J.L. Diazgranados

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J.L. Diazgranados
Jorge Luis Diaz Granados Lugo.jpg File:Jorge_Luis_Diaz_Granados_Lugo.jpg
Jorge Luis Diaz Granados Lugo or J.L. Diazgranados in 2021
Santa Marta, Colombia
🏡 ResidenceMedellín, Colombia
🏳️ NationalityColombian
J.L. Diazgranados
🏫 EducationVideogame developer
🎓 Alma materNational Learning Service (SENA)
💼 Occupation
Writer, Author, Poet, Artist, Voice actor
Notable workEl Laberinto De Las Almas
Mirada De Diamante
StyleRomanticism, dramatic,
lyrical, Elegy, Ode, Prose

J.L. Diazgranados [1] (born June 7, 1990), is the pseudonym used of the Colombian writer, author [2], poet, artist, [3] [4] [5] dubbing actor and videogame developer, Jorge Luis Diaz Granados Lugo. Known for being the author of various books of poems and for his various famous phrases. He currently resides in the city of Medellín, Antioquia. And it is entirely dedicated to the literary field [6]

Career as a Videogame Developer[edit]

J.L. Diazgranados started his studies in the Technological career in Videogame Development in the National Learning Service SENA by the beginning of 2011. A year later, given his excellent academic performance, he was selected to participate in the national event Tecnobot, which was an important technological event in bouncy and video game development for the year 2012 in the city of Bogotá. Where he occupied the first position in developing a videogame.[1][7]

Career as a writer[edit]

J.L. Diazgranados began writing and reciting poems for special or commemorative events at the Liceo Celedón District Educational Institution. Interested in prose and poetry, by the end of 2010, J.L. Diazgranados began to write in a more focused way poems as a literary genre, and completely enters the field of author, writer and poet.

His official works or books have been launched via the Internet in different publishers such as Autoreseditores.com and Amazon. Among his official works we find "White Shadows" published in 2016. His second book, "In the air, in the wind, in nothingness" was released in 2017, and his third book was published in the year of 2018 entitled "The Labyrinth of Souls". At the end of 2019 he published his book "Diamond Look" - and for the course of 2020 he has published several phrase books, love verses, among others

Participation in the short film CONTROL Z (Voice acting)[edit]

For the year of 2014 J.L. Diazgranados participates as a voice actor in the short film CONTROL Z, performed by the University of Magdalena, the San Juan Nepomuceno Cultural Center, and the FDC Film Development Fund, and plays the character "The Man in White Gloves"[8] [3] [9] [10]


Jorge Luis Diaz Granados Lugo He was born on Thursday, June 7, 1990 in Santa Marta, Colombia. During his childhood he showed interest in writing being a curious, problematic, restless and imaginative child.

As an adult he decided to study and enter the Video game development, specializing in graphic design, scriptwriting, programming, among other arts. He occupied the first place in the Tecnobot event of 2012 [1][7] [11][12] developing a video game. Event which hosts important topics such as rebounding, computing, cyber security and privacy, application development app, development of Video games between golds.

In the year of 2014, he participated as a voice actor for the short film CONTROL Z, interpreting the voice of the antagonist of the story "The Man in White Gloves" [8][3][9] Said short film was awarded as best national short film at the International Festival of Human Rights, 2015. Winner for best animation, Chip Dorado, La cinemateca del caribe, 2014. And won international awards, Winner special mention for best short film, Expotoons, Good Aires, 2015. And Winner best student animated short film, La Truca International Festival, 2015. [13]

On February 11, 2018, he was interviewed by the television channel Campotv (PCT THE NEWS), where he publishes reports about violations of his human rights by the Colombian National Army, being the active soldier pending for health. [14]

He currently publishes photos, poems, phrases, videos, audios, stories, in various social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Mewe, Ivoox, Soundcloud [15],Instagram, Twitch as "El Poeta Gamer", he currently publishes photos, poems, phrases, videos, audios, stories, books, images, in various social networks.

Awards, recognitions, Videogame[edit]

  • First place in developing a Video Game, at the Tecnobot 2012 event. [1]
  • Prototype of the video game, Tecnobot 2012. [11]

Participation as a voice actor[edit]

  • Participation in the Short Control Z. [8] [3] [9]
  • Accreditation on the IMDB platform, interpreting or giving voice to (El Hombre de Guantes Blancos). [4]

National TV interview[edit]

  • Soldier in Santa Marta denounces Abandonment of the National Army of Colombia. [14]

Video game streaming (El Poeta Gamer)[edit]

  • During the course of 2020, he started his first video game broadcasts in Twitch. [16]


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