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Internet Bad Boys

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Internet Bad Boys
Background information
Genresvgm, arrocha, soca, rock & roll
Years active1995-2024
MembersAbe, Matt, Aaron
Past membersMatthew, Joe, Josiah, Dylan, Mike, Emily, Rainer, Craig, Theo, Shawny, Kevin, Arjun, Shawn, Zeke, Jason, Dan, Dale

The Internet Bad Boys are an underground garage band from Wisconsin. The band has had many names over the years, most notably Axxxed and MIDI Warlord. The group has over 100 original compositions,[1] which they often release MIDI files for before actual recordings. They are the last known band using Geocities as a webhost for their official website. The Internet Bad Boys are currently ranked #1 on the Underground Music Charts.[2]

Game Soundtracks[edit]

Year Title
2009 Culture Forge
2010 Tactical Overload
2012 Micronations
2013 Heckonomics
2020 Monopolization
2022 Neighborhood Conflict
2022 Merchant Adventurer

Songs On EverybodyWiki[edit]

Title Year
Rebellion Against Mandates 2021
Down To Clown 2021
Amazing Architecture 2021
Righteous Outlaw 2021
CherryVale 2020
Taken Out By The Trash 2020
Sugar Induced 2020
So Underground We're In Hell 2020
Wisconsin Winner 2019
Bigfoot And Bob Dobbs 2019
Gift Culture 2018
Summoning Ancestors 2018
Sophisticated Gamer 2016
Menage A Trois 2016
That Old Tractor 2016
Tejano Truckin' 2015
Heil Five 2015
Vintage Musical Equipment 2015
Sacred Woman 2014
Cubicle Drone 2014
Jungle Hunt 2013
Garage Days Forever 2013
All American Slut 2013
Minecraft Jesus 2013
Lucid Dream 2012
Sauk City To Wisconsin Dells 2012
College Candy 2012
Baby K 2011
High School Delight 2011
Pattaya Addict 2010
Pseudo Man 2010
'Cause Your Wife Said So 2009
Livin' It Up On Unemployment 2009
Urban Combat 2009
Share Your Umbrella 2008
Aurora Bora Palace 2008
Oops, We're Home 2008
Angelic Golf Bag 2007
Industrial Park Romance 2006
Fast Food Finesse 2005
In A Nightmare With Me 2005
Walk Away From The Grave 2005
Graveyard Gal 2004
Rock 'N' Roll Blitzkrieg 2003
Hillbilly Cruisin' 2003
Autumn In My Arms 2003
Lil' Innocent Thing 2003
Trees And Their Leaves 2003
Poverty Metal 2003
Great Like Alexander 2003
Destroying The Human Race 2003
Seduced To The Grave 2003
Press Onward 2002
Adventurous World 2002
Be My Valentine Or Die 2002
All Or Nothing 2002
Hermann The German 2002
Electrobilly Zulu 2001
Dead Man's Jam 2001
Festive Destiny 2001
Fantasies 2001
If Love 2001
Sailing Through The Cold 2001
Doorway Of Dreams 2001
Gothic Room 2001
Barrio Marginal 2000
Monster Dance 2000
Streets Of Adventure 2000
Pillage Your Lego Village 2000
His Wife Is The Railroad 2000
Sexual Revolution 2000
Summer Winds 1999
Forever Midnight 1999
Sixteen Gravestones 1999
New Lake 1998
Sleep And Dream 1997

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