was finally complete. I sent it to my manager and then my girlfriend in the sense that it was a song centered around our relationship and it would be proper for her to be able to give me her feedback on the track and know about what I was doing.

She always knows when I sing a new song, she is like the first person I send it to and then she tells me my mistakes and if it good enough for me to continue.

Track listing[edit]

This is a single track and therefore doesn't have a track listing.


Lordmoon Fine (2023 edition)