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Titan Industries

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Kiriakis family
Days of Our Lives family
Created bySheri Anderson, Thom Racina and Leah Laiman[lower-alpha 1]
Introduced byBetty Corday, Ken Corday and Al Rabin[lower-alpha 1]
Duration1985—[lower-alpha 1]
First appearanceJuly 19, 1985

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The Kiriakis family is an upper-class Greek-American family living in the town of Salem on the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives. One of the wealthiest and most powerful families in Salem, the Kiriakises are led by patriarch Victor Kiriakis, the founder of Titan Industries, the town's biggest corporation. In addition to Victor prominent members include his sons Bo and Philip, as well as his grandsons Brady and Shawn. Although still heavily distrusted by many in town, the Kiriakis family is still a far more respected and legitimate family than their chief rival: the DiMera family.

The Kiriakis family's history is somewhat clouded, as Victor has hinted over the years that although at one point the clan was powerful in its native Greece, Victor himself grew up in more modest circumstances, and is more or less a self-made man. During Victor's "gangster" heyday in the mid-to-late 1980s, and including a storyline involving Victor's return to his home village of Nafplion, Greece, it was also insinuated that the family was something akin to a Greek version of a Sicilian-style Mafia clan (indeed, Victor revealed at one point that his own father and brother were murdered by a rival family in a gangland car bombing). 2008 storylines revealed the Kiriakis family is involved in shipping, manufacturing, and publishing. 2009 storylines with the DiMera family revealed the Kiriakis family suffered in business due to the surprise strikes of labor unions controlled by the DiMeras and the Kiriakis organization controls all "territory south of the water" while the DiMeras control all "territory north of the water". In early 2015 Victor revealed to new rival Clyde Weston that the Kiriakis family controls trucking in the Salem area. 2015 storylines involving Victor's nephew Xander Kiriakis revealed the Kiriakis organization was involved in money laundering, smuggling blood diamonds out of Africa, and underworld operations in Cyprus and Cuba.

With the appearance of Xander and Victor's half-brother Deimos Kiriakis, and the mention of Victor's brother and Xander's father Titus, the Kiriakis family as of late 2015 appears to be undergoing a resurgence on the show. The family is currently represented by: Victor Kiriakis, Justin Kiriakis, Brady Black, Sonny Kiriakis, Xander Kiriakis, Ciara Brady and Rachel Black.


First generation[edit]

  • Demetrius Kiriakis (deceased)
    • Antonia Kiriakis (deceased)

Second generation[edit]

  • Yurgos Kiriakis (deceased)
    • Sophie Kiriakis (deceased)
    • Mrs. Kiriakis
  • Aristotle Kiriakis (deceased)
  • Athena Kiriakis (deceased)

Third generation[edit]

  • Victor Kiriakis I
    • Maggie Horton Kiriakis (2011–present)
  • Alexander Kiriakis (deceased, died 1977)
    • Christina Kiriakis (deceased)
  • Titus Kiriakis (deceased)
    • Ms. Cook
  • Deimos Kiriakis (deceased, died 2017)
    • Eve Donovan (2017)

Fourth generation[edit]

  • Isabella Beatrice Toscano (born 1960, died 1992)
    • John Black
  • Beauregard "Bo" Aurelius Brady Sr. (born 1963; died 2015)
  • Philip Robert Kiriakis (born 1995, changed to 1983)
  • Justin Alexander Kiriakis (born 1965)
  • Alexandros "Xander" Kiriakis (Born 1981 or 1982)

Fifth generation[edit]

  • Brady Victor Black (May 19, 1992; changed to 1981)
  • Shawn-Douglas Brady (April 6, 1987; changed to 1984 then to 1982)
    • Belle Black Brady
  • Alexander Neil Kiriakis (February 24, 1989 change to 1986)
  • Chelsea Brady (May 22, 1998; changed to 1986)
  • Victor Kiriakis II (September 17, 1990 change to 1987; twin) [adopted]
  • Joseph "Joey" Kiriakis (September 17, 1990 change to 1987; twin) [adopted]
  • Jackson "Sonny" Kiriakis (born August 7, 1991; changed to 1988 then back to 1991)
    • William "Will" Horton (born November 16, 1995; changed to 1992)
  • Zack Brady (born June 9, 2000 – January 12, 2006 possible to June 9,1995)
  • Ciara Alice Brady (December 28, 2006; changed to July 16, 2004; changed again to March 18, 1998 then July 19,1998 then to July 16,1997)
  • Tyler Kiriakis (2007; Adopted and name changed)

Sixth generation[edit]

  • Claire Brady (September 27, 2005; changed to 1998) - Shawn's daughter with Belle
  • Tate Black (March 2015) - Brady's son with Theresa Donovan
  • Rachel Black (May 2020) - Brady's daughter with Kristen DiMera



    • Maggie Horton Kiriakis Victor's fifth wife (2011–present)
    • Nicole Walker Xander's first wife (2018-present)
    • Belle Black Shawn-Douglas's second wife (2007-present)
    • Will Horton Sonny's first husband (2014-18, 2019-present)


    • Carly Manning Victor's first wife (1991–92)
    • Kate Roberts DiMera Victor's second wife (1993–94)
    • Vivian Alamain Victor's third wife (1995–97, 2010–11)
    • Nicole Walker Victor's fourth wife (2002–08)
    • John Black Isabella's first husband (1992)
    • Hope Williams Bo's first wife (1985–95, 2000–12, 2012–14)
    • Carly Manning Bo's second wife (1992)
    • Billie Reed Bo's third wife (1995, 1997–98)
    • Belle Black Philip's first wife (2005–07)
    • Melanie Jonas Philip's second wife (2010–11)
    • Adrienne Johnson Justin's first wife (1987–90, 1990–2010, 2011–15)
    • Chloe Lane Brady's first wife (2005–08)
    • Jeannie Theresa Donovan Brady's second wife (2014)
    • Mimi Lockhart Shawn-Douglas's first wife (2006–07)
    • Will Horton Sonny's first husband (2014–2018)

Family tree[edit]


Lines Boxes
  • Dashed = Romance or Marriage
  • Solid = Children
Character is currently on the Show
Character not on the Show
Character is deceased or presumed dead

Demetrius Kiriakis
Antonia Kiriakis
Aristotle Kiriakis
Athena Kiriakis
Sophia Kiriakis
Yurgos Kiriakis
Second Wife
Alexander Kiriakis
Christina Kiriakis
Titus Kiriakis
Ms. Cook
Deimos Kiriakis
Loretta Toscano
Victor Kiriakis
Caroline Brady
Kate Roberts
Anjelica Deveraux
Justin Kiriakis
Adrienne Johnson
Xander Kiriakis
Isabella Toscano
John Black
Billie Reed
Bo Brady
Hope Williams
Philip Kiriakis
Mimi Lockhart
Alexander Kiriakis
Joey Kiriakis
Victor Kiriakis II
Sonny Kiriakis
Theresa Donovan
Brady Black
Chelsea Brady
Shawn-Douglas Brady
Belle Black
Zack Brady
Ciara Brady
Tyler Wilkins
Tate Black
Claire Brady


  • Demetrius Kiriakis (deceased); married Antonia Kiriakis (deceased)
    • Aristotole Kiriakis; son of Demetrius and Antonia.
    • Athena Kiriakis; daughter of Demetrius and Antonia.
    • Yurgos Kiriakis (deceased); married Sophie Kiriakis (deceased)
      • Alexander Kiriakis I (deceased); son of Yurgos and Sophie; married Christina Kiriakis (deceased)
        • Justin Kiriakis (1961–); son of Alexander and Christina; married Adrienne Johnson (1990–2010, 2011–15)
          • Alexander "Alex" Kiriakis II (1986–); Justin's son with Anjelica Deveraux
          • Victor Kiriakis II (1987–); Justin and Adrienne's adopted son, twin
          • Joseph Kiriakis (1987–); Justin and Adrienne's adopted son, twin
          • Sonny Kiriakis (1991–); Justin and Adrienne's son; married Will Horton (2014–2018)
      • Victor Kiriakis (born 1935); Son of Yurgos and Sophie; married Carly Manning (1991–92), Kate Roberts (1993–94), Vivian Alamain (1995–97, 2010–11), Nicole Walker (2002–08), Maggie Horton (2011–)
        • Isabella Toscano (1960–92); Victor's daughter with Loretta Toscano; married John Black (1992)
          • Brady Black (1982–); Isabella and John's son; married Chloe Lane (2005–08), Theresa Donovan (2014)
            • Tate Black (2015–); Brady and Theresa's son, carried by Kristen DiMera
            • Rachel Black (2020–); Brady and Kristen DiMera's daughter
        • Bo Brady (1963–2015); Victor's son with Caroline Brady; married Hope Williams (1985–95, 2000–12, 2013–14), Carly Manning (1992), Billie Reed (1995, 1997–98)
          • Shawn-Douglas Brady (1982–); Bo and Hope's son; married Mimi Lockhart (2006), Belle Black (2007–)
            • Claire Brady (1996–); Shawn and Belle's daughter
          • Chelsea Brady (1989–); Bo and Billie's daughter
          • Zack Brady (2000–06); Bo and Hope's son
          • Ciara Brady (1997–); Bo and Hope's daughter
        • Philip Kiriakis (1982–); Victor and Kate's son, carried by Vivian; married Belle Black (2005–07), Melanie Jonas (2010–11)
          • Tyler Wilkins (2007–); Philip's son with Mimi Lockhart; carried by a surrogate
      • Titus Kiriakis; son of Yurgos and Sophie; married Ms. Cook
        • Alexandros "Xander" Kiriakis; Son of Titus Kiriakis and Ms. Cook
      • Deimos Kiriakis (1962–2017); Yurgos's son with his second wife; married Eve Donovan (2017)

Kiriakis Mansion[edit]

The estate sits on over four acres. It's an English Tudor style mansion with many bedrooms and six baths. There are separate servants' quarters, and a four-car garage. Although some of the "rich guy" decor has been replaced with somewhat lighter metal pieces, there are still several pieces of art, sculptures that bear a rather threatening look which are reminiscent of Victor's darker past. Address: 13201 Glen Oaks Drive

Kiriakis Mansion residents[edit]

Current residents[edit]

  • Brady Black
  • Ciara Brady
  • Kristen DiMera (unclear)
  • Arianna Horton
  • Mickie Horton
  • Sarah Horton
  • Will Horton (in prison)
  • Justin Kiriakis
  • Maggie Kiriakis
  • Sonny Kiriakis
  • Victor Kiriakis
  • Xander Kiriakis
  • Henderson (butler)

Former residents[edit]

  • Alexander Kiriakis
  • Andre DiMera
  • Bo Brady (deceased)
  • Bonnie Lockhart (posing as Adrienne Johnson)
  • Carly Manning
  • Caroline Brady
  • Chad DiMera
  • Chelsea Brady
  • Chloe Lane
  • Ciara Brady
  • Deimos Kiriakis (deceased)
  • Gabi Hernandez
  • Holly Jonas
  • Hope Williams
  • Isabella Toscano (deceased)
  • Ivan Marais
  • Joseph Kiriakis
  • Kate Roberts DiMera
  • Lucas Horton
  • Melanie Jonas
  • Nick Fallon (deceased)
  • Nicole Walker
  • Parker Jonas
  • Paul Narita
  • Philip Kiriakis
  • Sheila (maid)
  • Stephanie Johnson
  • Susan Banks
  • Tate Black
  • Theresa Donovan
  • Thomas DiMera
  • Victor Kiriakis II
  • Vivian Alamain
  • Yvette DuPrés

Titan Industries[edit]

Titan Industries
Publicly held company
Founded 📆
Founder 👔Victor Kiriakis
Headquarters 🏙️,
14 Salem Circle, Salem, Illinois
United States, 06643-0004
Area served 🗺️
Key people
Brady Black (Acting CEO)
Products 📟 Cosmetics
OwnersVictor Kiriakis (Majority Shareholder, Chairman)
Brady Black (Shareholder)
Justin Kiriakis (Shareholder)
Philip Kiriakis (Shareholder)
Sonny Kiriakis (Shareholder)
Number of employees
DivisionsTitan Publications Division
Titan Media Division
The Kiriakis Shipping Division
Titan Pharmaceutical Division
MadWorld Cosmetics
Manchester Industries
Penthouse Grille
River Market
Titan Health Club
🌐 Website[Lua error in Module:WikidataIB at line 665: attempt to index field 'wikibase' (a nil value). ] 
📇 Address
📞 telephone

Titan Industries[edit]

Titan Industries was founded by Victor Kiriakis before he arrived in Salem and is also Salem's biggest company. It includes a publishing company named Titan Publishing and also a shipping company named Kiriakis Shipping said to be the bread and butter of shipping in Salem, and sometimes involved in drug cartels. The Kiriakis family legacy and wealth is scoundreled up through these companies. The Titan Publishing complex is located at 14 Salem Circle, Salem, Illinois, USA, 06643-0004.


  • The Titan Publishing Complex includes:
  • Titan Publications Division:
    • "Bella magazine"
    • "City Style magazine"
    • "Focus magazine"
    • "Salem Style magazine"
    • "Salem Today magazine"
    • "Sport Today magazine"
    • "Sunday Magazine"
    • "TeenGirl Magazine"
    • "TruVista magazine"
    • "Viewpoint Magazine"
  • Titan Media Division:
    • "Titan's TV station, WXIR"
    • "Titan's TV station, WGTB"
    • "Titan's TV station, WWEN"
    • "Titan's TV station, WXIW"
    • "Titan's Radio station, WKHY"
    • "Titan's Radio station, WAYB, 94.4FM"
    • "Titan's Radio station, WXIW, 530AM"
  • The Kiriakis Shipping Division:
    • "Allied Cargo".

Owned by Victor Kiriakis located on the Riverfront. Steve Johnson was a manager here in 1986. Bo Brady also worked here for a little while.

  • Titan Pharmaceutical Division:


  • Ecosystems

Isabella started the company before she died, then Victor, Vivian, Lawrence, Carly, and John had board meetings at the Alamain Mansion.

  • Kiriakis/Deveraux

This was owned by Victor & Angelica, but Justin & Angelica ran it. Adrienne worked there for a few days as a secretary, and Jennifer worked there for a summer as a secretary as well. It was created in 1987 and was only in business for a year or two. It was later renamed Kiriakis Construction.

  • Kiriakis Enterprises

This was one of Julie Williams' companies before Victor bought it from her in 1990. It was formerly known just as Enterprises. Victor has expanded it and it now has offices all over the world.

  • MadWorld Cosmetics

Founded by Madison James. Sold to Titan in 2011. Has offices in Salem and Houston, TX.

  • Manchester Industries
  • Penthouse Grille
  • River Market
  • Titan Health Club
  • Valley Woods Corporation

A chemical company owned by Harper Deveraux and Victor Kiriakis, but run by a young Jack Deveraux. This was the company responsible for the illegal dumping of toxic waste in Tract 5 that caused Abby's Aplastic anemia.

Titan Industries Employees[edit]

  • Brady Black – minority shareholder; former vice-chief executive officer; former chairman of the board; former chief executive officer;
  • Eugene Bradford – love advice columnist for Salem Today, Bettina Lovelorn (as Salem Today columnist)
  • Justin Kiriakis – minority shareholder; former partner in Kiriakis/Deveraux Construction; former chief executive officer (1987–1991); former lawyer/head legal counsel for Kiriakis Enterprises (including New York City and Dubai);
  • Marie – receptionist/secretary
  • Philip Kiriakis – minority shareholder; former vice-chief executive officer; head of Titan TV; former chief executive officer
  • Sheryl Connors - graphic designer for Mad World
  • Sonny Kiriakis - Chief Executive Officer; Former manager of clubs/casinos
  • Victor Kiriakis – founder; majority shareholder; chairman of the board; former chief executive officer

Former employees[edit]

  • Abigail Deveraux DiMera – former intern and model for Mad World Cosmetics
  • Adrienne Johnson – former receptionist/secretary for Kiriakis/Deveraux
  • Andre DiMera (posing as Tony DiMera) – former member of the board of directors
  • Anjelica Deveraux – former co-owner of Kiriakis/Deveraux
  • Arianna Hernandez – former production assistant for Titan TV's "Roaming Reporter" on WXIR
  • Austin Reed – former Titan Publishing executive
  • Ben Weston - former bartender
  • Billie Reed – former head of Titan Security for the London office; former employee of Mad World Cosmetics
  • Bo Brady - former minority shareholder; former executive
  • Carly Manning - former Ecosystems board member
  • Dario Hernandez – former project manager for Titan; former entry-level position at Titan
  • Deimos Kiriakis – former chief executive officer (fired in 2017); former majority shareholder; former chairman of the board; former co-chief executive officer
  • Eric Brady – former photographer for Titan Publishing
  • Eugenia Willens – former personal assistant
  • Harper Deveraux - former co-owner of Valley Woods Corporation
  • Ian McAllister – former CEO of Titan; former investor in Mad World Cosmetics
  • Isabella Toscano - former Ecosystems board member
  • Jack Deveraux - former manager of Valley Woods Corporation
  • Jennifer Horton - former receptionist/secretary of Kiriakis/Deveraux
  • John Black – former "Bella" Magazine board member; former Titan board member; former Ecosystems board member
  • Kate Roberts DiMera – former co-CEO of Titan; former CEO of Mad World Cosmetics; former editor-in-chief of Bella Magazine; former president of Titan Publishing; former co-CEO of Mad World Cosmetics
  • Kristen DiMera – former 7% of Titan Publishing shareholder
  • Lawrence Alamain - former Ecosystems board member
  • Lucas Horton – former executive for Mad World Cosmetics; former executive at Titan Publishing
  • Madison James – former owner/CEO of Mad World Cosmetics; former co-CEO of Mad World Cosmetics
  • Marlena Evans Black – former Titan board member
  • Melanie Jonas – former executive assistant for Titan; former consultant to Titan
  • Nicholas Alamain – former executive at Titan Publishing
  • Nicole Walker – former executive for Basic Black Enterprises; former reporter for Titan's TV station, WXIR; former director of imaging; former editor-in-chief of Bella magazine; former president of Titan Publishing
  • Nick Fallon – former associate for Mad World Cosmetics; former freelance consultant for Mad World Cosmetics; former researcher for Mad World Cosmetics
  • Paul Narita - former spokesperson for MAD World Cosmetics
  • Rafe Hernandez - former club manager
  • Sami Brady – former director of imaging; former junior executive at Mad World Cosmetics
  • Stefano DiMera - former 49% Titan Publishing shareholder
  • Stephanie Johnson – former intern at Titan
  • Steve Johnson – former manager for Allied Cargo (1984)
  • Taylor Walker – former custodian at Titan; former marketing executive at Titan
  • Vivian Alamain – former temporary Titan CEO; former Titan board member; former Ecosystems board member
  • Will Horton - former columnist for TruVista Magazine
  • Zoe Browning – former editor for TruVista Magazine


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 The introduction of the Kiriakis family through the character of Victor Kiriakis, under executive producers Betty Corday, Ken Corday and Al Rabin and head writers Sheri Anderson, Thom Racina and Leah Laiman when his debut aired on July 19, 1985. The character of Bo Brady introduced under executive producers, Betty Corday and Al Rabin and head writers, Margaret DePriest and Sheri Anderson who debuted on May 3, 1983 was revealed to be a Kiriakis in 1986.


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