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List of Dark Deception Characters

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This is a list of characters in the universe of Glowstick Entertainment's Dark Deception franchise.

Main Characters[edit]

Doug Houser[edit]

Voiced by:

  • N/A

Doug Houser.[1] is a major character appearing in all chapters of the game, Dark Deception. Besides the fact that he is currently the only playable character, nothing much is currently known about him as little information is given that he had a daughter and a wife that he most likely killed [2]

Helen Bierce[edit]

Voiced by:

  • Carolyn Seymour

Helen Bierce, also known as Bierce is a major character appearing in every chapter of Dark Deception. Little is known of her past or her goals.

Throughout the game, Bierce will aid the player in their quest to collect the Soul Shards to rebuild the Riddle of Heaven, which she assures the Protagonist she will use to bring them back to life. This aid comes in the form of advice, unlocking powers for the Protagonist and a radar to show them where the Soul Shards are. Bierce claims that she knows what the Protagonist has done in their life and the intentions of these actions.

Bierce is rather confident in her abilities and her knowledge, shown in her cocky attitude and her disregard for the player's failure. She has a rather negative relationship with Malak, shown in their numerous arguments. Malak even toys with her guilt by mentioning previous 'guests' before the Protagonist that have failed and died. He also claims that she is evil and is merely using the Protagonist for her own gain, though this may be false.

In 2014, there was a Kickstarter page which detailed Bierce's past.

NOTE: This may no longer be canonical.

Helen Bierce - the She-Devil of the Silver Screen, as she was known in the 1930s – was a woman with a mysterious past who came to Los Angeles from parts unknown to make it big in Hollywood. Beautiful, clever and manipulative, Bierce married a crooked producer and was, for a time, one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. Known for her vicious temper and on-set tantrums as well as her debauched parties up in the Hollywood Hills. Among other things, Bierce was rumoured to be a Satanist, along with a number of high-profile Hollywood studio execs, all of who had ties to Bierce’s social circle. The press noticed that she was particularly fond of an odd-looking old ring, which she wore at all times. Her husband was committed to an asylum in 1937 for an unexplained “nervous condition” and died under mysterious circumstances while institutionalized. Much to her surprise, after the death of her husband and subsequent exposure of his corrupt practices, Bierce’s career plummeted. Bitter and defeated, she withdrew to her mansion and lived alone, though rumours persisted of mysterious people coming and going from the house at all hours, and strange ceremonies taking place there in the dead of night. In 1939 a rash of disappearances in the area led police to Bierce's house in an attempt to question the reclusive actress, only to find the mansion deserted. Strange, horrific symbols were found painted in blood on the interior walls of the house’s many rooms, and a huge, occult symbol was daubed on the floor of the mansion’s ballroom. Despite an intensive manhunt, Bierce was never found, and the case eventually went cold.

After her disappearance, a Hollywood legend grew up around Bierce and her ring. She’d gotten her glamour from black magic, bargaining with a demon to become the Queen of Hollywood. The legend goes that if you find her ring and solve the puzzle it presents, Bierce will appear and give you your heart’s desire – for a price.


Voiced by:

  • Christopher Corey Smith

Malak is the main antagonist in the episodic indie horror videogame Dark Deception. He is a demon who controls nightmares and has a vendetta against the Protagonist and Bierce.

Malak first appears after the player first beats Monkey Business, warning the player not to trust Bierce, their guide throughout the game, and that giving her the ring is a terrible idea. He also attempts to block level entrances, which are broken by the player. He then appears physically in Elementary Evil, both as a more humanoid form to stalk the player in Act 2 and as a wraith-like form to chase the player in Act 3 (he is joined by Agatha if the player falls into her faux portal traps). He also appears in Deadly Decadence with similar behaviour to the last set of levels, harmlessly (but creepily) watching the player in the second act and attacking the player with the Gold Watchers in the courtyard by the third act. He repeats this formula in Stranger Sewers and Crazy Carnevil, while also summoning the Doom Ducky and the Goliath Clowns to kill the player to no avail.

Supporting Antagonists[edit]

Murder Monkeys[edit]

Voiced by:

  • N/A

The Murder Monkeys are a group of demonic monsters that serve as the primary antagonists of the first chapter of Dark Deception, a horror maze-style game. Fittingly enough said chapter is named "Monkey Business" and the Monkeys have become the game's more infamous enemies online due to this chapter being released as a teaser for the game proper.

The Monkeys are a strange race of demonic creatures inhabiting one of the many pocket-dimensions connected to Bierce's Ballroom, which the player must enter as part of a task to create a mystical ring via collecting the Soul Shards of previous victims, who have failed the elaborate mazes which make up said dimensions.

The Monkeys' dimension resembles a grand hotel but the hallways are haunted by said Monkeys, who possess sharp knife-like blades for hands and terrifying speed. The Monkeys will attack any they come across in said halls and pursue them mercilessly with the intent of killing and devouring them.

What appears to be worse is that the halls are also covered in the Soul Shards of those who failed, this suggests the Monkeys' victims do not just physically die but are also held as eternal prisoners in the Hell-like dimension (however, this is likely the case for all of the dimensions in the game).

The Murder Monkeys are revealed to have a connection to the arch-demon Malak, near the end of the chapter and go into a frenzy when the player collects all the Soul Shards, yet are unable to pursue the player once they exit the dimension.

The Murder Monkeys are mentioned in Elementary Evil, both in drawings and posters as well as being mentioned by Agatha.

A Murder Monkey can be seen behind the entrance in Stranger Sewers when the player gets the ability of telepathy.

A Murder Monkey guards the entrance to the level Crazy Carnevil, with the player needing to use the Primal Fear ability to scare it away. Another Murder Monkey can also be seen in a cage later on in the level.


Voiced by:

  • Kathryn Cressida

Agatha is a secondary antagonist in the horror game Dark Deception.

Agatha first appears in the auditorium in Act 1, greeting the player into her realm. Unlike other enemies in the game, she mainly uses a cat-and-mouse strategy with hunting down the player, chasing after them if she sees them. She can also detect the player through them opening a door. From Act 2 onwards, she gains a teleportation ability. In the second and final act, she alongside Malak chases after the player, but player escapes.

The Gold Watchers[edit]

Voiced by:

  • Christopher Corey Smith

The Gold Watchers are minor antagonists in the game Dark Deception, appearing as the main monsters in the third level, Deadly Decadence.

The Gold Watchers make their first appearance in Deadly Decadence, acting as the main enemies of the level. Acting similar to the infamous Weeping Angels of Doctor Who fame, these beasts can only move when the player is not looking at them, freezing in place when the player turns around. Their quick speed and knowledge of the player's location makes them a dangerous threat.

In the first act, three Gold Watchers stalk the player through a hedge maze, and in the second act, the player must deal with four of the brutes inside their mansion. Both in the second and final act, Malak himself appears to try and kill the player, alongside around 15 other Watchers.

Due to Bierce noting that their realm is falling apart when taking the Ring Piece, it's possible all of the Gold Watchers died with their nightmare.

The Dread Duckies[edit]

Voiced by:

  • N/A

The Dread Duckies are antagonists in the game Dark Deception.

The Dread Duckies are the main enemies of the level Stranger Sewers. Mainly using stealth to their advantage, out of the various large rubber ducks floating in the level, only 6 of them are Dread Duckies. The only way to find out which ones are alive is by using a red Soul Shard or by using telepathy. The Dread Duckies attack when the player gets close to them, firing out their inner mouths in a attempt to kill the player. In the final act, Malak himself tries to stop the player by summoning frenzied Dread Duckies and the Doom Ducky. Finally while the player is escaping from the Doom Ducky frenzied Dread Duckies will block the nooks preventing the player from hiding out of the Doom Ducky's path, with one final frenzied Dread Ducky being encountered in the room before the portal.

Doom Ducky[edit]

Voiced by:

  • N/A

The Doom Ducky is a minor antagonist in the episodic indie horror game Dark Deception. It is Malak's pet and the boss of Stranger Sewers.

Likely a upgraded Dread Ducky, the Doom Ducky is first made apparent by the occasional booming roars throughout the first two levels and by sneaking a look at the player through sewer grates. After entering the first sewer door, the Doom Ducky will try to grab at the player, although it fails in killing them. Once the player collects the level's ring piece, Malak appears and introduces it fully, alongside 2 normal Dread Duckies in a frenzy state. In it's boss fight, the Doom Ducky can throw lifeless Dread Duckies, firing a boxing glove from it's mouth, and launch it's head at the player, all with more Dread Duckies coming through four pipes in the room. The player must escape it's arena by twisting the two valves in the area while avoiding it's attacks. After escaping, the Doom Ducky gives chase to the player in a attempt to kill them, but is ultimately unsuccessful.

The Clown Gremlins[edit]

Voiced by:

  • Christopher Corey Smith

The Clown Gremlins are secondary antagonists in the episodic indie horror game Dark Deception, serving as the primary enemies in Crazy Carnevil.

The Clown Gremlins mainly attack the player by overwhelming them, attacking the player through great numbers. In Act 1, they mainly use Clown Cars, which summon them if they spot the player, to attack. From Act 2 onwards, however, they instead rely on a factor that if one Clown Gremlin sees the player, every single one of them in the room is alerted. They are also summoned by the Goliath Clowns, the bosses of the level.

The Goliath Clowns[edit]

Voiced by:

  • Christopher Corey Smith

The Goliath Clowns are minor antagonists in the episodic indie horror game Dark Deception, serving as the bosses of Crazy Carnevil.

The Goliath Clowns are first seen on the roller coaster, harmlessly waving and laughing to the player. Once the player collects the ring piece, Malak will block the exits to the area and summon the four Goliath Clowns to fight the player. The Goliath Clowns attacks by summoning Clown Gremlins, smashing their fists into the ground, and puking out blue orbs. The player must defeat the titanic cretins by smashing them over the head with their hammer, killing them in one blow. After all four are killed, an enraged Malak will chase after the player, but fails to kill them.


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