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A total of 22 housemates participated in the seventh series of Big Brother in the UK, where they were observed by television viewers 24 hours a day and each week, and a housemate was voted to be evicted by the general public until the winner, Pete Bennett, was left.

Most of the housemates entered on the first day of the series but Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace and Sam Brodie entered the house as rewards from a task and Susie Verrico entered through a 'golden ticket' promotion with Nestle. As part of a twist, a new set of rooms, named the House Next Door, were built, and the housemates Jayne Kitt, Jennie Corner, Jonathan Leonard, Michael Cheshire and Glen 'Spiral' Coroner were introduced to the series through this twist. The House Next Door was used later on in the series where four previously evicted housemates were allowed to return temporarily, one of whom, Nikki Grahame stayed in the House until the final.


Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace[1] (born 28 December 1978)[2] is a model and promotions girl from London, who entered the Big Brother House on Day 12 as a prize from the "Meal or No Meal" task in week 2. She was not popular with the public when first coming into the house, and she had reputation for her bad attitude, however as time went on, she became more sensitive and caring.

In the sixth week, on Day 44, Aisleyne was voted (with 67.3% of the public vote), to move into the House Next Door to join five new housemates that were added to the series. On Day 49, she then had to evict one of the remaining housemates in the House Next Door; she chose to evict Jonathan and returned with Spiral to the main House. Aisleyne was nominated in Weeks 6 and 8. She gained more and more popularity towards the end of the show.

Aisleyne finished in third place with 22%. She became the highest placed female. She currently[when?] presents her own show on the online urban radio station Invincible Radio every Thursday from 5-7pm.[3]

She has also made a sideline in glamour modelling, appearing in magazines Zoo Weekly, Nuts and the Daily Star on a number of occasions and she has recently[when?] been involved with the NHS Stop Smoking campaign in association with Cancer Research UK.

Aisleyne has appeared in three episodes of Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe. She has since become friends with Charlie Brooker and attended the Glastonbury Festival with him.

In August 2007, Aisleyne became a patron for the charity Brain Tumour UK.[4]

In October 2008, Aisleyne appeared in a cameo as herself and later as a zombie in the E4 horror series Dead Set, which was written by Charlie Brooker.

In June 2015, Aisleyne returned to Big Brother as a house guest in Big Brother 16 (UK). She stayed in the house for 8 days. In total, Aisleyne has spent 89 days in the Big Brother house - 81 days in Big Brother 7 and 8 days in Big Brother 16.


Bonnie Elizabeth Holt[5] (born 14 April 1986), the first housemate to enter, is a care worker from Loughborough, working with people who have Down's syndrome.[6] After failing to get elected to the Big Brotherhood she was nominated for eviction with Dawn Blake and Glyn Wise, however, Dawn Blake was ejected from the house meaning she was nominated with only Glyn Wise. She was the first evictee, on Day 9, with 78% of the vote.

Davina McCall revealed on the night of Mikey's and Susie's eviction (Day 79) that 10 Ex housemates had a chance to re-enter the house into the house next door, Bonnie was not eligible due to legal reasons.


Dawn Faith Blake[1] (born September 1967) is an exercise scientist from Birmingham.[7]

In her audition, Dawn stated that she believes that "the realities of life" are "shit" and that we are all "born into misery". Dawn has never been in love, and thinks the whole idea of love is a fantasy. (But she contradicted herself when she said all the people she has loved have fallen for someone else.) She also claims she has no friends and no desire to make any. She thinks that most people are only really nice to a few people at most and are "bastards" but mentions Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Bob Geldof as nice people.

In the house, there was a period where the housemates were not allowed to have access to their suitcases. Dawn told housemates she would not shower without her swimming costume,[7] which led to complaints about body odour.[8] Dawn also became frustrated with the fact that she had no access to her clothes and stated she had to borrow clothes from the male housemates because the girls' didn't fit her.

After seven days in the house, Dawn received a message from her family saying "your sister is ill". She was later[when?] observed to tell the other contestants that "I have a code" and "Something bad has happened, I need to leave". In the afternoon, Dawn announced that she was leaving, and that Big Brother had convinced her to stay for one more night so they could make arrangements for her departure. That evening, Dawn packed what little clothes she had, and made it quite clear she was going and hence she was no longer part of the game.

Prior to the beginning of the season, housemates were allowed to designate certain types of information that they could receive in the event of an emergency at home and other confidential information from the outside world, and stated what they wanted to be informed of. Dawn's family used a "coded message" to communicate with her.[8] Big Brother became aware of this and saw it as an indirect violation of no contact with the outside world.

The following day, Dawn was called to the diary room and before entering, she said goodbye to each of the remaining contestants. When entering the diary room, she was asked to sit down, and she refused saying that "I am not part of the game anymore, please could you let me out now", but when her request was denied she angrily shouted "shut up". Big Brother took the stance that Dawn had deceived them ("cheated")[7] and attempted to bypass the rules and wanted to reprimand her. Big Brother reclassified her voluntary departure into an ejection. Dawn, incensed, repeatedly said "shut up" in aggravation. Eventually, the exit of the diary room was opened and she left.[9]

Dawn later went 'on hunger strike' until the producers of Big Brother provided her with unedited footage to prove she had been kept in the House against her will. The Hertfordshire Police Force launched an inquiry into her claims. She remained on hunger strike for just under 20 days.[10]

Dawn complained to Ofcom that the show had been edited to "humiliate and misrepresent her",[8] that Channel 4 had infringed her privacy by keeping her in the house against her will and filming her after she had asked to leave,[7] and that her medical conditions, including asthma and eczema, had been exploited while she was "unfairly portrayed" to have been "ejected for cheating".[8] Ofcom backed Channel 4's defense, rejecting each of her claims against the broadcaster, the regulator also agreeing with the Channel 4's version of events on her departure, saying she had originally asked to leave the house, but had then been ejected after breaking the programme's rules on contact with the outside world after receiving a coded message.[8]


George William Thomas Askew[5] (born September 1986) is a student from London, whose friends include Princess Beatrice of York and Sam Sangster (son of the race-horse owner Robert Sangster). A former[when?] student at Ludgrove School, an independent school in Berkshire, he went on to the independent Harrow School in London. George is the son of a former private secretary to the Prince of Wales. He is a great-grandson of the 4th Earl of Ellesmere (through his paternal grandmother, Lady Susan Askew) and his great-uncle was the 6th Duke of Sutherland. One of his father's cousins married into the Bowes-Lyon family, Earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne, and so it has been claimed he is linked to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.[11]

On Day 13, George left the Big Brother House, saying that he "would like to continue [his] private life – and fame is too much" for him.[12] He was not replaced.

Despite not making any television appearances after leaving the house, he did attend the Big Brother 7 Final and the end of season wrap party.


Glyn Thomas Wise[5] (born 9 January 1988) is a swimming pool lifeguard from Blaenau Ffestiniog in Gwynedd, North Wales and runner-up of Big Brother 7. As of 2013, he is the youngest housemate ever to appear in a UK series of Big Brother, being aged 18 years and 129 days on the day he entered the house. Jennie (see below) was 42 days younger, but did not enter the house until Day 44, making her one-day older than Glyn on entry.

Glyn attended Ysgol y Moelwyn Secondary School in Blaenau Ffestiniog, transferring to Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy in Llanrwst where he was Head Boy. His first language is Welsh and he often spoke to fellow housemate Imogen in Welsh. Subtitles were used to translate their conversations.

In the house, Glyn learnt 'kitchen-skills' (such as boiling an egg, which he celebrated by improvising a song), and early on Richard taught him how to wash his clothes. Glyn, (along with fellow housemate Pete), was also known to change his hairstyle often in the house. He initially went in with his natural messy brown hair but then shaved and dyed it both platinum blonde and (mistakenly) ginger. He also masturbated in the shower after covering the door with towels to avoid being seen, later admitting the act to the house while drunk. He assured housemates he had used a condom so none of his semen had remained in the cubicle.

On Day 84, Glyn ran across the roof of the Big Brother House in an attempt to contact the House Next Door, thus breaking the rules, and was punished by not being allowed to take part in the discussion relating to which former Housemate would move from the House Next Door into the Big Brother House.

In the final, Glyn came second with 38.8% of the final vote.

Glyn chose to take a gap year to 'see the world' and has appeared in many Welsh and English television and radio shows on S4C and Radio Cymru. He is currently a regular DJ on C2 Radio Cymru.[13] He has appeared on both an English and Welsh advert for giving blood along with many other Welsh stars. He is now a student at Cardiff University, and so naturally spends most of his time at his halls of residence there.

Glyn has also been made animated on the S4C 'rude' cartoon, Cnex.[14]

In 2006, Glyn was front page of Heat Magazine. He was wearing a black jacket and calvin Kline underwaear. Within the magazine it revealed where Glyn lost his virginity at 15. The following week, Glyn was topless in Heats edition as 'Torso' of the week.

Glyn came 28th in Wales sexiest Men according to 'Wales on Sunday' newspaper.

In May 2007, Glyn launched his book - entitled Blwyddyn Fawr Glyn Wise (Glyn Wise's Big Year) - at Eisteddfod yr Urdd. Edited by Beca Brown, it is autobiographical in nature, with particular emphasis on his year since Big Brother.

In 2010, Glyn returned to the Big Brother House as part of a task during Ultimate Big Brother. He had to dance with Brian Dowling, recreating a task during the second series of the show.

In 2011, Glyn graduated with a 2.1 BA in Welsh at Cardiff university. He is now enrolled to complete his PGCE at UWIC university to become a secondary school Welsh teacher.

In July 2012 it was reported that Glyn had been appointed to teach Welsh at Ysgol Rhydywaun secondary school near Aberdare from September 2012.[15]

In July 2014, Glyn started working at Cardiff University's Welsh For Adult center as an Informal Learning Officer and tutor.

In May 2016, Glyn ran for Assembly Member for Welsh Parliament in the Cardiff Central constituency. He ran as a Plaid Cymru candidate against six other candidates, including Joel Williams, a Big Brother 16 housemate who was running as a Conservative candidate. Both Glyn and Williams lost to Labour candidate Jenny Rathbone.

On 25 August 2016, Glyn announced on his Twitter page that he has left Plaid Cymru, due to diverging views.[16] Media reports in Wales say Glyn left the party over its stance in regards to the European Union.[17]


Grace Karla Adams-Short[5] (born 11 August 1985) is a dance teacher from London. She is a former[when?] pupil of Plymouth College, an independent school in the coastal city of Plymouth in Devon.

Grace was evicted on Day 30, throwing a glass of water over Susie as she left, as Susie was the one responsible for putting her up for eviction, then calling Susie a "moose" and responding to Aisleyne's remonstrating with her by calling Aisleyne by the same epithet.

On Day 83, Grace was the first out of the selected ex-housemates to be voted back into the House Next Door having received 8.4% of the public vote. To celebrate her 21st birthday, whilst in the House Next Door Grace was allowed to enter the Big Brother house for 21 minutes. On Day 86, Grace was evicted from the House Next Door.

In October 2006, her engagement to Mikey, whom she had a relationship with in the house, was announced.[citation needed] In December 2006, Grace was crowned the winner of Sky One's reality television show, Cirque de Celebrité.[18]

On 11 September 2007 Grace featured in an episode of Celebrity Brides Unveiled for Wedding TV which saw her searching for her dream wedding dress. She has also appeared on Big Brother on the Couch.

Grace opened her own performing arts school in Plymouth called "The Grace Academy of Performing Arts". This involves her teaching young children dancing, drama, singing and extra classes of musical theatre. She subsequently opened a second branch in Liverpool.

On 17 October 2009, Grace married fiancé Mikey Dalton in Plymouth. They have a daughter that was born in 2012. They have another child - born in 2015.

In June 2015, Grace re-entered the Big Brother house for a task in Big Brother 16 (UK).


Imogen Mary Thomas (born 29 November 1982 in Gorseinon) is a Welsh model, former beauty queen (2003 Miss Wales), and television and media personality from Llanelli, South Wales. She was a bar hostess at London's Sanderson Hotel before going into the house.

Up to week 5, Imogen was not allowed to participate in nominations. In week 1 she was in the Big Brotherhood, and there were no nominations. In weeks 2 and 3, she was banned from nominating for discussing nominations. In week 4, only Susie was permitted to nominate, and in week 5, as punishment for yet again discussing nominations she was forced (along with 4 other rule breakers) to nominate one fellow rule breaker in front of the group.

On Day 84, Imogen moved with fellow nominee Richard into the House Next Door, where she remained until she was evicted on Day 86 with 62% of the public vote.

Since the Big Brother series ended, Thomas has been a regular covergirl with Zoo magazine. She also appeared on the cover of the January, 2007 edition of Maxim magazine. The Daily Star loved her look dubbing her a young Catherine Zeta-Jones. She had long running contracts with both Daily Star and Daily Star Sunday newspapers. Thomas was in the running for FHM sexiest Woman in the world. She came number 58.[citation needed] In 2010 she shot her first calendar. In November 2006, Imogen was voted the sexiest Woman in Wales. She beat-off competition from other Welsh Beauties including Catherine Zeta-Jones and Charlotte Church. In 2008, she was included in the list of Playboy Bunnies on Playboy's website. Thomas has also been voted the sexiest Big Brother housemate.

She was recently in the press for overturning a court order made by footballer Ryan Giggs to stop her revealing that he had an affair with her.


Jayne Eileen Kitt[1] (born 23 December 1969) is a recruitment adviser from Slough, Berkshire who entered the House through the House Next Door twist. On Day 46, Jayne became the first member of the House Next Door to be 'evicted' into the Main Big Brother House.

On Day 54, after consistent rule-breaking, Big Brother told Jayne that as a punishment all the housemates except herself would be put up for eviction. On Day 56, after she continued to break the Big Brother rules, the House was told that they would not be performing a weekly shopping task and would receive only basic rations the following week. On Day 58, after obscuring her microphone and other housemates' microphones to conceal their conversation, Big Brother restricted the bathroom's hot water supply to one hour per day, as well as forbidding housemates to take a bath. On Day 59 Big Brother made housemates study the rules of the House and gave them an exam. The housemates failed this and the consequent punishment was that the pool would be out of bounds to every housemate.

In the ninth set of nominations, Jayne was nominated alongside Richard and was evicted by the public on Day 65 with 67.1% of the vote.


Jennie Marion Corner[5] (born 20 February 1988) was a barmaid and student from Crewe. She was winner of the Miss Crewe title in 2005.

She entered the House Next Door on Day 44 with four new housemates and Aisleyne. On Day 48 Jennie asked Aisleyne to choose her for eviction from the House Next Door taking a calculated risk in the hope that it would mean a move to the main House.[19] Aisleyne then chose Jennie and Michael, who were both then moved into the main House.

On Day 81, Jennie won the "Big Brother Board Game", which granted her Immunity from the next week's nominations, thus guaranteeing her a place in the show's finale. On the night of the Final, Jennie finished in 6th place with only 0.9% of the vote.

In October 2006, Jennie appeared alongside fellow contestant Glyn Wise in a special edition of Ready Steady Cook. Jennie appeared in a photoshoot for Zoo, and has made numerous personal appearances including the AA Driving School Challenge with former Big Brother 6 housemate Orlaith.[20]


Jonathan Leonard (born May 1982) was a bouncer from Keswick, Cumbria. He now works as a technician on the construction of the world's largest Offshore Windfarm. Jonathan entered the House Next Door on Day 44 with four others and Aisleyne. On Day 49 he was evicted by Aisleyne from the House Next Door and never entered the Main Big Brother House. Jonathan left the Big Brother House on a special live show, with no crowd outside.


Lea Walker[1] (born 11 September 1970)[21][22] is a single mother, porn star and model from Nottingham. Lea has spent a reported[where?] £35,000 on cosmetic surgery. She appeared on a documentary about cosmetic surgery and relationships on the Five TV channel and has also appeared in commercially available pornography. She also appeared on ITV's The Springer Show and Five's Trisha Goddard in November 2004, eighteen months prior to appearing on Big Brother.

Lea was evicted on Day 51 with 53.8% of the public vote, after losing out to Richard.[23] On Day 83, Lea was the second ex-housemate voted back into the House Next Door gaining 7.3% of the vote. She was evicted again on Day 86. In a reversal of the reception Nikki Grahame received, Lea initially received a mixed crowd response when she first left, only to receive a positive reception on her second eviction. Later, Lea even had fans chant her name as she was introduced at the finale.

As of March 2007, Lea co-hosts a show on Sunday mornings with fellow contestant Richard named 'The Dicky and Dolly Show' on Gaydar Radio.[citation needed] She claims to have the biggest breasts in Britain. They are apparently size 30M.[24]

Lea, together with other ex-housemates, presented a special edition of The Sunday Night Project, to mark the beginning of Big Brother, series nine. It was aired after the launch night of Big Brother, and co-starred the original presenters of the show, Alan Carr and Justin Lee Collins. She has a 10-year-old son called Henry, or "H" as she refers to him. Lea and fellow contestant Richard Newman used to host popular online radio station Gaydar. However, they've recently[when?] left and are now on tour with the radio station itself. Lea has recently[when?] brought out an autobiography titled Living With BDD, published by Apex Publishing Ltd. The book follows Lea's emotional life story and how she coped with body dysmorphic disorder. It has references from some of her friends and fellow Big Brother housemate Richard Newman.


Lisa Huo (born 4 January 1979) is an upholsterer and trainee plumber from Tameside, Greater Manchester brought up and attending school in Hattersley, Hyde. She speaks fluent Shanghainese,[25] and lived in Shanghai until she was two.

On Day 26, she won the Waiting Task, thereby gaining immunity from nomination for that week. She was evicted on Day 37 having received 60.3% of the public vote. It was revealed on Richard & Judy that during her time in the House, Lisa swore an average of 4,128 times per day (4.3 times a minute).[26]

In November 2016, Huo admitted to sending communications conveying indecent or offensive material at Manchester and Salford Magistrates’ Court, with the aim of causing distress or anxiety, after sending a number of Facebook posts to a grieving woman after her younger brother's death. Huo was made the subject of a 12-month community order and a two-year non-contact restraining order, forbidding her from contacting the woman, and was also ordered to pay £620 costs and an £85 victim surcharge.[27]


Michael Gareth Cheshire[1] (born 4 December 1982) is an Industrial Relations student (at the London School of Economics) currently living in London. He is originally from Oldham and attended Saddleworth School. In 2003, he appeared on ITV's Blind Date. He is a member of Mensa International and has applied to study Theology at Cambridge University.[28] He was introduced as the 100th Big Brother housemate on Big Brother UK[29] and entered part-way through the series in to the House Next Door. On Day 48, Michael asked Aisleyne to choose him as the next 'evictee' from the House Next Door; Aisleyne did so and by doing so, Michael entered the main House with Jennie.

On Day 72, Michael was evicted with "Best Friend" Spiral in a double eviction, after receiving only 9.7% of the public vote to save them.


Mikey Dalton (born April 1983) is an entrepreneur, businessman and former model and music producer from Liverpool. The son of an Iranian father and an English mother, Mikey adopted his mother's maiden name to avoid anti-Middle Eastern xenophobia in school. He attended St Margaret's Church of England Boys High School and then went on to the University of Salford where he graduated with a first degree in Multimedia & Internet Technology.

On Day 79, Mikey became the 11th housemate to be evicted with 48.5% of the public vote. On Day 83, he was then voted back into the House Next Door with 7.3% of the public's vote, along with Grace, Lea and Nikki. He was evicted for a second and final time on Day 86. Mikey and Grace have had an ongoing relationship since leaving the House Next Door. In October 2006, it was announced that he had proposed to Grace and that she had accepted and the pair were married on 17 October 2009.[citation needed]

Mikey now runs a successful digital advertising company dealing with shopping centre advertising. Mida Systems offer unique water saving devices called Tele Taps that also have a HD screen for advertising purposes. He is also joint director of various other media and technology businesses post Big Brother.


Nicola Rachele-Beth Grahame[1] (born 28 April 1982) is a model, dancer and TV personality for short lived E4 show Big Brother's Nikki. She attended Northwood School in the London Borough of Hillingdon.

One of Big Brother's most memorable contestants, Nikki stood out just for being herself. Her erratic temper tantrums and hilarious diary room appearances became legendary[peacock term], sharply dividing viewer opinion. She was to have no idea that, while in the house, a couple of her diary room comments had caught the public's imagination and they had become her catchphrases. Among her most famous[peacock term] rants were her complaints over the air conditioning, an MP3 player and fellow contestant Susie who, put after putting her up for eviction, Nikki delivered her memorable phrase, "Who is she? Who is she? Where did you find her?".

Nikki was evicted on Day 58 with 37.2% of the vote.[30] On Day 83, Nikki was the third ex-housemate voted back in to the House Next Door with 63% of the vote. On Day 86 she was chosen by the existing housemates to return to the main house, and became eligible to win, but eventually came fifth in the final night.

Nikki has won a Nation Television Award for her appearance on the show[citation needed] and during her time away from the house, Nikki was given her own TV Show called Princess Nikki which followed Nikki as the producers gave her different jobs to do, such as working on a farm, on a fisherman's boat, in a zoo having many tantrums. After leaving the house Nikki had a relationship with housemate Pete[31] for a few weeks.[32]

Nikki returned to Big Brother in August 2010 when she competed in Ultimate Big Brother. She subsequently finished as the runner up, being beaten by Brian Dowling from Big Brother 2 (UK).[33]

In June 2015, Nikki once again returned to Big Brother - this time as a house guest in Big Brother 16 (UK) alongside Big Brother 8 (UK)'s winner Brian Belo and Big Brother 15 (UK)'s winner Helen Wood.[34] She remained in the house for 15 days, and left to cheers from the crowd. She returned to Big Brother in 2016, this time for Big Brother Canada (season 4) when she was voted into the house by the Canadian public as an international wild card. She entered on Day 7 of the show and was evicted on Day 63. She lasted 56 days in the house, being evicted on 28 April 2016 - her 34th birthday. She finished in sixth place, and received a standing ovation from the studio audience.

In total, Nikki has spent the most time in the Big Brother house of any Big Brother UK housemate with a combined total of 102 days from her 69-day stint in Big Brother 7, 18-day stint in Ultimate Big Brother and 15-day stint in Big Brother 16.


Peter Alexander "Pete" Bennett[1][35] (born 22 March 1982) was the winner of Big Brother 7. He is a rock and roll singer from Brighton and has Tourette's syndrome.

During his time in the Big Brother house, Pete had a romantic relationship with Nikki Grahame, however their relationship did not last after their time on Big Brother.

Pete was the bookmaker's firm favourite to win from the very start of the series. On 18 August 2006, Pete won Big Brother 7 with 61.2% of the final vote.


Richard Newman[1] (born 28 July 1972 in Northampton, Northamptonshire) emigrated with his family to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1976 at the age of four. Richard returned to the UK in 1996 moving to the capital, London to pursue a career as a writer and broadcaster. Richard entered the Big Brother house on Day 1. Richard held the record for most evictions survived at 6, until Freddie "Halfwit" Fisher broke the record with 7 in the tenth series. Richard eventually ended up in the final, placing 4th, after 93 days inside the house. Shortly after, Richard made an appearance on The Charlotte Church Show, Richard & Judy as well as the game show The Mint. Richard was interviewed and photographed by Attitude magazine after leaving the Big Brother house, he also appeared on the cover of Boyz magazine wearing his trademark cowboy hat. He went on to host Mr Gay UK that year, and in October 2006 it was announced that Richard would be working as a host on the digital station Gaydar Radio.[36]


Sam Brodie (born 14 April 1987) is a half-Indonesian, half-Scottish pre-op transsexual from Irvine, North Ayrshire, Scotland. Sam entered on Day 12 as a prize for Meal or No Meal. Davina revealed on the live programming that Sam prefers to be referred to as a female. Sam confessed to the housemates to being biologically male on the same night as entering the House, and said they could act however they wish. Sam speaks fluent Malay, Indonesian and French.[37]

Sam lost out to Nikki on a very close call with 53.7% of the public vote meaning that the Big Brother 7 housemates were both on par for popularity from the public. Sam was well received by the fans when leaving the house.

Sam has since appeared on several episodes of 8 Out of 10 Cats, usually during Big Brother comedy sketches, and has also appeared on Big Brother's Little Brother and Big Brother's Big Mouth,The Friday Night Project.

Sam is now living in Indonesia and is married with one child. She works as a television presenter and actor and has recently been a judge on the Indonesian show, which is the live-streaming web equivalent of Britain's Got Talent.


Sezer Yurtseven[1] (born 24 February 1980[38]) is a Turkish-Cypriot, stock broker and property developer from London. Sezer is a former boxer, having competed in white collar[clarification needed] boxing.[39][40]

He is registered with the Financial Services Authority as having worked in commodities and foreign exchange trading at three different firms: a brokerage called ADM between 2001 and 2002, then as an independent trader at London Capital Group until 2004, and at a trading arcade called Schneider Trading Associates up to February 2006.

Sezer is also a director of three companies, including the eponymous Cezer Trading and Seven International Property (both dormant having never traded). In July 2006, he was arrested over a rape allegation and answered bail on 17 August 2006.[41] He was on bail until 2 October. The case has since been dropped due to lack of evidence.[42]

Sezer was evicted on Day 16 with 91.6% of the vote. At the time this was the highest eviction percentage in Big Brother UK history; the record was shattered two years later when Nicole Cammack was evicted from the ninth series with 94.04% of the vote.

Davina McCall revealed on the night of Mikey's and Susie's eviction (Day 79) that 10 Ex housemates had a chance to re-enter the house into the house next door, Sezer was not eligible due to legal reasons.

Since leaving the Big Brother, Sezer has gone back to working in the City Of London. He has interests in three businesses: Anello Trading Limited, Anello Asset Management LLP and Pan Energy Markets Limited.

In 2010, Growing Magazine named Sezer as one of their 'Young Guns 2010'.[43] In November 2010, Pan Energy Markets Limited won the Chamber Of Commerce Prize for The Most Enterprising New Business.[44][45]

In 2006 and 2007 Sezer dated the glamour model, Gemma Massey.


Shahbaz Chauhdry (born March 1969) is a Glaswegian of Pakistani ethnicity, who attended Hillhead High School. He is trilingual, being able to speak English, as well as fluent Punjabi and Urdu.[46] He also knits and classifies himself as unemployable, stating he has survived on unemployment benefit for 21 years.

Shahbaz was being monitored by production team psychologists following comments that he intended to commit suicide whilst in the House[47] and he asked to leave the Big Brother House, departing on Day 6. After leaving the House, Shahbaz admitted to having understated his mental condition to psychologists during interviews for the programme, therefore cheating the selection process.[48] Controversy also arose when it seemed that the other housemates were bullying Shahbaz, because they disliked his personality. This led to him being shunned by the majority of the group in particular, Sezer, Richard, Grace, Lea and Lisa. He has since appeared on several episodes of The Friday Night Project, usually during Big Brother comedy sketches, and has also appeared on Big Brother's Little Brother and Big Brother's Big Mouth.[citation needed]


Glen Coroner, known as Spiral, (born 28 November 1983) is a DJ from Dublin, Ireland. Spiral entered the House Next Door part-way through the series and on Day 49, he was picked by Aisleyne to enter the main Big Brother House, however, his friendship with Aisleyne was short-lived as they had a number of arguments towards the end of his stay. On Day 72, Spiral was evicted with "Best Friend" Michael in a double eviction, after receiving only 9.7% of the public vote to save them.

Spiral has released a single "Finglas which entered the Top 10 in Ireland. New Dance Tunes Produced by DJ Spiral // DJ Spiral ft Lauren Mason - Working Me Out // DJ Spiral ft ISHA D - Love Of The Night. Owner of the Biggest Old Skool Event in Dublin & Ireland.[49]


Susan "Susie" Verrico (born 21 March 1963) is a model from West Malling, Kent who entered the House with a Golden Ticket from the promotion with Nestlé Rowntree's. She appeared as a stripper in the "adult version" of the video of HIM's cover version of Chris Isaak's Wicked Game.[50] Married to a wealthy businessman, she has also been a lap-dancer.[51] In order to gain her entry into the House, her husband bought sixty boxes of Kit Kats, but without finding a ticket. He later bid £4000 on eBay for one, subsequently winning.

As the Golden Housemate, for her first week Susie was the only housemate to nominate in week 4. The other housemates knew this before the nominations, but were forbidden from telling Susie. The two housemates she chose (Nikki and Grace) therefore automatically faced eviction, this prompted Grace and Nikki to give two of the shows most memorable moments (Grace throwing water at Susie on her eviction, and Nikki shouting "Who is she, where did you find her!" in the Diary Room). On Day 73, as part of the task, Susie was shown to be the least intelligent and most emotionally stable of the housemates in the House at that time.[52]

A 'State of Susie' was formed in the house where Susie was considered the dictator of the other housemates.

On Day 79, Susie became the 12th housemate to be evicted from the House in a double eviction receiving 59.4% of the public vote.

In March 2007, Susie appeared on an episode of the Channel 4 property programme, A Place in the Sun.[citation needed]


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