International Moldovan Philatelic Society (IMPS)

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International Moldovan Philatelic Society
International Moldovan Philatelic Society (IMPS)
The emblem of the International Moldovan Philatelic Society
Niall Murphy (since 2018)

The International Moldovan Philatelic Society, abbreviated to "IMPS" is a worldwide association of people who have an interest in the postage stamps, postal history or any aspect of the philatelic activities of the Republic of Moldova and manifests itself primarily in the form of the website As of March 2019, IMPS had more than 200 members from over 50 countries.

The main objectives of IMPS are to increase awareness of the history and culture of Moldova, on a worldwide basis, through the medium of philately and to promote the activity of philately in general.

Policies and Activities[edit]

  • IMPS is non-political and non-profit. There is no paid advertising or sponsorship;
  • Anyone can join, from any country. There is no need to have special qualifications to become a member;
  • IMPS does not charge membership fees;
  • IMPS is a non-traditional philatelic society, using Facebook intensively, and most activities are online, eliminating geographic boundaries.

Primary IMPS activities include;

  • the dissemination of philatelic information through the IMPS catalogue and related publicity on Facebook and Pinterest;
  • publication of news and research articles through the IMPS Newsletter (issued monthly);
  • Promotion and support for members wishing to take part in philatelc exhibitions;
  • Participation in international philatelic exhibitions and the promotion of philatelic webmastering at competition level;
  • IMPS is a member of the Philatelic Webmasters Association;[1]
  • Support for the Postcrossing activities in the Republic of Moldova.

History & Evolution[edit]

IMPS is an evolution of the project "MoldovaStamps", first developed by philatelist, Niall Murphy, in 2003 and developed continuously since then. MoldovaStamps had as it's objective to be one of the best single-country philatelic web sites in the world. It has enjoyed the support from people from over 160[2] countries. According to the website ranking service, Alexa, as of March 2019,]was the third most popular stamp collecting website in Europe.[3]

In March 2018, it was decided to evolve MoldovaStamps into an international philatelic society, with the primary objective of promoting worldwide awareness of Moldova and her history and culture, through the medium of philately. Three philatelists, keen on Moldovan philately, came together and founded IMPS...

The Founders of IMPS:

  • Republic of Ireland national, Niall Murphy, the original creator of "MoldovaStamps" and member of the American Philatelic Society;
  • Republic of Moldova national, Gheorghe Plugaru, a member of the Chicago Philatelic Society;
  • French national, Eric Contesse, blog writer and judge in the annual EUROPA stamps competitions run by PostEurop

Philatelic Catalogue[edit]

The philatelic catalogue of IMPS covers all mateials issued by the Republic of Moldova since its foundation. At present, the catalogue contains more than 58,000 pages of data and images,[4] all categorized according to year of issue, type of material and theme.

In November 2018, the IMPS website won a Large Vermeil medal[5] at the ITALIA 2018 international exhibition of philatelic literature in Verona, Italy.


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