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Kylun and Princess Sa'tneen battling the forces of Necrom Excalibur v.1 #44
Art by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer
Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearance(as child) Excalibur #2
(as adult) Excalibur #43
Created byChris Claremont
Alan Davis
In-story information
Alter egoColin McKay
SpeciesHuman Mutant
Team affiliationsExcalibur
Notable aliasesChosen One
AbilitiesAnimal like appearance
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Kylun (Colin McKay) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He first appeared in Excalibur #2. He was briefly a member of Excalibur.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Colin McKay was a mutant child who was fleeing from soldiers sent to capture him by the crime boss Vixen. He discovered the robot Widget, who created a portal to transport Colin to another dimension, to a world called 'Ee'rath'.

The locals regard his appearance as a good omen. They escort him to the exiled royal household. The Queen, Ai'sha, places Colin in the care of her counselor, a reptilian mystic named Zz'ria. He trains Colin to be a warrior, and gifts him a pair of magical swords. Colin ages and his mutant abilities transform his features into a more cat-like appearance. He takes the symbol of Widget as his totem. He proposes to the queen's daughter, Princess Sat'neen, who accepts.

Necrom, frightened of the strength of the queen's people, launches an attack. It turns into a massacre. Ai'sha, Zz'ria and thousands more perish. Sat'neen and hundreds more are captured. Initially alone, Kylun gathers an army and frees Sat'neen from the forces that planned to sacrifice her. Despite his lowly origins and lack of genuine super-powers, Kylun becomes this world's greatest hero. He leads the army for years, finally defeating Necrom's forces and forcing Necrom to retreat towards the Tower That Crosses Time (Excalibur's lighthouse).

Finding Excalibur[edit]

Decades ago, Necrom had managed to kill this world's version of Excalibur, made up of the Black Knight, Thor, Yeoman UK and Spider-Man. As he fought back against Kylun and Sat'neen, Necrom then raised these dead heroes back up as mindless zombie shells. Sat'neen and Kylun confront them. During the battle, Sat'neen takes an opportunity to strike at Necrom. This causes the zombies to fall as his concentration is broken. This is not enough to defeat him and he slays Sat'neen. Kylun impales Necrom with a thrown sword. He shares a telepathic goodbye with his beloved, then notes Necrom still lives.

Necrom, with the aid of a slave creature, flees into a structure known as the Tower that Crosses Time. Nobody had entered in twenty thousand years. Uncaring, Kylun follows.

Necrom emerges into Earth-616. His slave creature is neutralized by an agent of Technet named Chinadoll. Necrom again escapes. Kylun follows, moments later, to his perception. He confronts and battles Nightcrawler. When his blades, enchanted so they do not harm the pure of heart, do not harm Nightcrawler, Kylun stops the battle. He learns that Necrom had come through ten days ago, in this reality.

Part of the team[edit]

Kylun joins forces with Excalibur. He befriends the team's long-term ally Alistaire Stuart. Kylun's old friend Widget returned, in a new form. Excalibur's headquarters was becoming infected with windows into alternate realities, the same way Kylun himself came to Earth. At the same time, Necrom attacked. Kylun helped in the fight, though Necrom's destruction was brought about by Phoenix.

Kylun helps investigate the disappearance of twenty-seven older citizens from a small village. He was caught up in an "Alice in Wonderland" fantasy-land, created by Joyboy of Technet and the Red Queen of the Crazy Gang. He personally ends up being mentally influenced into fishing with the Grypon and Mock Turtle. In the end, Captain Britain talks him out of the influence of the pleasant land, his friends are recovered and the older people are allowed to stay.

The fight with Necrom had resulted in Excalibur's old lighthouse headquarters being demolished. The team moves into Brian's old manor house. Brian allows Kylun to bury Sa'Tneen under a group of trees near the west wing. Kylun informs Cerise that he will be leaving to make contact with his parents, who at this time, had been missing their young son for a full year.

In Excalibur #63, Kylun was attacked by members of R.C.X., a British agency run by Orpington-Smythe, AKA Peter. Vixen had told Kylun his parents had been killed but this was not true. Kylun finds himself yanked from his parents' front steps and dragged into the nearby woods. The three superpowered R.C.X. agents Oak, Lodestone and Ocelot, all 'Warpies', fight him for several minutes. Kylun swings his sword through Ocelot's arm but since the man is merely misguided, not evil, no harm is done. Both are vastly confused and Oak then takes advantage by knocking out Kylun from behind.

Peter's desires are to use the 'Warpies', superpowered British citizens of all ages, to restore the glory of the British Empire. Kylun is awakened from suspended animation, along with many allies, old and new, just in time to join in on the brewing mutiny other members of Excalibur had roused in the ranks of the Warpies.

Excalibur's side faces certain defeat, even with their newfound allies because several of the younger Warpies are concentrating on the offensive powers of the team. Kylun gambles that his sound mimicry is not considered a threat and successfully lets out a roar sufficient enough to drive the children away. This allows Excalibur to gain the upper hand, if just for the moment. The fleeing children inform other Warpies of what is going on, and several of them decide to help the heroes. Kylun and his friends soon manage to shut down Orpington-Smythe.

Kylun later attends the wedding of Captain Britain and Meggan.

After the events of the 2005 storyline "Decimation", he is one of the few mutants to retain his powers.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Kylun is a mutant who possesses some animalistic physical characteristics, such as fur, sharpened teeth, and a lion like nose and eyes. He also has the ability to use his vocal cords to replicate any sound he has heard.

Kylun is also an expert swordsman, with years of experience battling a broad variety of enemies. He was the premier hero of his adopted world, Earth-148. He wields two twin mystical swords, the Blades of Zz'ria. These blades have an enchantment that prevents them from harming anyone good (or pure of heart). Should the blades be directed against such a person they become intangible and simply pass through them without causing harm. The blades are also highly resistant to magic, and have the power to deflect magical attacks, destroy magical creations and wound otherwise impervious magical beings (such as Necrom). The blades are incredibly strong and sharp, and have been shown to be able to cleave rock in two.

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