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This is a list of currently maintained or legacy Ambisonic software tools.

Currently maintained Ambisonic software[edit]

This list is by definition incomplete. Please contribute.

free/open source[edit]

Name Description Author Platform License
ICST Ambisonics Plugins ICST Ambisonics Plugins consists of the following components:
  • AmbiDecoder Plugins 1st to 7th order
  • AmbiEncoder Plugins 1st to 7th order with mono-input (1 channel)
  • AmbiEncoder Plugins 1st to 7th order with multi-input (up to 64 channels)

OSX /WIN/Linux

Omnitone FOA/HOA ambisonic decoder and binaural renderer on the web Hongchan Choi Web Audio API (Web Browser) Apache 2
ambdec Two-band decoder with near-field compensation, up to 3rd order periphonic Adriaensen, Fons JACK (Linux, OSX) GPL2
AMB plugins Comprehensive set of Ambisonic panners, rotators and utility plugins from first to third order Adriaensen, Fons LADSPA GPL2
tetraproc A-to-B-format converter for tetrahedral microphones, particularly the TetraMic Adriaensen, Fons JACK (Linux, OSX) GPL2
jconvolver A flexible real-time matrix convolution engine with some Ambi-friendly extras, good for reverb and Matrix encoding experiments Adriaensen, Fons JACK (Linux, OSX) GPL2
zita-dpl1 Multichannel digital peak limiter suitable for mastering HOA files Adriaensen, Fons JACK (Linux, OSX) mixed
zita-rev1 Algorithmic reverb engine with B-format output Adriaensen, Fons JACK (Linux, OSX) GPL2
aliki A swept-sine measurement and impulse response deconvolution tool, useful for creating IR reverbs and speaker calibration Adriaensen, Fons Linux, OSX GPL2
HoaLibrary A higher-order Ambisonics library with applications CICM MSH Paris-Nord Max, Pd, VST GPL
bformenc1 Csound opcode for third-order Ambisonic panning and a companion decoder Furse, Wiggins, and Adriaensen Csound LGPL
Ambisonic Decoder Toolbox (ADT) MATLAB/GNU Octave toolbox for designing Ambisonic Decoders. Supports a number of design techniques including mode-matching, AllRAD, and uniform energy. Works to arbitrary orders and with all commonly used normalization and channel order conventions. Produces decoders as FAUST programs that can be compiled to plugins for a variety of hosts, as well as AmbDec and ambiX configuration files. Heller, Aaron any supported by FAUST AGPL
CUBEmixer Mixer and decoder for higher-order Ambisonics, including binaural rendering IEM Graz Pd GPL
SoundScape Renderer A renderer for horizontal-only HOA, wave field synthesis and binaural INT Universität Rostock Linux, OSX GPL3
Sound Field Synthesis Toolbox A MATLAB/GNU Octave/Python toolbox to simulate soundfields including near-field-compensated HOA INT Universität Rostock Linux, OSX, Win GPL3
Ambisonics Externals for MaxMSP A set of externals for MaxMSP for Ambisonics surround sound processing and source-control in three dimensions ICST Zürich Max (Win, OSX) LGPL
ambiX plugin suite Ambisonic utilities up to 7th order, including higher order "warp" (aka dominance) using a t-design approach, and adaptors for different HOA formats Kronlachner, Matthias VST (Win, OSX), Linux (LV2) GPL2
zita/OSX Easy-to-install ports of Fons Adriaensen's software Kronlachner, Matthias VST OSX GPL2
Ambisonic Toolkit (ATK) The Ambisonic Toolkit, for SuperCollider 3 and as JSFX plugins for REAPER, includes panners, decoders, and morphing tools such as dominance. First-order Lossius, Trond and Anderson, Joseph SuperCollider 3, Reaper (OSX, Win) LGPL
Higher Order Ambisonics Library A Matlab/Octave library implementing a very comprehensive set of sound field operations and decoding schemes, for arbitrary orders. Politis, Archontis MATLAB/GNU Octave custom
VVMicVST Virtual microphones to convert B-format to 5.1 or stereo VVAudio VST (Win, OSX) GPL2
IDHOA Decoder generation toolkit for irregular layouts, can output AmbDec configuration files Scaini, Davide Python GPL2+
IEM Plug-in Suite Ambisonic plug-ins up to 7th order including encoders, room simulation and dynamics processing. IEM Graz VST (Win, OSX, Linux) GPL3

proprietary/closed source[edit]

Name Description Author Platform Price
IRCAM Spat Revolution Real-time audio mixing engine, spatialization of audio sources in 3D, reverberation with room effects, multiple various output and export options. Supports all Ambisonic formats up to 7th order. - IRCAM Win, OSX USD 1790
B360 Ambisonics Encoder B-format panner and converter plugin; converts mono, stereo and surround to first-order B-format; compatible with Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, REAPER. Includes AmbiX-to-FuMa, FuMa-to-AmbiX converters. Waves Audio Win, OSX USD 299
Nx Virtual Mix Room First-order B-format to binaural plugin (Nx Ambisonics component); compatible with multiple DAWs; allows monitoring of first-order B-format on stereo headphones. Waves Audio Win, OSX USD 99
360° Ambisonics Tools Combo of B360 Ambisonics Encoder and Nx Virtual Mix Room plugins Waves Audio Win, OSX USD 399
360pan Suite B-format panner and B-format to binaural converter Audio Ease AAX OSX EUR 249 ex tax
Ambi Head B-format to binaural converter Noise Makers VST AU AAX (Win, OSX) EUR 189
Rapture3D OpenAL-compatible game sound engine, player and studio tools including a first to fourth order decoder Blue Ripple Sound Win, OSX GBP 30-599
Rapture3D SDK Game sound engine software development kit Blue Ripple Sound Win, OSX GBP 949
O3A plugins Various packs of third order plugins including panners, converters, visualizers, manipulators, reverbs, upmixers and decoders. Video and Virtual Reality support is integrated. Blue Ripple Sound VST (Win, OSX) free - GBP 399
AmbiExplorer A first-order B-format binaural and virtual mic renderer/player for Android which can use your phone's sensors or an external Bluetooth sensor for head tracking. Includes 52 selectable HRTF sets from the IRCAM Listen library Centeno, Hector Android 4.x USD 4.51
Ambisonic Studio B2X plugins A comprehensive suite of panners, converters and utility plugins from first to fifth order Courville, Daniel VST, AU (OSX) free
HARPEX-X Parametric first-order decoder and higher-order upmixer Harpex Ltd. VST, AAX, AU (Win, OSX) EUR 298
Ambisonic Auralizer Tools UHJ, binaural, virtual mic, and transcoding tools Ironbridge Electronics VST (Win, OSX) free
SoundField SurroundZone 2 First-order B-format to 7.1 and stereo converter TSL Professional Products Ltd. TDM, RTAS, VST (Win, OSX) free
Twirling720 Studio A- to B-format converter for Twilring720 recorder. B-format audio(with 360 video) playback and export TwirlingVR Win, OSX, Free
WigWare Decoders, panners and 3D steerable reverbs for first to forth order including optimised decoders for the ITU 775 5 speaker array Wiggins, Bruce VST (Win, OSX) free
VVTetraVST A- to B-format converter for the CoreSound TetraMic and other tetrahedral microphones VVAudio VST (Win, OSX) free
Spat for Max/Msp External library for real-time sound spatialization: HOA of unlimited order, mostly all common HOA formats, Near-Field Compensated HOA, Spherical Microphone Array (SMA) encoding and processing, HOA to binaural conversion, transcoding, etc. IRCAM Max (Win, OSX) EUR 140
Wwise Game Audio middleware solution. Currently uses B-Format Furse-Malham/FuMa ordering. Audiokinetic Win, OSX, Free or paid license
EigenStudio/EigenUnits Stand-alone application and VST plugins for use with the em32 Eigenmike. Includes A- to B-format converter and directional beamformer. mh acoustics Win, OSX, VST Free
Sennheiser Ambeo A proprietary A- to B-format converter for use with the Sennheiser Ambeo mic. Can export FuMa or AmbiX with rotation. Sennheiser VST, AU, AAX (Win, OSX) Free
Facebook Spatial Workstation Higher order ambisonic mixing tools for popular DAWs supporting 360 degree videos and VR headsets Facebook VST AAX (Win, OSX) Free
G'Audio Works Spatial audio plugin that supports object, channel and Ambisonics. Optimized for 360 video workflow. G'Audio Lab MacOS 10.10 (Yosemite), MacOS 10.11 (El Capitan), MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) Free
ZYLIA Ambisonics Converter Converts the ZYLIA ZM-1 microphone multi-channel recordings into FOA and HOA with Fuma/Ambix channel configuration and optional rotation. Zylia Win, OSX, Linux Bundled with ZYLIA PRO Set
aX Plugins First, third and seveneth order plugins such as encoder, compressor, EQ and delay SSA Plugins Win, OSX Free - EUR 200 ex VAT
Zephyr First, second, and third HOA reverb, chorus, multi-source encoder, decoder (binaural HRTF, surround speakers), visualizer, and early reflection controls. NuSpace Audio Win, OSX USD 50

Legacy Ambisonic software[edit]

For the purpose of this page, "legacy" means no updates in the last 5 years. It does not imply the software is non-functional, although it may not work as advertised on recent operating systems and DAW hosts.

free/open source[edit]

proprietary/closed source[edit]

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