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List of Los Angeles Police Department officers killed in the line of duty

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The Los Angeles Police Department seal

The following Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers have all been killed in the line of duty. A total of 206 officers are officially recognized as having died in the line of duty by the Los Angeles Police Department. This list also includes two Los Angeles City Marshals, the chief law enforcement officer of Los Angeles, California in the city's early years before the LAPD was established in 1869 and who headed the LAPD until 1876[1] as well as three other officers who are not currently recognized by the LAPD as having died in the line of duty,[2][3][4] bringing the total shown here to 209.

The term "line of duty" means any action which an officer is obligated or authorized to carry out, or for which the officer is compensated by the public agency he or she serves. The term "killed in the line of duty" means a law enforcement officer has died as a direct and proximate result of a personal injury sustained in the line of duty. This includes law enforcement officers who, while in an off-duty capacity, act in response to a law violation, or are driving to or from work.[5]

The fallen officers of LAPD are honored and remembered in a number of ways. The Los Angeles Police Memorial is a monument outside Parker Center, the LAPD's headquarters, and was unveiled on October 1, 1971.[6] The monument is a fountain made from black granite, the base of which is inscribed with the names of the LAPD officers who have died while serving the City of Los Angeles. The California Peace Officers' Memorial is a wood and glass encased book containing the names of all fallen officers in California, and is attached to a wall outside the Governor's office in the state capital Sacramento. In 1988, the California Peace Officers' Memorial Monument was dedicated to the memory of the state's fallen officers. The monument is a 13-foot-tall, three-figured bronze monument in California's state capital, Sacramento, representing a county sheriff of the 1880s, a state trooper of the 1930s, and a city patrolman of the 1980s.[7] In the United States capital city Washington D.C., the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, which was established in 1970, honors law enforcement officials from across the nation who have died in the line of duty.[8]

Randal Simmons, the first LAPD SWAT officer to be killed in the line of duty, on February 7, 2008
Ricardo Lizarraga, the most recent non-SWAT LAPD officer to be shot and killed while patrolling on duty, in 2004.

When an LAPD officer dies, the funeral is often one of pomp and pageantry, such as that for Randal Simmons in 2008, which was observed by over 10,000 mourners and onlookers, including Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo, LA County Sheriff Lee Baca, Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley, LAPD Chief William J. Bratton, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger,[9] and featured a procession of motorcycles, cars, SUVs, SWAT vehicles, and horses that lasted over an hour, a missing man formation, a riderless horse, a flag-draped casket, a three-volley salute, and "Amazing Grace" and "Taps" played by a bagpiper and bugler, respectively. It was the largest police officer funeral of its kind in the United States.[10] Only one recent funeral did not have a riderless horse; that was Charles Heim's, as it was his duty to lead the horse at officers' funerals.


— denotes information is not available.
  shaded rows with "L/D" in the Notes cell denotes the officer died at a later date than the day of the incident.
  shaded rows with "O/D" in the Notes cell denotes the officer was killed while off duty.
  shaded rows with "O/D-L/D" in the Notes cell denotes the officer was off duty when injured, and died at a later date than the day of the incident.
   shaded rows with a corresponding numerical figure in the Notes cell denotes when officers were killed in the same incident.
"MoV" in the Notes cell denotes the officer has been posthumously awarded the LAPD's Medal of Valor.
"WoF" in the Notes cell denotes the officer has been posthumously awarded a joint Hollywood Walk of Fame Star (located on Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea Avenue).

Name Rank Badge/Serial Number Tenure Date of death Age Cause of death Notes
Jack Whaling City Marshal 1853 Gunfire [A][B][2]
William C. Warren City Marshal/Police Chief 8 years 1870-10-31 Gunfire [A][B][11]
Clyde A. May Policeman 1 year 1907-02-28 27 Gunfire L/D[12]
Patrick H. Lyons Policeman 4 months 1907-11-30 30 Gunfire [13]
Walter H. Auble Captain 21 years 1908-09-09 47 Gunfire [14]
David Brooks Policeman 1910-04-08 Gunfire
Arthur B. Crusey Policeman 1911-05-25 Gunfire
Cecil S. Bowman Policeman 1911-06-08 Struck by train
James P. Wylie Policeman 1911-11-27 Car accident
Floyd C. Eiler Policeman 1911-12-25 Gunfire
James F. Crehan Policeman 1914-03-31 Struck by streetcar
Robert V. Murray Policeman 1914-09-23 Gunfire
John Francis Toolen Sergeant 9 years 1915-10-19 40 Gunfire [15][16]
J.E. Browning Detective Lieutenant 1915-11-29 Gunfire
Walter R. Kreps Policeman 1916-03-28 Motorcycle accident
Charles H. Crowe Detective 8 years, 10 months 1916-06-17 39 Heatstroke L/D
Thomas J. Kronschnabel Policeman 12 years 1916-12-15 37 Gunfire [18][19]
James A. Ellsworth Policeman 1917-09-04 Car accident
Charles E. Johnson Lieutenant 1917-11-13 Fall
O.E. Barney Policeman 1917-11-21 Fire
P.J. Downey Policeman 1919-02-18 Gunfire
Claude H. Wyatt Policeman 1919-08-27 Motorcycle accident
Joseph Romero Policeman 1919-09-22 Car accident
John G. Magness Policeman 1920-05-21 Car accident
Donald C. Hathaway Policeman 1920-05-24 Gunfire
Elijah P. Bradley Policeman 1920-06-15 Motorcycle accident
Frank Llewelyn Coe Policeman 4 years 1921-02-11 45 Motorcycle accident L/D[A][2]
John Fitzgerald Detective Sergeant 1921-06-18 Gunfire
Harry Clester Policeman 1921-12-06 Gunfire 1
William L. Brett Policeman 1921-12-06 Gunfire 1
Roy L. Shy Detective Sergeant 1922-04-08 41 Car accident
Vernon Oliver Dinsmore Policeman 1922-11-04 Gunfire
Charles P. Williams Policeman 567 3 years 1923-01-13 35 Gunfire [D][20]
Arthur "Archie" Cruse Policeman 1923-01-22 Gunfire
Matthew P. McDonagh Policeman 468 3 years 1923-01-22 28 Struck by train
Ralph D. Green Policeman 1924-01-11 Car accident
Glenn E. Bond Policeman 1924-02-20 Gunfire
George E. Papst Policeman 1924-07-27 Motorcycle accident
Edward E. Wilhoit Policeman 1924-08-20 36 Gunfire
Frank E. Corley Policeman 1924-08-24 Gunfire O/D
Ralph Miover Policeman 1925-04-11 Motorcycle accident
Wylie E. Smith[21] Policeman 1925-08-23 Gunfire L/D
Herbert Klade Policeman 1926-02-08 29 Gunfire
Carl Drake Policeman 1926-02-23 Gunfire (accidental)
James M. Miller Policeman 1926-03-14 Gunfire
Arthur L. Davenport Policeman 1926-05-16 Car accident
Judson D. Cornwall Sergeant 1926-07-10 Struck by vehicle
Andrew J. Davilla Policeman 1926-09-10 Motorcycle accident
Charles M. Partin Policeman 1927-01-23 28 Motorcycle accident
Parley L. Bennett Policeman 2 years, 6 months 1927-01-25 33 Gunfire
John Volberg Wicks Policeman 3 years 1927-03-23 27 Gunfire L/D
James H. Carter Policeman 1928-03-28 36 Gunfire
John M. Brinnegar Policeman 1928-09-29 36 Gunfire
William H. Marple Policeman 1929-02-27 Car accident 2
John M. Schomaker Policeman 1929-02-27 Car accident 2
Lewis Long Policeman 1929-04-18 Car accident
James C. Costello Policeman 1930-03-31 27 Gunfire
Peter Muller Jr. Policeman 10 years 1930-04-13 Gunfire
Vern A. Brindley Policeman 1930-05-10 Gunfire
James L. Beck Policeman 1931-01-28 Gunfire L/D
Henry C. Jackson Policeman 1931-03-01 Motorcycle accident
Hugh A. Crowley Policeman 1932-01-11 Gunfire
Paul Donath Policeman 1932-04-28 Gunfire
Paul T. Lee Detective Lieutenant 1932-12-20 Gunfire
W. Anderson Policeman 1933-10-21 Car accident
Russell A. Leidy Policeman 1934-07-24 32 Gunfire
Alfred C. Madon Policeman 1935-06-16 Motorcycle accident
Owen D. Yancy Policeman 1935-10-20 Gunfire
Clyde Pritchett Policeman 97 12 years, 6 months 1936-02-17 42 Gunfire WoF[22]
E.A. Barber Sergeant 1936-11-09 Struck by train
Donald C. Tisdale Policeman 1937-03-10 Motorcycle accident
Neville Batt Policeman 14 years 1937-07-09 47 Struck by train L/D
E.J. Bickel Policeman 1937-08-30 Car accident
Walsteen E. Long Policeman 18 years 1938-01-18 45 Struck by vehicle
George C. Howard Lieutenant 1938-05-22 Gunfire
Weymouth T. Lockridge Policeman 1938-09-09 Car accident
Harry G. Emsley Lieutenant 1939-01-12 46 Motorcycle accident
William G. Brown Policeman 1939-09-13 Motorcycle accident
Orley O. Sanner Policeman 1940-05-26 44 Electrocution (accidental)
Ferris Eugene Stansell Policeman 1959 1941-07-11 43 Car accident
Arthur W. Bethel Detective Lieutenant 1941-07-13 55 Gunfire L/D[A][4]
George R. Colvin Policeman 405 16 years 1941-08-18 50 Motorcycle accident L/D
Joseph E. Daniels Policeman 469 1941-09-24 39 Car accident
W.G. Chamberlain Policeman 2472 1941-12-25 27 Motorcycle accident
Lee N. Bunch Detective 277 1942-03-08 45 Gunfire [23]
Mario V. Deiro Policeman 496 1942-12-31 31 Gunfire
James A. Summers Policeman 2015 1944-03-04 49 Heart attack L/D
Charles H. Bridgeman Sergeant 232 1945-03-16 43 Gunfire (accidental)
Isaac L. Lankford Sergeant 2440 1945-10-14 31 Motorcycle accident
Norbert John Huseman Policeman 7425 1945-12-31 33 Gunfire L/D
Jack W. Harris Policeman 2650 1946-02-01 33 Gunfire L/D
Walter H. Kesterson Policeman 1125 18 years 1946-02-04 51 Gunfire MoV[E][24][25][26][27]
George Booker Mogle Reserve Policeman 1946-08-07 44 Gunfire L/D[28][29]
Frank G. Panek Policeman 7605 1947-04-14 26 Gunfire
Frederick S. Wales Policeman 3641 1947-10-07 26 Motorcycle accident
John Naccarato Jr. Policeman 3757 1947-12-05 25 Gunfire
Delmer E. Cook Policeman 3378 1948-12-06 31 Gunfire
J.W. Milton Detective Sergeant 1364 21 years 1949-05-16 50 Gunfire
Roland E. White Policeman 5049 3 years 1950-05-11 26 Gunfire L/D
Glenn H. Clark Policeman 3277 1950-07-08 28 Motorcycle accident
J.B. Vose Policeman 5043 1950-10-21 27 Motorcycle accident
Thomas J. Kennedy Policeman 4602 1951-04-05 33 Motorcycle accident
Chester M. Gilderhaus Policeman 4230 1951-09-30 35 Motorcycle accident
Marvin Wayne Haney Sergeant 3969 1952-02-15 31 Gunfire L/D
James D. Kennard Policeman 2942 1952-03-03 39 Car accident
Lloyd F. Hassler Policeman 3975 1952-08-24 32 Motorcycle accident
John E. Dunphy Policeman 4350 1954-06-22 31 Car accident
Clay N. Hunt Detective 1007 1955-02-22 42 Car accident WoF[22]
Harry M. Miller Policeman 4227 10 years 1956-09-07 36 Motorcycle accident
Michael Joseph McAndrews Policeman 11 years 1957-01-13 38 Heart attack
Leo Wise Policeman 5298 1957-03-17 34 Gunfire
Robert R. Christensen Policeman 3890 1957-10-14 38 Gunfire
Thomas Scebbi Policeman 1958-06-20 24 Gunfire
Joseph W. Bennett Policeman 7044 1958-07-26 35 Car accident
Gene Tilford Nash Detective Sergeant 5771 1958-10-20 32 Gunfire
Jose L. Castellanos Detective 6517 1959-03-05 36 Gunfire
Charles E. Bogardus Policeman 3860 1959-04-05 Gunfire
Gilbert Reyes Policeman 5787 1959-05-04 Car accident
Robert Sweet Policeman 7488 1959-12-26 Motorcycle accident
Richard D. Kent Policeman 7169 2 years 1960-12-08 30 Gunfire [30]
Sidney Riegel Policeman 4299 15 years 1961-05-06 44 Gunfire
Martin Parker Policeman 6935 1961-09-14 Motorcycle accident
Leroy J. Wadsworth Policeman 5976 1961-11-30 Motorcycle accident
Charles Hallenbeck Policeman 10733 1 year, 5 months 1962-07-26 Vehicular assault
Ian James Campbell Policeman 10046 1963-03-09 31 Gunfire WoF[F][22][31]
Robert M. Endler Detective 6221 1964-02-01 Gunfire 3
Charles P. Monaghan Detective Sergeant 6078 1964-02-01 Gunfire 3
Norman D. Piepenbrink Sergeant 6090 1964-11-30 Helicopter accident
Gary K. McDonald Policeman 12151 11 months 1965-10-06 22 Gunfire
John C. Smith Policeman M/C Officer 10395 1966-03-02 27 Vehicular assault
Malcolm L. Beaty Sergeant 12613 1966-08-29 23 Vehicular assault L/D
Alex N. Ilnicki Policeman 3490 1966-08-30 46 Helicopter accident 4
Lawrence D. Amberg Policeman 10668 4 years, 7 months 1966-08-30 27 Helicopter accident 4
Keith Gregory Dupuis Policeman 10657 6 years 1966-10-27 27 Gunfire L/D
Roger R. Warren Policeman 433 1 month 1967-05-08 23 Gunfire
Donald L. Highley Policeman 11895 3 years 1968-02-10 33 Struck by vehicle
Oscar J. Bryant Policeman 12111 4 years 1968-02-10 26 Gunfire
Gary W. Murakami Policeman 14037 2 days 1968-09-09 26 Gunfire [32]
Robert J. Cote Policeman 13991 1 year, 3 months 1969-07-31 Gunfire WoF[22]
Jerry Maddox Policeman 14317 1969-08-19 Gunfire
Earl L. Riddick Policeman 14169 2 years 1970-04-23 29 Gunfire O/D[33]
Michael W. Parker Policeman 13031 1970-08-18 Car accident
Phillip J. Riley Policeman 14745 1971-10-21 Gunfire
Kenneth E. Walters Policeman 16849 1972-03-27 Car accident
Fred H. Early Policeman 12552 1973-03-23 31 Gunfire O/D-L/D
Charles A. Caraccilo Policeman 10285 14 years 1973-06-21 35 Gunfire
John T. Lawler Policeman 10502 13 years 1973-07-09 40 Motorcycle accident
Gerald Wayne Sawyer Detective 11797 1973-11-06 32 Gunfire
Michael Lee Edwards Officer 15444 5 years 1974-05-11 25 Gunfire
Paul J. Gillen Commander 6435 1974-05-29 Helicopter accident
Garth L. Ward Officer 1974-07-30 58 Car accident L/D
Michael Ian McDougal Officer 14028 1975-01-19 Motorcycle accident
Vincent L. Leusch Officer 16208 5 years 1975-09-22 29 Vehicle pursuit
Zlato Nicholi Sintic Officer 15485 9 years 1976-02-12 33 Gunfire
Jeffrey B. Lindenberg Officer 14388 7 years 1976-06-11 30 Helicopter accident
Raymond Earl Hicks Officer 12035 12 years 1976-08-17 35 Gunfire
David Earle Bailey Officer 21939 1977-10-21 Gunfire
James J. Choquette Officer 14818 10 years 1979-08-02 32 Vehicular assault
David B. Kubly Officer 22123 1 year, 6 months 1979-09-27 23 Gunfire
Curtis C. Hagele Detective 11389 1980-03-10 Gunfire (accidental)
Charles R. Rogers Officer 17 years 1980-11-26 40 Heart attack
Steven K. Alberts Officer 22154 1981-05-31 Car accident
Jack Hayden Officer 13383 1982-10-10 Gunfire O/D
Stuart S. Taira Reserve Officer R1019 1983-03-01 28 Helicopter accident MoV[34][35]
Paul L. Verna Officer 15086 1983-06-02 35 Gunfire
Jack V. Evans Officer 12023 1983-10-22 Motorcycle accident
Arthur Ken Soo Hoo Officer 21730 1983-10-29 Vehicular assault 5
William N. Wong Officer 22205 1983-10-29 Vehicular assault 5
Duane Curtis Johnson Officer 23431 3 years 1984-12-19 27 Gunfire
Thomas C. Williams Detective 17491 13 years 1985-10-31 42 Gunfire O/D MoV
Arleigh Eugene McCree Detective 12241 1986-02-08 Explosives; Pipe bomb 6[38][39]
Ronald Lawrence Ball Officer 15323 1986-02-08 Explosives; Pipe bomb 6[38][39]
Randol L. Marshall Officer 14473 1987-06-02 38 Motorcycle accident
James H. Pagliotti Officer III 23759 5 years 1987-06-22 28 Gunfire
James C. Beyea Officer 25532 9 months 1988-06-07 24 Gunfire
Daniel Allen Pratt Officer 23800 6 months 1988-09-03 30 Gunfire
Derrick Conner Officer 25472 1988-12-12 28 Car accident 7
Manuel Gutierrez Officer 24654 1988-12-12 26 Car accident 7
David Lee Hofmeyer Officer 24984 1988-12-12 25 Car accident 7
Norman D. Eckles Detective 16032 19 years 1989-04-20 42 Gunfire L/D
Kelly Key III Detective 11755 9 years 1989-12-27 49 Gunfire L/D
Russell Lee Kuster Detective 12884 24 years, 6 months 1990-10-09 50 Gunfire O/D WoF[22]
Tina Frances Kerbrat Officer 27606 10 months 1991-02-11 34 Gunfire [G]
Charles Randall Champe Officer 20393 17 years 1991-06-13 46 Helicopter accident 8
Gary Alan Howe Officer 16805 20 years 1991-06-13 41 Helicopter accident 8
Edward Stefan Kislo Detective 20625 18 years, 6 months 1992-08-23 50 Gunfire
Raymond Alfred Messerly Jr. Officer 22940 11 years, 6 months 1991-10-22 42 Motorcycle accident
David Charles Schmid Officer 24558 8 years, 6 months 1992-12-16 34 Motorcycle accident
Joe Rios Officer 24216 10 years 1993-01-20 39 Bicycle accident L/D WoF[22]
Clarence Wayne Dean Officer 13994 26 years 1994-01-17 46 Motorcycle accident O/D[40]
Christy Lynn Hamilton Officer 30433 2 months 1994-02-22 45 Gunfire
Charles D. Heim Officer 24265 11 years 1994-10-22 33 Gunfire WoF[22]
Gabriel Delgado Perez-Negron Officer 31314 1 year 1995-11-04 31 Vehicular assault
Mario Navidad Jr. Officer II 31588 1 year 1996-12-22 27 Gunfire [41]
Van Derick Johnson Officer II 25561 9 years 1997-02-05 31 Motorcycle accident
Steven Gerald Gajda Officer II 27686 7 years 1998-01-01 29 Gunfire L/D[42]
Filberto Henry Cuesta Jr. Officer II 30753 4 years 1998-08-09 26 Gunfire
Brian Ernest Fenimore Brown Officer III 32054 3 years 1998-11-29 27 Gunfire
Louis Villalobos Jr. Policeman 16237 29 years 2000-03-17 52 Fall L/D
Robert Joe Mata Officer II 32571 6 years 2000-09-19 26 Car accident [43]
George A. Rose Jr. Officer 26827 3 years 2001-12-09 40 Gunfire (accidental) L/D
Abiel Barron Detective I 24314 19 years 2003-06-25 49 Car accident [44]
Ricardo Lizarraga Officer 36046 2 years, 6 months 2004-02-20 30 Gunfire [45][46]
Landon Michael Dorris Officer II 37029 9 years, 6 months 2006-10-22 31 Car accident [H][47][48][49]
Randal Simmons Officer III+I 22885 27 years 2008-02-07 51 Gunfire [50][51][52]
Spree Desha Officer III 35928 7 years, 7 months 2008-09-12 35 Train accident O/D[53]
Nicholas Choung Lee Officer III 34980 16 years 2014-03-07 40 Car accident
Chris Cortijo Officer II 25473 26 years 2014-04-09 51 Vehicular assault L/D
Roberto C. Sanchez Officer II 39618 6 years 2014-05-03 32 Vehicular assault
Esmeralda Ramirez Officer II 11 years 2019-06-09 49 Car accident L/D
Juan Jose Diaz Officer 2 years 2019-07-27 24 Gunfire O/D


  • A This fallen officer is not officially recognized by the Los Angeles Police Department[54]
  • B Jack Whaling and William Warren were Los Angeles City Marshals, the chief law enforcement officer of Los Angeles in the city's early years, before the formation of the LAPD.[2]
  • C Charles H. Crowe appears neither on the LAPD's monument at Parker Center, which lists its fallen officers, nor on its list of Officers Killed in the Line of Duty on its website, but has been honored on The Officer Down Memorial Page website since March 2011.[17] According to the Los Angeles Police Historical Society, however, the 1917 Annual Report of the LAPD to the City Mayor mentions Crowe as being killed on duty, and a newspaper of the day reported on his death with the headline "Officer Follows Duties to Grave."[3]
  • D Charles Williams was the first African American LAPD officer to be killed.
  • E It was discovered that the man who had killed Walter Kesterson had killed Richard Pennington of the Vernon Police Department ten days earlier.
  • F The story of Ian Campbell's kidnapping and murder was turned into a non-fiction novel and movie, The Onion Field.
  • G Tina Kerbrat was the first female LAPD officer to be killed.
  • H Landon Dorris had served three-and-a-half years with the LAPD, and six years with the California Highway Patrol.[48]

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