List of Big Brother 16 (American season) houseguests

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Sixteen HouseGuests were announced to be competing in the sixteenth edition of the American reality television series Big Brother on June 19, 2014.[1] Each week, one or more of the HouseGuests are evicted by votes by the remaining HouseGuests until the winner is left.


Amber Nichol Borzotra (born January 13, 1988), 31, is a German American[2] model and esthetician from North Hollywood, California. She applied by attending an open casting call in Los Angeles, but she had said she was unfamiliar with the show. Originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, Amber was in the first group to enter the house. Amber was one of two women involved in the "Bomb Squad" alliance formed by Caleb and Frankie. During her time in the house, Amber received unwanted romantic attention from Caleb, who he referred to as his "Queen". She won the Head of Household competition in Week 2 but was dethroned after her nominees, Hayden and Nicole, won the Battle of the Block competition. In week 3, Amber was nominated with Donny by Nicole, who won the Head of Household competition. However, Amber and Donny won the Battle of the Block competition and secured her safety for the week, although Caleb threw the competition to ensure Amber's safety. Following Devin's eviction, Amber and Caleb were exiled from the Bomb Squad (with Frankie claiming they were "too much drama"), while the remaining members formed a new alliance called "The Detonators". Amber was seen as a physical threat by most of the guys and quickly became a target of the Detonators after telling Christine (unaware she was a member of the alliance) about a plan to possibly form a girl's alliance with her and Nicole and get some of the guys out (her main target being Zach), which backfired when Christine told the Detonators of Amber's plan. Zach and Frankie quickly put a plan in motion to backdoor Amber after they won the Head of Household competition. Annoyed at his unreciprocated feelings for Amber and still unaware of the new alliance, a frustrated Caleb later approached Frankie with a plan to put Amber on the block as a scare tactic, unaware a plan had already been set in motion to backdoor her. Amber was named the replacement nominee against Jocasta by Frankie (with Caleb thinking it was his idea) after Hayden won the Power of Veto and took Victoria off the block. Christine later attempted to keep Amber in the game by reassuring the Detonators that Zach was no longer Amber's target and that she wanted to put Caleb on the block after thinking he was responsible for her being the replacement nominee, however this also backfired on Amber as the Detonators relayed this information to Caleb, and her fate was sealed even further when Zach twisted Amber's words about her relationship with Caleb and relayed this information to him. Amber was evicted on Day 42 in a unanimous vote of 9–0, finishing in 12th place.


Brittany Christine Martinez (née Thompson) (born February 1, 1985), 34, is an event coordinator from Torrance, California. She is a recently single mother of three. Originally from Long Beach, California, she entered the house with the second group. Unlike the other HouseGuests, Brittany was not aware of the show's existence until she was recruited at a bar in Hermosa Beach. She was nominated alongside Victoria in Week 1 by Frankie but won the "Battle of the Block" competition, securing her safety and dethroning Frankie in the process. The following week, after Devin held a house meeting telling everyone how he had accused Donny of not being who he said he is and had forced Caleb to nominate him, Brittany realized that what Caleb had said about nominating those that were eliminated first in the previous Head of Household competition was a lie and said so. Frankie and Caleb later informed Devin about what Brittany had said, to his annoyance. Brittany was nominated again alongside Paola, with Brittany being Devin's main target, which became official after they lost the Battle of the Block to Hayden and Nicole. After Devin won the Power of Veto, Brittany pleaded for him to use the veto on her, noting their similarities for being single parents. After a change of heart, Devin used the veto to take Brittany off the block and nominated Zach in her place. In week 4, Brittany was nominated by Cody, after Frankie told him that Brittany had said she felt unsafe being the only girl not to "suck up" to Cody. Derrick also encouraged Cody to target Brittany because she was the only person not on their side of the house that they could manipulate. Brittany and Victoria did not manage to win the Battle of the Block competition, leaving them as the official nominees. Losing the veto, she was made an official nominee. Brittany was voted out in a unanimous vote of 10–0 against Donny on Day 35, coming in 13th place.


Caleb Matthew Reynolds (born November 27, 1987), 32, is a hunting guide from Hopkinsville, Kentucky. He also has modeling experience. Many people refer to him as "Beast Mode Cowboy." Caleb was recruited after applying for The Amazing Race with his friend. Originally from Dallas, Texas, he was in the second group to enter the house and became the Head of Household after winning the "Over the Coals" competition. He later became the first official HoH after his nominees (Donny and Paola) failed to win the "Battle of the Block" competition. Caleb created the "Bomb Squad" alliance with his fellow HoH Frankie, which includes Amber, Christine, and all of the men except Donny and Hayden. In week 3, Caleb volunteered for Derrick to nominate him so Derrick and Nicole could backdoor Devin; Derrick then nominated Caleb and Jocasta. In week 6, Caleb was nominated alongside Victoria by Donny, who was HOH along with Nicole. However, Caleb and Victoria won Battle Of The Block, dethroning Donny and securing their safety from the block. However he had to endure three punishments, which included eating slop for 2 weeks, Adam and Eve (chained to Victoria in leafy costumes for 48 hours) and one had to shave their head. On Day 49, Caleb won his second HOH of the season making the him the first person to hold the title twice officially. He nominated Hayden and Donny for eviction. However, Donny won the POV and Caleb named Hayden's partner Nicole as the replacement nominee, resulting in Hayden's eviction. On Day 70, Caleb won his third HOH of the season, which was an endurance competition making him the first person to be HOH officially three times unlike Frankie and Nicole who have four and three HOHs respectively and were dethroned twice. He nominated Nicole and Christine for eviction. Christine won POV, which meant that Caleb named Victoria the replacement nominee alongside Nicole, in hopes that Nicole would be evicted a second time. In Week 12, Caleb won his fourth HOH of the season. Only counting official or permanent HOHs, he is tied with Drew Daniels, Janelle Pierzina, Hayden Moss, Rachel Reilly, Ian Terry and Aaryn Gries for the most HOHs in a single season. He then nominated Frankie and Victoria for eviction. In Week 12, HOH Derrick nominated Caleb and Victoria for eviction. Cody won the veto and decided not to use it, leaving the nominations the same. On Day 90, Caleb was evicted by Cody, coming in 4th Place. Caleb had a well known unrequited crush on Amber which many other housemates regard as "creepy and obsessive". Caleb was disliked by several houseguests at the beginning of the game, especially Cody and Zach due to his obsession with Amber but obtained a friendship with the two. He also had close friendships with Derrick, Brittany, Devin, Donny, Frankie and Amber despite his obsession with her. Caleb voted for Derrick to win Big Brother. Prior to the premiere, Caleb created controversy after an Instagram post surfaced which voiced his disapproval of U.S. President Barack Obama. In addition, it was revealed that he used homophobic slurs in his responses and referred to Obama as a Muslim monkey. The comments were made public after TMZ covered the story shortly before he entered the house.[3]


Christine Nicole Brecht (née Varner) (born May 8, 1991), 28, is a barista from Tucson, Arizona. Christine originally applied by sending a video to casting as well as attending an open casting call. Christine is one of the two women in the "Bomb Squad" alliance formed by Caleb and Frankie. She also has formed a strong bond with Nicole, a fellow superfan of the show. However, as the game progressed, she began to turn on her. She was also disliked by numerous houseguests as the game progressed, including her former ally Nicole, Hayden, Victoria, Donny, Zach, Derrick and Caleb. Christine is a member of the Detonators alliance. In week 5, Christine was nominated alongside Nicole by Zach, who was HOH along with Frankie. However, Christine and Nicole won the Battle Of The Block competition, dethroning Zach and securing her safety for the week. Christine had a very close relationship inside the Big Brother House with fellow housemate, Cody, despite being married. In week 6, Christine won her first Power of Veto. In Week 7, Christine became HoH. She nominated Donny and Zach for eviction. Donny and Zach lost the BOB competition and remained on the block. Zach won POV and removed himself from the block. Christine named her former ally Nicole as the replacement nominee and Nicole was evicted by a unanimous vote. On Day 71, Christine was nominated alongside Nicole by HOH Caleb. On Day 72, Christine won her second POV of the season. In Week 11, Christine was nominated alongside Victoria by HOH Derrick on Double Eviction night. Frankie won the POV and chose to keep the nominations the same. As a result, Christine was evicted by a 3–0 vote and received boos describing as the loudest boos in Big Brother history. She is the sixth member of the Jury. She came in 6th place.


Cody Christopher Calafiore (born December 13, 1990), 28, is a sales account executive from Howell, New Jersey. He also has modeling experience. Cody was recruited to be on the show. Originally from Hackensack, New Jersey, he entered the house with the first group. He was a part of the "Bomb Squad" alliance with most of the men in the house. He initially won the Head of Household in Week 2, but his victory was rescinded after producers saw him touch the ground before he hit the buzzer. In week 4, Cody won HOH alongside Frankie and nominated Victoria and Brittany. Cody's nominees lost the Battle Of The Block competition, therefore, Cody remained HOH and Frankie was dethroned. In Week 8, Cody was nominated alongside Caleb by HOH Frankie. Cody and Caleb lost the BOTB competition and remained on the block as a result. Cody was then nominated aside his former ally and friend Zach after Frankie used the POV on Caleb and backdoored Zach. Cody survived eviction. In Week 9, Cody won his second HOH and became the first solo HOH of the season. He nominated Donny and Nicole for eviction. The same week, Cody won his first Power of Veto and chose to keep the nominations the same, which resulted in Donny's eviction. In Week 11, Cody was nominated alongside Victoria by Frankie who was the HOH. But due to the twist, Cody (and Victoria) got off the block. In Week 12, Cody won his second Power of Veto of the season. On Day 97, Cody won the final HOH of the season after winning on a tiebreaker question. He evicted Victoria and took his ally Derrick to the final 2. Cody became the runner-up of the season, losing to Derrick on a 7–2 vote, only receiving votes from Donny and Jocasta. Cody's closest ally in the game was Derrick and he had a Final 2 alliance with him called "The Hitmen", which ultimately came true. Cody also had close friendships in the house with Christine, Frankie, Zach, Donny, Brittany, Nicole and Devin. Although he heavily despised Caleb at first due to his obsession with Amber, Cody and him formed a strong bond in later stages of the game. Cody is tied with Frankie Grande, Shane Meaney, and Frank Eudy for the most competitions won by a male, at 6.


Derrick Levasseur (born February 3, 1984), 35, is a police officer from Providence, Rhode Island Derrick applied for the show by sending an audition tape to casting. He is a super fan of the show. In Week 3, Derrick and Nicole won HoH, and Derrick nominated Caleb and Jocasta. He is a member of the "Bomb Squad" alliance, as well as being selected by fans for the secret Team America group along with Frankie and Donny. Derrick is a member of the Detonators alliance. Caleb and Jocasta lost the Battle of the Block competition and Derrick remained the sole HOH for the week. Donny won Power of Veto and removed Jocasta from the block. Derrick then made Devin the replacement nominee and Devin was evicted by an 11–0 vote. In Week 8, Derrick won his second HOH along with Frankie. Derrick nominated Donny and Christine, but Donny and Christine won the BOTB, dethroning Derrick as HOH. In Week 11, Derrick won his third HOH of the season during Double Eviction. He nominated Christine and Victoria for eviction and Christine was evicted. In Week 12, Derrick won his fourth (third sole) HOH of the season and he nominated Caleb and Victoria. Cody had won the POV and decided to not use it, with Cody evicting Caleb. Derrick is the first houseguest of the season to not be nominated 12 weeks into the game, this would be matched by his fellow Houseguest Nicole on Big Brother 18. Derrick got the news on July 25 of his grandfather's death, just two days after fellow HouseGuest and fellow Team America member Frankie received news that his grandfather died. On finale night, Derrick was crowned the winner of this season and won by a near unanimous 7–2 vote, receiving the votes of everyone on the jury except for Donny and Jocasta. He holds the record for most money won at $575,000.


Devin Kenneth Shepherd (born September 9, 1987), 31, is a motorcycle sales manager now living in San Antonio, Texas. Originally from Oxnard, California,[4] he was a minor league baseball player before retiring. He originally applied for The Amazing Race with an ex-girlfriend of his and was recruited for Big Brother. He entered the house with the first group. Devin initiated the "Crazy 8's" alliance with his group of the house (who entered first) and formed a side alliance with Donny known as the "Double D's". Following the second group's entrance into the house, Devin joined the "Bomb Squad" alliance and later targeted his own ally Donny for eviction. Without consulting the other alliance members, he then brought Amber and Christine into the "Bomb Squad". It then became clear to the other house guest that he was the loose cannon of his alliance, with his paranoia and erratic behavior starting to irritate the majority of his fellow house guests. He was crowned the second Head of Household in Week 2 after it was revealed that Cody had unintentionally fouled before he finished. He nominated Brittany and Paola, with the intention of evicting Brittany. Once he won the Power of Veto, Devin had a change of heart and did not want to evict a single mother of three as a single parent of a daughter himself. He ended up putting up his fellow "Bomb Squad" ally, Zach, as a replacement nominee which led to his alliance turning against him. Knowing everyone was out to get him, Devin fought to win the Power of Veto, however Donny beat him out in the second to last round of the competition (after which the rest of the HouseGuests cheered wildly). After Donny used the Power of Veto on Jocasta, Devin was announced the replacement nominee. Devin was the third house guest evicted on Day 28 in a unanimous vote. He came in 14th place.


Donald "Donny" Joseph Thompson (born November 7, 1971), 47, is a school groundskeeper from Albemarle, North Carolina. He entered the house with the first group. He was nominated by Caleb in the first week, which became official after he failed to win the "Battle of the Block" competition. On Day 6, Donny won the season's first POV competition, saving himself from potential eviction. He later became part of Team America. In week 3, Donny was nominated against Amber by Nicole after he told Jocasta and Brittany about Caleb's plans to throw the competition. Donny was named the replacement after Victoria vetoed herself by HOH Cody in Week 4. On Day 49, during a double eviction Donny was nominated beside Hayden. He won his 3rd power of veto and took himself off the block. In Week 7, Donny was nominated alongside Zach by HOH Christine. Donny and Zach lost the BOTB competition and remained on the block. After Zach won POV, Donny remained alongside replacement nominee Nicole. Donny survived eviction. In Week 8, Donny was nominated for a sixth time by HOH Derrick. However, Donny and Christine won the BOTB and dethroned Derrick. In Week 9, Donny was nominated for a seventh c time alongside Nicole by HOH Cody. Donny was evicted on Day 70 by a 5–0 vote. He is the fourth member of the Jury. He came in 8th place. On the finale night, he won America's Favorite Houseguest with $25,000. Donny voted for Cody to win Big Brother. On October 1, 2014 Thompson revealed his engagement to pre-season girlfriend Kristine Bartley [5]


Frank "Frankie" James Michael Grande Marchione (born January 24, 1983), 36, is a Broadway dancer, older half-brother of pop and R&B singer Ariana Grande, TV host and YouTube personality from New York, New York. He had previously applied to compete on Survivor. Frankie applied to the show after getting encouragement from Adam Poch of BB13 to do so. He became the first Head of Household after winning the Head of Household competition, "Go Fly a Kite". However, he was dethroned as HoH after his nominees (Brittany and Victoria) won the "Battle of the Block" competition. He became co-Head of Household again in Week Four with partner Cody in the "Devilled Eggs" competition, but he was dethroned for the second time when nominees Amber and Jocasta won the Battle of the Block. He formed an alliance with his fellow HoH Caleb called the "Bomb Squad", as well as a final two deal with Zach. Frankie is also one of three members whom fans voted to participate in this season's twist, Team America. Frankie got the news of his grandfather's death on the show, but decided against leaving Big Brother. Shortly thereafter, he won his third Head of Household competition, entitled "Country Hits", because Derrick threw the competition. Frankie is the first houseguest in Big Brother History to win HoH two weeks in a row. This is mostly because he was dethroned twice, giving him an equal chance to win HOH again. On Day 36, Frankie became the sole HoH (after being dethroned twice before) when his nominees (Jocasta and Victoria) lost the Battle of the Block competition. He was responsible for Amber's eviction that week. After Nicole won Head of Household, she and the rest of the house wanted to eliminate Frankie. She nominated Frankie and Caleb, and Caleb was going to throw the competition. However, Frankie won the competition by himself. In the next week, Frankie won his fourth Head of Household competition and nominated Cody and Caleb in an attempt to evict Donny. But after Christine and Donny won the Battle of the Block, and when Frankie won the Power of Veto competition, he decided to use the veto on Caleb and nominated his ally and best friend Zach in his place, in a successful attempt to finally evict Zach from the house. On Day 77, Frankie won his second POV of the season and won his fifth HOH competition of the season, meaning he has broken the record for most HOH wins but only retained three of his HOH reigns due to being dethroned Week 1 and 4 during the Double HOH Twist. Therefore, he did not break the record. In Week 12, Frankie was nominated alongside Victoria for eviction by Caleb and was evicted with a unanimous vote of 2–0, coming in 5th Place. Frankie voted for Derrick to win Big Brother. In terms of retainable competition wins, not including the Battle of the Block, Frankie Grande is tied with fellow houseguest Cody Calafiore, Frank Eudy and Shane Meaney for the most competitions won by a male, at 6.


Hayden Edward Voss (born June 8, 1993), 26, is a pedicab driver from Long Beach, California While at work, Hayden was recruited by casting to be on the show. He is also a vocalist for a metalcore band. He entered the house with the second group. Amber nominated Hayden and ally Nicole in Week 2, but they escaped the block after winning the Battle of the Block competition. Hayden and Nicole eventually developed a very close connection, which grew into a showmance. During the fifth week, Hayden won the Power of Veto and used it to save Victoria.[6] On Day 49, Caleb immediately had to nominate two houseguests (It was Double Eviction Night) so, he nominated Hayden alongside Donny. In the POV Competition, Donny won the veto. He took himself off the block, and Caleb nominated Nicole in his spot. On Day 49, Hayden was evicted by a 5–2 vote. He is the second member of the Jury. He came in 10th place. Hayden voted for Derrick to win Big Brother. He was in a relationship with Nicole after the season ended.


Jocasta Brittain Odom (née Gates) (born August 10, 1980), 38, is a minister from Lovejoy, Georgia. She applied for the show. In Week 3, Derrick nominated Jocasta against Caleb. Since she was ill while the third PoV competition was being held, she could not compete. When Donny won the Power of Veto, he used it to remove Jocasta from the block. She was again nominated by Frankie against Amber, but won the Battle of the Block competition securing her safety for the week. In week 6, Jocasta was nominated alongside Zach by Nicole. However, Zach and Jocasta lost the Battle of the Block competition and remain on the block. On Day 49, Jocasta was evicted in a 6–2 vote. She is the first member of the Jury. She came in 11th place. Jocasta voted for Cody to win Big Brother.


Joanna Marie "Joey" Van Pelt (born February 7, 1987), 32, is a hairstylist and make-up artist from Seattle, Washington.[7] She described herself as being adventurous, happy, sensitive, and witty. She came up with a new character Alex [8] She is further described as having "very liberal views."[8] Joey was recruited at her work to appear on the show. Upon entering the house, Joey became known for her short blue hair.[9] She became the first member of the Team America alliance following a public vote that occurred prior to the season premiere.[10] Joey became a part of the "Crazy 8" alliance and the "El Quatro" alliance soon after entering the house, though both alliances quickly fell apart.[11][12] Joey later attempted to form a larger alliance with the girls in the house, but this plan failed. She later came clean to Devin about forming a girls' alliance to evict him, which upset several of the men in the house.[13] On Day 10, Joey became the replacement nominee after Donny used the Power of Veto to save himself.[14] Joey attempted to stay in the house by informing Hayden of the Team America twist,[15] as well as dressing up in drag during a campaign to the HouseGuests.[16] On Day 14, she became the first HouseGuest to be evicted from the house in a unanimous vote of thirteen to zero.[17][18] Following her appearance, Joey's gameplay was scrutinized by fans, with some describing her as "the worst player in Big Brother history". She came in 16th place.[19][20][21]


Nicole Ann Franzel (born June 30, 1992), 26, was born and raised in Ubly, Michigan where she recently graduated from college as a nurse. She was the second youngest contestant in the house.[22] She applied for the show as a self-proclaimed 'super-fan.' She originally formed strong relationships with Christine and Hayden. Eventually, Hayden and Nicole developed a close connection that led some viewers to expect a showmance, and Nicole said Hayden would be a good boyfriend. She was nominated with Hayden by Amber in the second week, but those nominations were voided when she won the Battle of the Block with Hayden. In week 3, Nicole won HoH alongside Derrick and nominated Amber and Donny. After being dethroned from the HoH, she had to wear a frog costume for a week. Nicole was the first female houseguest this season to win HOH twice, and the first female sole HOH. On day 49 Nicole was a replacement nominee when Donny took himself off the block. She sat next to her showmance partner Hayden and witnessed his eviction. Immediately following she became next week HoH. During week 7, she was dethroned and then nominated. On day 56, she was evicted by a vote of 6–0. She is the third member of the jury, and the first person in Big Brother history to win HOH and get evicted in the same week. Nicole returned to the house Day 63 after she won the challenge between Hayden, Jocasta, and Zach. On Day 64, Nicole was nominated alongside Donny for eviction by HOH Cody. On Day 71, Nicole was nominated for a sixth consecutive time alongside Christine by HOH Caleb. Nicole was re-evicted by a vote of 4–0. She is the fifth member of the Jury. She came in 7th place. Nicole voted for Derrick to win Big Brother. After the season ended, she continued a romantic relationship with Hayden and stayed in touch with Victoria, Zach and Donny. Nicole had a strong fanbase during the show, consistently being a fan favorite, which led to her being in the top 3 for America's Favorite House guest. Nicole later becomes a returnee contestant (along with James and Da'Vonne from Big Brother 17 and Frank from Big Brother 14) on Big Brother 18 where she was crowned the winner by a 5–4 vote.


Paola Shea Racelis (born May 29, 1987), 31, is a DJ who is originally from East Hampton, Connecticut and is currently residing in Astoria, New York.[23] She was recruited for the show, although she claims to have been a fan of the show. Paola has appeared in Maxim magazine as well as becoming a top ranked female gamer.[23] She was in the first group to enter the house. Whilst in the house, Paola was seen as an easy target for nominations due to her complete lack of ability in all of the competitions. Caleb nominated Paola and Donny in week 1, however they lost the Battle of the Block and remained on the block. After Donny won the Power of Veto, Joey was announced as the replacement nominee. Paola survived the eviction, with no votes cast against her. In week 3, Devin nominated Paola alongside Brittany, with the latter being his main target. Devin asked Paola to throw the Battle of the Block and ensured her that she would not be going home. Paola kept her word and lost the Battle of the Block (although most of the HouseGuests weren't sure if she actually threw the competition due to being generally weak in all competitions). After Devin won the Power of Veto, he blindsided Paola by using the veto on Brittany after she made a valiant plea to him to keep her in the game, and announced Zach as the replacement nominee. On Day 21, Paola became the second HouseGuest to be evicted from the house, receiving a total of ten eviction votes, the first non-unanimous vote of the season, with only Jocasta and Donny voting to evict Zach. She came in 15th place.[24]


Victoria Rafaeli (born June 16, 1992), 26, is a photographer who is originally from Brooklyn and Holon, Israel but currently residing in Weston, Florida.[25] She was raised by Orthodox Israeli parents and even once rejected a public marriage proposal.[25] She has drawn comparisons to reality star Kim Kardashian.[26] Victoria was inspired to become a photographer at the age of nine, ever since she picked up her first camera.[27] She started her own photography business when she was only nineteen years old, without any formal training.[25] Victoria was recruited for the show, although she claims she was unfamiliar with the American version, she had seen the Israeli version of the show.

She entered the house with the second group. She was nominated by Frankie for eviction, feeling like it was fair because she and Brittany were the first house guests to be eliminated in the HOH competition. However, they escaped the block after winning the "Battle of the Block" competition, voiding Frankie's nominations and removing his HoH status. On Day 29, she was nominated by Cody with once again Brittany and lost the "Battle of the Block" competition, but won the power of veto.[28] She was again nominated by Frankie in the fifth week with Jocasta and failed to win the "Battle of the Block" competition, but was saved by Hayden, who she selected as "Houseguests' Choice" for the veto competition.[6] During Week 6, she was nominated alongside Caleb by Donny for eviction, however, they won the "Battle of the Block" competition but in doing so earned three punishments; – shaved head, Adam and Eve (chained to Caleb for forty eight hours), and slop (for two weeks).[29] During week 10, on Day 74, Victoria was the replacement nominee after Christine won the POV. On Day 77, Victoria was nominated by Derrick to ensure Christine's eviction. In Week 11, Frankie nominated Cody and Victoria with his target being later. Both got off the block however due to the Rewind Twist. During Week 12, Victoria was nominated for an eighth time alongside Frankie by Caleb, however Victoria won $5,000 when she bet on eventually winner Hayden to win the "Puck It For Luxury" Jury Competition.[30] Victoria's closest ally has been Derrick, and she also formed a strong bond with Nicole when she returned to the house. Victoria currently holds the record for having the most nominations in a single season with ten nominations, but four of those nominations were either vetoed or canceled out through "Battle of the Block" wins. She does, however, hold a Big Brother record of most consecutive post-veto nominations, having survived all five of the other nominations each in a row, without receiving a single vote to evict her until her sixth consecutive nomination. On Day 97, Victoria was evicted by the final HOH Cody, coming in 3rd place. She is the ninth and final member of the Jury. Victoria voted for Derrick to win Big Brother.

On Aug 23, an incident involving Victoria started at around 11:14 a.m. when Nicole found Victoria collapsed in the toilet stall.[31] It was believed that the pain she received from her wisdom teeth (which started on Aug 22) was a possible cause.[32] Victoria left the house for medical attention and she returned to the house at 1:56 p.m. from the hospital. She stated that they gave her an IV for the pain and dehydration.[33]


Zachary "Zach" Colin Rance (born September 9, 1990), 28, is from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Economics.[34] Zach was a member of the "Bomb Squad" and the founder of "The Detonators". Zach won his first HOH in week 5 and choose to nominate Nicole and his ally, Christine after she refuses to follow through with his plan to throw the Battle of the Block competition with Amber, his real target. He was ultimately dethroned. He was nominated in Week 6 by Nicole but escaped the eviction after his ally voted for him to stay. He was nominated once again in Week 7 by his ally Christine. He won the veto and saved himself, leading to Nicole's eviction. In Week 8, he became the replacement nominee by Frankie after he was deemed a troublemaker by him and was evicted on a 5–0 vote. He is technically the fourth jury member but Nicole came back so it makes him the third member of the Jury. He came in 9th place. Zach voted for Derrick to win Big Brother. Zach became quite popular with fans for his zany behavior and seemingly romantic relationship with House Guest Frankie Grande which led him to be in the Top 3 of America's Favourite Houseguest.


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