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List of Ace Combat characters

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The following list is a collection of prominent characters from Bandai Namco Entertainment's Ace Combat series of video games.

Ace Combat 2[edit]

The following characters appeared in Ace Combat 2 (1997).

Scarface One
The player character, Scarface One is an ace pilot flying for Unified Command to shut down the enemy coup d'état forces. He can be accompanied by one wingman. Scarface makes a cameo appearance in Drakengard, killing off Caim and Angelus in the game's fifth ending, although the English localization changed the pilot's callsign to "Bravo 1".
One of Scarface One's selectable wingmen. She mostly flies fighter aircraft that perform well in dogfights. Her full name is Kei Nagase, and she was described as the younger sister of Reiko Nagase from the Ridge Racer series.[1]
The other wingman that Scarface One can select. He mostly flies attacker aircraft for air-to-ground assault.

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere[edit]

The following characters appeared in the Japanese release of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere (1999). They are organized by their allegiance at the start of the game.


"Nemo" is the default name for the player character, which the player can change when making a new save data. Nemo starts off flying for UPEO, a peace organization attempting to de-escalate tensions between General Resource and Neucom, two warring corporations. The player can choose to defect to the corporations or a terrorist organization called Ouroboros, and each action changes the game's ending. If the player witnesses all five endings, Simon Orestes Cohen will reveal to Nemo (and by extension, the player) that they are just an artificial intelligence that he created and put inside a simulated reality. Simon wanted to test what Nemo would do in a war between General Resource and Neucom, and he discovered that in all possibilities, Nemo would always kill Dision. Satisfied with this conclusion, Simon erases the simulated reality and supposedly releases Nemo into the real world, but Nemo's ultimate fate—and that of the world—is left a mystery.
Rena Hirose
Voiced by: Yuri Shiratori
A child prodigy pilot, Rena Hirose joined and flew for General Resource at the age of nine. She was born with a rare genetic condition called Silverstone disease (the game's fictional term for xeroderma pigmentosum) which forced her to wear a special space suit to avoid direct contact with sunlight. While at General Resource, she was subjected to the secret Darkness of Enigma program and grew attached to the program's aircraft, the X-49 Night Raven. The company's upper management shut down the program due to ethical concerns, and Rena subsequently transferred to UPEO a few years before the game begins. During the game's events, Rena will defect to Ouroboros to find Dision, who was involved in Darkness of Enigma and returns the Night Raven to her. If the player sticks with UPEO to the end of the game, Rena will double-cross Dision and survive the conflict; otherwise, the player will be forced to kill her.
Fiona Chris Fitzgerald
Voiced by: Kumiko Watanabe
Fiona is one of UPEO's peacekeeping pilots at the start of the game. Her older sister, Cynthia, works for Neucom. Fiona stays loyal to UPEO for the start of the war, but following attempts to assassinate Clarkson by both General Resource and UPEO, she attempts to defect to Neucom along with Clarkson. Depending on the player's actions, Fiona will be killed trying to defect, will be killed while at Neucom, or will survive to the end of the war remaining with Neucom.
Erich Jager
Voiced by: Sōichirō Hoshi
Erich is one of UPEO's peacekeeping pilots at the start of the game. Erich doubts UPEO's priorities and its ability to maintain peace, especially using antiquated equipment. Despite this, he remains with UPEO throughout the game. If the player sticks with UPEO to the end of the game, they and Erich will uncover the corruption within UPEO and kill Gilbert Park. If the player joins General Resource, they will have the option of shooting down Erich, though they can spare him. Otherwise, Erich's fate is undetermined.
Gabriel William Clarkson
Voiced by: Hiroshi Ito
Clarkson is the official representative of UPEO. He serves this position until halfway through the game's events; while en route to a peace conference, his transport is attacked by General Resource and UPEO aircraft, prompting him to defect to Neucom. Depending on the player's actions, Clarkson will be killed trying to defect or successfully defects to Neucom.
Gilbert Park
Voiced by: Mugihito
Park is the head of UPEO's Special Armed Response Force, the peacekeeping squadron the player is a part of at the start of the game. Park is secretly a member of the terrorist organization Ouroboros, and is using UPEO to escalate the conflict between General Resource and Neucom in order to exhaust them both and become the leader of the continent. Regardless of the player's decisions, Park will always die by the end of the game.

General Resource[edit]

Abyssal Dision
Voiced by: Masashi Ebara
Abyssal Dision is the main antagonist of the game. He joined General Resource's defense squadron right after graduating from college and quickly rose through the ranks to become General Resource's top ace. He was romantically involved with Yoko Martha Inoue, who was researching sublimation (the game's fictional term for mind uploading). Ten years prior to the game's events, Yoko successfully performed an experiment where Dision's consciousness was copied and uploaded to a large computer network known as the "Electrosphere". At the same time, General Resource operatives planted and detonated a bomb outside of Yoko's lab, killing both her and the human version of Dision. His sublimated version witnessed the event from security cameras, unable to do anything. Even without a physical body, the sublimated version of Dision took the place of his human copy at General Resource. He was somehow involved in Rena losing access to the X-49 Night Raven, which caused her to resent him for the rest of her life. During the war between General Resource and Neucom, Dision would defect from General Resource to form a new terrorist organization called Ouroboros, with the ultimate goal of sublimating everyone on Earth. He convinced Rena and Cynthia to defect Ouroboros, and the player can choose to do so as well. However, regardless of the player's decisions, they will always eliminate Ouroboros and kill Dision by the end of the game.
Keith Bryan
Voiced by: Daiki Nakamura
Keith is a loyal General Resource pilot, and Dision's wingman at the start of the game. When Dision leaves General Resource for Ouroboros, Keith vehemently disagrees with the notion and holds resentment for him for the rest of the game. If the player joins Ouroboros, they will be forced to shoot down Keith after he gets his plane stuck in Rena's X-49 Night Raven in order to shoot down Rena. If the player joins and stays with General Resource, Keith will join them in attacking Ouroboros, but he will die while shooting down Dision.
Yoko Martha Inoue
Voiced by: Sakiko Tamagawa
Yoko was a General Resource scientist who performed extensive research in the field of sublimation. She was in some form of relationship with Simon but eventually became romantically involved with Dision. She successfully performed sublimation on Dision, but General Resource's upper management considered her research to be too dangerous and bombed her lab, killing her along with the human version of Dision. Simon planned to exact revenge on the sublimated copy of Dision for "stealing her", which led to Simon creating Nemo to test if Nemo would always kill Dision if a war happened between General Resource and Neucom.


Simon Orestes Cohen
Voiced by: Ryūsei Nakao
Simon is a Neucom scientist, with some unknown relationship to Yoko Martha Inoue. He was formerly employed at General Resource but transferred to Neucom sometime after Yoko's death. He designed Nemo and the simulated reality it existed within to see if Nemo would kill Dision no matter what happened in the simulation. If Nemo joins Neucom (whether they join Ouroboros afterward or not), Simon directly assists Nemo in shooting down the X-49. Simon will later reveal to Nemo, after running all possibilities, that he created it and releases it into the real world.
Cynthia Bridgitte Fitzgerald
Voiced by: Maria Kawamura
Cynthia is a Neucom consulting pilot and Fiona's older sister. She helps Neucom test their new aircraft designs. As the war progresses, Fiona will attempt to defect to Neucom; if the player defects with her, Cynthia will thank them for keeping Fiona safe. However, when Ouroboros reveals itself to the world, Cynthia joins the organization since she is fascinated by sublimation. If the player joins Cynthia, Ouroboros will kill Fiona along with other Neucom scientists, prompting Cynthia to reject both sublimation and Ouroboros and go on a quest for revenge. If the player stays with Neucom, Cynthia will go through with sublimation. The player will shoot down her physical copy, but her sublimated copy will contact Fiona after the war, expressing delight in being sublimated. Fiona, conversely, holds resentment for Cynthia leaving her.

Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies[edit]

The following characters appeared in Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies (2001).

Mobius 1
The player character, Mobius 1 is a pilot for the Independent State Allied Forces (ISAF). He and his fellow pilots are on the brink of destruction by Erusea at the start of the game, but Mobius 1's actions manage to turn the tide of the war. After the player destroys the superweapon codenamed "Stonehenge" over halfway through the game, Mobius 1 becomes legendary for his skills among allies and enemies alike. He begins to be referred to as the "ribbon fighter", in reference to the Möbius strip in his aircraft emblem. Mobius 1 later shoots down Erusea's elite Yellow Squadron and its leader, Yellow 13, over the country's capital prior to its capitulation. ISAF created the Mobius Squadron in his honor, which flew one final sortie to destroy another superweapon, "Megalith".
Voiced by: Neil Howard
SkyEye is the airborne early warning and control aircraft that provides ISAF with assistance and support throughout the war. SkyEye's radio officer calls out the player's actions, as Mobius 1 (like most Ace Combat player characters) is not voiced. The radio officer's birthday is referenced at the start and end of the game.
Yellow 13
Yellow 13 is the lead pilot of Erusea's Yellow Squadron, feared among Erusea's enemies for its battle record and assigned to protect Stonehenge. Yellow 13 cared less about his kill record and took pride instead in having never lost a squadron member. He held compassion towards the enemies he shot down and longed to fight Mobius 1 one day. He was close to his second-in-command, Yellow 4, who always remained by his side until Mobius 1 shot her down over Stonehenge. Yellow 13 himself was shot down defending Farbanti, and is presumed dead as his body "vanished into the blue skies, never to return to earth."
Yellow 4
The second-in-command and only female pilot of Erusea's Yellow Squadron, Yellow 4 was incredibly protective of Yellow 13. It is hinted that she harbors feelings for him, as she always stayed by his side, even on land. She was injured and her plane damaged by a Resistance bomb on Yellow Squadron's runway the day Stonehenge was attacked, but she flew regardless; Mobius 1 subsequently shot her down over Stonehenge, forcing Yellow Squadron to retreat. She owned a keepsake handkerchief, which faintly smelled of her perfume; Yellow 13 kept this handkerchief following her death, and the narrator buried it to mark a grave for 4 and 13.
Side Story Narrator
Voiced by: Jeff Gedert
The narrator of the game's cutscenes is an adult man reminiscing about his experiences throughout the war as a young boy. His family was killed by a crashing plane that Yellow 13 had shot down, causing the boy to seek out Yellow 13 in the skies above his town. He moved in with his drunkard uncle (who shortly vanished) and performed harmonica at the local bar. Yellow Squadron was eventually stationed in the boy's town, so they "commandeered" the bar for themselves. The narrator attempted to confront Yellow 13, but could not with Yellow 4 protecting him. He also developed a crush on the barkeep's daughter and discovered she and her family were members of the Resistance. The narrator eventually confronted Yellow 13 after the barkeep's daughter had been caught planting explosives, calling him a "fascist pig" (and pointing a gun at him in the Japanese release), and while Yellow 13 felt genuine pain at his actions, he let the narrator and barkeep's daughter run away. As ISAF advanced, Yellow Squadron was forced to retreat, and the narrator and barkeep's daughter followed them to Erusea's capital, watching him get shot down. Yellow 4's handkerchief fell from the sky to him, and he buried it in a nearby forest and marked it as the combined grave of both 4 and 13. Years later, he wrote a series of letters (discovered to be the source of the cutscenes) to Mobius 1, asking if Yellow 13 was happy to have an opponent like him.
Barkeep's daughter
The daughter of the barkeep in the narrator's local bar. She was a few years older than the narrator and involved in the town's Resistance. The narrator noticed her "jealous glances" towards Yellow 4 and assumed she harbored feelings for Yellow 13, despite him being the enemy. She planted the bomb on Yellow Squadron's runway that injured Yellow 4 and damaged her plane, and also attempted to plant laser-detonated explosives a few weeks later but was caught, leading to a confrontation between the narrator and Yellow 13. After Erusea retreated from the town, she joined the narrator in following the squadron to the capital and burying Yellow 4's handkerchief.

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War[edit]

The following characters appeared in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War (2004).


The player character, Blaze becomes the lead pilot of Wardog Squadron after Bartlett is shot down, and of Razgriz Squadron after Wardog's reorganization. Blaze usually flies with his entire squadron and provides battle commands to his squadmates; he only flew one solo mission in the entire game. Blaze also interacts with his wingmen by responding to their questions with Yes or No. Snow refers to Blaze as the "ace of aces" if the player severely damages Hamilton's plane in the penultimate mission.
Kei Nagase
Voiced by: Wakana Yamazaki (JPN), Karen Strassman (ENG)
Nagase, call sign "Edge", flies as Wardog 2 and Razgriz 2. She was the only person besides Bartlett and Genette to survive the opening battle in the war, and after Bartlett is shot down, she allows Blaze to take the lead position, vowing that she would never lose another flight lead. Nagase is a strong believer in peace, yet her combat skill in the air and on the ground earns the attention of troops on both sides. She was shot down in Yuktobania after trying to see if Bartlett was among a group of rescued Osean POWs but survived until her rescue the next day. Despite her identical name, this character is not the same Kei Nagase that was featured in Ace Combat 2. Nagase is heard by radio in the end of Ace Combat 7 as an astronaut whose spaceship returns to Earth via the space elevator after the Lighthouse War ends.
Alvin H. Davenport
Voiced by: Hideo Ishikawa (JPN), Eddie Frierson (ENG)
Davenport, call sign "Chopper", flies as Wardog 3 until his death approximately halfway through the game. Davenport was very talkative, confident, and energetic, which earned him his call sign from Bartlett. Davenport was skeptical of Blaze's abilities when the latter took over as squadron leader, but in time he grew to respect Blaze. He often made light of difficult situations, acting as the comic relief of the squadron. Davenport was shot down and killed during Wardog's defense of November City, causing the other Wardog pilots to fight even harder to defend the city until reinforcements arrived. His death continued to affect all three of his fellow squadmates for the rest of the conflict.
Hans Grimm
Voiced by: Kenji Nojima[2] (JPN), Johnny Yong Bosch (ENG)
Grimm, call sign "Archer", joined the Wardog Squadron in the middle of a bombing attack on Sand Island to help defend their base. He remained a permanent member of the squadron after proving his abilities and continued to fly as Wardog 4 and later Razgriz 4. Grimm was the youngest and least-experienced member of the team, and remained unsure of his abilities and relied on his squadmates to lead him through the fights. Over the course of the conflict, Grimm's skills drastically improve, eventually putting him level with his companions. He has an older brother who serves as a foot soldier in Osea's armed forces.
Marcus Snow
Voiced by: Kenji Nomura (JPN), Beau Billingslea (ENG)
Snow, call sign "Swordsman", was the lead pilot of the Kestrel's fighter squadron until the squadron was decimated by the Scinfaxi. Snow was the only survivor of the submarine's attacks, and after Wardog Squadron escaped to the Kestrel, he joined them as Razgriz 3. Snow is a professional and highly-capable pilot, and he quickly becomes a part of the team, having earned the trust of his fellow Razgriz pilots in prior battles.
Jack Bartlett
Voiced by: Unshō Ishizuka[3] (JPN), Steven Blum (ENG)
Bartlett, call sign "Heartbreak One", was Wardog's squadron leader at the beginning of the game until he was shot down protecting Nagase. Bartlett is very hot-headed and follows his own conscience rather than the orders of his superiors. He cares for his fellow pilots above all else. After he was shot down and captured by Yuktobania, he escaped and eventually joined an anti-war resistance within Yuktobania. As part of the resistance, he worked alongside an old flame, the "Major", who earned him his call sign. The two of them got in contact with Razgriz, and jointly freed Yuktobanian Prime Minister Nikanor from imprisonment. Bartlett also joined Razgriz in their penultimate mission and helped by flying through the other end of the tunnel Razgriz had to fly into.
AWACS Thunderhead
Voiced by: Kirk Thornton
Thunderhead is the airborne early warning and control aircraft that provides the Wardog Squadron with assistance and support throughout the war. Like most Ace Combat AWACS, Thunderhead's radio officer calls out the player's actions since Blaze (like most Ace Combat player characters) is not voiced.
Albert Genette
Voiced by: Hiroaki Hirata (JPN), Matthew Mercer (ENG)
A freelance journalist, Genette came to Sand Island to cover a story about Bartlett after hearing he was a "unique" squadron leader. He finds himself wrapped up in the beginning part of the conflict between Osea and Yuktobania, and wrote a story titled "The Four Wings of Sand Island" about the Wardog Squadron, earning Wardog some light fame. When Wardog was framed and labeled as spies, Genette escaped with them to the Kestrel, continuing to film and write about the events of the conflict.
Voiced by: Chikao Ohtsuka (JPN), Bob Papenbrook (ENG)
Pops was a flight mechanic and instructor for Wardog Squadron. Despite his age, he was still a very capable pilot. He is revealed to have a secret past: he was a Belkan Air Force pilot who was asked to drop one of the nuclear bombs that Belka detonated on its own soil 15 years before the events of the game. He refused the order and was shot down trying to escape; he adopted a false identity to evade capture and formed a strong bond with Bartlett who continued to protect him. Pops led Wardog's escape and later took command of their operations as Razgriz Squadron aboard the Kestrel.
Orson Perrault
Voiced by: Daisuke Gōri (JPN), Peter Lurie (ENG)
Perrault was the Base Commander at Sand Island. He was a rash, aggressive, and headstrong individual, seeing the pilots of Wardog as a means to an end in the war. He ordered a squadron of rookies to join Wardog in defending Sand Island from a Yuktobanian landing force, resulting in the deaths of all of the rookies from the Scinfaxi's burst missiles. Perrault was also convinced by Hamilton that Wardog's pilots were traitors, and he ordered the base to arrest Wardog and shoot them if necessary after he shot at Pops, Genette, and Grimm.
Allen C. Hamilton
Voiced by: Yasunori Masutani (JPN), Crispin Freeman (ENG)
Hamilton was the Adjutant Base Commander of Sand Island. He was formerly assigned to and trained by the 8492nd Squadron, but was not fully aware of their motives; he was tricked into believing that Wardog's pilots were spies, and convinced Perrault of the same thing. He ordered the 8492nd Squadron to shoot Wardog down, and after they failed to, he ordered Snow to do it (not knowing that Snow was on their side). Hamilton later joined the Osean warmongers in attempting to steal the final nuclear device from Belka, following Razgriz Squadron into the tunnel in Sudentor to shoot them down. He died after crashing into a plane that chased Bartlett into the tunnel from the other side.
Nicholas A. Andersen
Voiced by: Takeshi Aono (JPN), Simon Prescott (ENG)
Andersen was the captain of Osea's prized aircraft carrier, the Kestrel. Despite leading the carrier through many battles where it never received damage, he saw these battles as losses since he was always retreating. Andersen took in the Razgriz Squadron and assisted in their operations against the Belkans orchestrating the war. He also led the joint Osean-Yuktobanian fleet, known as the Kestrel Fleet, in a massive sea battle against warmonger Osean and Yuktobanian forces. Immediately prior to Razgriz's penultimate mission, the Kestrel was struck by two submarine-launched missiles; Andersen gave the order to launch Razgriz and for everyone else to evacuate the ship. Even though the Kestrel was lost, Andersen saw it as a victory since he managed to safely launch Razgriz.
Vincent Harling
Voiced by: Hideyuki Tanaka (JPN), Bob Buchholz[4] (ENG)
Harling is an Osean politician who serves as the 48th President of the Osean Federation during the events of the game. During his presidency, Harling advocated for peace between Osea and Yuktobania, earning him disdain from the warmonger politicians that made up the majority of Osea's government at the time. He was captured by the 8492nd Squadron when trying to attend peace talks, allowing Vice President Appelrouth, one such warmonger, to accelerate the war. After Wardog escaped to the Kestrel, Snow joined them in rescuing Harling from Belkan captivity, and Harling reformed Wardog and Snow into the Razgriz Squadron. Harling and his marine force later freed Osea's government from the warmongers in power, allowing him to end the war on a news conference with Yuktobanian Prime Minister Nikanor by his side.


Seryozha Viktrovich Nikanor
Voiced by: Masashi Ebara (JPN), Paul St. Peter (ENG)
Nikanor is a Yuktobanian politician who serves as the Prime Minister of the Union of Yuktobanian Republics during the events of the game. He was equally an advocate for peace as his Osean counterpart, President Harling. Just before the game begins, Nikanor was overthrown in a coup d'état and the militaristic warmongers in Yuktobania took control and sparked the war with Osea as part of the Belkan Grey Men's plan. Upon his rescue by Bartlett, the "Major", and Razgriz Squadron, Nikanor arrived on the Kestrel and attempted to defuse a situation where a Yuktobanian fleet blocked the Kestrel's path. Nikanor was taken to Osea to hold a news conference with President Harling to publicly end the war.
Voiced by: Misa Watanabe (JPN), Wendee Lee (ENG)
The "Major" is a Yuktobanian intelligence officer. She broke Bartlett's heart 15 years prior to the game, earning him his "Heartbreak One" call sign. The "Major" grew attached to Prime Minister Nikanor's message of peace and stayed loyal to him after the coup d'état. She and Bartlett were reunited while assisting the Yuktobanian resistance, and she provided a data disc to the Kestrel's crew containing information on the Belkan Grey Men's ultimate plans.
AWACS Oka Nieba
Voiced by: Paul St. Peter
Oka Nieba is the airborne early warning and control aircraft that provides the Razgriz Squadron with assistance and support throughout the final moments of the war. Like most Ace Combat AWACS, Oka Nieba's radio officer calls out the player's actions since Blaze (like most Ace Combat player characters) is not voiced.
His name translates to "Sky Eye" in English.

Grey Men[edit]

8492nd Squadron / Grabacr Squadron
Grabacr Squadron was a former Belkan Air Force squadron that joined the Osean Federation's Air Defense Force prior to the game's events. In the air force, the squadron adopted the moniker "8492nd Squadron", even though no such squadron existed in official records. The leader of the squadron, Ashley Bernitz, claims to have shot down Bartlett and Pops in the war 15 years before the game. Posing as the 8492nd, the squadron performed terrorist attacks and forced Wardog to take the blame, and also indirectly caused Davenport's death by preventing reinforcements from assisting the squadron. They directly attacked Wardog (and Razgriz) numerous times but were all killed in the final battle.
Ofnir Squadron
Ofnir Squadron was a former Belkan Air Force squadron that joined the Union of Yuktobanian Republic's Air Force prior to the game's events. The squadron encountered Razgriz Squadron once in Yuktobanian territory, and once again in the final battle where they were all killed along with Grabacr.

Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War[edit]

The following characters appeared in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War (2006).


The player character in the game. Cipher is a mercenary pilot for the Ustio Air Force, and he gets placed in charge of Galm Team at the start of the game. His first wingman is Larry Foulke, but after Foulke's defection, Patrick James Beckett joins him instead. Cipher displayed outstanding combat abilities during the conflict; his actions in destroying Excalibur and dominating air-to-air conflict earned him the nickname "Demon Lord of the Round Table". Cipher was also responsible for destroying the XB-0 heavy bomber and Foulke's ADFX-02 Morgan and saving the world from a nuclear missile at the end of the game.
Larry Foulke
Voiced by: Takuya Kirimoto (JPN), Yuri Lowenthal (ENG)
Played by: Sean Ryan[5]
Foulke, call sign "Solo Wing Pixy", is a mercenary in the Ustio Air Force and part of the Galm Team at the start of the game. Before the game's events, Foulke lost one of his F-15 Eagle's wings in combat but returned to base safely, earning him his call sign and iconic livery of one red wing. Foulke holds a cynical view on war and simply enjoyed the thrill of air combat until witnessing a war crime that resulted in the deaths of civilians, prompting him to defect to a terrorist organization bent on ending all wars. He obtained an experimental aircraft, the ADFX-02 Morgan, and fought Cipher in it while attempting to launch a nuclear missile at the end of the game. Cipher shot him down, and the aircraft's destruction resulted in that of the missile as well. Foulke survived his aircraft's crash in the mountains, healed from his wounds, and later fought in the Ace Combat 04 conflict looking to gain insight into the purpose of borders.
Patrick James Beckett
Voiced by: Masakazu Morita (JPN), Johnny Yong Bosch (ENG)
Beckett, call sign "PJ", joined the Ustio Air Force as part of the mercenary Crow Team to help cover losses sustained early in the game. After Foulke defects to the terrorist organization, Beckett replaced him as Galm 2. Beckett strongly believed in peace and fought to protect it (much to the chagrin of Foulke, who claims such a view is contradictory). He was much less skilled than Cipher or Foulke and mostly tried to follow Cipher's example in combat. During the final battle in the conflict, Foulke fired a laser from his ADFX-02 Morgan that killed Beckett right before he dueled Cipher. Beckett planned to propose to his girlfriend after the war; every year on the anniversary of his death, his girlfriend leaves flowers at a makeshift grave.


Detlef Fleisher
Voiced by: Katsuhiko Kawamoto (JPN), Doug Erholtz (ENG)
Fleisher was the flight lead of the Belkan Air Force's Rot Team. The player encounters him on the Mercenary Ace Style. Fleisher was a very proud member of Belka's military and held a perfect record of never being shot down early in the war. He felt personally ashamed when Galm Team managed to infiltrate Belka's Area B7R airspace, and despite engaging them in battle, he and his entire squadron were shot down. Fleisher was tried as a war criminal, but exempted from punishment and eventually became a teacher at a Belkan university.
Bernhard Schmidt
Voiced by: Masanori Takeda (JPN), Liam O'Brien (ENG)
Schmidt was the flight lead of the Belkan Air Force's Grun Team. The player encounters him on the Soldier Ace Style. Schmidt and his squadron were known for their ability to adapt to any situation in battle. Grun Team was sent as reinforcements to Area B7R as Galm Team shot down the stationed force there, and his entire squadron was shot down in the ensuing battle. He returned to his hometown after the war.
Dimitri Heinreich
Voiced by: Takaya Hashi (JPN), JB Blanc (ENG)
Heinreich was the flight lead of the Belkan Air Force's Indigo Team. The player encounters him on the Knight Ace Style. He was a direct descendant of the medieval Belkan Knights and strongly believed in their code of honor. His squadron was originally stationed to the stable eastern front of the war, but they were redirected to Area B7R when Galm Team shot down the stationed force. His squadron was shot down, and after the war, Heinreich worked in his family's business.
Rainer Altman
Voiced by: Hideyuki Tanaka (JPN), Joshua Seth (ENG)
Altman was the second pilot in the Belkan Air Force's Gelb Team. He and his flight lead, Orbert Jager, were well-known for their joint attacks and advanced tactics in battle. Their aircraft also featured the special ability to fire missiles backward. Their main duty was to defend Belka's southern defense line, but when Galm Team helped liberate Directus, the capital of Ustio, Gelb Team was redirected to Directus to shoot Galm down. Galm shot them both down; Jager died, but Altman survived. Altman continued to live in Directus following the war, but the tower bells in the city still remind him of the battle and his flight lead's death.
Dominic Zubov
Voiced by: Ryūzaburō Ōtomo (JPN), D.C. Douglas (ENG)
Zubov was the flight lead of the Belkan Air Force's special shadow squadron, Schwarze Team. The player encounters him on the Mercenary Ace Style. His squadron was assigned the task of shooting down deserters from the air force, and Zubov earned the nickname "Vulture" for his merciless actions. In the middle of a battle at Area B7R which Galm Team was involved in, Pops from Ace Combat 5 entered the airspace tailed by Zubov and Schwarze Team. As described in Ace Combat 5, Pops was attempting to flee the Belkan Air Force after being ordered to drop a nuclear weapon on a Belkan city. Galm Team interfered with Schwarze's hunt, prompting Schwarze to change targets to Galm Team. Galm shot down the entire squadron. Zubov escaped capture and has been living on the streets since the war.
Erich Hillenberand
Voiced by: Yoshito Yasuhara (JPN), Kirk Thornton (ENG)
Hillenberand was the flight lead of the Belkan Air Force's Schnee Squadron. The player encounters him on the Soldier Ace Style. Unlike other Belkan Air Force aces, Hillenberand was not interested in promotions or awards despite his skills and did not enjoy working in a team. His squadron was sent to Area B7R to support the Belkans losing a battle against Galm Team and the Allied Forces, but Galm shot down his entire squadron. Hillenberand bailed out and, instead of waiting for the rescue party, traveled three days to the nearest airbase. He retired from the Air Force after the war and works as a pilot instructor.
Dietrich Kellerman
Voiced by: Ikuya Sawaki (JPN), Jamieson Price (ENG)
Kellerman was the flight lead of the Belkan Air Force's Silber Team. The player encounters him on the Knight Ace Style. He was in the Air Force in the 1970s, but retired in 1990 and became an influential flight instructor. The Air Force brought him out of retirement to bolster troop morale during the Belkan War. The rest of his squadron consisted of his students, and the squadron was sent to Area B7R during a battle with the Allied Forces. Galm Team shot down the entirety of Silber Team, and Kellerman retired again after the war. He now quietly spends the rest of his days in the remote countryside.
Anton Kupchenko
Voiced by: Takayuki Sugō (JPN)
Kupchenko was the flight lead of the Belkan Air Force's Gault Team. The player encounters him on the Soldier Ace Style. Prior to the war, he was the head of Belka's weapons development and helped create Belka's V2 MIRV missile. In the early days of the Belkan War, Kupchenko and his entire squadron disappeared. They later resurfaced as the leading force in the terrorist organization, A World With No Boundaries. Galm Team shot down Gault Team over Area B7R, and Kupchenko died in the battle.


Anthony Palmer
Voiced by: Kazuhiro Oguro (JPN), Beau Billingslea (ENG)
Palmer was the flight lead of the Osean Air Defense Force's Sorcerer Squadron. The player encounters him on the Mercenary Ace Style. Palmer was a respected ace in the Osean military in the 1980s and was one of the main Osean squadrons involved in the early stages of the Belkan War. Close to the war's end, Palmer and his squadron disappeared. They later resurfaced as members of A World With No Boundaries. Galm Team shot down Sorcerer Squadron over Area B7R, and Palmer later became an insurance salesman in Osea.
Joshua Bristow
Voiced by: Hiroyuki Kinosha (JPN)
Bristow was the flight lead of the Osean Air Defense Force's Wizard Squadron. The player encounters him on the Knight Ace Style. Bristow was an ace pilot in the Osean military and was also involved in the early stages of the Belkan War. He later had a hand in founding A World With No Boundaries, bringing Larry Foulke with him. Galm Team shot down Wizard Squadron over Area B7R, and Bristow was later arrested after his surviving squadmates provided information leading to his capture. He remains imprisoned but is hopeful that the world has started to change.
Brett Thompson
Voiced by: Eiji Takemoto (JPN), Matthew Mercer (ENG)
Thompson is an Osean Broadcasting Corporation journalist who interviewed many of the aces that Cipher flew against during the Belkan War. His documentary, "Warriors and the Belkan War", helped share the voices of the pilots in the war and reveal the truth of the war, including the actions of A World With No Boundaries.


Marcela Vasquez
Voiced by: Miki Watanabe (JPN), Wendee Lee (ENG)
Vasquez was the second pilot in the Sapin Air Force's Espada Team. She was in love with her flight lead, Alberto Lopez, and the two were talented pilots. Espada Team, like most Sapin forces, was initially assigned to the Allied Forces during the Belkan War. The squadron disappeared in October 1995, and later reappeared as part of A World With No Boundaries. Their assignment was to escort the XB-0 Hresvelgr heavy bomber, but Galm Team shot down both Espada and the XB-0. Vasquez, who lost her flight lead, returned to civilian life and became a dancer.

Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception[edit]

The following characters appeared in Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception (2006).

Gryphus 1
Gryphus 1 is the player character and the flight lead of Gryphus Squadron. Gryphus 1 narrowly avoided Leasath's initial strikes on Aurelia, and successfully led the counterattack to remove Leasath from Aurelia's territory. He shot down Leasath's large aircraft, the Gleipnir, as well as Leasath's new experimental fighter, Fenrir. His squadron emblem, depicting the Southern Cross constellation, leads to both allies and enemies referring to him as the "Southern Cross".
Eugene Solano
Eugene Solano, code name "Crux" (after the Southern Cross constellation), is Gryphus Squadron's radio operator. He fulfills the role of the player's airborne warning and control system during the game. He is left traumatized by Gryphus Squadron nearly being wiped out by the Gleipnir at the start of the game and continuously fears for the player's safety and that of their wingmen.
Diego Gaspar Navarro
The commanding officer of Leasath during the war with Aurelia. Through Albert Genette's investigative reporting, it is revealed that Navarro runs Leasath's arms industry. Leasath's civil war prior to the game's events resulted in Navarro amassing an enormous fortune. He conceived the war with Aurelia as a means to continue making profits off of arms sales, and he funded the development of the Gleipnir and Fenrir to perpetuate the war. Depending on the player's actions during the game, Navarro either flees after all Fenrir units are destroyed, or is implied to have been beaten to death by his own countrymen.
Albert Genette
Genette, who appeared previously in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, returns as a journalist covering the war between Leasath and Aurelia. He initially believes it to be simple and one-sided and wishes to go back to the northern hemisphere (lamenting the "backwards seasons" in the southern hemisphere), but after Gryphus 1 began to reverse the tide of the war, Genette slowly began to discover that a larger story laid hidden behind the war. He eventually discovered and published the truth about Navarro and his scheme to increase arms sales. He attempted repeatedly to get an interview with Gryphus 1; whether he ends up successful depends on the player's actions.

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation[edit]

The following characters appeared in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation (2007).


The player character of the game and the squadron leader of Garuda Team. Like most other player characters, Talisman is mute and does not appear on screen. Chris Matel noted that the "only kind of character development [you get] on Talisman is how you perform in missions" since the story is focused on the other characters, and Matel says "this setup actually works."[6] Talisman leads Garuda Team and sometimes other aircraft into battle, supporting Emmerian ground forces and destroying Estovakian forces. During the liberation of Gracemeria, Pasternak dueled Talisman in an attempt to shoot him down but failed as Talisman destroyed his experimental CFA-44 Nosferatu aircraft. Talisman's final act in the war was to destroy the backup cooling unit and the core of the Chandelier railgun, ending Estovakia's plan for revenge.
Marcus Lampert
Voiced by: Rikiya Koyama[7] (JPN), Sam Riegel (ENG)
Lampert, call sign "Shamrock", joins Talisman as Garuda 2 throughout the game. He had a wife and daughter who lived in Gracemeria and vowed to return to them at the end of the war. Lampert follows Talisman's orders in combat by either assisting him in attacking targets or defending him from enemy threats. During the battle in Moloch Desert, Lampert disobeys a retreat order and engages the Strigon Team, endangering the lives of Gracemeria citizens and resulting in Garuda Team's temporary suspension. After Emmerian forces liberated Gracemeria, Lampert learned that his wife and daughter died during the conflict and blamed himself for being unable to protect them. He vowed to retire from the Air Force but remained to defend against Estovakia's revenge plans. During the fight against Chandelier, Lampert flew below the railgun to retrieve location data on its backup cooling unit but was shot down by anti-aircraft fire. He broke his legs but was safely rescued.
AWACS Ghost Eye
Voiced by: D.C. Douglas (ENG)
Ghost Eye is the call sign of the airborne early warning and control aircraft that supports the Emmerian armed forces throughout the war. Much like other AWACS aircraft in the franchise, Ghost Eye calls out the player's actions and provides them with vital tactical data and mission updates.
Louis McKnight
Voiced by: Kenyu Horiuchi[8] (JPN), Kirk Thornton (ENG)
Sergeant McKnight is the head of a tank unit with two fellow sergeants as part of Emmeria's tank battalions. They had more members in their unit but they were ambushed by Estovakian planes during the retreat from Gracemeria. After they joined Emmerian forces in their counterattack landing operation, they deserted the armed forces to rob Gracemeria's central bank. They picked up Melissa and Ludmila on their way and dropped them off near Gracemeria. They then entered a tunnel and used the tank to shoot out a wall that was dug out, but instead of leading to the bank, it led to the ancient passages underneath the King's Castle where Matilda, her friends, and Voychek were trapped with the Golden King statue. McKnight and his unit drove the statue into Gracemeria to boost the citizens' morale following the city's liberation.
Melissa Herman
Voiced by: Aya Hisakawa[9] (JPN), Cindy Robinson (ENG)
Melissa Herman was the wife of an Emmerian fighter pilot and the mother of Matilda Herman. She found herself caught in the middle of the war since Estovakia's attack on her hometown of Gracemeria; she believed that Matilda was killed in the attack and left the city with other refugees. Along the way, she discovered her husband's crashed plane and understood him to be dead too. At a refugee camp along the border, Melissa discovered that Matilda was still alive and started to make her way back to Gracemeria. She met Ludmila Tolstaya, an Estovakian in search of her lover, and the two bond on their shared journey to Gracemeria. The two narrowly escaped Emmerian partisans and ongoing battles along the way and were picked up by Sergeant McKnight's tank crew for the final leg of their journey. Melissa was reunited with Matilda following Gracemeria's liberation, and her daughter introduced her to Voychek. Voychek confirmed that Melissa's husband was killed and, after Ludmila convinced him to change sides, requested that she help transmit Chandelier's data to the Emmerian pilots. Melissa and Matilda took the data to Gracemeria's radio station; their efforts allowed the Emmerians to destroy Chandelier. After the war, Melissa returned to her home with Matilda and the other children her daughter bonded with, and also met Marcus Lampert.
Matilda Herman
Voiced by: Maaya Sakamoto[10] (JPN), Erin Fitzgerald (ENG)
Matilda Herman is the daughter of Melissa Herman. She was separated from her mother after their field trip was interrupted by Estovakia's surprise attack on Gracemeria. Matilda found herself hiding in the passages underneath the King's Castle with other children; they stole the city's prized Golden King statue to keep it protected. Her mother used to angrily tell her father to "dance with his angels" whenever he left for a sortie, a phrase she picked up and later used on an Estovakian propaganda radio broadcast. The Emmerian armed forces began to use the phrase in defiance against Estovakia. Voychek discovered Matilda and the other children after they stole his briefcase, but he was trapped with them until Sergeant McKnight's tank unit inadvertently saved them. She later helped her mother provide the Chandelier data to the Emmerian pilots.


Victor Voychek
Voiced by: Unshō Ishizuka[3] (JPN), Paul St. Peter (ENG)
Voychek was the commander of the Estovakian Air Force's infamous Strigon Team. He was a highly-respected fighter pilot as well as a mentor to his fellow pilots, including Toscha and Pasternak. He was shot down during Estovakia's attack on Gracemeria and his leg was injured, grounding him for the rest of his life. He was reassigned to intelligence duty within the Air Force, entrusted with a top-secret briefcase, and responsible for interrogating Emmerian prisoners of war. Voychek ran into Matilda and other children after one of them stole his briefcase, and he was trapped in the underground passages under Gracemeria's castle with them. He decided to open the briefcase and discovered that Estovakia planned to use Chandelier to destroy Gracemeria. He initially remained loyal to Estovakia, but Ludmila convinced him to defect to save the innocent civilians in the city that he's grown close to. He gave Matilda and Melissa data on Chandelier's weaknesses, which they then transmitted to Emmerian pilots through Gracemeria's radio station. Voychek later felt confident he made the right choice. He was invited to be the best man at Toscha and Ludmila's wedding in the prison camp they were locked in before the war's official end.
Ilya Pasternak
Voiced by: Kazuhiko Inoue[11] (JPN), Steve Van Wormer (ENG)
Pasternak was a famous ace during the Estovakian Civil War who eventually joined the Strigon Team. Voychek tutored him and trusted that, when Pasternak was reassigned to Strigon's flight lead during the Emmeria-Estovakia war, he would "be a thorn in the side of the Emmerian military". Toscha referred to him as acting like an older brother rather than a teammate. When Pasternak led the squadron to Gracemeria during its liberation, he ordered everyone else to retreat from the airspace to ensure their survival and engaged Talisman solo in an experimental CFA-44 Nosferatu. While he was shot down, he delayed the Emmerian forces long enough for the rest of Strigon to escape.
Toscha Mijasik
Voiced by: Kenji Nojima[2] (JPN), Yuri Lowenthal (ENG)
Toscha is the youngest member of Strigon Team. He was in high school when the Estovakian Civil War broke out; he soon joined the Air Force and showed innate skill during the civil war. He also had a relationship with Ludmila Tolstaya. Toscha joined the Strigon Team in the surprise attack on Gracemeria, during which Voychek praised his combat ability. He remained with the Strigon Team throughout the war. After Estovakia lost control of Gracemeria, he quietly asked for Ludmila's forgiveness as he "failed to bring [her] happiness". Despite protesting Pasternak's order to retreat, he complied but soon afterward surrendered as he loved Ludmila too much. He married her just prior to the war's official end in the prison camp he was put in along with Voychek.
Ludmila Tolstaya
Voiced by: Yūko Kaida[12] (JPN), Karen Strassman (ENG)
Ludmila is an Estovakian civilian studying medicine in the neutral country of Nordennavic. When the Emmeria-Estovakia War broke out, she traveled to Gracemeria to be with her fiancé, Toscha. Along the way she came across Melissa and picked her up. The two of them bonded over their travels and she helped convince Voychek to provide Chandelier's data to the Emmerians. She later married Toscha in a prison camp.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown[edit]

The following characters appear in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (2019).


The player character of the game and a pilot for the Osean Air Defense Force. Originally a member of Mage Squadron, following his alleged murder of a former president, he was assigned to Osea's Spare Squadron, a penal military unit, to atone for his crimes.
One of the convict pilots serving at Spare Squadron.
Avril Mead
A mechanic stationed at Spare Squadron's base. By restoring numerous aircraft, she earned the nickname "Scrap Queen".


An ace pilot who took part in various conflicts. He is the leader of Erusea's experimental Sol Squadron.
Rosa Cossette D'Elise
The princess of Erusea, whose father ascended to power after the events of Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies.
Doctor Schroeder is a scientist involved in the development of Erusea's drone technology.


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