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The Russian animated web series Masyanya includes over 146 episodes.

Pilot "Episodes"[edit]

Pilot Animation Test 1 (Song): Masyanya sings a song.

Pilot Animation Test 2:(Weekend Kicks): Masyanya sells the press, but nobody cares, so Masyanya puts the press in the stranger's mouth, butt and then proceeds to kick him.

Season 1[edit]

Episode 1 (Car Enthusiast) : Masyanya has not been home for over 2 weeks, until she flags down a taxi, she meets a retarded taxi driver. Upon being annoyed, Masyanya quits. Then Masyanya gets sick from the rain.

Episode 2 (Modem): Masyanya pranks her friend using the dial-up modem, causing her friend to hear dial-up sounds over the phone.

Episode 3 (Train) : Masyanya sings on the downtown train to earn money.

Episode 4 (TV) : Masyanya smokes too much, which causes her to see weird stuff on the TV.

Episode 5 (Joke) : Masyanya tells a joke.

Episode 6 (Amsterdam) : Masyanya shows Lokhmaty her doll that she got from Amsterdam that says "Ecstasy, cocaine",

Episode 7 (Birthday) : Masyanya orders drugs for her birthday.

Episode 8 (Masyanya and Splean) : Masyanya twerks and dances at a Splean concert, which annoys people.

Episode 9 (Bad Luck) : Masyanya wants to go home, but Hryundel wants her to stay

Episode 10 (Friday): Masyanya visits a club with Hryundel, and then talks with her friend on the phone after waking up from a bad hangover after unknowingly going to an orgy.

Episode 11 (Ice Cream): Masyanya scams people by buying her ice cream, then giving the ice cream back and telling the seller to give the money back.

Episode 12 (In Isolation): Masyanya has some fun at the nightclub after sitting home for a whole week.

Episode 13 (Radio Day): Masyanya keeps interrupting Hryundel while he is trying to record the radio track.

Episode 14 (Somehow/Thingy): Masyanya is trying to have sex, but she is afraid of getting AIDS, so she makes Hryundel run around to get a condom.

Episode 15 (Moscow): Masyanya meets a chat flooder, who is a Pop Star from Moscow.

Episode 16 (Sweet Dreams) Masyanya dreams in the club.

Episode 17 (New Year’s Eve): Masyanya and Lokhmaty are stuck in the elevator on New Year's Eve.

Episode 18 (Presents/Horse): Masyanya gets revenge on Hryundel for giving her a horse-shaped piñata.

Episode 19 (Show-Biz): Masyanya and Hryundel meet a music director who sexually harasses and insults their bodies to both of them.

Episode 20 (Download): Masyanya is on her PC, then Lokhmaty comes in and downloads a cartoon of Masyanya from through dial-up. Later the download disconnects, Masyanya and Lokhmaty freak out, and smash the PC.

Episode 21 (part 1): Valentine's Day Special: Masyanya is busy listening to music, while Hryundel wants to give her flowers

Episode 21 (part 2): Masyanya and Lyaska talk about sex and relationships.

Episode 22 (Excursion to Saint Petersburg): Masyanya tells scary jokes about Saint Petersburg, while Hryundel is in the Bathroom.

Episode 23 (March 8): Masyanya yells how bad men are to celebrate Women's day, which makes Hyrundrel and Shaggy upset.

Episode 24: Masyanya sees spooky stuff on the street, but when she gave the bottle to a stranger, she sees "spooky" people like kids.

Episode 25: Masyanya cannot deal with men.

Episode 26: Masyanya and Lokhmaty go Roller-skating, But Lokhmaty is bad at roller-skating,

Episode 27: Masyanya meets a producer named Potter who is rude to her.

Episode 28: Masyanya is Depressed, but her bad singing cheered her up.

Episode 29: Hryundel is on LSD.

Episode 30: Masyanya, Hyrundrel, and Lokhmaty perform at a punk rock concert

Episode 31 (Doll): Masyanya commercializes the "Masyanya" sex-doll.

Episode 32: Masyanya gets a car.

Season 2[edit]

Episode 33 (TV-Intro) : A mock of a typical theme song.

Episode 34 (The language barrier) : Masyanya cannot understand Lyaska's German speaking friend.

Episode 35 (Pink Blouse) : While out at night, Hyrundrel and Masyanya observe a group of hookers.

Episode 36 (Pushkin's button): Lokhmaty and Masyanya have a fun time joking with each other.

Episode 37 (The 2 bridges): Masyanya, Hyrundrel, and Lyaska go on a boat ride.

Episode 38 (The Rat): After fighting with Hyrundrel, Masyanya buys a pet rat.

Episode 39 (Disaster): Hyrundrel and Masyanya try and avoid a rabid crowd of Football fans.

Episode 40: (Tablets on Blucher): Masyanya tries to sell pills for a pharmacy

Episode 41: Masyanya looks back on life after a religious breakdown.

Episode 42 (Pogo): Bored after listening to a church concert, Masyanya goes to a rave.

Episode 43 (Hamster): Masyanya tries to help with Hyrundrel's personal webpage.

Episode 44: Masyanya wants to shoot a movie.

Episode 45: Hyrundrel and Lokhmaty consider getting piercings.

Episode 46: Masyanya can't handle how annoying Pop music is to her,

Episode 47: Masyanya and Hyrundrel try and get away from apartment life by hanging out in a fancy, yet noisy hotel.

Episode 48: Hyrundrel and Masyanya joke about one's well-being.

Episode 49: Masyanya discovers a homeless child, nicknamed Sanya after he is caught stealing her bag, and tries to give him a happy Christmas.

Episode 50: Masyanya fakes her death, in order to be pampered.

Episode 51: Hyrundrel and Masyanya go to Mount Sinai.

Episode 52: Masyanya finds an old carousel from her childhood in a park, but it is broken.

Episode 53: Masyanya struggles to wake up for work.

Episode 54: Masyanya, Lokhmaty, and Hyrundrel start a secret gang.

Episode 55 (Sex): Masyanya and Hyrundrel try and have sex yet again, but during foreplay, Masyanya can't handle the feel of Hyrundrel's cold fingers.

Episode 56: Masyanya and Hyrundrel send off an old friend, Okolobachka to the military for a change of life in being a guitarist.

Episode 57: A series of shorts, about different scenarios, such as Masyanya being bored, Masyanya being bothered by construction sounds, Masyanya freaking out over a supposed growth on her legs, Lokhmaty dressed as James Bond, walking in the middle of Hyrundrel and Masyanya making out, Masyanya finding her mother getting high, Masyanya sassing out a Gopnik, Masyanya not being able to fall asleep due to fighting neighbours, Masyanya being disgusted at the thought of Hyrundrel doing a sexual act to her based on a film scene, and more.

Season 3[edit]

Episode 58: Lokhmaty floods the apartment by mistake.

Episode 59: Bloopers from the previous Masyanya episodes.

Episode 60: Masyanya hurries off to work, but ends up being heavily embarrassed after she falls in a puddle.

Episode 61: A cover of “Money Money” by ABBA

Episode 62: Lokhmaty is confused by Masyanya and Hyrundrel's after divorce party.

Episode 63: Masyanya and Hyrundrel are unfit for stage play acting.

Episode 64: Masyanya is running out of money, and suffers from extreme stress.

Episode 65: Masyanya, Hyrundrel, and Lokhmaty, anime inspired, start a gang, revolving around punishing jerks.

Episode 66: Hyrundrel has a toothache and won't admit it, he's in so much pain, causing Masyanya to think he's having an affair with her.

Episode 67: Masyanya sings for a group of Nihilists.

Episode 68: Masyanya does not like dieting.

Episode 69: Masyanya goes on a trip to Africa.

Episode 70: Afte fighting with Hyrundrel over being injured by getting her leg crushed in between two cars while biking, Masyanya tries to filter Cognac through a Diaper.

Episode 71: Masyanya takes Lokhmaty out.

Episode 72: Masyanya is addicted to online war-role play games.

Episode 73: A cover of “Zleine Kleine Jägermeister” by Die Toten Hosen, But with Lokhmaty dressing up as a Raccoon.

Episode 74: Masyanya's cousin, Olga comes to visit, but her non-stop talking annoying everyone.

Episode 75: Masyanya tries to play Santa Claus.

Episode 76: In a mock of a manners teaching video, Lokhmaty, Masyanya, and Hyrundrel misbehave at the Subway station.

Episode 77: Masyanya tries to make black coffee before work.

Episode 78: Masyanya and Hyrundrel go to war against heavy traffic,

Episode 79: Lokhmaty sings about all the problems in his life, to a parody of “Loser” by Beck.

Episode 80: Hyrundrel and Masyanya go on a road trip to visit a tree, but end up getting stuck in the manure.

Episode 81: Masyanya doesn't like her own reflection in the mirror,

Episode 82: Masyanya can't handle noise anywhere she goes.

Episode 83: Masyanya and Hyrundrel travel to Lake Baikal, and go seal spotting. (This episode was sponsored by Greenpeace Russia.)

Season 4[edit]

Episode 84: Lokhmaty, cosplaying as a stray cat follows Masyanya home.

Episode 85: Masyanya and Hyrundrel have relationship troubles, but in the form of wild birds.

Episode 86: Lokhmaty tries to smuggle the Hyrundrel-parakeet back to his home.

Episode 87: Masyanya settles in a forest cottage, home to strange creatures such as the Lokhmaty-bear and Hyrundrel-Monkey.

Episode 88: Masyanya lives a busy life as an ant.

Episode 89: The Hyrundrel-Sparrow wants to swim.

Episode 90: A fairy tale of How Masyanya was born from a PC

Episode 91: In a mock of a wildlife documentary, Lokhmaty and Hyrundrel fight against each other in order and try and mate with the wild Masyanya.

Episode 92: Masyanya the caterpillar spends her last days of her life, before she turns into a butterfly *Note: This was supposed to be the final episode until Oleg regained courage to re-make Masyanya after he left his company*

Season 5[edit]

Episode 93: Hyrundrel works at a chicken fast food restaurant, and consults Lokhmsty for help in speaking English.

Episode 94: Hyrundrel tries to watch a movie, but Masyanya's loud crunching from eating carrots annoys him.

Episode 95: Hyrundrel tries to be a puppeteer for an adult talk show.

Episode 96: Masyanya runs a gameshow.

Episode 97: Masyanya gives Hyundrel a taste of his own medicine by slamming a hockey stick in his jaw, after he wouldn't stop calling her on the phone while she was unable to speak since she had lost her voice.

Episode 98: A short compilation of problems all women have, such as Masyanya being scared over having nothing good to wear, being too ticklish when getting a leg exam, accusing Hyundrel of biting her in the buttocks, and more.

Episode 99: A compilation of problems about airports and travelling, such as noisy passengers, being searched, having no place to enjoy a smoke, etc.

Episode 100: Lokhmaty and Hyundrel don't know what to do to make Masyanya feel happy on Women's Day.

Episode 101: Hyundrel just can't quit his bad habit of smoking cigarettes.

Episode 102: Masyanya has trouble with a pizza order.

Episode 103: Masyanya learns about the mythical New-Year toad.

Episode 104: Masyanya gets injured in a clipshow of unfortunate scenarios.

Episode 105: After being annoyed at a movie theater by a group of children, Masyanya and Hyundrel discuss family planning, as per using condoms. At the end of the episode, Masyanya reveals her Christmas gift to Hyundrel by exposing her new bra, and a pregnancy test.

Episode 106: A mock by Oleg Kuvaev himself and how stressful it is for him to work on a new Masyanya episode.

Episode 107: Masyanya experiences the downs of being pregnant, such as violent mood swings of anger and sadness, a sexual appetite boost when she noticed her breasts are growing, and other things. Masyanya also gets scared and considers aborting, since she thought she saw Adolf Hitler's face in her ultrasound picture. At the end, Hyundrel gets kicked off the bed by the baby kicking, and Masyanya has struggles painting her toenails.

Episode 108: Masyanya can't get up, she is so heavy in her stage of Pregnancy. After watching videos of animals giving birth online, she thinks birth will be easy. Apon being too excited for birthing, Masyanya dresses up as a Cyber-Goth, dancing to Eisenfunk's "Werbepause" to show off her body. Apon waiting at the hospital, the nurse *Who is actually Masyanya's cousin* goes to check Masyanya's cervix, and by accident sees Hyundrel's anus, causing the trio to scream in fear. Apon being shocked, Masyanya's water breaks, and she experiences the HARDCORE pain of giving birth. After, she gives birth to a baby boy named Badya.

Episode 109: Right after birthing Uncle Badya, Masyanya tries some home cooking, but Hyundrel finds it utterly disgusting.

Episode 110: Masyanya is addicted to photo-taking.

Episode 111: After losing his job. Hyundrel joins the School of Informational Tactics (SC.H.I.T.), which focuses on Trolling and bullying of different kinds, such as personal attacks, racism, Homophobia, and misyongism. After Hyundrel is dared to insult one of the workers, he instead compliments him, causing him to cry and kick him out the door. With the money he earned, he brought a Horse-mask, causing Masyanya to swear at him.

Episode 112: After being electrocuted, Hyundrel has a flashback to his young adult years.

Episode 113: Masyanya cannot trust Hyundrel to properly care for Badya when she goes out.

Episode 114: After getting a pair of special glasses by a Hippie, Masyanya sees the world's ugly habits.

Episode 115: Masyanya and her family have to deal with bogus laws made by the Russian Government, such as not being able to have anything that can be relatable to a fairy tale, not being able to care for the sick, etc.

Episode 116: Masyanya goes out to the bay to have a good time, but it goes downhill quickly.

Episode 117: Running out of money to sustain for herself and her son, Masyanya builds a library, in which you can just walk in, take the books, and leave the money in a boot, but it goes down in pieces.

Episode 118: Lokhmaty consults Masyanya for life tips in order to be more likeable.

Season 6[edit]

Episode 119: Hyundrel gets kidnapped by a rouge grocery store worker, and ends up being a run-away.

Episode 120: Hyundrel under a new statutory law has to take an intelligence test, which he doesn't like. Also, Masyanya announces the news, she is pregnant again!

Episode 121: After being brainwashed by Anti-Ukrainian propaganda on the TV, Hyundrel has to take Masyanya to Budapest to clear the racist thoughts out of her mind, and have a fun family time, as she is pregnant also.

Episode 122: The internet is now banned in Russia, so Masyanya has to re-enact every one of Hyundrel's favourite webpages. Also, Masyanya gives birth to a new baby girl named Chuchunya.

Episode 123: Lokhmaty doesn't like being alone in his love life, but is ok with it also.

Episode 124: Hyundrel and Lokhmaty are deathly scared by Masyanya's utter wrath, as she absolutely hates celebrating her birthday, as she feels no-one cares about her anymore.

Episode 125: Masyanya forces Hyundrel out of the house to go to Eilat, in which he doesn't want to go there, since he feels alone without Masyanya.

Episode 126: A funny memoir of the famous railroad worker Casey Jones, the crudest jerk around.

Episode 127: Hyundrel argues with Masyanya over her laptop password, causing them to almost break up, Meanwhile, terrorists attack their friends and their family. In the end, Masyanya appears to have been killed in a missile attack, but turns out it was a bad nightmare, but sadly a true thing in real life. (This episode was inspired by the Severe conflict between Palestine and Israel, in which Oleg Kuvaev resides)

Episode 128: Masyanya and Hyundrel try and avoid swearing, as they caught Chuchunya and Badya swearing from what they picked up from a rude YouTube channel. Also, Lokhmaty's cat runs away.

Episode 129: Hyundrel gets a new iPad, but it causes deadly missile attacks and disasters in real life, making him feel guilty, but he is addicted to it.

Episode 130: Masyanya reads a book to her children about manners and morals.

Episode 131: Masyanya discovers she is getting fat, and considers ways to lose weight.

Episode 132: Lokhmaty gets a job at a pizza place, but Hyundrel keeps banging his head on the shelf as he brushes his teeth each morning, causing him to act like a stereotypical German and utterly cruel and mocking to Lokhmaty.

Episode 133: Masyanya wants to protest, but ponders on strict laws.

Episode 134: Hyundrel is heavily distracted from normal functions after catching the new neighbour flash her breasts.

Episode 135: Masyanya has to deal with a troublesome computer.

Episode 136: Masyanya and friends discuss legalization of Marijuana.

Episode 137: Masyanya wants to get her family away from electronic devices.

Episode 138: Masyanya has trouble working at home by herself.

Episode 139: Masyanya and her son, Badya go Christmas shopping, and Badya learns a lesson on the power of giving.

Episode 140: Masyanya and Hyundrel are stalked by a mysterious man.

Episode 141: Masyanya wants to be free from “Politics” but the green blob harasses her any chance she can pop up.

Episode 142: Masyanya and her family experience the lockdown of COVID-19.

Episode 143: Hyundrel and Masyanya visit the state government offices, which are very rude or poorly maintained.

Episode 144: Hyundrel cannot figure out why Masyanya is refusing to eat.

Episode 145: Masyanya tries to get the King of Russia off of his throne.

Episode 146: Hyundrel and Lokhmaty discuss ex-flings.

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