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This article is about the characters in Brian Jacques' fantasy series Redwall.

List of Abbey Warriors[edit]

This is a list of the Abbey Warriors from the books The Legend of Luke to Eulalia!.

Martin I[edit]

Martin I is an anthropomorphic mouse, appearing in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques.

Known as "Martin the Warrior" throughout the Redwall series, Martin, a woodland mouse, is the son of Luke the Warrior and his mate Sayna. Luke is the kindly leader of an idyllic tribe of mice. Their settlement is sacked by a wicked stoat pirate named Vilu Daskar, and Sayna is killed. Luke vows revenge against the corsair captain and sets out after him, refusing Martin's wishes to join him, but leaving his sword in his son's possession. Sometime later, Martin is captured by another tyrannical stoat called Badrang and becomes one of his horde of slaves. The young mouse is rebellious and insolent, however, and after spending some time as a slave, he manages to escape his captors. The son of Luke strikes out into the wilderness to rally help from other woodland creatures to come back with him to help liberate the rest of the slaves. He meets Laterose of Noonvale (normally called Rose), a mousemaiden with whom he develops a romantic relationship. She saves him from death numerous times, and shows that she is as much of a warrior as Martin. In the eventual assault on Badrang's fort, called Marshank, many of Martin's companions perish, including Rose, who is killed when Badrang throws her against a wall (in the TV series she dies when Badrang stabs her). However, Marshank is ultimately taken and Badrang slain by Martin himself, who reclaims his father's sword from the tyrant. The young mouse is devastated by the deaths of his friends, especially Rose, and he never takes on another love interest.

An unknown amount of time later, a still-young Martin the Warrior is making his way through the country called Mossflower, when he is beset upon and captured by soldiers of the land's ruling monarch, a wildcat named Verdauga. He is brought to the castle Kotir, before the king and his children, the princess Tsarmina and prince Gingivere. The cruel Tsarmina takes Martin's sword and breaks it, much to the warrior's dismay, after which Martin is thrown into the castle dungeons. Not long afterward, Tsarmina poisons and kills her lord father Verdauga, and frames her gentle brother for the regicide, thus taking the throne for herself. During the winter spent in the castle dungeon, Martin meets a fellow prisoner, Gonff the Mousethief, with whom he eventually escapes the prison with the help of a local rebel group. Martin and Gonff become inseparable companions, and together with new friends Dinny the mole and Log-a-Log Bigclub of the GUOSIM shrews, they set out on a quest to ultimately wrest Mossflower from Queen Tsarmina's ugly reign.

They resolve to enlist the help of Boar the Fighter, the Badger Lord of the mythical mountain Salamandastron, who they believe will be powerful enough to overthrow the wildcat queen. After an arduous journey to the faraway mountain stronghold, Boar the Fighter receives the companions and reforges Martin's broken blade with metal from a meteorite. However, before they can return to Mossflower, Salamandastron is besieged by the Badger Lord's nemesis, Ripfang the searat. Boar the Fighter is killed in the melee, but Ripfang's ship and crew are simultaneously mutinied by an uprising of oarslaves. Martin and his companions sail the ship back to Mossflower with a host of freed slaves, one of whom, called Timballisto, is a childhood friend of Martin's, and has knowledge of how to build siege equipment. The companions rally Mossflower's resistance forces and lay siege to Kotir, knocking down its walls and ultimately flooding it, with Martin slaying Tsarmina in a bloody duel. The warrior mouse suffers grievous wounds from this battle, but is ultimately nursed back to health, though it later appears some of his memories are lost to him forever. From the rubble of the fallen keep, the woodland allies construct Redwall Abbey in its place, forever a safe bastion for good creatures seeking respite from the wild world.

In The Legend of Luke, when Redwall Abbey is at least partially constructed, Martin hears a guest at the Abbey singing a song that mentions Luke the Warrior. Recognizing that this is the same Luke who was his father, Martin finds out from the singer where he can learn more about his estranged sire. Gonff, Dinny, and some other companions join Martin as he journeys far to the northwest, toward the coast, and his birthplace. They encounter some of Luke's old friends, who relate to Martin and his company the full tale of what befell brave Luke after he left his son to pursue Vilu Daskar. They learn that, in his reckless pursuit of the pirate, Luke sailed into an ambush laid by Daskar when he realized he was being followed, and was taken prisoner as an oarslave. However, he was able to lead the greedy stoat into a trap of his own, claiming he could steer the ship to some hidden treasure. Once he had the wheel, he drove the vessel at several gigantic rocks during a fierce storm, rending the ship asunder and sending both himself and Vilu Daskar to the watery depths.

Before returning home, Martin is gifted with a tapestry of his father, which is later updated to look like Martin himself, and hangs in Redwall Abbey for generations afterward. With this journey behind him, Martin the Warrior, savior of Mossflower and Warrior of Redwall Abbey, decides to hang up his sword and pursue a life of peace until the end of his days. He appears as a vision to several of the Redwall champions, including Matthias, long after his death.

He appears in the books Mossflower, Martin the Warrior, and The Legend of Luke.


Matthias is an anthropomorphic mouse, appearing in the Redwall series.

Later called Matthias the Warrior, Matthias is a male mouse of Redwall Abbey and the husband of Cornflower, father of Mattimeo, and the grandfather of Martin II. He is liked by many and expected by Abbot Mortimer to join the Order of Redwall as a peaceful care-giver. However, Matthias has the spirit of a warrior, always yearning for more to life and he has a passion for fighting. In Redwall, he is guided by the spirit of Martin the Warrior to find Martin's long-lost sword, which he then uses to protect Redwall Abbey from the invading forces of Cluny the Scourge. Afterwards, Matthias is named the Abbey Warrior and one of two new Redwall bells is named "Matthias" in his honour.

He appears in the books Redwall and Mattimeo. In Mattimeo, he goes on a quest to save his son and the other captured animals.


Mattimeo is a baby mouse, appearing in the Redwall series.

Mattimeo is the son of Matthias and Cornflower and the father of Martin II. His full name is Matthias Methuselah Mortimer, but everyone calls him Mattimeo for short (though sometimes his friends call him Matti). He is captured by Slagar the Cruel, along with other youngsters from the Abbey. Matthias and several others track down and rescue Mattimeo and the others.

Later, Mattimeo marries Tess Churchmouse and they have a son, Martin - the second Redwall Warrior to have that name.

Mattimeo appears in the book Mattimeo, and is mentioned in Redwall.

Martin II[edit]

Martin II is an anthropomorphic mouse, appearing in the Redwall series.

Martin II is the son of Mattimeo and Tess Churchmouse and the grandson of Matthias and first appeared in The Pearls of Lutra. Martin the Second was named for the first great warrior of Redwall. A tall, kindly mouse, Martin is a friend to all residents of Redwall Abbey. He spent many years honing his skills by aiding local woodlanders, including helping the Guosim shrew tribe fend off robber foxes.

Martin is the third mouse ever to have suffered an attack of the Bloodwrath. (In the Redwall series, Bloodwrath is a condition when a character's eyes turn blood-red and they go berserk.) When Lask Frildur (a monitor lizard in the service of Ublaz Mad-Eyes), who had kidnapped Redwall's Abbot, hurtles the broken glasses that had belonged to the Abbot over the Abbey wall, Martin goes into the Bloodwrath, attempting to leap over the wall and slay the lizard. He would have done so, were it not for the restraint of the badger Auma and an otter.

Martin later journeys to do battle with Ublaz Mad-Eyes, the pine marten emperor who seeks the Tears of All Oceans (six rose-hued pearls). Ublaz's troops make the major mistake of kidnapping Redwall's Abbot, and Martin comes hot on their heels with a group of companions. He engages Ublaz to a mortal duel, and, retreating after a vicious blow, the emperor steps upon a sleeping coral snake. The snake bites him several times before slithering back into its stone tank. Upon returning home, Martin swears fealty to Redwall's new Abbess, Tansy.

Like his namesake, Martin the Second never marries. He presumably dies of old age, and his position is passed down to Arven the squirrel.

Martin the Second appears in the book The Pearls of Lutra. However, he is also briefly mentioned at the end of Mattimeo.


Arven is an anthropomorphic squirrel, appearing in the Redwall series. In Pearls of Lutra, Arven is a mischievous little squirrel who helps Tansy find the Pearls of Lutra (six rose-hued pearls) in order to pay the ransom for their Abbot, who was captured by pirates.

In The Long Patrol, Arven is Redwall Abbey's Warrior. He fights in the battle against Damug Warfang and his Rapscallion army. Later he becomes Abbot, but passes away after just 3 seasons; this fact is mentioned in Marlfox.

Dannflower Reguba[edit]

Dann, as his friends call him, is an anthropomorphic squirrel from the book Marlfox. Dann lives with his father only, as his mother had died before the book began. His father, Rusvul Reguba, shortened his name to Dannflor when his mother died, since Rusvul and his wife couldn't agree on their son's name. Dann has warrior blood in his veins, but when he lets the great tapestry get stolen by two Marlfoxes his dad lashes out at him, telling Dann he is not worthy of the Reguba name. His father's statement causes Dann to become quite upset. Dann gets a message from Martin The Warrior telling him to go get the tapestry back. During the adventure he wields Martin's sword, which was taken from the blind badger Cregga's room. Though young, Dann becomes the Redwall Warrior at the end of Marlfox.


Deyna is an anthropomorphic otter, appearing in the Redwall series.

Deyna appears in Taggerung. Kidnapped by a vermin tribe at birth, he is raised as their prophesied Taggerung, a great warrior. However, due to disagreements with his adopted father, he runs away and eventually comes to rest at Redwall where he discovers his mother and sister. He throws away his previous name of Zann Juskarath Taggerung "Tagg" and takes up his real name, Deyna, after his return to Redwall.

Characters in Redwall[edit]

Abbot Mortimer[edit]

This mouse serves as Abbot of Redwall and is the successor to Abbot Cedric (although Cedric is never mentioned further in Redwall or even in other books of the series). He holds his Golden Jubilee as Abbot in the Summer of the Late Rose, ultimately giving Matthias a foothold to rise into the Champion he becomes by first conferring him the appointment of catching a fish with Brother Alf to grace the center table of the feast. He is one of the few who initially believes in Matthias. He is also close to Constance the Badger and appoints both Matthias and Constance as his generals when war reaches the Abbey. Unfortunately, he is an incredibly peaceful and un-warlike individual to the point that he allows Cluny and Redtooth to enter the Abbey for a parley, an unforgivable error in strategy.[original research?] He is killed after being wounded by the poison barb Cluny wears on his tail, and on his deathbed makes Brother Alf the Abbot Mordalfus and blesses the forthcoming marriage between Cornflower and Matthias.

Asmodeus Poisonteeth[edit]

Asmodeus Poisonteeth is a giant male adder who lives in an old sandstone quarry northeast of Redwall Abbey. He is also called "Giant Ice Eyes" by the shrews due to his possession of hypnotic powers. He is known to hiss his name, and is also unwittingly found by two of Cluny the Scourge's officers while dragging off another of his captain's corpses. For several years, he had possessed the sword of Martin, which he took from the sparrow King Bull Sparra. The mouse Matthias ventures into the adder's lair in search of Martin's sword. The serpent is found sleeping in the cave in which Asmodeus held the legendary sword. Matthias retrieves the sword, but Log-a-Log (a shrew) runs in and shouts hysterically on spotting the corpse of his shrew comrade Guosim, and the snake comes awake. With the sword he had taken, the mouse warrior quickly digs a hole out of the cave, and he is pulled out of the den by Log-a-Log. The snake gives chase, and is stuck in the small hole. He tries to hypnotize the two creatures, but a vision of Martin the Warrior comes in Matthias's thoughts and he breaks out of the snake's evil look. There, the reptile is destroyed, having his head cut off by the great sword's unbreakable edge. Asmodeus is voiced in the TV series by David Hemblen and by Nick Baty in the full-cast audiobook.

Basil Stag Hare[edit]

Basil Stag Hare is an anthropomorphic hare in the Redwall series of books by Brian Jacques. Basil is a member of the Fur and Foot Fighters' and the Forty-Seventh Hare Border Rangers. Due to his admiration for stags, he took his second name for the creature. Basil is an expert in camouflage, and is well known for his appetite, as is the case with most hares. He lives alone in Mossflower Woods and becomes a close ally of Matthias, He distracts Cluny's gang of vermin while Matthias sneaks into St. Ninian's in an attempt to rescue several hostages. Soon thereafter, he moves into Redwall Abbey, and assists Matthias throughout the remainder of Cluny's siege on the Abbey. In Mattimeo (the sequel to Redwall), Basil accompanies Matthias on his quest to rescue his son Mattimeo, and a group of other kidnapped children. He is voiced by Richard Binsley in the animated series, by Ron Delacruz in the full-cast audiobook of Redwall and by Simon Smithies in the audiobook of Mattimeo.

Cluny the Scourge[edit]

Cluny the Scourge is an anthropomorphic rat.

He is an evil leader with an eye patch on his right eye and a poisoned barb on his unusually long tail, which is physically used as a whip (or in some cases, a fifth limb). He has a long ragged black cloak made of bat wings, fastened at the throat with a mole skull. Cluny is plagued in his dreams by the guardian spirit of Redwall, Martin the Warrior. According to the first chapters of the book, Cluny the Scourge is said to be a Portuguese rat (this being one of the few references to the human world in the whole series) as well as a sea rat. However, his true origins are uncertain, and it is also speculated that he was born in a jungle.

Cluny grew up as a searat, but came ashore with his army seeking plunder and destruction. His atrocities are told about across the land, though most believe him a story for frightening children. He commits many crimes, including the death of Matthias' family in the TV series. He comes to Mossflower seeking to take over, wanting to make Redwall Abbey into "Cluny's Castle". He expects little difficulty in defeating the inexperienced Redwallers, but is thwarted time and time again by their bravery and ingenuity.

Cluny's efforts are further hampered by nightmares of Martin the Warrior. Cluny keeps envisioning the warrior mouse, often with some other fell image with him, such as Cluny's dead captains or the serpent Asmodeus. Despite this, Cluny presses on. However, his plans, which include a battering ram, tunneling, getting onto the walls using a siege tower or plank stretched from a tree, all fail. He is successful, however, in cutting the image of Martin the Warrior out of the tapestry (which he theorizes will demoralize the Redwallers); it is eventually recovered, however.

Cluny eventually manages to get into Redwall by threatening the family of a dormouse he captured. The lead dormouse, named Plumpen, sneaks into Redwall and opens the main gate while everyone else is asleep. Cluny's horde breaks in, captures the defenders and takes over. Cluny mortally wounds Abbot Mortimer when Matthias, returning from his journey to find the Sword of Martin, attacks with an army of Guosim shrews and sparrows. Cluny's horde is defeated, and Cluny himself perishes at the warrior's paw when Matthias cuts down the Joseph Bell, crushing Cluny to death. However, the poison from the barb on the end of Cluny's tail is already taking effect on the Abbot by the time Matthias returns to him.

Cluny is portrayed as a good general and a fine tactician and is one of the three vermin invaders ever to make it into the Great Hall of the Abbey (the others being the raven General Ironbeak in Mattimeo and the Marlfoxes of Marlfox) and the only one to invade "en masse", but he is still driven out by the Redwallers in the end. Cluny is a savage and skilled fighter (he had slain a pike, which he lost his eye to) and even Matthias the Warrior cannot beat him physically. He is only killed when he is crushed by the Joseph Bell of Redwall Abbey while fighting the mouse hero. His main weapon is his tail, from which he took his name, but in his battle with Matthias, he wields a metal spike taken from a church fence. His main outfit for battle is a set of armor with the horns of a stag beetle attached to the helmet.

Cluny is voiced on the TV series by Diego Matamoros, and by Jason Mulhearn in the full-cast audiobook (Mulhearn performed the character with a distinctive Spanish accent).


Cornflower is an anthropomorphic mouse in the Redwall series of books by Brian Jacques. She was voiced by Rachel Murphy in the full-cast audiobook of Redwall and by Alison Pill and Melissa McIntyre in the television series of Redwall and Mattimeo, respectively.

A pretty and kind young fieldmouse, Cornflower falls in love with Matthias, who shares her feelings but is bound to his duties as a novice of Redwall Abbey. In Redwall, Cornflower is of great help to Redwall Abbey during the Late Rose Summer War and is able to fend off Cluny the Scourge during one of his attacks. She happens to be on the parapet, and throws a lantern onto his siege tower, which causes it to burst into flames. When Abbot Mortimer is fatally wounded, he releases Matthias from his vows to become a monk at Redwall and ask that Matthias and Cornflower marry and be happy. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fieldmouse, and after marrying Matthias, becomes mother of Mattimeo and grandmother of Martin the Second. Cornflower and her family reside in the gatehouse near the front of the abbey. She is a skilled cook and often wears headbands.

In Mattimeo, Cornflower remains at the abbey as Matthias and other brave warriors head off to save the children, including their son Mattimeo, abducted by Slagar. When Redwall is attacked by General Ironbeak, Cornflower comes up with an idea to dress up as the ghost of Martin the Warrior to scare the superstitious birds. Her plan works, and the rooks and magpies become extremely frightened. Though she wishes to continue her masquerade in hopes of eventually gaining the upper hand on the birds, Abbot Mordalfus tells her to stop because she could be killed. Though the abbey dwellers are able to drive off Ironbeak, Cornflower grows worried as autumn approaches with no sign of Matthias and Mattimeo returning. However, as she is staring out from the walltop, she sees them coming back and runs down to greet them. At the conclusion of Mattimeo, Cornflower and her husband have retired from their active lives at the abbey after Matthias passes down the role of the Warrior of Redwall to Mattimeo. With Mattimeo and Tess Churchmouse expecting their first child, Cornflower and Tess's mother persuade the young couple to name their son Martin, after the great warrior.

Friar Hugo[edit]

Friar Hugo is an anthropomorphic mouse.

He is Abbot Mortimer's head chef of the kitchens and is instrumental in making the Abbot's golden jubilee feast a roaring success. His piece de resistance is his Grayling a la Redwall, caught that day in the Abbey Pond after a two-hour struggle between the fish and Matthias and Brother Alf (later Abbot Mordalfus). Hugo uses white gooseberry wine, rosemary, thyme, beechnuts, fresh cream, and honey to bake the fish to perfection.

The Friar is characteristically fat; he is also very ceremonious. The Friar witnesses Matthias slaying Cluny by severing the Joseph Bell's ropes. Friar Hugo is close to Basil Stag Hare, the glutton who creates such a turnover of the food in his kitchen. A noble soul to the death, Friar Hugo tries to stop Slagar the Cruel in Mattimeo when the latter tries to kidnap the Redwallers' children, losing his life as a result; Basil Stag Hare openly laments his death.

Jess Squirrel[edit]

Jess Squirrel is an anthropomorphic squirrel who appears in Redwall and Mattimeo from the Redwall series by Brian Jacques.

Jess Squirrel and her family live in Mossflower when Redwall Abbey comes under attack by Cluny the Scourge. Jess and her family come to Redwall after her son led Matthias there when he was lost, and they decide to remain at the Abbey while the war to capture Redwall rages. Jess, with her reputation as a champion climber, volunteers to scale the Abbey to retrieve the sword of Martin from the weathervane, although she is attacked by sparrows when she reaches it and forced to climb back down again. She reports that there are old rusty wires where the sword had probably once been, but it was not there.

Shortly afterwards, Jess and Basil Stag Hare concoct a plan to retrieve the stolen tapestry of Martin from Cluny, who is using it as a banner. They travel to Saint Ninian's, and with distraction, taunts, and a dishcloth they pretend is the tapestry they are able to snatch the genuine tapestry, passing it to each other like relay runners as they flee. Basil is slightly injured in the escape, so Jess takes the false banner and continues to taunt and chase the hordebeasts, taking to the trees. Cluny himself comes to try and wheedle her into giving back the banner with a mixture of threats and false promises about the safety of her family. Jess does not fall to his bait, but decides to play it off as though she believes him and gives him the false banner, then laughs when Cluny sees it is fake. She solemnly reports the loss of the dishcloth to Friar Hugo when she and Basil return to the Abbey.

Later, when her son Sam is kidnapped by Slagar the Cruel, Jess sets out with Matthias and Basil Stag Hare to pursue the fox, and fights in the battle in the underground city of Malkariss.

She is voiced by Susan Roman in the animated series, by Eithne Brown in the Redwall full-cast audiobook, and Sandra Billinge in the Mattimeo audiobook.


Methuselah is an anthropomorphic mouse.

Methuselah is one of the oldest members of Redwall. He has seen many an Abbot and Abbess come and go, he has seen the Summer of the Late Rose thrice, and he has spent untold years studying the languages of all animals, as well as the history of Redwall and Mossflower Country. He is a Recorder, and therefore the Gatekeeper, because the two positions have remained together since the foundation of the Abbey. (Only after many years is the Recorder separated from the Gatehouse.) Methuselah has a special interest in the saga of Martin the Warrior, consequently taking interest in Matthias, in whom he sees many of the traits that distinguish a hero, going so far as to aid Matthias in finding the sword of Martin.

Methuselah meets his death after restoring a tear in the tapestry of Martin the Warrior. The young fox Chickenhound (who later becomes Slagar the Cruel) is desperately trying to escape from Redwall with a sack of stolen valuables, and when Methuselah tries to stop him, the fox strikes him over the head with the heavy sack, unintentionally killing him.

Later, one of the two new Redwall bells is named after Methuselah, in his remembrance.

Methuselah was voiced by Colin Bean in the full-cast audiobook.


Warbeak is an anthropomorphic sparrow.

In Redwall, when Jess Squirrel climbs the outside of the Redwall Abbey building trying to reach the weathervane, which the Redwallers believe holds Martin the Warrior's sword, a bunch of sparrows attack Jess, among them Warbeak. To frighten the birds away, the Redwallers shoot arrows in the general direction of the sparrows, unintentionally wounding Warbeak in her leg. She falls to earth, where she rails at the young mouse Matthias, telling him that her king has a big sword and will kill Matthias with it. Matthias, believing that the sparrows must have Martin the Warrior's sword, forces Warbeak to accompany him on an indoor route to the attic where the sparrows live. Along the way, they become friends, and when the sparrow king captures Matthias, Warbeak and her mother try to save him. After the king drowns in the Abbey pond, Warbeak becomes the new Queen of the sparrows.

In Mattimeo, Queen Warbeak is sent with a message from the Redwallers to Matthias, who is off tracking down the villainous fox Slagar. When Warbeak finally spots Matthias and company, they are in the midst of a battle with an army of rat archers. Warbeak and the sparrows plunge into the fight to help Matthias and Warbeak, along with most of her sparrow warriors, is killed. Her body is placed in a tree and covered in leaves, a sparrow custom.

Characters in Mossflower[edit]

Abbess Germaine[edit]

Abbess Germaine is an anthropomorphic mouse in the Redwall series.

Germaine is an old mouse and the Abbess of the mice from Loamhedge Abbey. She and her followers journey from their abbey after an epidemic breaks out and many die. Germaine and the mice take refuge with the badger Bella of Brockhall, since Tsarmina Greeneyes is the tyrant ruler of the land round about. The Abbess and Bella are old friends, the latter stating that in her youth she was a traveler, which is likely how she first met Germaine at Loamhedge.

Germaine comes up with the plans for Redwall Abbey, and after Tsarmina is defeated, the woodlanders start building Redwall. Germaine is the new abbey's first Abbess, and she lives to be very old.

Germaine appears in the books Mossflower and The Legend of Luke.


Argulor is an anthropomorphic golden eagle in the Redwall series.

Argulor is old and cannot see very well, but he is determined to eat Tsarmina's officer Ashleg, a pine marten (having never tasted pine martens before) and hunts and kills a number of her hordebeasts. Tsarmina is aware of this, and decides to use it to her advantage and get rid of Bane, a fox mercenary that is working for her (and she does not trust). She gives Bane a cloak that had belonged to Ashleg. Argulor sees what he thinks is Ashleg, and attacks. Bane fights with the eagle as he is lifted into the air, and they both kill each other.


Columbine is an anthropomorphic mouse in the Redwall series.

Columbine is originally from an abbey called Loamhedge, and comes to the land of Mossflower with Abbess Germaine and other mice who were forced to leave Loamhedge when a deadly plague threatens their lives. She falls in love with Gonff the Mousethief, and is saddened when he accompanies Martin the Warrior on a quest to the mountain Salamandastron. She marries Gonff after he returns, and the self-proclaimed ruler of Mossflower, Tsarmina, is defeated. Work soon commences on a new Abbey called Redwall, and Gonff and Columbine have a son, also named Gonff, the day the gates of Redwall Abbey open.

Young Dinny[edit]

Young Dinny is an anthropomorphic mole in the Redwall series.

Dinny is a young mole who tags along on Martin's journey to the mountain Salamandastron. He helps get rid of the owl that continually frightened a colony of bats. Dinny also helps by getting himself, Martin, Log-a-Log, Gonff, and an eel named Snakefish out of captivity from a toad tribe called the Dampwatch. He also fights in the battle at Salamandastron. Dinny proves to be a hero in Mossflower.

In The Legend of Luke Dinny is the Foremole (the leader of the moles). He accompanies Martin, Gonff and others on the journey to find out what befell Martin's father, Luke the Warrior after he had left Martin seasons before.


Fortunata is an anthropomorphic female fox in the Redwall series.

She is a traitorous healer fox originally hired by Lord Verdauga Greeneyes to heal him of his illness. However, she secretly agrees to poison him on behalf of his daughter Tsarmina. Once Verdauga is dead and Tsarmina firmly in charge, Fortunata receives a high rank in her army. This, however, is exploited by the Corim, the resistance to Tsarmina's tyranny, who send an otter called the Mask (Skipper's brother) disguised as a fox called Patchcoat to make Fortunata believe that two hedgehogs had escaped from the prison of Kotir, and Fortunata flees. She masquerades as "Besomtail" during this, but is eventually killed by the Corim.


Gingivere is a name applying to two anthropomorphic cat characters from the Redwall book series.

The first Gingivere is a wildcat, son of Verdauga Greeneyes, brother of Tsarmina, and nephew of Ungatt Trunn. Gingivere is a gentle, honorable creature, unlike his sister Tsarmina. When Martin the Warrior is captured by a patrol and brought before Verdauga, Gingivere, a rather lenient creature, advises his father to have Martin escorted to the edge of Mossflower Woods and told never to return.

A little later, Tsarmina frames Gingivere for the poisoning of their father, which she herself orchestrated. Gingivere is locked up, and his name is forbidden from speech in Kotir. Gingivere clearly sees who is truly guilty, and accuses his sister of the murder.

In the time that follows, Gingivere becomes gaunt and despairing in captivity. Fortunately, his positivity is restored when he finds himself neighbored by the young, captured hedgehogs Ferdy and Coggs. Amused by the little creatures' childishness, and their calling him Uncle, Gingivere soon becomes hopeful, and even orchestrates an arrangement with his sister's enemies to escape with the two young hedgehogs. Their escape comes in the form of the otter disguise master known as the Mask, who helps them break out. Unfortunately, Mask is fatally wounded, and dies before they can make it to Brockhall. Feeling duty bound to the otter for saving him and his young friends, Gingivere carries the limp form to where it can be put to rest.

After a short time spent with the resistance, Gingivere departs, not wanting to increase Tsarmina's determination to destroy them with his presence. After journeying for a time, he meets a beautiful female cat, Sandingomm, and settles down with her. Becoming a farmer, Gingivere shelters the children and non-fighters of the resistance when they come seeking refuge.

Squire Julian Gingivere is a descendant of the original Gingivere, and appears in the book Redwall. Living in a barn some distance from Redwall Abbey, Julian is odd among cats in the fact that he is a vegetarian. He had lived with the owl Captain Snow, but the owl's appetite for meat, his bad table manners and their conflicting personalities led to a disagreement and then separation.

During his search for Snow, young Matthias of Redwall comes across Julian. The two become friends, and Julian takes Matthias to see Snow. After Matthias learns what he wanted, he sets out after the adder Asmodeus. He later comes back to see Julian, and brings him along to meet Captain Snow. Extracting an apology from Snow, Matthias soon has the two back together, their disagreement forgotten. Julian later comes with Snow to Redwall, where they kill the last members of Cluny the Scourge's horde as they try to escape. Julian was voiced by Paul Denemy in the full-cast audiobook, and on the animated TV series by Keith Knight.

Gonff the Mousethief[edit]

Gonff the Mousethief is an anthropomorphic mouse appearing in the Redwall series.

Gonff was voiced by Dave Foode in the full-cast audiobook of Mossflower. The character of Gonff is based on the author Brian Jacques as a young boy.

Known as the Prince of Mousethieves, a troublemaker and composer of songs and poems, Gonff is a humorous character. An orphaned woodland mouse in the time when Mossflower was dominated by Verdauga Greeneyes, Gonff is raised by and later becomes a member of the Corim, the resistance to the wildcat's tyranny. With skills of stealth and mimicry learned from just about every type of woodland creature, mainly the otters (whom Gonff even went so far as to mimic in speech), he regularly raids the larders of Castle Kotir, Verdauga's fortress.

Eventually, Gonff is caught and thrown in a cell with Martin the Warrior. With help from the Corim, the two escape and become best friends, Gonff always coming along on Martin's journeys. Upon returning to the Corim camp, Gonff falls in love with a lovely mouse from Loamhedge Abbey named Columbine. Gonff accompanies Martin on the quest to the legendary mountain Salamandastron, and upon their return and victory over Tsarmina, Verdauga's daughter, he marries Columbine.

The two take up residence at St. Ninian's church (later, they live at Redwall Abbey), along with their son, a chip off his father's block. Gonff accompanies Martin and several others on another journey, this time to learn the fate of Martin's father, Luke the Warrior. Along the way, they meet an orphan squirrel named Chugger, whom Gonff later adopts.

Gonff's line continues for many seasons, his heroic qualities expressing themselves in his descendant Dandin, his great-granddaughter Bryony, and his other descendants such as Bisky. Gonff rarely participates in battle, his best weapon being his wit. But when he does, he usually uses a dagger and a sling. He is friendly with all decent Mossflower residents, knowing many of their customs and speaking in their manner. He is also a player of the reed flute.

Tsarmina Greeneyes[edit]

Tsarmina Greeneyes is an anthropomorphic wildcat appearing in the Redwall series.

Tsarmina is a scheming, wicked wildcat, who lacks her father's honour and her brother's fairness. When the mouse Martin the Warrior is brought before them, she demands his execution, but her father has him imprisoned instead, to be released, escorted to the edge of their territory, and given back his sword at a later time. Tsarmina breaks the weapon's blade, tying a rope around the handle and placing it about Martin's neck as a sign of his encounter with them. Enraged, Martin swears to kill her.

Murder is committed soon after, but not by Martin. Tsarmina, conspiring with her father's treacherous advisors, poisons her father and frames her gentle brother Gingivere for the crime. Taking over as queen of the fortress Kotir, she locks up her brother and seeks to enforce her rule. However, she meets resistance in the form of the Corim, the organization that was set up to oppose her and her father.

Tsarmina's plans are thwarted time and again by the determined woodlanders. She finds herself menaced by them, treacherous members of her own troops, and an old eagle named Argulor (who is determined to eat her, or another of her officers). Things are made worse after Martin and Gingivere escape her prison, leaving her looking foolish.

As time goes on, her sanity begins to decay, and she begins thinking that her brother is behind everything. She also keeps imagining herself drowning in water, which fills her with terror. Her empire crumbles and her nightmares became reality when her enemies flood Castle Kotir and destroy her forces. She meets Martin in one-on-one combat, and wounds him drastically. However, despite the severity of his wounds, the warrior mouse refuses to submit and continually rises to meet her in combat, filled with anger and fury. Tsarmina becomes alarmed at her seeming inability to slay Martin, and due to her tenuous grasp on reality, becomes overwhelmingly terrified of him. In a panic, she backs away from Martin. Her fear of Martin is so great it overwhelms her fear of water, and she backs into the lake created by the Kotir flooding. Desperate to escape Martin, Tsarmina goes in too deep and drowns, causing her original nightmare to become real.

Verdauga Greeneyes[edit]

Verdauga Greeneyes is an anthropomorphic wildcat in the Redwall series.

Verdauga is a warlord of Mossflower Woods, who rules the fortress Kotir with his "Thousand Eye" Army. He is the younger brother of Ungatt Trunn and the father of Tsarmina and Gingivere. He hails from the far north and settles in the abandoned fortress of Kotir to rule the native woodlanders for many seasons.

A leader of flair, his many titles include Master of the Thousand Eyes, Lord of Mossflower, Slayer of Enemies, and Ruler of Kotir. Late in his old age, he suffers from an unknown illness and is tricked and poisoned by the joint efforts of his healer, Fortunata, and his treacherous daughter, Tsarmina, who takes over his position.

Verdauga is one of the more merciful warlords in the Redwall series and certainly a just ruler, as he spares the life of Martin the Warrior after his guards bring him to Kotir for trespassing.

Verdauga was voiced by Dave Foode in the full-cast audiobook. The name "Verdauga" is a Latin derivation meaning "green eyes."

Characters in Mattimeo[edit]

Slagar the Cruel[edit]

Slagar the Cruel (born Chickenhound) is an anthropomorphic red fox.

He has many hidden plans and reasons which he only reveals by his own free will. His most characteristic trait is his desire for revenge and his pursuit of it, leaving death and misery in its wake.

Slagar reveals himself as Chickenhound, the young fox from Redwall, to Mattimeo during their journey. He gives Mattimeo a biased story in which he is an innocent youngster whom the Redwallers are responsible for injuring, and he has personified them in Matthias. In truth, he is the son of the healer Sela. His mother was a traitor to both the horde of Cluny the Scourge they were employed by, and the Redwall creatures who took them in, to exploit the most benefit from each side. Chickenhound was Sela's assistant in her plans.

Cluny suspected the foxes were planning to double-cross him, and set a trap to expose them. They were caught, and Cluny ordered their execution by spearing. Sela was slain, but Chickenhound survived and dragged himself wounded to Redwall. He was cared for in the infirmary, and told the Redwallers about Cluny's plans to tunnel into the abbey, an act that quite likely saved Redwall from being conquered. After he recovered, he began to believe that he was being imprisoned and escaped, stealing valuables on his way out. Pursued by the Redwallers, he accidentally killed an old mouse named Methuselah in his haste to escape.

Running for his life, Chickenhound hid in a cave under an old log where the giant adder Asmodeus Poisonteeth ambushed him and bit him in the face. Chickenhound escaped from the snake's lair and nursed himself back to health with the 'art of the healers'. The right side of his face remained horribly disfigured by the wound, and so Chickenhound began wearing a harlequin hood and mask to conceal it. His mind was twisted and warped by the venom, and he began to believe the Redwallers were responsible for his condition. Eventually, he renamed himself Slagar the Cruel and began to plot his 'revenge'.

Slagar is a prolific slaver. This also demonstrates that he also has some other plan for collecting the slaves. Eventually, it is discovered that he acts as a slaver for Malkariss, a speaking statue which contains a prideful polecat, in an underground city of rats. Slagar has been slaving for many seasons before he comes to Redwall, as he had allied with Malkariss to provide him with new slaves. He has become infamous even before his attempt at Redwall and therefore, although not in view of Redwall, has made slaving a practice, but not his future.

Slagar's future, as he determines it, is the command of the evil realm of Malkariss within the ruins of old Loamhedge, the abbey that preceded Redwall. His plans center on bringing the unfortunate young slaves to Malkariss, to align himself with the evil forces within. The lust for sweet revenge drives him into kidnapping Mattimeo and the Redwall young ones, but his dissatisfied hunger for power - and having his reward delayed - drives him to plot further to overthrow his master and rule the above and the below lands. Yet, before he could do this, the warriors of Redwall and Mossflower destroy Malkariss and free the slaves. Slagar meets with the bitter fate of being chased until he falls down a vast well hole and dies.

He was voiced by Simon Smithies in the full-cast audiobook of Redwall (as Chickenhound) and by Paul Braithwaite in Mattimeo, and by Tim Curry in the animated series.


Malkariss is an anthropomorphic polecat appearing in the Redwall series.

Malkariss is the evil ruler of a hellish underground kingdom where young animals work as slaves to build a city for him whilst he resides within an immense and terrifying statue of a demonic polecat. He issues his orders to his slaves via Nadaz.

Matthias the Warrior and his comrades Orlando the Axe, a badger warrior, Basil Stag Hare, Jess Squirrel, Jabez Stump (a hedgehog), and Cheek the Otter discover the Kingdom of Malkariss when Matthias's son, Mattimeo, Auma, Orlando's daughter, and other slaves are kidnapped and taken there by Slagar.

After a long journey they find the entrance to the Kingdom at the heart of a somewhat menacing wilderness. In the underground kingdom, they challenge Malkariss, Nadaz and Slagar in Malkariss's palace. Matthias does battle with a monstrous hybrid called the Wearet. During the battle, a basket is lowered down from Malkariss's statue and into The Void, a pit beneath the walkway upon which Matthias and the Wearet are duelling.

The fight climaxes with Matthias falling into The Void. He lands on the basket and bounces off. The basket opens and Malkariss emerges. He is revealed to be an ancient, frail and repulsively hideous polecat which picks up Matthias's sword, ominously saying "You have looked upon Malkariss. You must die." Before he can slay the mouse, however, Malkariss's slaves arrive and upon recognizing their tyrant master, proceed to pelt him to death with stones and rocks.

The Kingdom of Malkariss is revealed to be the ruins of an ancient and forgotten abbey named Loamhedge, which Malkariss is presumably trying to rebuild. However, Malkariss does not appear in Jacques's novel Loamhedge and his origins remain unknown.


The name Wearet applies to several characters in the Redwall novel series by Brian Jacques. Wearets are massive vermin, crosses between weasels and ferrets.

A minion of the evil Malkariss, the Slavemaster Wearet appeared in answer to the challenge of Matthias the Warrior of Redwall Abbey. He proved to be a daunting opponent to the mouse warrior, armed with a weighted net and stabbing spear. After a long battle, the Slavemaster was able to knock Matthias off the ledge they were battling on, seemingly killing him. However, his victory was short lived, as he fell under the mad charge of Orlando the Axe and Matthias' other companions.

Likely a descendant of the first Wearet, Kharanjul is the trident wielding ruler of the Abyss near Malkariss' former domain. Commander of a horde of assorted vermin, some of them likely descendants of the horde of Malkariss, Kharanjul was a massive warrior. He served to block the path of a group of Redwallers as they made their way home from the ruins of Loamhedge Abbey. However, he was slain when the massive tree trunk he and his horde stood upon was tipped into the Abyss by Bragoon and Saro. Kharanjul appears in Loamhedge. He was voiced by Ron Delacruz.

In The Rogue Crew, there is a crew of evil searats and corsairs, led by Razzid Wearat, captain of the infamous ship Greenshroud.

Orlando the Axe[edit]

Orlando the Axe is an anthropomorphic badger. Orlando's weapon is a large battleaxe. His young daughter Auma was kidnapped by Slagar, and Orlando sets off to find her and make Slagar pay. On the way he meets Matthias the Warrior with others from Redwall who are tracking down Slagar too, Orlando joins forces with them.

Rollo Bankvole[edit]

Rollo Bankvole is an anthropomorphic vole. In Mattimeo, he is a baby whose mother is killed and sister kidnapped by Slagar. Cornflower and Mrs. Churchmouse are the main ones who take care of him after this tragedy. Rollo proves to be helpful to the Redwallers though just a baby, inadvertently assisting them with a very important riddle.

When General Ironbeak the raven and his army show up at Redwall and partially take it over, Rollo, Cornflower, and Mrs. Churchmouse are captured by Ironbeak as hostages. The Redwallers, however, capture three of Ironbeak's magpies, and they exchange prisoners.

In Pearls of Lutra, Rollo is the elderly Recorder of Redwall Abbey. He and the young hedgehog maid Tansy, the squirrelmaid Craklyn, and the mousemaid Piknim figure out the riddles telling where the Tears of All Oceans (six beautiful rose-colored pearls) are hidden. Following the death of Piknim by a flock of jackdaws who had previously claimed St. Ninian's Church, Rollo orders its destruction due to the fact that it housed too many vermin over the seasons.

General Ironbeak[edit]

General Ironbeak is an anthropomorphic raven, appearing in the Redwall series .

General Ironbeak is the fiercest fighter in all of the Northlands. He grew tired of the cold and traveled south to Mossflower Woods with his army of birds. It is here that he sees Redwall Abbey and decides to conquer it while the warrior Matthias and his group are away pursuing Slagar the Cruel. He starts by infiltrating the loft and roof spaces of the Abbey. Ironbeak tries to capture a baby vole named Rollo, but is driven off by a Redwall Sister. General Ironbeak later manages to capture Baby Rollo, Matthias the Warrior's wife Cornflower, and Mrs. Churchmouse. He then delivers an ultimatum for the Redwall Abbey residents to surrender and he will return the hostages. While Abbot Mordalfus buys some time, the Redwall residents devise a plan. They manage to capture some members of General Ironbeak's flock and state that they will return them if he returns his hostages. Once the exchange is done, General Ironbeak and his army stock up on supplies and infiltrate the dormitories.

General Ironbeak then lays siege to Redwall Abbey. Matthias's wife Cornflower comes up with a plan to scare the superstitious birds. She dresses up in long-gone hero Martin the Warrior's armor while the Abbey's resident badger Constance calls out in a spooky voice to make the soldiers in General Ironbeak's flock think that Martin the Warrior's ghost has returned.

When General Ironbeak leads his flock to capture the besieged Abbey creatures, a large red kite named Stryk Redkite (who has been healed by the Redwall Abbey residents) charges into battle and kills General Ironbeak. The surviving followers of General Ironbeak are flown back to the Northlands under the watch of Stryk Redkite.

In the cartoon, General Ironbeak wears a helmet to distinguish himself from the other members of his flock.

Characters in Mariel of Redwall[edit]

Mariel Gullwhacker[edit]

Mariel Gullwhacker is a fictional character, an anthropomorphic mouse from the Redwall series of books by Brian Jacques. Mariel was voiced by Keddy Sutton in the full-cast audiobook of Mariel of Redwall.

The daughter of Joseph the Bellmaker, Mariel accompanies her father on the voyage to deliver the Joseph Bell to Badger Lord Rawnblade Widestripe of Salamandastron. Along the way, they are captured by searats, and Mariel is enslaved. However, when her master, Gabool the Wild, comes at her with a sword, she bests him. As a result, she is thrown into the raging sea.

Mariel washes up on the shores of Mossflower Country, her memories blocked due to an injury suffered at sea. Taking the name Storm Gullwhacker, she sets off into the woods, eventually coming to Redwall Abbey. She later remembers who she is as a result of hearing a poem recited by Saxtus, one of the Abbey mice. After recovering her memories, she sets out with several companions, including her good friend Dandin the Sword Carrier, to kill Gabool.

Mariel and her friends have several adventures along the way, eventually meeting up with Rawnblade as the Badger Lord makes his own way to Gabool's fortress. Arriving on the isle of Terramort, she teams up with the resistance led by her father Joseph to depose Gabool. Mariel later comes back to Redwall with her father, but departs with Dandin to seek adventure together.

Four seasons later, the duo become involved in the war against the evil Urgan Nagru. They fight gallantly alongside many allies, including the arriving Joseph. After Nagru is slain by Finnbarr Galedeep, Mariel and Dandin return to Redwall for a time, before leaving again to "see what was over the horizon" with a young hedgehog called Bowly Pintips.

Mariel's main weapon is a knotted piece of rope. Its name, Gullwhacker, comes from the fact that Mariel first uses it to ward off hungry seabirds. The original Gullwhacker, carried in the quest against Gabool, is later tied to the end of the rope used to ring the Great Joseph Bell.

Dandin the Sword Carrier[edit]

Dandin the Sword Carrier is an anthropomorphic mouse. He is a descendant of Gonff the Mousethief. In Mariel of Redwall Dandin befriends Storm Gullwhacker the mousemaid when she arrives at Redwall. After Storm remembers her real name, Mariel, and all that has happened to her, she swears revenge on the searat Gabool the Wild and sets off to slay him. Dandin, Durry Quill, and Tarquin (a hare) go with Mariel on her quest.

During Mariel of Redwall, Dandin carries Martin the Warrior's sword; Simeon the blind herbalist was led by Martin's spirit to place it by Dandin as he slept.

In The Bellmaker, Dandin and Mariel help the inhabitants of Southsward defeat Urgan Nagru and put the rightful ruler back on the throne. Dandin doesn't use Martin's sword in this book.

Durry Quill[edit]

Durry Quill is an anthropomorphic hedgehog in the novels Mariel of Redwall and The Bellmaker. He was voiced by Greg Longridge in the audiobook Mariel of Redwall and by Dave Foode in the framing scenes for Martin the Warrior.

As a young hedgehog, Durry grew up being trained as a Cellarhog by his beloved uncle Gabriel Quill. However, upon learning of the quest of Mariel Gullwhacker and Dandin the Sword Carrier, he decided to accompany them. The young hog's logic and knowledge of healing poultices proved invaluable in the journey to do battle with Gabool the Wild. Like his friends, Durry was a captain of the Trag resistance alongside Badger Lord Rawnblade Widestripe of Salamandastron and Joseph the Bellmaker.

Four seasons later, Durry had replaced his late uncle as Cellarhog of Redwall Abbey. However, he was one of five chosen, along with his friend Rufe Brush, to journey to the land of Southsward and help Mariel and Dandin battle Urgan Nagru. Along the way, Durry was mentored in the ways of the warrior by the sea otter Finnbarr Galedeep. After the battle ended, Durry was given one of the otter's swords for his bravery, which he named Finnbarr in honor of its deceased former owner. Durry returned to Redwall, and later assisted Rufe in telling the story to a group of Dibbuns.

Durry commonly wielded an assortment of daggers, but his usual attack method was to roll up in a ball, protecting himself and injuring enemies with his sharp spikes.

Gabool the Wild[edit]

Gabool the Wild is an anthropomorphic rat.

Known as King of the Searats and Warlord of the Seas, Gabool was a pirate monarch whose fortress lay on the island of Terramort. Gabool terrorized the seas for years, following in the footsteps of many tyrants of Mossflower. Gabool's last great plunder was the Joseph Bell, and the capture of Joseph the Bellmaker and Mariel Gullwhacker. However, Gabool was humiliated when Mariel, a mere girl, defeated him in a duel.

Throwing Mariel to the sea, Gabool later did the same to Joseph when the mouse refused to build a tower for his new bell. As his plans began to fail, Gabool began going insane, dreaming of Mariel, the bell, and a massive Badger Lord, and hallucinating the sounding of the bell when it was silent. Gabool's insanity went so far as killing several of his own captains, such as Flogga, Saltar, and Bluddrigg.

Gabool's nightmares came true when Mariel returned, leading an army of resistance forces and accompanied by the Bloodwrath-taken Badger Lord Rawnblade Widestripe. Despite trapping Rawnblade in a pit with a giant scorpion, Gabool was killed when the badger threw the scorpion Skrabblag out of the pit onto Gabool, and the creature stung him to death.

Gabool is voiced in the full-cast audiobook by Simon Smithies.

The Honourable Rosemary[edit]

The Honourable Rosemary (known also as Hon Rosie), is a female anthropomorphic hare. She is a major character in Mariel of Redwall, and even more so in its successor, The Bellmaker. In both books, she is renowned especially for her skill with a sling, bow, javelin etc., earning her the nickname 'Hawkeye', and for her annoying tendency to laugh tremendously at the most inappropriate of times.

She is a member of the Long Patrol, the army of fighting hares who serve Rawnblade Widestripe, the badger lord of Salamandastron, the extinct volcano by the sea.

In Mariel of Redwall, Rosie is a good friend and comrade of Colonel Clary and Brigadier Thyme, also of the Long Patrol. Both hares are killed while fighting against overwhelming numbers of searats. Rosie, who takes part in the same battle herself, very nearly dies of her many grievous injuries, but survives because Redwallers find her while hunting down the remaining searats.

Rosemary's ardent admirer, Tarquin L. Woodsorrel, another anthropomorphic hare, chases after her in Mariel of Redwall. He remains firmly convinced that he is the apple of her eye, and he composes love ballads in her name. At the end of the book, we learn that he has married Hon Rosie, and that they have had several baby hares (leverets).

In The Bellmaker, Rosie is chosen by the spirit of Martin the Warrior to leave her husband at the Abbey and to embark upon a quest to find Mariel 'Gullwhacker' and her friend, Dandin the Sword Carrier, along with Mariel's father, (Joseph the Bellmaker), Rufe Brush (the Abbey bell-ringer), Durry Quill (the Abbey cellarhog) and Foremole (the head of moles in Redwall Abbey). The five set out to find the two adventurers. They meet some good friends on the way, and in the battle that takes place at the end of the book between the woodlanders of Mossflower Woods and the tyrant fox, Urgan Nagru, over the land called 'Southsward', these friends help them to win the war. Four of the travellers, including The Honourable Rosemary, return safely to the Abbey with Mariel and Dandin, but Joseph chooses to stay with the inhabitants of Southsward to help them rebuild their homes. Hon Rosie settles back into the quiet Abbey life with her husband, Tarquin, and their leverets.

Rufe Brush[edit]

Rufe Brush is an anthropomorphic squirrel. In the audiobook, he was voiced by Paul Braithwaite.

Rufe lived all his life at Redwall Abbey with friends like Dandin the Sword Carrier and Durry Quill. Serious and not given to much emotion, Rufe was originally written as being among the more business-like creatures at Redwall. After Dandin and Durry departed in the company of mousemaid Mariel, Rufe helped defend the Abbey against a searat invasion. After the great Joseph the Bellmaker came to Redwall, Rufe carried the sword of Martin the Warrior up to the Abbey weathervane. He was also appointed Abbey bellringer.

Rufe's own chance for adventure came when Martin the Warrior chose him as one of five to journey to Southsward to aid Dandin and Mariel in the battle against Urgan Nagru. Rufe was rewritten by Brian Jacques as being reluctant, having lived in Redwall all his life, but he persevered bravely with the help of several friends, including Joseph the Bellmaker, Finnbarr Galedeep, and a shrew named Fatch. As a result of his bravery in the battle, Rufe received one of Finnbarr's swords following the otter's death. In memory of his fallen comrades, he named the sword Fatch, since his shrew friend had given his life to save Rufe. Rufe would return to Redwall, where he spent the rest of his life. He later told the tale of his adventure to a group of Dibbuns.

He was mentioned as "Rufe Brushtail" in the book Salamandastron.

Tarquin Longleap Woodsorrel[edit]

Tarquin Longleap Woodsorrel is an anthropomorphic hare. He is a hare who was sent by the badger Lord of Salamandastron, Rawnblade, to Redwall Abbey. Tarquin composes terrible songs, and doesn't realize how awful they are.

Tarquin is one of the several who accompanies Mariel Gullwhacker on her quest to slay Gabool.

He is head over heels in love with the Honourable Rosemary (often known as Hon Rosie). She doesn't seem to take much notice of him, but he believes she adores him. At the end of the book it is revealed that Rosie has married Tarquin, and that they have several children.

Characters in Salamandastron[edit]


Arula is an anthropomorphic mole from the Redwall series. She is one of the main characters in the book Salamandastron. She is the grandmother of Burrem, an infant mole who listens to a story told by Dumble, who is a baby himself in the main narrative.

Arula was the friend of Samkim the squirrel. After the stoats Dingeye and Thura accidentally killed Redwall's recorder, Brother Hal, and stole the sword of Martin the Warrior, Arula went with Samkim to retrieve the sword. She also buries Thura, the first animal killed by Dryditch Fever.

Arula is among the army led against Ferahgo the Assassin to aid Salamandastron's hares and Badger Lord, Urthstripe the Strong. She and the other troops are led by Urthwyte the Mighty, the albino brother of Urthstripe.

Near the end of the novel, Arula discovers a spring of cold water deep in Salamandastron, making it nearly invulnerable to siege.

Her name comes from a Redwall fan named Laura, who gave Brian Jacques a curriculum vitae with reasons why she would make a good mole character.[1]

Dingeye and Thura[edit]

Dingeye is a stoat who was a soldier in Ferahgo the Assassin's horde. He and his friend Thura (who was also a stoat) deserted the horde and wandered about aimlessly until they eventually ended up at Redwall Abbey. There, they were treated as guests, although they repaid the woodlanders by accidentally shooting Brother Hal in the neck with a bow and arrow. Afraid they would suffer dire consequences, the two stoats stole Martin the Warrior's sword and fled into Mossflower Woods.

When Thura soon died of the dreaded Dryditch Fever in the depths of Mossflower, Dingeye continued without him, only to be caught up with by Ferahgo's tracker Dethbrush who beheaded him and took the sword.

Ferahgo the Assassin[edit]

Ferahgo the Assassin is an anthropomorphic weasel of average maturity, brown fur, and cold blue eyes. Like his son Klitch, he is quite handsome and charming, hiding a cruel viciousness beneath this persona. It is said that the more he smiles, the more dangerous he becomes. His normal outfit consists of a yellow tunic with a red vest, a fur loin cloth, and a knife belt. He is commonly known as just Ferahgo.

Ferahgo was known to have an unpredictable personality, switching moods quickly from calm to dangerous. He is very greedy, and often went overboard with his greed, as shown with Sickear. He was also known to trick others into doing things for him, with his blue eyes and clever skills. He smiled a soothing, disarming smile quite often, and despite its soothingness, it usually meant death for someone.

As described in the earlier part of Salamandastron, Ferahgo is an accurate thrower of his skinning knives, once taking the ear off a stoat called Migroo when he failed to do Ferahgo's bidding. Ferahgo is also capable of skinning any soldier among his horde of Corpsemakers; although it has never actually been described in Salamandastron, he has hinted at it several times by saying things like "There's a fresh edge on my skinning knife which I haven't used yet."

Although never described in complete detail, Ferahgo killed the parents of the Badger Lords Urthstripe the Strong and Urthwyte the Mighty, and stole a medal previously belonging to them, which he wore around his neck for the majority of the novel.

A few seasons later, the assassin traveled to the northern lands, and sought to take over the mountain of Salamandastron. However, he was opposed by Badger Lord Urthstripe and his army of hares (the Long Patrol). Along with his treacherous son Klitch, the poisoner fox Farran, and his horde (the Corpsemakers), the weasel laid siege to the mountain. Later, when an army of Urthstripe's allies (led by his brother Urthwyte) arrived, Ferahgo reached Urthwyte atop Salamandastron. Ferahgo tried to stab Urthwyte in the back but Urthstripe came and crushed Ferahgo to death, but before he died Ferahgo managed to stab his two best knives into Urthstripe, killing him.


Klitch is an anthropomorphic weasel. He is the son of Ferahgo the Assassin, and resembles him closely. The young weasel is described as being attractive, intelligent, and cunning. His normal attire includes a bright yellow tunic and a plumed beret.

Klitch first appears when he infiltrates Salamandastron by befriending the badger Mara, succeeding in gaining her trust and gaining admission to the stronghold. He then betrays and imprisons her, and aids his father in the siege of Salamandastron. Later on, after an unsuccessful plot to kill his father, Ferahgo the Assassin approaches Klitch and informs of the failed attempt. Klitch, knowing nothing of the plot, answers his father of his innocence in the plot. Eventually he and Ferahgo breach the fortress, only to be attacked by a tribe of Guosim shrews, Samkim, Mara, and Urthwyte the Mighty. Ferahgo dies, but Klitch survives by hiding under two slain vermin he killed. After the great battle, he emerges from beneath them and begins to plan his future. Not having drunk anything for a while, Klitch finds a water barrel in the fortress and drinks from it. He dies nearly instantly, due to the poison placed in it earlier under Ferahgo's order.

Brother Hal[edit]

Brother Hal is a minor character in the fictional series Redwall by Brian Jacques, appearing in the book Salamandastron. He is a recorder mouse of Redwall Abbey; it is his job to write down events and keep a record of everything that happens. He dies early on in the book as a result of an archery accident caused by two stoats, Dingeye and Thura, who were visiting Redwall. Thereafter, the stoats promptly leave, and take the sword of Martin the Warrior with them, which has only just recently been recovered. A young squirrel (who's fond of archery) named Samkim is suspected of accidentally killing Brother Hal. After escaping his imprisonment, Samkim and his sidekick Arula set out on a quest to recover Martin's sword and bring it back to Redwall Abbey.


Samkim is an anthropomorphic squirrel. He was named after a Redwall fan, Samantha Kim.[1]

Samkim was an archer, causing much trouble whenever he used his bow. When Brother Hal was found dead with an arrow in his neck and Samkim nearby holding the bow, the first reaction was to accuse Samkim (indeed, Friar Bellows, on his way to the kitchens and the first to discover Samkim and Brother Hal, took this action). However, two stoats named Dingeye and Thura, taking refuge at Redwall, were the real perpetrators. Samkim is moved into the infirmary while the Abbey elders discuss the incident and the disappearance of Martin the Warrior's sword. As they are doing this, Samkim's friend Arula eavesdrops on the conversation and goes to tell Samkim, and together they leave the Abbey to track down the stoats and recover the sword of Martin.

Samkim finds Thura, already dead, in an area of Mossflower woods; he had died of a sickness called Dryditch fever. A hedgehog called Spriggat discovers Dingeye's body, headless. All three of them then learn trackers were sent from Ferahgo the Assassin's horde to find and kill the stoats, from a family of rabbits (though they speak ambiguously of it). They then set off to ambush the group of trackers and recover Martin the Warrior's sword.

Samkim reclaims the sword after its carrier, a fox called Dethbrush, was slain by a monster called the Deepcoiler during a duel between Samkim and the vermin on a logboat. Samkim, within moments of reclaiming the sword, loses it again as he stabs it into the roof of the Deepcoiler's mouth. The sword plunges deep into the creature's brain and it sinks into the water before Samkim can take the sword back. The Deepcoiler luckily washes up on an island the next day and the sword of Martin the Warrior is retrieved by the young badger Mara (another main character in the book).

Characters in Martin the Warrior[edit]

Badrang the Tyrant[edit]

Badrang the Tyrant is an anthropomorphic stoat and the main villain in Martin the Warrior.

A former pirate captain, Badrang abandoned life at sea and began building a fortress known as Marshank. Capturing numerous slaves, including a young mouse named Martin, he also steals Martin's sword. Badrang keeps Martin captive for years, but eventually, the young warrior escapes. Badrang then faces humiliation, as a group of traveling performers escapes with his slaves and his fortress is stolen from him by a rival stoat captain named Tramun Clogg.

Sneaking back inside with his troops through a slaves' escape tunnel, Badrang reclaims Marshank, adding his rival's crew to his legion by offering them death, slavery, or horde membership, and putting the rival to work building the fortress. Badrang then is placed under siege, as a motley band of former slaves and traveling performers attack Marshank. Not giving in, Badrang manages to slay Felldoh, one of the prime members, who charges out to offer him single combat long before the others arrive.

Badrang's luck runs out when Martin returns from a long journey to Noonvale, with an army of free creatures in tow that number as great as Badrang's horde in number, and have odds of two to one in skill. Overwhelming Marshank's defenses, the army threatens to slay Badrang. The stoat is attacked by Laterose (also known as Rose) of Noonvale (Martin's love) with her sling loaded as he tries to escape, but Badrang angrily throws the maiden against the wall, killing her.

Badrang himself is killed when Martin plunges the sword Badrang has so long held into the stoat's chest after the death of Rose.

Badrang's main weapon is Luke the Warrior's sword, which he had taken from Martin. Badrang is a cunning strategist who is not above fighting dirty, such as using poisoned weapons or killing his own lackeys.

Badrang's voice was provided in the animated series by Diego Matamoros and by Simon Smithies in the full-cast audiobook.


Brome is a mouse who was Laterose's younger brother. He was later known as Brome the Healer. Brome wandered off from his home in Noonvale and got captured by Badrang. His sister, Laterose, (known to friends as Rose), and her trusty mole friend, Grumm Trencher, went in search of him. Grumm rescued Brome, Martin, and Felldoh from Badrang's prison pit by digging a tunnel.

Brome did not like killing anybody, and he was shocked when Felldoh speared some of Badrang's horde. So Brome was mainly the one who helped the wounded, although he fought in the final battle.

Cap'n Tramun Clogg[edit]

Cap'n Tramun Clogg (or Tramun Josiah Cuttlefish Clogg as referred to by the book and the TV series) is an anthropomorphic, fat stoat pirate.

A pirate captain and former associate of Badrang the Tyrant, Clogg commands the vessel Seascarab. Clogg's trademark is a massive pair of wooden clogs, and every available bit of hair on his body is braided. He worked with Badrang for an unknown period of time before they became separated, with Badrang going on to build Marshank.

Clogg later shows up at Marshank seeking slaves to crew his ship and revenge on his former partner-in-crime, Badrang. The two play at an alliance for a while, but each is actually seeking to put an end to the other. Clogg suffers much humiliation from Badrang, having the Seascarab sunk and letting the Rambling Rosehip Players into Marshank, where they stole away the slaves. Clogg chases after them, but fails to catch them.

Later, when conflict begins between Badrang's horde and the Fur and Freedom Fighters - a resistance formed of former slaves and the Players - Clogg manages to trick his way into control of Marshank while Badrang is away. However, it is only temporary, as Badrang sneaks back in, retakes control and puts Clogg to work as a slave. Clogg's crew is forced into joining Badrang's horde, and Clogg continues to be a nuisance, weakening the morale of the vermin by making seemingly insane prophecies and ghostly voices.

After Badrang dies at the paws of Martin the Warrior, a mad Clogg emerges from under a wheelbarrow and talks to his, among other dead horde members' corpses after declaring himself as the new "Master" of Marshank. His current fate is unknown.

He was voiced by John Stocker on the animated TV series, and by Dave Foode in the full-cast audiobook.


Felldoh is an anthropomorphic squirrel.

Felldoh was imprisoned by Badrang the Tyrant as an infant, along with his father, Barkjon. He grew up witnessing violent acts by Badrang, such as cold-blooded killings and beatings. As a result, he lost sensitivity to watching or committing violence. He also expressed a hatred of Badrang and swore he would one day escape Badrang's fort, Marshank, and personally kill the evil corsair. Just before the battle at the end of the book, Felldoh attempts to kill Badrang by beating him with a javelin, and nearly succeeds. Badrang, however, has his soldiers kill Felldoh. Felldoh's friends, Keyla, Brome, and Tullgrew, who had decided to spy on him, rushed to his body and carried it away. Later, Barkjon (Felldoh's father) tearfully says, "They can't hurt him now." Felldoh's death, along with the death of Laterose and others, was avenged when Martin the Warrior killed Badrang.

He was voiced by Ali Mukaddam in the animated series.

Characters in The Bellmaker[edit]


Blaggut is a rat who was originally boatswain of the ship Pearl Queen. He and his captain, Slipp, are the only ones to survive their ship being taken. The two find their way to Mossflower, where they come across the mousebabe and Furrtil the molemaid. Blaggut takes a liking to the two Dibbuns and prevents Slipp from harming them. Oak Tom and Treerose, squirrels, find the two searats and the two toddlers. Slipp claims that he is a cook and Blaggut a carpenter and they are taken to Redwall Abbey.

At the Abbey, Slipp tries to find the treasure of Redwall, but he and Blaggut are scared off by Simeon, who they think is a black shadow. Blaggut discovers he does have carpentry skills when he makes two little boats out of an empty barrel for two Dibbuns. In return for making the boats, the two Dibbuns reveal where the secret treasure of Redwall is but it turns out to be just tops and a paw full of old acorns.

In anger, Slipp tries to attack the helpless babes, but badger Mother Mellus tried to help. In the process he stabs her in the heart. Slipp then steals a valuable cup and the two searats run from the Abbey. Out in Mossflower, Blaggut is upset at the death of Mother Mellus, insisting that the Redwallers had never harmed anyone. When Slipp angrily rebukes Blaggut, Blaggut kills Slipp for the death of Mellus, coldly saying that 'You won't hurt anyone no more!' He then returns to Redwall with the chalice Slipp had stolen and to face the Redwallers' judgement. He explains what happened and shows remorse for what he has done. The Redwallers understand that Blaggut was more of a victim than a predator and accept his apology, even going as far as to offer him a home there in Redwall Abbey as he had become quite popular with the Dibbuns. He politely refuses and decides to move to a cove by the sea where he will spend his life building boats. Blaggut occasionally visits Redwall Abbey, such as the time when he reports that the group that had left Redwall have returned.

Joseph the Bellmaker[edit]

Joseph the Bellmaker is an anthropomorphic mouse in Brian Jacques' Redwall novels Mariel of Redwall and The Bellmaker. He was voiced by Gordon Hall in the full-cast audiobook of Mariel of Redwall.

A skilled bellmaker, Joseph is the father of Mariel. He was commissioned to create the then unnamed Joseph Bell for Badger Lord Rawnblade Widestripe of Salamandastron. However, in the journey to deliver the bell, Joseph's ship ran afoul of Gabool the Wild. The Searat King took Joseph hostage, and wanted him to construct a tower so he could use the bell himself. Joseph refused, and Gabool threw him out of a window on the island of Terramort.

Joseph was then saved by a fellow enemy of Gabool, a vole named Tan Loc. The two hid, and formed a resistance force from freed slaves. By using secret tunnels under the island, they were able to steal needed supplies and weapons. Joseph's life in hiding came to an end when Mariel returned to Terramort in the company of Lord Rawnblade, Dandin the Sword Carrier, and various others. Banding together, they attacked Gabool's fortress, and killed the evil searat. Joseph then came to live at Redwall, and his bell was given to the Abbey.

Some seasons later, Martin the Warrior gave Joseph a dream of Mariel, who had departed to the south with Dandin. Together with Rufe Brush, Durry Quill, and other Redwallers, Joseph set sail for the kingdom of Southsward aboard the vessel Pearl Queen. Whilst journeying, Joseph became great friends with the captain, Finnbarr Galedeep. Eventually, the group arrived, and Joseph along with his companions form Redwall and Southsward battle and kill the evil Urgan Nagru. After the battle Finnbarr is badly wounded by a spear in his side. Joseph placed Finnbarr's swords in his hands and faced him towards the sea as the brave sea otter lay dying. Joseph stayed on at Southsward, though he would later visit his friends at the Abbey.

Joseph was a gray-furred mouse of great age. Despite this, he was incredibly limber, and wielded an assortment of weapons, usually daggers or a stave.

Urgan Nagru[edit]

Urgan Nagru is an anthropomorphic fox.

Urgan's real name is unknown, as he took his first name and reversed last name from a dead wolf named Urgan. Claiming to have killed the wolf, and wearing its skin and skull as trophies, Urgan also called himself Foxwolf. However, he had actually skinned the already dead wolf. Despite this, he was a fierce fighter, his chosen weapon being metal hooks replacing the claws of the slain wolf in the skin he wore. After conquering the northern lands, he sailed with his horde to the southern country of Southsward.

Taking over the local monarch's palace, Urgan attempted to establish domination over the land. However, he found opposition in the form of Redwall warriors and their shrew allies from the north, as well as an army of local squirrels, moles, and hedgehogs. When his army was beaten, he tried to escape, but found himself forced into battle with the sea otter Finnbarr Galedeep. Despite the otter being mortally wounded by one of Urgan's horderats, he was able to overcome Foxwolf in combat, bashing the would-be dictator's head into a nearby tree and driving the fangs of the head-mounted wolf skull into the fox's brain.

Urgan's only known family was his mate, Silvamord, who was killed before him in a battle to hold the castle they had conquered.

Characters in Outcast of Redwall[edit]


Bryony is an anthropomorphic mouse.

When a Redwaller finds baby Veil in a ditch, Bryony feels it is her duty to take care of the young ferret. She believes there is good in Veil, and defends him even when he steals things, believing that he didn't do it.

When Veil is banished from Redwall for attempting to poison someone, Bryony (who still thinks the ferret is good at the bottom) and her friend Togget follow him. In the final fight of the book, Veil saves Bryony's life at the cost of his own when he takes a javelin meant for her. Unsure if he truly meant to save her, she eventually accepts that the young ferret had always been evil.

At the end of the book, Bryony has become the Abbess of Redwall.

Swartt Sixclaw[edit]

Swartt Sixclaw is an anthropomorphic ferret warlord.

The sworn enemy of Sunflash the Mace, Swartt's trademark is his left paw, which has six claws. This paw is left dead after a battle with Sunflash, but Swartt covers it in mail to serve as a weapon in battle. Swartt pursues his foe over a great distance, but eventually decides that he needs help. Going to the camp of the Warlord Bowfleg, Swartt poisons him and seizes control of his horde. Swartt gets stuck with Bowfleg's daughter Bluefen as his bride, thanks to the tradition that the new Warlord has to marry the old Warlord's daughter.

Swartt continues to chase Sunflash, adding a band of foxes originally led by Shang Damsontongue to his horde. His wife gives birth to a young ferret, and then dies. Paying no attention, Sixclaw gives the child to an old horde member to raise. Thus, he cares not when the old one dies and his infant son is abandoned; however, the baby ferret is found by a woodlander and taken to Redwall Abbey, where he is raised by a young mousemaid named Bryony.

After many seasons, Swartt catches up with Sunflash at the mountain of Salamandastron. Challenging his foe's forces, Swartt loses most of his horde, and is forced to flee. Sunflash pursues, but is captured before he can slay Swartt. At the same time, Swartt's son, named Veil, joins up with him, both despising each other and planning to slay the other. Later on, Veil stops him from slaying Bryony, who has just freed the captured Sunflash, by sacrificing his own life to save her. The vengeful badger throws his foe off the mountain, and Swartt dies, putting an end to the name of Sixclaw.

Veil Sixclaw[edit]

Veil Sixclaw is the ferret son of Swartt Sixclaw. In the book, Veil has to choose on whose side to fight - against the kind Redwallers who cared for him as a baby, or against his true father.

Veil is born to Swartt Sixclaw, the evil warlord in the book, and Bluefen, Swartt's wife. Swartt cares very little for his wife (and Veil), since it is tradition for a new Warlord to receive the old Warlord's daughter as a wife. (Swartt had killed Bluefen's father, Bowfleg, to win the horde for himself.)

Veil comes to Redwall due to a battle near the Abbey itself. Swartt, hunting down Sunflash the Mace, decides to go down the main path in Mossflower Woods. Skarlath, a kestrel and Sunflash's friend, sees Swartt and his horde going down the path, and flies ahead to warn the Redwallers. After meeting with them, a squirrel devises a plan to gather an army of squirrel archers and otter slingers - what he calls an "invisible army". The army engages in battle with Swartt's horde, and pushes them to the west side of the path. In the haste to get out of the line of fire, Veil's elderly caretaker drops him, and dies. Veil is then found by a squirrel after the battle, and is taken back to Redwall.

At Redwall, Veil is raised by a mousemaid named Bryony. He is mischievous, but as he grows older, he becomes more malicious, and is banished by the Badger Mother, Bella of Brockhall, after unsuccessfully attempting to poison Friar Bunfold. Bryony and Bella speculate, however, that the mistrust of the other Abbey inhabitants on account of Veil being a ferret contributed to his behavior, and Bryony, believing him to be good at the bottom, follows him. Later in the novel, Veil and Bryony encounter Swartt, who tries to kill her with a poisoned javelin. Veil leaps in front of her, taking the javelin and dying instead.

Characters in The Pearls of Lutra[edit]


Craklyn is a young squirrel in The Pearls of Lutra. She and her friend Piknim help Tansy the hedgehog and Rollo Bankvole the old Recorder to solve the riddles telling where each of the Pearls of Lutra are. At the end of the book Craklyn becomes the new Recorder of Redwall.

In The Long Patrol, Craklyn is still the Recorder, but is elderly, as is Tansy (who is still Abbess). Craklyn is one of the five Redwallers who venture into the sunken tower of the ancient fortress of Kotir, below the collapsed south wall. They discover the treasure of Verdauga Greeneyes.

Grath Longfletch[edit]

Grath Longfletch is an anthropomorphic otter. She is the last of the Holt of Lutra. All the other otters of the holt were killed by corsairs trying to take Lutra's beautiful pearls for Ublaz Mad-Eyes. Grath is at death's door, but eventually recovers. She makes herself a bow and arrows and sets off to avenge her holt. Then she meets Martin II (who's on a quest with Clecky the hare to rescue Abbot Durral from corsairs) and they join forces.

Grath falls in love with Inbar Trueflight and at the end of the book they go to live with the Holt Rudderwake.


Romsca is a female pirate ferret sent by Ublaz Mad-Eyes to fetch the "Tears of All Oceans" (six pink pearls), which are in Redwall Abbey. Romsca is forced to travel with a monitor lizard named Lask Frildur, whom she hates. In Mossflower country Lask Frildur's monitor lizards capture a mouse and a bankvole (Abbot Durral and Viola). Romsca befriends Durral and protects him. In the end she and Lask fight to the death. She kills the monitor lizard, but is left with back and spine injuries so severe that she dies soon after resulting in a mutual kill. Her dying words are her giving Durral directions to the isle of Sampetra because Durral cannot sail back to Mossflower alone. Durral claims to see Romsca in dreams when he sleeps.

Romsca, despite her somewhat minor role, was unusually popular with readers. The Redwall series has been criticized for a pattern in which species is destiny; that is, all mice, moles, hares, otters, etc. are innately good, while rats, ferrets, weasels, etc. are always bad. Romsca is a rare exception to this rule, and remains one of the only "bad" characters to demonstrate true goodness and nobility of character.


Tansy is an anthropomorphic female hedgehog.

In Pearls of Lutra, Tansy is young, but stated at the beginning of the book to have good sense. Therefore, she is one of the few permitted to go outside the Abbey's walls into the surrounding area. A friend of hers is the toddler squirrel Arven, who sometimes chants at her, "Tansy pansy toogle doo!"

Tansy, along with her friends Craklyn, Piknim, and the elderly Recorder Rollo Bankvole, begins solving the riddles telling where six rose-tinted pearls (the "Tears of All Oceans") are hidden. Then, when Abbot Durral and a young vole are kidnapped by corsairs, Tansy and friends have another motivation for finding the pearls - they can exchange them for the captives.

At the end of Pearls of Lutra, Tansy becomes Abbess.

In The Long Patrol, Tansy is elderly, but still the Abbess. She's one of the five Redwallers who venture into the sunken tower of the ancient fortress of Kotir below the collapsed south wall, and discover the treasure of Verdauga Greeneyes.

Ublaz Mad-Eyes[edit]

An anthropomorphic pine marten, Ublaz Mad-Eyes is the Emperor of Sempetra and the one who sent pirates to steal the Pearls, a.k.a. Tears of all Oceans, from Lutra the otter and his holt. Many call him "Mad-Eyes" because of his hypnotic eyes, yet never to his face. On more than one occasion he has wormed his way out of sticky situations with his hypnosis. He kills Conva the pirate by hypnotising him and telling him he can fly just because he gave him a bad report, then he throws Conva's corpse in front of Conva's brother, who retaliates with war. Corsair fights against corsair, and Ublaz makes an uneasy pact with one of the corsair captains for loot. Things go sour when his monitor lizards, whom he sent to Mossflower, abduct the Abbot and a bankvole maid from the Abbey and drag them off to the Isle of Sampetra, where Ublaz rules. Once the Abbeydwellers see the Abbot is gone, they set off to find him, with Martin II leading the assault on Sampetra, where they slay many monitors, and force the rats of the isle into submission. Martin enters the throne room and finds Ublaz who mockingly welcomes him in a faux gesture of chivalry, but Ublaz gets impatient and duels Martin viciously, almost winning. However, Martin shoves Ublaz back into his pet serpent, which bites his calf and Ublaz dies from the poison. Martin reminds him of the real reason he had come: to avenge Lutra's holt.


Grall is a black seagull who served Ublaz Mad-Eyes. Along with three of his companions, Grall flew to Mossflower Woods with a drawing of the Tears of all Oceans made by Conva for Lask Frildur. While in Mossflower, he eventually did meet up with Lask and Romsca. One of his crew was killed at Redwall Abbey by Gerul after the four gulls attacked. Grall died from exhaustion traveling back to Mad Eyes.

Characters in The Long Patrol[edit]

Lady Cregga Rose Eyes[edit]

Lady Cregga Rose Eyes is an anthropomorphic female badger, appearing in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques.

In The Long Patrol she is the ruler of the mountain Salamandastron. The name "Rose Eyes" is derived from her permanently pink eyes, which came about due to her overwhelming affliction of the Bloodwrath (a state of mind in which the eyes of the individual become infused with blood, which happens often with badger rulers.(thus turning red), and then the creature goes berserk, experiences an intense desire for battle, and is completely heedless of any injury or obstacle). Cregga has an intense hatred for Damug Warfang and his Rapscallion army, to the point that she abruptly takes fully half of the Long Patrol, 500 fighting hares, and relentlessly pursues Damug across many leagues. The climax occurs when Damug (who is attacking a small contingent of Redwallers) meets Cregga and her army in combat. While the battle rages around them, Cregga and Damug Warfang ignore the fighting and focus only on each other. Cregga almost instantly overpowers Damug, but not before he inflicts grievous wounds on her eyes, permanently blinding her. Once the battle is won, the Redwallers nurse her back to health, and Cregga decides to stay at Redwall as the Badgermum, saying that her blindness has "cured" her of the Bloodwrath.

It is mentioned that Cregga Rose-Eyes is one of the mightiest badger warriors in the history of Salamandastron, and that she had suffered the Bloodwrath the worst.

In Marlfox Cregga is living at Redwall Abbey. Many Redwallers want her to be their Abbess (they are without a leader at the time), but she refuses. She helps fight against the Marlfoxes, and with the assistance of Ellayo Swifteye, even uses a longbow to shoot the Marlfox Ascrod dead.

In Taggerung Cregga is very old; so old no one knows how many seasons she has lived. Without telling anyone else, Cregga has, since the days of Abbess Songbreeze, been looking out for a Redwaller who embodies all of the character traits Songbreeze wanted in an Abbey leader. (Redwall has once again been without an Abbot/Abbess for many seasons.) Meanwhile, several vermin show up outside Redwall, telling the Redwallers to bring out the Taggerung. Nobody has any clue what the vermin are talking about, but Cregga stands up on the wall and parleys with them. One of the vermin accidentally shoots an arrow at her, which buries itself in the old badger's chest. Cregga dies several days later, but before she passes on, she declares Mhera, a young otter, to be the new Abbess.

Damug Warfang[edit]

Damug Warfang is an anthropomorphic rat, appearing in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques.

After the death of his father, Gormad Tunn, Damug cheats to win a contest against his brother Byral Fleetclaw for leadership of the Rapscallion army, once controlled by his father.

Damug has the chance to conquer Redwall Abbey, as his scouts have seen that the south wall has collapsed, but a disguised hare named Midge Manycoats informs him of a "better" place to stage the battle. His Rapscallions greatly outnumber the Abbey residents and the hares of the Long Patrol fighting with them. He might have won had he not ordered his troops to stop fighting and imprison their opponents. But that momentary delay gives Cregga Rose Eyes enough time to sweep in with her hares. Struggling, Cregga and Damug fall off the ridgetop, killing the rat leader. But Damug slashed the Badger Lady's face so severely that she is permanently blinded.

Midge Manycoats[edit]

Midge Manycoats is an anthropomorphic hare, appearing in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques.

Midge is a male hare of the Long Patrol army under Cregga Rose Eyes. He is shorter than the average hare, and works as a master of disguise under Major Périgord Habile Sinistra. He infiltrates the enemy camp and poses as a seer, tricking the warchief, Damug Warfang, into battling elsewhere instead of at Redwall Abbey. Before leaving the camp, he assists with the rescue of Fourdun, a squirrel the Rapscallions had captured.

Russa Nodrey[edit]

Russa Nodrey is an anthropomorphic squirrel.

Russa was given the surname "Nodrey" due to her lack of a drey, or home, because no one could agree on or knew where she was from. She was a wandering female squirrel warrior who carried a powerful hardwood stick as a weapon. It was later inherited by Russano the Wise, whom Russa saves from a party of vermin when he is a badger babe at the cost of her life. She and a young hare named Tammo De Fformello Tussock search for the Long Patrol, a group of hares who patrol areas around their mountain, Salamandastron. After Tammo and Russa locate and join up with the Long Patrol, they learn that an evil band of vermin, called Rapscallions, are parading right towards Redwall. They have to defend Redwall against attack. In the journey to Redwall, Russa's life ends by protecting the badger babe they named Russano. In the end, Tammo finds himself with the Long Patrol fighting for freedom against the Rapscallion army.

Tamello De Fformelo Tussock (Tammo)[edit]

Tamello De Fformelo Tussock is an anthropomorphic hare. Due to his long title, he is usually referred to by his nickname, Tammo.

Having heard stories of the Long Patrol from his father, former Long Patroller Colonel Cornspurrey De Fformelo Tussock, Tammo wishes to join the Patrol despite Cornspurrey's belief that he is too young, and needs to grow up and learn some discipline before joining. Tammo's mother, Mem Divinia, secretly makes plans for Tammo to run away and join the Long Patrol, and asks her old friend Russa Nodrey to take him to Salamandastron or Redwall.

Russa and Tammo eventually meet up with eleven members of the Long Patrol, who are out tracking down Damug Warfang's evil Rapscallion army. Tammo is smitten with the beautiful Pasque Valerian, the patrol's medic. With the Rapscallions heading for Redwall, Tammo, Russa and the Patrol head for Redwall to help defend it. During the journey, Tammo is briefly held hostage by the Painted Ones and rescued by Russa; later, Russa is slain protecting a baby badger from the Rapscallions, who had killed its nurse. In honour of Russa's sacrifice, the baby badger is named Russano.

At Redwall, Tammo receives a message in the form of a riddle from the spirit of Martin the Warrior regarding him and fellow Patrol member Midge Manycoats, telling them they have to go to Damug Warfang's camp. Midge disguises himself as a vermin seer, and Tammo as his mute companion. They get to the camp, where Midge convinces Damug Warfang to battle elsewhere than the Abbey itself.

Tammo participates in the final battle of the book. He takes a pike in his leg during the battle, which leaves him with a mild limp for the rest of his life.

Four seasons afterward Tammo marries Pasque Valerian. He also becomes a captain of the Long Patrol, though it is not stated exactly when this takes place. The two returned to Salamandastron shortly after, accompanying Lord Russano the Wise.

Characters in Marlfox[edit]

Dannflower "Dann" Reguba[edit]

Dannflower Reguba is an anthropomorphic squirrel. Dann, as his friends call him, lives with his dad only. His mum died before the book began. Rusvul Reguba, his dad, shortens Dann's name to Dannflor when his mom died, as Rusvul and his wife couldn't agree on his name. He is a squirrel who has warrior blood in his veins, but when he lets Redwall's great tapestry get stolen by two Marlfoxes his dad lashes out at him, telling him he is not worthy of the Reguba name. This statement causes Dann to become quite upset. Dann gets a message from Martin The Warrior telling him to get the tapestry back. During the adventure he wields Martin's sword; it was taken from the badger-mum Cregga's room. At the end of Marlfox Dann becomes Redwall's Warrior.


Dippler is a young Guosim shrew. He becomes friends with Dannflor and Songbreeze, and they go off together to recover the Abbey's tapestry from the Marlfoxes.

At the end of the book, Dippler becomes the Guosim's new Log-a-Log mainly because he slew Fenno who killed Log-a-Log at Redwall during battle.


Dwopple is a small mouse infant. He and his auntie Deesum are part of The Sensational Wandering Noonvale Companions Troupe. He is tricked by Mokkan (a Marlfox) and is captured. He is used as bait for the Redwallers. Dwopple was often pesky, such as using a slingshot to fire pebbles at others.

Grandma Ellayo[edit]

Grandma Ellayo is a squirrel. She is Song's grandma and Janglur's mother. Ellayo likes to doze off in the gatehouse with Nutwing the owl. She was nomadic with her son and his wife and daughter, but they eventually decide to live at Redwall. Ellayo's father once told her of the Marlfox Island, and Ellayo had heard more about it from a kingfisher she'd met when Janglur was just a youngster. Ellayo also assists Cregga the blind badger in killing Ascrod the Marlfox with a longbow. She tells Cregga exactly where to aim.

Janglur Swifteye[edit]

Janglur Swifteye is an anthropomorphic squirrel who is the husband of Rimrose. He has heavy eyelids that give him a sleepy appearance, but foes in war have to watch out. Janglur has a strong reputation in war as a fighter. He is good friends with Dannflor's dad. He is nomadic with his wife, daughter, and mother. Ellayo Swifteye is his mom and Songbreeze's grandma.


Nutwing is an anthropomorphic owl, one of the three children of Taunoc and Orocca and who hatched during The Long Patrol. Following the departure of his siblings, Nutbeak and Nutclaw, Nutwing remained at the Abbey, although becoming increasingly senile due to his old age.

During the events of Marlfox, Nutwing became friends with Ellayo Swifteye, occasionally dozing off in the gatehouse with her. On one such occasion, Nutwing remained in the gatehouse while the Redwallers, aided by Cregga, sought to rescue Dwopple from the Marlfoxes. On her return, Cregga was found to have been heavily wounded; Nutwing volunteered to get Sister Sloey's medical herbs and bandages, only to walk into the Marlfoxes Ascrod and Vannan, who had managed to enter the Abbey undetected along with two water rats during the fighting. Ascrod slew Nutwing, and used his body to prevent Songbreeze Swifteye from attacking him.

Songbreeze "Song" Swifteye[edit]

Songbreeze "Song" Swifteye is an anthropomorphic squirrel who is the daughter of Janglur Swifteye and Rimrose and the granddaughter of Ellayo Swifteye. Song is a squirrel whose family is partially nomadic and travels to Redwall along with her family after encountering the two Marlfoxes Vannan and Ascrod. Song is a good singer and very pretty. She befriends Dannflor Reguba and Dippler, and they together rescue Redwall's tapestry from the Marlfoxes. Though young, Song becomes the Abbess at the end of Marlfox.


The Marlfoxes were a mysterious brood of foxes with pale eyes and mottled silver-white fur, rumored to possess magical powers of invisibility. These rumors were apparently perpetuated by their very real stealth capabilities. Only one family of Marlfoxes appears in the series, though presumably more have existed in the past.

Queen Silth[edit]

Silth is the High Queen of Castle Marl. Silth was the mother of the Marlfox brood. Once a mighty warrior, she became senile in old age, having killed her mate and taking over the throne. In her delusions, Silth commanded her brood to search out beautiful things to surround herself with. Her insanity was further fueled by her daughter Lantur, who tormented her with the image of the White Ghost, a legendary figure based on the albino badger Urthwyte (from Salamandastron). Lantur later poisoned her mother, and Silth was lowered into the lake after her demise.

The King[edit]

The King is the unnamed father of Ascrod, Vannan, Gelltor, Predak, Lantur, Mokkan, and Ziral who was murdered by Silth, his mate, because he wanted to call himself king. Lantur was his favorite daughter. While Lantur was terrifying Silth with the White Ghost, the rats said that the White Ghost was him, returned to avenge his murder.


Raventail is a barbarian ferret who led a group of twenty other ferrets. He and his group sided with the Marlfoxes when they heard that they had magic abilities. In the final battle, Raventail was fighting with Florian near the Abbey door when the hare knocked on the gate and alerted Lady Cregga Rose Eyes of the ferret's presence. The badger's paws shot out, grabbed the terrified Raventail and pulled him into the Abbey where she presumably killed him.

Characters in The Legend of Luke[edit]

Luke the Warrior[edit]

Luke the Warrior is an anthropomorphic mouse, the father of Martin the Warrior. During Martin's flashback scenes in Martin the Warrior, Luke's voice is provided by Colin Bean.[citation needed]

Luke is born in Saint Ninian's Church, in Mossflower Woods south of what is later Redwall Abbey. However, with the arrival of the wildcat Verdauga Greeneyes, as a child he is forced away from his home. He becomes the chief of a tribe of nomadic mice, who soon settle in caves on the frigid northland shore. Soon after settling, his wife, Sayna, gives birth to Martin, who is always groping for his father's sword. While lighting a bonfire to celebrate their leader's son's birth, Luke's tribe is attacked by Vilu Daskar's Goreleech corsair crew, who kill Sayna and other members of the tribe.

Luke, furious at the loss, begins making plans for his revenge. He crafts weapons for fighting the pirates, and keeps observations of their activities. His closest confidant is his little son Martin, who grows up learning his father's love of battle and knowledge of fighting. Eventually, Luke and his allies ambush a landing pirate ship, taking it over and repairing it in preparation to go after Vilu Daskar. During this time, his son Martin attempts to adopt a pirate sword for himself, but Luke has him throw it away, since Luke's own sword is Martin's inheritance. Luke also tells his son, to Martin's displeasure, that he is not coming on the journey. In a fit of tears, Martin tells Luke to name the ship Sayna after his mother.

Upon setting off after Daskar, Luke leaves Martin his sword, and also sets a young mouse named Timballisto in charge of the tribe. Luke tells Martin to keep his sword safe, to use it in the defense of others, and to never let any creature take it from him. Once this is done, he sails off, vowing to return one day.

Luke and his companions journey for many weeks, trailing Vilu Daskar. They face several obstacles, including storms and an island wherein dwells a tribe of murderous vermin and a giant snake. Unfortunately, Luke's ship is spotted by Daskar, and he lies in wait for the Sayna, destroying her and killing most of the crew. Luke and a handful of others survive, Luke climbing aboard and attempting to throttle Daskar. He is pried off, and placed below to be a galley slave.

Luke vows to slay Daskar, and meets a fellow warrior named Ranguvar Foeseeker. The two, along with the other slaves and a couple of Luke's comrades who had survived, plan to escape. Luke tricks Daskar into thinking he knows the location of a hidden treasure, buried by his tribe, and convinces the pirate to let him steer the Goreleech that way. He heads for the shoreline where his tribe dwells, hoping that his by now grown son Martin will be able to aid him.

To Luke's shock, the shore is deserted. Taking a new course of action, he turns the ship towards some nearby tall rock columns off the coast. Giving the signal to attack, he grabs Daskar and begins strangling him as the ship heads for the rocks. Ranguvar, free from her chains, helps fight off the pirates as the ship smashes into the rocks, breaking in half. One half, carrying Luke's surviving companions, becomes wedged in the rocks. The other, upon which Luke and Ranguvar fought, sinks to the bottom of the sea.

Young Martin does not learn of his father's fate until years later, when he sets out on a journey to find out what had become of his father. He finds Luke's comrades aboard the wedged half of the vessel, named Arfship because of being broken in half. After hearing the account, Martin looks at a bag of things that had belonged to his mother, and takes out a small colored stone. He drops it into the sea, as a farewell gift to his father and Ranguvar.

Luke's sword is passed down among the warriors of Redwall. His grandfather was also named Martin, and Luke is the third of his family to carry the sword. A tapestry of this Martin, the image of his great-grandson, becomes the centerpiece for the great Redwall tapestry.

Ranguvar Foeseeker[edit]

Ranguvar Foeseeker is an anthropomorphic female black squirrel.

She was a powerful beast, a berserker who killed four of Vilu Daskar's Goreleech crew members before they overwhelmed and captured her. She was forced to help row the Goreleech, where she met Luke the Warrior, who'd also been captured. Luke fooled Vilu Daskar into believing that he had buried his tribe's treasure among some huge columns of rock off the coast. Daskar permitted the Warrior to steer the ship to the "treasure". The oarslaves were freed, and in a last-ditch effort Luke steered the Goreleech towards the huge rocks, planning to crash the ship. Ranguvar went down fighting with Luke when the ship broke in two, their half of the ship sinking into the depths of the North Sea.

Reynard Chopsnout[edit]

Reynard Chopsnout was a fox pirate and the captain of the Greenhawk. Reynard Chopsnout used a cutlass, mainly, but he was said to have used a scimitar in the fight against Luke the Warrior's tribe. He got his name when he lost his nose to a sword fight against a ferret and replaced it with a wad of pitch. Reynard Chopsnout and his crew launched an attack against Luke the Warrior and his tribe, but Reynard's forces were quickly routed and the fight ended when Luke killed Reynard Chopsnout on the ground with his soon-to-be famous battlesword.

Vilu Daskar[edit]

Vilu Daskar is an anthropomorphic stoat in The Legend of Luke.

Daskar is the captain of the largest corsair vessel ever to sail the seas, the red ship Goreleech. Despite being a corsair, he is quite refined, and his wardrobe of royal finery is quite the opposite of ragged pirate garb. He spent years traveling the seas, plundering and capturing slaves to work his ship's oars. Because of his thorough eradication and intimidation of those who stood against him, he never had any enemies.

None, that is, until he made the mistake of attacking the tribe of Luke the Warrior. Vilu's horde sailed in while Luke and his warrior comrades were away, killing many of the tribe, including Luke's wife Sayna. Upon his return, Luke swore vengeance on the stoat. Capturing a pirate vessel, the Warrior and his allies sailed after Daskar. Captain Daskar learned of their pursuit, and laid an ambush for them. The trap worked, and their ship was destroyed and most of the crew killed. Luke, Dulam and Denno were taken captive. Vurg and Beau survived and tried to rescue them.

Daskar believed a ruse engineered by Luke about the location of a non-existent treasure. The Goreleech sailed towards the tall rocks near the shore where Luke's tribe had lived, the supposed location of the treasure. Upon arriving at the destination, Luke steered the ship towards the rocks, and grabbed Daskar, throttling him. Daskar's crew, trying to rescue their captain, were set upon by Luke's remaining comrades and the freed slaves, led by the berserker Ranguvar Foeseeker, while Luke ignored Daskar's desperate pleading for his life, stating that Daskar would at long last face justice for his crimes. The ship crashed against the rocks, one half becoming wedged between them, the other-with Daskar, Luke, and Ranguvar aboard-sinking to the bottom of the sea.

Daskar's weapon of choice was a bone-handled scimitar, with a matching knife.

Characters in Lord Brocktree[edit]


Brocktree was known as the Badger Lord who initiated the modern traditions of Salamandastron and is the main character of Lord Brocktree. He was the son of Stonepaw, descendant of Lady Sable Brock, the father of Boar the Fighter, the grandfather of Bella of Brockhall, the great-grandfather of Sunflash, and distant ancestor of Rawnblade Widestripe. He founded the Long Patrol by organizing the mountain's hares into a military-like regimental structure. Brocktree was also responsible for organizing the leveret school, the mountain's general laws, and for creating the outer gardens, terraces, orchards and crop-growing areas. It is for these reasons (but primarily for organizing the Long Patrol) that Brocktree is often cited as the first true Badger Lord of Salamandastron.

Before questing to Salamandastron, Lord Brocktree ruled Mossflower Woods. When he left, Boar succeeded him.

Brocktree's primary weapon was an enormous double-pawed broadsword, and physically he was a large, powerful male badger. Throughout the events of the book in which he made his debut (aptly named Lord Brocktree), the badger traveled to Salamandastron with the help and company of Dotti, a young hare from the mideastern hills (who, much to the badger's annoyance, called him by the nickname "Brockers"), to defeat the pestilence of the wildcat Ungatt Trunn and his Blue Hordes. Along the way they collected an army of woodlanders from the court of the hare king Bucko Bigbones, many of which were strong, young fighting hares, to help against the wildcat's horde. Brocktree eventually killed Ungatt Trunn and rid Salamandastron of his menace; he then took up residence as Lord of the mountain.

At the end of his long lifespan, Brocktree shared the leadership of Salamandastron with his son Boar. When he died, he was entombed in a secret upper chamber in the mountain in full armor. There he rested among mysterious prescient carvings to one day be discovered by his descendants. Brocktree later appears in a vision to Sunflash telling him to live on and become the ruler of Salamandastron.

Bucko Bigbones[edit]

King Bucko Bigbones was a mountain hare and self-appointed King. He ruled over a court in the North-East part of Mossflower. Bucko was very bigheaded as he boasted a lot and he was taller than most hares and strongly built. He issued a challenge to any passing creature, to challenge him for his crown in three events: Bragging, Feasting, and Fighting. Towards the end of his reign as "King," Bucko had been growing lazy, developing a noticeable paunch that was repeatedly abused by Dotti in the Fighting Challenge.

The one to beat him was Dorothea Duckfontein Dillworthy, future General for the Long Patrol. Bucko then joined Dorothea and Lord Brocktree on the quest to liberate Salamandastron from Ungatt Trunn. As it turned out, Bucko had a score to settle with Trunn's Captain-in-Chief Karangool who reportedly beat him with the flat of his sword when he lived in the mountains and left numerous scars, not to mention driving the March Hares out of their homes. During the fight to win back Salamandastron, he swam towards a fleeing vermin ship and apparently slew Karangool (who was pushed off the ship by Ripfang). After the mountain was retaken, Bucko returned to his home along with his mountain hares even though he promised Dotti he would serve as leader of the northern part of the Long Patrol with the title "General Bucko."


Fleetscut was a Salamandastron hare, famous for his fast speed. In his old age, Fleetscut could not run as swiftly, and when he was asked to recruit hares to assist the mountain against assault from Ungatt Trunn's Blue Hordes, Fleetscut was forced to enlist the help of Jukka the Sling and her squirrels with the journey. The two did not get on well as they argued frequently and referred to each other as "bushtail" and "longears."

Eventually, and with the help of Lord Brocktree, Dorothea Duckfontein Dillworthy, and many others, he succeeded at his task. Fleetscut died with Jukka in the cellars of Salamandastron, attempting to repel an assault from a squad of Ungatt Trunn's vermin. They died as friends.

Jukka the Sling[edit]

Jukka the Sling was the leader of a tribe of squirrels native to a pine grove near Salamandastron. She and her tribe, notably the healer Ruro, assisted Fleetscut on his quest to recruit hares to help Salamandastron, despite the fact that many members of the tribe (with the exception of Ruro) greatly disliked him.

Though Jukka and her tribe saved Fleetscut from pursuing vermin, she refused his pleas for help, insisting that there was no way her tribe could dislodge the Blue Hordes. Her position was that there was no benefit to her and her tribe, which—plus the fact that her tribe found war as a business and only fought if they could scavenge weapons and equipment from the slain vermin afterwards—provoked hostility in Fleetscut, who accused Jukka and her squirrels of cowardice. Jukka took strong exception and for the sake of her pride decided to help Fleetscut find King Bucko Bigbones, who was rumored to have a large army of hares. However, she disliked the hare's righteousness and insulting manner and continually argued with Fleetscut for the duration of the journey, even after she and her squirrels had joined the army of Lord Brocktree.

When the army reached Salamandastron, Jukka disguised herself as a Blue Hordebeast by shaving her tail and dyeing her fur, and conducted spy work inside the mountain. She received quite a bit of valuable information, but her disguise failed when she literally ran into Ungatt Trunn and inadvertently slipped back into her typical, archaic mode of speech. With no alternative, she fled, and encountered Fleetscut in the cellars and they were soon hemmed in by vermin. Though their only weapon was a javelin, the pair held the vermin in the tunnel until the rest of Brocktree's army could arrive. Both of them died in the attempt.

Jukka and Fleetscut died as comrades-in-arms, despite their former enmity.

Lord Stonepaw[edit]

Lord Stonepaw was the earliest Badger Lord who appeared as an actual character (and not just a mention) in the Redwall canon. He was the father of Lord Brocktree, grandfather of Lord Boar the Fighter, great-grandfather of Bella of Brockhall, and the great-great-grandfather of Lord Sunflash the Mace. He was also a descendant of Lady Sable Brock, great-grandfather-in-law to Barkstripe, and the distant ancestor of Rawnblade Widestripe.

Stonepaw ruled Salamandastron during a time of extensive peace, when the youngest hares of his command left the mountain to seek adventure elsewhere. Towards the end of his reign, the unprotected mountain was besieged by the hordes of the wildcat Ungatt Trunn. Stonepaw and his remaining hares, all rather elderly, hid in the underground passages and catacombs beneath Salamandastron. However, Trunn's Horde, led by Groddil, managed to track them down. Stonepaw immediately helped his hares into a secret passage, but stood behind to hold the vermin off while the hares got a head start.

Stonepaw slew many vermin in his rage, but it soon became evident that he could never escape with the rest, for within a short time the vermin wounded him badly and trapped him in a net. To their surprise, Stonepaw managed to gather his strength and stand, dragging the net and several entangled vermin with him. He grabbed up as many vermin he could in his paws, and with a final effort leapt into the bottomless pool in the middle of the catacombs, drowning himself and the vermin he dragged with him. Lord Brocktree and his band later dropped a flagon of red wine in the pool, to symbolize and honor Stonepaw's death.


Ruro is an anthropomorphic female squirrel in the book Lord Brocktree.

Ruro is part of Jukka the Sling's squirrel tribe. When Fleetscut the hare asks for aid in the badger Lord Stonepaw's battle against the usurping wildcat, Ungatt Trunn, Ruro is the most receptive of his plea.

Ruro journeys with Jukka, Fleetscut, and the squirrel tribe to the court of the hare King Bucko, where the group meet up with Stonepaw's son, Lord Brocktree and his companions. Together, they raise an army and launch an assault upon the mountain of Salamandastron which is occupied by Ungatt Trunn, Lord Stonepaw having died some time earlier.

Ruro later succeeds Jukka as the new leader of the tribe.

Ruffgar Brookback[edit]

Ruffgar Brookback is an anthropomorphic otter native to Mossflower Woods who is often called "Ruff" by his friends. He said he was "Ruff by name, rough by nature". He encountered Lord Brocktree and Dotti on their way to Salamandastron, and was attacked by Brocktree when mistaken for an enemy. After the encounter, Ruff joined their quest to liberate (or at the time simply journey to) Salamandastron. He gave good advice to Dotti in her competition against Bucko Bigbones and was one of the party who helped Dotti enforce her diet, weathering her tirades against him. He was also a good cook and learned one of his recipes from his grandmother. Ruff fought loyally at Brocktree's side, and when the battle was over joined Skipper of Otters Brogalaw on his journey back to his home.

Stiffener Medick[edit]

Stiffener Medick was a boxing hare at Salamandastron during the rule of Lord Stonepaw. He was also the grandfather of Southpaw and Bobweave, who were boxing hares like him and who he was immensely proud of. He kept himself very fit, even in his old age, and committed himself to rigorous exercise each morning. He was an extremely talented boxer. When Salamandastron was under attack by Ungatt Trunn, Stiffener was one of the few to escape via a hidden tunnel. He played a major role in the rest of the attacks against Trunn, as he was one of the key figures in the Bark Crew.

During the time in the caves Stiffener pulled stunts by boxing vermin to get supplies. The order was given by Stonepaw that Stiffner should lead the remaining hares out of Salamandastron.

Once out of Salamandastron, Stiffener took control and immediately started to plan a way to help his fellow companions, held hostage, escape. He teamed up with Brogalaw, the Skipper of otters to fight back Ungatt Trunn. His attempts helped out and the Bark Crew was formed to stop Ungatt's foraging crews from getting supplies to the mountain. His attempts paid off in that Ungatt's horde became weaker, allowing them to be easily overwhelmed. At the finishing battle Stiffner was reunited with his aforementioned grandsons.

Ungatt Trunn[edit]

Ungatt Trunn is an anthropomorphic wildcat.

His army is mostly the "Blue Hordes", which consists of various blue painted vermin - mainly rats.

Trunn is from an unnamed land far across the sea. His father is Mortspear and his brother is Lord Verdauga Greeneyes, making him the uncle of Tsarmina and Gingervere. Assembling a massive army dubbed the Blue Hordes for their blue-dyed fur, Trunn sets sail across the ocean planning to conquer the mountain Salamandastron, the fortress of the Badger Lords. Trunn's force has thousands of soldiers, far more than any army ever seen in the Redwall world. The hordes also have a very large number of ships.

When his armada is just off the shore of Salamandastron, Trunn's second in command lands first and demands the surrender of the mountain fortress. Lord Stonepaw refuses and the wildcat's army come ashore.

After a long battle, Ungatt Trunn captures the mountain, killing many of the hares that guard it. Stonepaw hides with a small group of hares in the caves beneath Salamandastron. Despite a succession of defeats during a short guerrilla war in which Stonepaw dies, the wildcat's forces remain strong, but almost all of Ungatt Trunn's army desert him when Stonepaw's son Lord Brocktree arrives with an army. After being challenged by Brocktree to single combat, Trunn's spine is snapped by the powerful badger. He is cast in the sea, still alive, but just barely. Later that night, he washes up on shore, but he is thrown out in the sea again by his own seer. Trunn apparently dies.

Ungatt Trunn is portrayed as a good fighter and a brilliant general. His weapons of choice are the net and trident and he enjoys dark, cobwebbed rooms with the presence of spiders.

Whenever Trunn is spoken to or questioned by another creature, either he or one of his soldiers claims that creatures "of the lower orders" are not worthy to speak to him. He is apparently used to scaring opponents into submission, as he attempts to have Salamandastron surrendered to him by making the stars "fall" from the sky, and making the earth shake. This is done through trickery and illusions, though it is apparently still impressive. Trunn is capable of expressing a grudging respect for the courage of the opponents facing him, such as the fighting hares of Salamandastron, and has a higher opinion of a courageous opponent than of the subservient vermin in his service - which in no way prevents Trunn from cruel and ruthless acts against his foes, if he deems this expedient.

Ungatt Trunn is one of the few invaders in the Redwall series to enter Salamandastron, and the only one to actually conquer it.

Characters in The Taggerung[edit]


Broggle, the young assistant Abbeycook, is an anthropomorphic squirrel. Being an aspiring cook to succeed Friar Bobb, he has a not surprisingly plump frame, and is a sedentary character.

At first, Broggle has no ability to speak confidently. Whenever someone asks him a direct question, he tries his best to answer, but stammers often and is difficult to understand. When Boorab the Fool shows up, however, he teaches Broggle to sing, which he finds a natural talent in. Before too long, Broggle has no trouble at all talking, and in fact enjoys it.

Broggle's good friend and love interest is Fwirl. He eventually marries Fwirl, and the couple have a daughter, Rosabel.

Deyna (The Taggerung)[edit]

Deyna is the main character of the story, an impressively built anthropomorphic otter. Although he is trained by a vermin horde for most of his youth, he is not violence-oriented, and seems incapable of lying. He is an upright young otter with the impulse to do what is right.

Deyna is the son of the otter Rillflag, who is murdered in an ambush while completing a birth ritual with him. Deyna is captured by Vallug Bowbeast, Rillflag's murderer, when Sawney Rath is told by Grissoul the seer that he is the next "Taggerung," a deadly warrior not seen for many seasons. Tagg, as Deyna is renamed, realizes, however, that he is unwilling to kill for sport, or at all. He eventually runs away and leaves behind the group of vermin that had captured him when Sawney commands him to skin Felch the fox. When he reaches Redwall Abbey, however, he is captured and locked up, having been mistaken for a Juska vermin because of his intricate tattoos. He is then released impulsively by the assistant cook, Broggle, and he goes off to confront Eefera and Vallug Bowbeast, slaying both, but not before being struck by an arrow by Vallug. After the conflict settles, though, he is taken to see the local "otterfixer," who removes his tattoos and the arrow he still bears. He eventually returns to Redwall to become the Abbey's Warrior.


Mhera is an anthropomorphic otter and Deyna's sister. When her father sets off to complete an otter birth ritual at the river with newborn Deyna and neither come back, Mhera and her mother are heartbroken.

Fifteen seasons later, a strange tattooed otter shows up and fights five vermin attacking Redwall. When he's brought back wounded and unconscious, Mhera discovers that the otter is her long-lost brother Deyna when she and her mother see the unusual birthmark on his paw.

Cregga the blind badger gets shot with an arrow in the chest by the vermin, and before she dies she declares Mhera to be Redwall's new Abbess, since Mhera embodied all the traits that Abbess Songbreeze had told Cregga seasons before to look for in a Redwall leader. Mhera is Redwall's first otter Abbot/Abbess.

Nimbalo the Slayer[edit]

Nimbalo the Slayer is an anthropomorphic mouse. He was voiced by Sam Donovan in the full-cast audiobook.

Nimbalo was born into a farming family. However, his mother left when he was very young, and his father was cruel and abusive. After enduring seasons of this, Nimbalo had enough, fighting back and running off on his own. Seeking to prove that he could no longer be beaten or pushed around, he adopted a tough guy attitude. Taking the nickname Slayer, he told many tales of his exploits, most of which were completely false.

Nimbalo eventually met up with Deyna the otter, and the two became fast friends and traveling companions. Opposing the forces of Deyna's former captors, the Juska clan, the two made their way through Mossflower Wood. Along the way, the two came across Nimbalo's old home, and Deyna accompanied his friend to see his father. Unfortunately, the Juska squad they had been tracking had been through, and had killed Nimbalo's father. Nimbalo grieved, cleaned up and locked the house, swearing vengeance.

The two made their way to Redwall Abbey, where Nimbalo was captured by the Juska. Breaking free, he slew the rat who killed his father and took back his father's axe. During the battle, Deyna was wounded, and it was from Deyna's mother that Nimbalo learned his friend's true identity: not the Taggerung, or Tagg as he had been called, but Deyna. Nimbalo was rather disappointed by the name, and wanted to start calling him Deyna the Dangerous. However, Deyna's mother threatened to tell everyone that his own name was Nimbalo the Nuisance. Nimbalo joined Deyna living at Redwall, eventually becoming the director of music. He took up the position from a hare, and learned to play the haredee gurdee, a complex instrument.

Nimbalo's weapon of choice was his father's battleaxe, which he liberated from his father's killer.

Ruggan Bor[edit]

Ruggan Bor was a fearsome fox warlord and chieftain of the Juskabor. His fur was an unusual golden color, and he had green wavy lines tattooed on his forehead, along with yellow circles on the cheeks (this was his clan symbol).

Ruggan was an imperturbable and persistent beast. He also displayed the strange ability to get a beast's attention by simply staring at the back of its head, demonstrated when he needed to contact guards outside his tent. He was also described as very skilled in swordplay, although the book never actually portrayed him fighting anyone.

Ruggan took over the Juskazann tribe while its current leader Gruven Zann was off hunting Deyna the Taggerung. Gruven's mother Antigra plotted to remove Ruggan from power, but was discovered and executed by the fox. When Gruven returned and found he had been deposed, he lied to Ruggan, claiming that he had killed the otter, which would make him the new Taggerung. As a visibly unnerved Gruven kept changing his story, Ruggan patiently continued to question him on the subject, also consulting his seers Grissoul and Ermath to see if they could tell him the truth.

Upon arriving at Redwall Abbey with Gruven to test the stoat's latest lie (he claimed to have killed Deyna in the ditch outside Redwall Abbey), Ruggan demanded the Abbeybeasts tell him the truth. Deyna, who had had his Juska tattoos removed and was unrecognizable, decided to confirm Gruven's story that the Taggerung was dead. Since this made Gruven the new Taggerung, Ruggan slew the stoat and proceeded to proclaim himself to be Taggerung. Elated by his newfound power, Ruggan laughed for what may have been the first time in his life, and prepared his troops to attack the Abbey. Lucky for the Abbeybeasts, Russano the Wise arrived with Long Patrol hares at that very instant. Ruggan, having heard of the Badger Lord's might, wisely refused to fight him. After his surrender, he was forcibly escorted back to the south coasts with his clan by the hares.


The Juskabor is a Juska tribe that was ruled by Ruggan Bor. Settled on the southern part of the western coast, they numbered roughly 300 and soon conquered their northern neighbors the Juskazann. However, they were outnumbered and humiliated in an attack on Redwall Abbey. Their clan symbol was green wavy lines on the forehead and yellow circles on the cheeks. Some members also had a black line flanked by red dots running down their muzzle (this tattoo showed that they had once been a Juskazann, before the takeover). Among its members are Ermath and Gruzzle.

Sawney Rath[edit]

Sawney Rath was the ferret chieftain of the Juskarath tribe. He was old, and suffered from stomach pains, but threw knives quickly and accurately. Sawney was also very superstitious, as most Juska are, and relied on the clan's seer Grissoul. He also feared Redwall Abbey for all the stories he had heard about the vermin who tried to mess with it and the sound of Redwall's bells. Previously, his father was a Taggerung. He made a mortal enemy after slaying Antigra's mate Gruven. Rath was on the search for the new Taggerung, when Sawney's seer Grissoul predicted where he could find him. Sawney set off to find the Taggerung, and discovered him at a ford where an otter father was taking his Dibbun son Deyna for a swim.

Sawney had Deyna's father killed by Vallug Bowbeast. He adopted Deyna and renamed him Tagg. Rath then treated him as a son, caring for and nurturing him until the day Tagg refused to obey him any further. He began to hunt down the wayward Tagg, but as he entered the trees he was slain by Antigra who slung a rock at him from where she was gathering food. Gruven, who was Antigra's son originally named Zann, succeeded Rath as clan leader.

Characters in Triss[edit]


Sagax (full name Sagaxus) is an anthropomorphic badger.

He is the son of the Badger Lord Hightor, ruler of the mountain Salamandastron. Sagax runs off with his friend Scarum (a hare), and the duo sail away with a pal of theirs, a young sea otter named Kroova Wavedog.

After many escapades, Sagax and friends meet Triss and Shogg, and get to Redwall. But Princess Kurda, along with her immature brother Bladd and a horde of freebooters, are attacking the Abbey.

Meanwhile, the Redwallers solve a riddle which leads them to Brockhall (a habitation under an ancient, enormous tree), forgotten for many seasons. There, along with Sagax, Triss and Shogg, they encounter Kurda and company, and three adder siblings that inhabit the place. Sagax, Shogg and Triss kill the snakes.

Sagax is one of the characters who afterward goes to the isle of Riftgard to help free the rest of the slaves.


Triss (Trisscar) is an anthropomorphic female squirrel from the novel Triss. After escaping from slavery, she becomes the first female character to bear the Sword of Martin.


Welfo is an anthropomorphic female hedgehog.

She escapes slavery on the isle of Riftgard with Triss and Shogg. While they're escaping in the royal boat, a vermin slingstone hits the mast, falls, and hits Welfo on her head. She's knocked out cold, and over the next few days, Welfo and her friends get progressively weaker and sicker, and Welfo is in real danger of dying when they spot Peace Island.

The island is inhabited by a colony of hedgehogs, and they take Welfo and her companions in. Welfo and Urtica, the chief's son, fall desperately in love with each other. Welfo stays on the island with Urtica when her two friends leave, and later marries him. Later, on their way to free the slaves of Riftgard, Triss and company stop by Peace Island to visit Welfo and the hedgehogs.

Pure Ferrets[edit]

The so-called Pure Ferrets were a race of ferrets who rule over Riftgard, an island kingdom to the north of Mossflower Woods. Like many of the various regimes established in the saga, they maintain a horde of slaves and rats to do their bidding. The Royal House of Riftgard, their proper title, is also known for its own form of script, which it is said only Pure Ferrets can read. This script is inscribed into many pieces of their property, including the royal crown and ring. They speak with a European, possibly German accent. They seem to resemble World War II Nazis, for they share many similarities: The Pure Ferrets are white and call themselves pure (Nazis considered the Aryan race to be the whitest and purest of all), they spoke with thick (if not overly exaggerated) German accents and they enslaved other creatures, possibly because they considered them inferior.

King Sarengo[edit]

King Sarengo was the first ruler of Riftgard. He, his son, and a group of ratguards took the fateful journey to Mossflower woods which ended with his death in the coils of a mother adder, who he in turn killed by breaking her spine between his jaws. The only survivor of the trip was his hydrophobic, blubbering son, Agarnu, who lost a leg in the journey back to his home. He was the victim of a mutual kill with Berussca.

It is mentioned that Sarengo carried a spiked ball and chain mace as his choice weapon. This weapon caused the joining of the three adder siblings who gained his royal crown and pawring.


Agarnu is an anthropomorphic ferret.

He is the son of Sarengo and the father of Bladd and Kurda. He is depicted as a fat, one legged ruler, constantly dealing with the squabbles of his offspring. He sends them off to reclaim his father's royal symbols so that he can show his rightful place as ruler of Riftgard. However, the escaped slave Triss, with a band of liberators, returns at the end of the book to free the slaves. His litter carriers then promptly set him afloat in his chair, and as he pleads for mercy, his own weight carries him to the bottom of the sea.


Kurda is an anthropomorphic female ferret.

Skilled with a sabre and quite greedy, Kurda is the main villain. She is the slime-gutted, good for nothing princess of Riftgard. She will kill any one who gets in the way of her doing what she wants. She is cruel to all the slaves under her father's rule, having them locked up and beaten often. Kurda gains a dangerous enemy when she runs through an old friend of Triss's as Triss and her friends make their escape. She resents her brother Bladd to no end, and the two constantly squabble like small children, Kurda often threatening him with her blades. She dies when Triss snaps her saber and falls on the broken blade when pursued by Triss in Mossflower


The fat and simple brother to Kurda, Bladd is King Agarnu's son. He is childlike and constantly fights with Kurda, often hiding behind guards or their father while he teases his dangerous sister. He befriends the freebooters that take him and his sister to Mossflower, to the disgust of Kurda. He is eager to help his pirate friends to get into Redwall but is killed when the Redwallers pour boiling oatmeal on him, the pot breaking his skull.


Berussca is an adder who is the mother of Zassiliss, Harssacss, and Sesstra and lived with them in what was once Brockhall. When Brockhall was attacked by King Sarengo, she managed to kill some of the Ratguard.

Berussca was locked in battle with King Sarengo when she died in battle upon having a broken spine. The poison of Berussca slew King Sarengo resulting in a mutual kill between the two of them.

Zassiliss, Harssacss, and Sesstra[edit]

Zassiliss, Harssacss, and Sesstra are the three adders in Triss. They were bound together by King Sarengo's mace and chain landing on their tails. Zassiliss is the eldest snake. He wears King Agarnu's crown and is bound in the center of the group. Harssacss, brother of Zassiliss and Sesstra, was bound to the right of Zassiliss. Sesstra, sister of Zassiliss and Harssacss, the only daughter of Berussca, was bound with her brothers at the left of Zassiliss. Zassiliss was killed by Triss who stabbed him in the neck. Harsaccs was killed by Sagax. Sesstra was killed by Shogg.

Characters in Loamhedge[edit]

Bragoon and Saro[edit]

Bragoon and Sarobando, Brag and Saro for short, are two fictional characters from the book Loamhedge. Bragoon is an anthropomorphic male otter, while Sarobando is a female anthropomorphic squirrel. In the audiobook, Bragoon was voiced by Tim Lynskey and Saro by Angela Mounsey.

Bragoon and Saro lived at Redwall Abbey when they were young. They were renowned troublemakers as toddlers, always pulling pranks and getting into mischief. It was a relief to all when they departed to rove the world. They had many adventures through the long seasons, traveling all throughout the country surrounding Redwall. During this time, Bragoon was briefly a Skipper (leader) of Otters, but Saro was not too fond of the idea, so he gave it up.

Bragoon and Saro finally return to Redwall many seasons later. Whilst there, they learn of the plight of a young hare named Martha Braebuck, who is inexplicably unable to walk. Finding that they are the ones chosen by the spirit of Martin the Warrior to help Martha, Saro and Bragoon resolve to aid her. Martin had informed Martha in a dream that her cure is located at the ruins of the ancient, faraway abbey Loamhedge. Saro and Bragoon set off for Loamhedge, Bragoon carrying the sword of Martin the Warrior. However, they are followed by Martha's brother, Hortwill Braebuck, and his two friends. The lifelong friends find themselves hard pressed to put up with the young ones.

Along the way, Bragoon and Saro have more adventures, including an encounter with the huge badger Lonna Bowstripe. After reaching Loamhedge, they look for the mysterious thing they had been sent to find. However, they are unable to locate it, and so the two forge a parchment with a message on it, given away later by Bragoon's poor spelling and Saro's bad handwriting. During the return trip, the five wayfarers are attacked by the forces of the evil Kharanjul. The two adventurers, to save the three youngsters who tagged along, stay behind to do battle, succeeding only to find themselves fatally wounded. The two clasp paws as they die, and Martha, whose paralysis has been cured without the cure from Loamhedge, keeps a promise she had made to the two warriors, dancing on Redwall's walltop with her newfound ability to walk.

Bragoon and Saro are both depicted as warriors, and are armed accordingly. Aside from Martin's sword, Bragoon wields a staff, but can fight quite well with his own limbs. As for Saro, she is skilled with a sling.


The Jerbilrats are a horde of golden-furred rats exclusively in the novel Loamhedge, in the Redwall series.

They appear in the desert above the high cliffs the travellers Bragoon, Sarobando, the young hare Horty and his two friends climb. They steal the travellers' water. Sarobando and Bragoon capture the leader, however, and interrogate him to find out where a water source is. Jiboa, the Jerbilrats' leader, refuses to tell them and instead tries to lead them to it. Horty creates an insulting song about the Jerbilrats as they travel.

Jiboa later chews through the rope and escapes, though is caught as prey by a buzzard. It is assumed that he is killed and eaten. Seeing their leader taken, the rest of his horde flee. They are not seen again in the novel.

Lonna Bowstripe[edit]

Lonna Bowstripe was a massive Badger Lord who was raised by an older badger, Grawn, near the Eastern Coast. It was Grawn who taught him the ways of the archer and very well too, as he could shoot dead center in excess of 100 yards. Lonna was also born with the powers of a seer, a skill that is not found in woodlanders in general, albeit not uncommon among badgers. According to Grawn, his powers were one of the reasons he was so accurate with his bow, he could also contact creatures in their dreams, a feat he demonstrated only on Raga Bol vowing vengeance. Lonna also periodically had bloodwrath. Other characters commented frequently on his huge size.

He had a scar on his face, which he received during a near-fatal encounter with Raga Bol. His life was saved by the otters Abruc and Stugg, who rescued him and brought him back to health. Lonna had sworn an oath of vengeance against Bol, as the attack had ended with the killing of Grawn, and pursued him.

Lonna traveled for seasons tracking Bol and at one point was almost assassinated by three of his troops who were armed with poison darts.

After a run-in with the party questing for Loamhedge Abbey, during which Martin the Warrior told him where to go, Lonna tracked Raga Bol to Redwall Abbey. Lonna stood outside the building slaying any vermin foolish enough to poke his head above the perimeter. Eventually, Lonna got his paws on Bol and used him as a club to whack Bol's own troops and was about to kill the searat when Bol was accidentally killed by the spears of his own crew who were trying to throw them at the badger. Many of the searats ran but Lonna tracked every last one down.

After Redwall was saved, Lonna went on to become the next Lord of Salamandastron.

Raga Bol[edit]

Raga Bol is an anthropomorphic rat from the novel Loamhedge. He is depicted as tall and sinewy, with green eyes.

Raga Bol's ship is wrecked on the northeast coast of Mossflower, and there he loses his left paw in a battle with the badger Lonna Bowstripe. Lonna, sorely wounded, swears revenge on Bol, and Bol spends the rest of his life in morbid fear of all badgers. Raga Bol replaces his missing paw with a silver hook.

Bol leads his crew inland after finding out that Lonna is still alive, hoping to defeat his sworn enemy. He is plagued by visions and poor sleep, driving him to finally consult his seer, who advises him to send assassins out for Lonna. However, they are foiled by the powerful badger. Raga Bol's crew later captures two stoats from another vermin gang. Bol is about to roast them alive, but they promise him booty, loot and magic swords, if he will follow them to Redwall Abbey.

Bol tries several times to enter the Abbey, but has no luck. Among his strategies are trying to climb through a window, and burning down the front door itself. When Lonna Bowstripe arrives at the Abbey, the besiegers quickly become the besieged. Bol realises that all hope of taking the Abbey has been shattered, and decides that survival and escape now come first. He challenges Lonna to single combat, but not before he instructs his crew to throw spears and kill the badger if things are going badly.

Lonna gets Raga Bol in a death grip almost immediately. In addition, four spears thrown by Bol's own crew accidentally thud into his back, making sure he is well and truly dead. The rest of his crew is hunted down and killed by the vengeful badger.

Characters in Rakkety Tam[edit]

Rakkety Tam MacBurl[edit]

Rakkety Tam MacBurl was a border squirrel, meaning he came from the far north. His main companion was Wild Doogy Plumm. Together the two of them traveled south as mercenaries and eventually arrived at the territory of Squirrelking Araltum and Idga Drayqueen. Once there, they pledged their swords to the royalty and quickly became two of the most revered fighters within the entire kingdom.

After several seasons, however, the land soon had little need for active warriors, and the two became bored. To make matters worse, the two they had pledged loyalty to were prone to ordaining the most trivial of ceremonies and regulations. Tam, along with Doogy was imprisoned for insulting Araltum and Idga when asked to participate in such a ceremony.

The arrival of Gulo the Savage in Mossflower gave the warrior the excitement he was looking for. When the Squirrelking's soldiers were ambushed by Gulo, Tam and Doogy were sent to investigate and recover the royal banner which Gulo stole, in exchange for freedom from their pledge. At the scene, they were caught and knocked unconscious by some members of the Long Patrol who suspected that they were in league with the beasts who slaughtered 8 of their hares. A young sea otter who had witnessed the slaughter, Arflow, identified them as being innocent, and the true murderers—Gulo and his vermin—were revealed. Tam, Doogy, and the Long Patrol united and eventually arrived at Redwall Abbey. It is here where he received the Sword of Martin and he met Sister Armel, the Infirmary Keeper, and future wife of Tam.

After a series of skirmishes with the wolverine, Tam eventually faced off against Gulo in a duel. Tam successfully beheaded his opponent by hitting him down the sharpened rim of his shield and ultimately saved Redwall. He mentioned that Martin the Warrior tipped him to sharpen his shield. Afterwards, he settled down and married Armel and had a daughter, Melanda MacBurl.

Tam and his family eventually traveled back to Squirrelking Araltum to finally be released from his and Doogy's pledge. After they were freed, Araltum and his family were dethroned, and Rakkety Tam was offered lordship over the Groves. However, Tam refused and traveled back to Redwall.

Wild Doogy Plumm[edit]

Wild Doogy Plumm is an anthropomorphic squirrel. He is voiced by Simon Smithies in the full-cast audiobook.

Doogy Plumm is the best friend of Rakkety Tam MacBurl, and also comes from the northlands. However, because Doogy is a true northlander, while Tam is only a border-dweller, Doogy has a broad accent, reminiscent of that common among natives of Scotland. Doogy met Tam while traveling south, and the two joined forces and pledged their loyalty to Araltum Squirrelking and Idga Drayqueen, two squirrel monarchs who were looking for servants.

Doogy and Tam were imprisoned after disobeying and insulting their masters. However, they were released after Idga's royal banner was stolen by the army of Gulo the Savage, on the condition that they would bring the banner back. Seeking to avenge their fallen comrades and to be released from their oaths to the squirrel monarchs, Doogy and Tam set off after them. Early on, they destroyed Gulo's wrecked ship, only to be taken captive by the Long Patrol army of Salamandastron. After they explained their purposes, they joined forces with an army of hares dispatched by the badger Lady Melesme.

Traveling into Mossflower country, Doogy and Tam came to Redwall Abbey. They continued their battle with Gulo's forces, until a point where Doogy was captured and held hostage. Tam engaged Gulo in battle, and defeated the wolverine, freeing Doogy. However, while wielding the Sword of Martin, Tam ruined Doogy's stolen Claymore. As payment, Doogy took Tam's own claymore, which Tam swore was his for a long time afterward.

Many seasons passed afterward, and Doogy became an uncle figure to Tam's daughter Melanda. He taught her the art of swordsmanship, and remarked that she was a better swordsbeast than he and her "great lump of a dad" put together. He and Tam finally returned to the court of the squirrel monarchs, and were released from their oaths. As a result of their freedom, Araltum and Idga's subjects rebelled, and the duo were deposed.

Doogy had an identical armament to that of Rakkety Tam, including a Sgian Dubh, a dirk, a buckler, and a claymore. He was also a proficient boxer, instructed by a hare sergeant during the hunt for Gulo.

Brigadier Buckworthy Crumshaw[edit]

Brigadier Buckworthy Crumshaw is a hare who was a veteran officer of the Long Patrol under Lady Melesme. He was known for being "old school to the rigid backbone," and did not tolerate nonsense. He wore a monocle and was mustachioed, and carried a swagger stick.

Brigadier Crumshaw was in charge of the 100 hares sent to Redwall Abbey to retrieve Melesme's drum from Gulo the Savage's horde of a hundred white vermin. He made immediate friends with Rakkety Tam MacBurl and Wild Doogy Plumm, recognizing two seasoned warriors. Crumshaw was also a friend of Tergen, who called him Brigadier Wotwot; he was responsible for curing Tergen of depression when the bird was wounded in action.

Upon arriving at the Abbey, Crumshaw ran afoul of Gulo's troops and took an arrow in the shoulder; Sister Armel had to put his arm in a sling. Crumshaw stayed at Redwall with half of the Long Patrol to defend it while Tam took the other half to chase Gulo the Savage and half the vermin who had not stayed to attack the Abbey.

After the Long Patrol made an agreement with the other half of the vermin to meet on the field west of the Abbey for battle, Crumshaw was confronted by Sergeant Wonwill and Captain Derron Fortindom, who argued that he couldn't fight with his arm in a sling. When the Brigadier refused not to lead the charge, Wonwill was forced to knock him out with a well-placed uppercut. Crumshaw was placed in the Gatehouse at Redwall Abbey.

When Freeta and her companions sneaked into the Abbey via one of the wallgates, Crumshaw saw it all and made a lone charge from the gatehouse, his arm still in a sling. He was shot in the chest twice by arrows and then slashed in the face by Freeta's sword, but in his last dying breath he managed to grab the blade and use it to slay the vixen resulting in a mutual kill.

Upon the discovery of the Brigadier's body, Wonwill remarked that Crumshaw wouldn't have wanted to go any other way but in battle. The young hare Flunkworthy then did an amazing impression of the Brigadier's voice, as if Crumshaw was telling his fellow hares to dry their eyes and carry on the war without him.

He was temporarily laid to rest beneath the Tapestry of Martin the Warrior, and later buried on the Abbey grounds.

Captain Derron Fortindom[edit]

Captain Derron Fortindom is a hare who was a Captain in the Long Patrol during the Seasons of the Savage. He was known to be the best hare alive with a sabre. He was also described as easily flustered by a pretty female.

Fortindom was one of fifty hares who stayed at Redwall Abbey to guard it from foxes and ermine, while Rakkety Tam tracked down Gulo the Savage with the other fifty hares. When Fargil and Graddu attempted to scout a way into the Abbey, the hares were ordered to take one fox prisoner and kill the other. Fortindom handled the slaying part, dueling Graddu and killing him. Later, when the vermin attacked the Abbey, Fortindom discovered a decoy plan set up by Captain Zerig. Using the vermin's own plan against them, the hares allowed the foxes and ermine to come inside the Abbey; Fortindom then locked the gate behind them to prevent them escaping, and the vermin were slain to a beast.

Fortindom was one of the marshalls in the final duel between Tam and Gulo. After the death of Gulo, Fortindom and Wonwill slew the last six remaining foxes and ermine between them. He later returned to Salamandastron, and was still residing there when Tam's daughter Melanda MacBurl came to visit fifteen seasons later.

Ferdimond De Mayne[edit]

Ferdimond "Ferdy" De Mayne is a hare who was part of the Long Patrol under Lady Melesme. He is shown to be brave, kind and honourable, though impulsive and hotheaded at times. He carried a rapier and had a fair tenor singing voice.

During the Seasons of the Savage, Ferdimond proved himself to be a valiant warrior and loyal ally. He initially clashed with Wild Doogy Plumm, but after a boxing match, which ended in a tie, they became good friends. Ferdy, Doogy and Rakkety Tam MacBurl were chosen to be gallopers for the Long Patrol. They were tasked with getting to Redwall Abbey to warn its inhabitants of Gulo the Savage and his horde, who were rapidly approaching.

When Kersey, another young member of the Long Patrol, lost her twin brother Dauncey in an ambush, Ferdimond was quick to comfort her. Soon after, the Patrol was split in two; Ferdimond was part of the group going out to fight, whereas Kersey stayed behind at Redwall Abbey in the defence group. Before Ferdimond left, Kersey presented him with Dauncey's sling and pebble bag, telling him to watch out for himself. He accepted them and asked if he may "be lookin' out for [her]" when he comes back, which she smilingly said would please her. After Gulo the Savage's death, the Long Patrol returned to Salamandastron, where Ferdy and Kersey eventually married. Not long after the birth of their son, Dauncey, they decided to make their home back at the Abbey, as its resident hares.


Kersey is a hare who was a scout (also known as a galloper or runner) of the Long Patrol under Lady Melesme. Despite being very young, she was good at her job, due to her bravery, speed and intelligence. Her weapon was a javelin.

Kersey was inseparable from her twin brother Dauncey, who was her fellow scout. They had a tendency to finish each other's sentences and to be very reckless. The latter got them into danger more that once and lead to Dauncey's death during an ambush. Kersey was devastated by his loss, thereafter becoming graver and a lot less headstrong.

During the Seasons of the Savage, Kersey became close to another young member of the Long Patrol, Ferdimond De Mayne. At one point on the long march to Redwall Abbey, there was a risk of Kersey and Dauncey getting lost in the mist whilst they are out scouting, so Ferdimond sang to guide them back to the Patrol. Later, Ferdimond was quick to comfort Kersey after the death of her twin. When the Patrol was split in two, Ferdy was part of the group going out to fight, whereas Kersey stayed behind at Redwall Abbey in the defence group. Before Ferdimond left, Kersey presented him with Dauncey's sling and pebble bag, telling him to watch out for himself. He accepted them and asked if he may "be lookin' out for [her]" when he comes back, which she smilingly said would please her. After Gulo the Savage's death, the Long Patrol returned to Salamandastron, where Ferdy and Kersey eventually married. Not long after the birth of their son, Dauncey, they decided to make their home back at the Abbey, as its resident hares.

Hitheryon Jem[edit]

Hitheryon Jem was a male hedgehog who was the cousin of Abbot Humble. He was a wanderer throughout his adult years with his close friend Wandering Walt. He and Walt had were the only creatures to have witnessed the death of Askor, the brother of Gulo the Savage. Because of this, they went to Redwall Abbey in order to tell the creatures there of the impending danger.

After the Seasons of the Savage, the pair remained to Redwall Abbey to live out the rest of their days.

Wandering Walt[edit]

Wandering Walt was a male mole and the close friend and sole companion of Hitheryon Jem. He was a wanderer throughout his adult life. Walt and Jem were the only creatures to have witnessed the death of Askor, the brother of Gulo the Savage. Because of this, they went to Redwall Abbey in order to tell the creatures there of the impending danger.

After the Seasons of the Savage, the pair remained to Redwall Abbey to live out the rest of their days.

Yoofus Lightpaw[edit]

Yoofus Lightpaw was a kleptomaniac water vole who was well-versed in woodland lore. Though he was unfailingly kind and generous, he was also prone to stealing everything and anything he could get his paws on. He was the husband of Didjety Lightpaw, who scolded his ways but was secretly proud of her husband's talents.

Yoofus' first known act of thievery in Rakkety Tam was stealing from the vermin camp of Gulo the Savage's horde of a hundred white vermin. He pilfered a curved sword from Captain Urfig, and also took the banner of Squirrelking Araltum and Idga Drayqueen. He made off with these, unwittingly leaving behind a trail which resembled that of a wolverine. Gulo thought it was Askor and followed. Yoofus noticed and began leading the vermin in circles.

He ran into Rakkety Tam MacBurl, Wild Doogy Plumm, Ferdimond de Mayne and Tergen the Goshawk, who were immediately suspicious because he had the banner which they were searching for. He told the squirrels that he would give them the banner and help them rescue the kidnapped maidens, Sister Armel and Brookflow, who were in the claws of the vermin, in exchange for Rakkety Tam's claymore. Tam agreed, but didn't take the flag yet. He told Yoofus to go with Ferdimond and Tergen to Redwall Abbey.

Yoofus sneaked out of the Abbey with Tam's claymore and the flag of the Squirrelking, but he did not get far. Tam's patrol bumped into him (actually Skipper of Otters dove into a pond and retrieved the watervole by the tail, who had been hiding). Yoofus told the patrol that he had spied on Gulo, and that Gulo's plan was to attack the Abbey.

Tam's patrol had a skirmish with Gulo's horde, after which Doogy, Ferdimond and Yoofus went off to the north. Gulo sent Dirig, the only ermine Captain in the horde, after them. Yoofus cleverly led them into a clearing which was actually a swamp. Then the three met up with Log-a-Log Togey of the Guosim, who were friends of Yoofus'.

Tam formed a plan which involved leading Gulo and his vermin into a grove of pine trees where a bunch of crows roosted. Doogy and Yoofus did not take part in this plan, for they tripped and fell before entering the grove and were left behind. Yoofus decided to go back and plunder the vermin camp while Gulo was gone, and for once Doogy agreed. Yoofus stole the drum which Lady Melesme of Salamandastron meant to send to Redwall, which Doogy didn't approve of.

The two were taken captive by a gang of vermin led by a weasel, who were living in the dormouse family of Muskar Muskar and Lupinia Muskar, who knew Yoofus but somehow did not know he was a thief. The vermin gang was forcing the dormice to cook for them. Doogy and Yoofus sent the dormice outside, then set upon the vermin ferociously. The whole gang was killed.

Doogy and Yoofus stayed overnight at the Muskar family's home, but in the morning Doogy discovered that Yoofus had bolted, taking Melesme's drum and his own dirk, in addition to the vermin gang's raft. Doogy and Muskar Muskar followed Yoofus back to his own home, where they met Yoofus' wife Didjety.

Yoofus made the age-old thief's excuse "I was taking care of them for you" and Doogy took his dirk and the drum back. Doogy spied Rockbottom the tortoise, and recognised him as the Walking Stone which Gulo was looking for! Doogy insisted the tortoise be brought to Redwall. Yoofus, Didjety and the drum accompanied him.

Yoofus tried to lead them to Redwall by waterways and sidestreams, but got them hopelessly lost. All three lost their patience with each other, and in the end it was Didjety who was leading them. Doogy noticed that Yoofus was eying the drum, and was suspicious that the volethief planned on stealing it.

When they finally did get to the Abbey, Wild Doogy and the drum were taken captive by Gulo and his horde. Yoofus, Didjety and Rockbottom (or the Walking Stone) just managed to get into the Abbey, and were watching safely while Tam had his famous single combat with Gulo.

After the vermin from the Land of Ice and Snow were vanquished, Skipper discovered Tam's claymore and the banner of Araltum, hidden where Yoofus had found Rockbottom (Walking Stone). Doogy took it, because Gulo had been fighting with his old one and it was destroyed, and Tam now fought with the Sword of Martin. Yoofus and Didjety returned to their home safely, taking with them the tortoise.

Gulo the Savage[edit]

Gulo the Savage is an anthropomorphic wolverine. Gulo was voiced by Greg Longridge in the full-cast audiobook. His name is derived from Gulo gulo, the binomial name for the wolverine.

One of two sons of the mighty overlord Dramz, Gulo came from a land of ice across the sea to Mossflower Wood. After killing his father Dramz, Gulo sought to take the tortoise known as the Walking Stone, the symbol of power over the icy land. However, Gulo's brother Askor stole the tortoise and fled, burying it in Mossflower before being crushed by a falling tree and dying.

Enraged and insane, Gulo came after with a band of white foxes and ermine. Cannibals all, the band killed eight members of the Long Patrol army, along with several squirrels. This provoked the pursuit of other members of the Patrol, as well as the squirrel warriors Rakkety Tam MacBurl and Wild Doogy Plumm. Believing the Walking Stone to be within Redwall Abbey, Gulo headed for the building. However, after an attack by Rakkety Tam's allies, he split his forces, one half attacking the Abbey, the other doing battle with Tam and his friends. The force was decimated by the Long Patrol and their Redwall allies, as well as a force of black birds and a fall down a waterfall.

Surviving, by leaping from the log, Gulo took his remaining troops to Redwall. Tam declared combat on Gulo, who accepted. They met in single combat. The two struggled for some time, and Tam was nearly killed, but managed to defeat Gulo by forcing him onto Tam's shield, whereupon the sharpened edge beheaded the wolverine.

Gulo was a massive beast, the size of a full grown badger. He possessed sharp claws and teeth, and ordinarily wielded no other weapons. The one occasion he did use a weapon was when he dueled Rakkety Tam, using a claymore stolen from Doogy Plumm. He is well known for his ability to survive events that are well known for being "certain death" to all who engage in them.

Characters in High Rhulain[edit]

Cuthbert Blanedale Frunk[edit]

Cuthbert Blanedale Frunk is an anthropomorphic hare, appearing in the Redwall series.

Frunk was a Long Patrol hare under Badger Lord Mandoral Highpeak. He wore a waxed mustache and a monocle, and carried a sabre and a swagger stick. His daughter Petunia was brutally murdered by sea-raiding vermin on the shores of Salamandastron, which caused him deep mental trauma to the point of developing a dissociative identity disorder. After his daughter's death, Frunk hunted down the murderers, disposed of them, and took their ship, renaming it the Purloined Petunia in her honor. He then sailed the seas, looking for fights, and occasionally returning to Salamandastron.

Before his daughter's death, and his descent into madness, Major Blanedale was something of a legend in the Long Patrol army, considered a very skilled fighter and perilous warrior. Lord Mandoral refers to Blanedale as "the Deathseeker", telling Tiria Wildlough that Blanedale had become a berserker since the death of his daughter.

Frunk changes personalities and characters a number of times, depending on how he is feeling. In addition to being the Long Patrol Regimental Major, he also believes himself to be the following:

  • Cuthbert Frunk W. Bloodpaw - A no-nonsense sea otter captain who is the terror of the high seas
  • Log-a-Log Boodul - A Guosim Log-a-Log shrew.
  • Lord Brockfang Frunk - A wild hunting badger.

Frunk is responsible for guiding young Tiria Wildlough to Badger Lord Mandoral, who gives her the High Rhulain armor. Along with other Long Patrol hares, Frunk and Tiria sail in the Purloined Petunia to Green Isle, home of Tiria's otter clans. While at Green Isle, Frunk kills the wildcat son of Riggu Felis and those loyal to him in a berserk rage. Following this, he kills the ferocious Slothunog (a Nessie-like sea monster) but is himself killed in the process.

Mandoral Highpeak allows Frunk's name to live on in a ship he later captures, naming it the Fearless Frunk.

Tiria Wildlough[edit]

Tiria Wildlough is an otter who is the daughter of Banjon Wildlough, and a descendant of Alem Mossguard, Runa Wildlough, Corriam Wildlough, and High Queen Rhulain Wildlough.

She grew up in Redwall Abbey, hoping to be Skipper of otters like her father, and is close friends with Tribsy, Girry, and Brinty. She is incredibly skilled with a sling, calling the one she carried "Wuppit". On one trek into Mossflower Woods, Tiria and her friends encounter a gang of young water rats torturing Pandion Piketalon, an Osprey. Tiria, an expert slinger, rescues the bird and acquires an iron barb that was stuck in his mouth from a battle with Riggu Felis.

That night, Tiria dreams of Martin the Warrior and a long-dead otter queen known as the Rhulain, who instruct her to liberate the otterclans of Green Isle. After she remembers the dream, a barnacle goose called Brantalis Skyfurrow gives her directions to the mountain stronghold Salamandastron. After another visit from Martin, Tiria, her father, Pandion, and Brink Greyspoke immediately depart for Salamandastron. Captain Cuthbert Blanedale Frunk, Log-a-Log Urfa, and the Guosim shrews assist in transportation via the Purloined Petunia to the mountain, where Lord Mandoral Highpeak outfitted her with the original Rhulain's armor, crafted by Lord Urthwyte the Mighty. Tiria was also given a new sling by Lord Mandoral.

After the Petunia arrived at Green Isle, Brantalis flew from Redwall to deliver the coronet that accompanied the armor. Tiria slung the iron barb originally retrieved from Pandion from a great distance to kill Felis. After the defeat of the Feral Cat Army of Green Isle, Tiria became queen, ruling from the halcyon Holt Summerdell. Her new companions became Deedero Galedeep and Banya Streamdog.

Leatho Shellhound[edit]

Leatho Shellhound was a male outlaw sea otter of the otterclans on Green Isle. A strong, agile and ferocious beast, he was the last of the Shellhounds. Among the outlaws and the otterslaves under Riggu Felis and his Feral-Cat army of Green Isle, Leatho was a legendary figure, defiant and ruthless in the face of the true enemy. To the cats, Leatho was a creature to be both loathed and feared.

Leatho saved Brantalis Skyfurrow from death when he was struck in the neck from an arrow shot from the catguards (Weilmark Scaut among them), and bound the arrow wound in the goose's neck with a poultice of mud and wild radish leaves.

When Chab, Whulky and their families were tied beneath the pier as punishment by the cats, Leatho gathered a group of otters and coordinated a plan for their rescue. While Banya Streamdog and Lorgo Galedeep freed them, Leatho and his friends created a diversion. With Leatho's cunning and conviction, the rescue was successful.

Following this event, Leatho was rightfully praised as a hero among the outlaws. Back at the refuge cave on the coast, Ould Zillo the Bard created a ballad in honor of the courageous otter and the events. Although he was charmed by this spirit and appreciation, Leatho grimly announced the truth of the situation: Riggu Felis would want revenge, and a plan of defense had to be formulated until they could unite under the Otterqueen, the High Rhulain (who turned out to be the Redwaller Tiria Wildlough). He was also determined to free the otterslaves that were still imprisoned at the feral cat Fortress.

When Riggu Felis (along with Scaut and Fleng) took his army to confront the outlaws, Leatho was on the front lines, making plans with Kolun Galedeep and Banya. The otters tried to lead Fleng and his catguards inland, away from their families on the coast. However, Riggu Felis saw right through this ploy, and instead led the rest of the army down the coast. Leatho soon realized the truth of the wildcat's actions, and rallying his otters, led the panicked troupe towards their homes and families. When they got there, they realized that Deedero Galedeep and Zillo had predicted such an event and abandoned their cave. Leatho was at a loss for how to protect his clans next. Ould Zillo told him about Holt Summerdell, and with no other option in sight, Leatho agreed.

During his first sleep in the caverns at their new home, Leatho dreamed of Martin the Warrior, who gave him a cryptic message about the slaves still inside the wildcat's fortress. The next day while Leatho was gathering produce with Kolun, he told him he must soon be "followin' a dream". Leatho headed off to the fortress, and Kolun and Banya joined him.

When the three reached the fortress, Leatho ran around to the slave compound, and talked to Runka Streamdog and Memsy. He wanted the slaves to be prepared to be freed in about four nights. However, when he dropped from the wall of the pens, he fell into the clever, waiting paws of Riggu Felis and his guards. The wildcat knocked the aggressive sea otter unconscious with one heavy blow of the butt of his war axe.

Riggu Felis tied Leatho inside a wooden cage that was hanging from a high fortress tower. His demands were that if the clans did not surrender completely to him, the Shellhound would be left to wither and die. When Banya and Memsy brought this news back to Holt Summerdell, the clans rose up in anger and finally headed off to war with the cats.

Meanwhile, Leatho was starving and frying in the relentless sun. When Lady Kaltag tried to spear him through the window, accusing the otter for Jeefra's death, she unknowingly severed one of his bonds. Exhausted and dehydrated, the outlaw was free, but still trapped inside his cage. Pandion Piketalon, the osprey, came to the otter and helped him to break open the ceiling of the cage. He clambered into the fortress window. However, unable to escape through the fortress, Leatho barricaded himself in the high chamber, making bloodcurdling threats to the cats on the other side of the door.

While the clans—along with the newly arrived Long Patrol and Tiria—were battling with the cats of the fortress, the insane Lady Kaltag set the place on fire, in an attempt to kill Leatho who was still inside the high chamber. Made of wood, the place burst into flames. On orders from Tiria, both Brantalis and Pandion soared to the window and carried Leatho down into the lake. The defeat of Riggu Felis and the cats came soon after.

During a victory feast, Tiria was informed by Brantalis of Brinty's death back at Redwall Abbey. Leatho, seeing her overwhelming grief, suggested an idea to help the young ottermaid in mourning. He gave her a small wooden figurine to represent Brinty, which she then tied up with flowers and tossed into the lake. Leatho then chanted an ancient Green Isle poem, a tribute to the dead. Tiria was consoled, and became a good friend to the Shellhound.

Leatho helped the otters and the hares in final battle with Pitru and the remaining catguards. Following this, he returned to Holt Summerdell and formed the Green Clan Regiment along with Kolun and the other clan leaders. His job was to protect the shores of Green Isle from enduring such violence and vermin tyranny ever again.

Riggu Felis[edit]

Riggu Felis is an anthropomorphic wildcat. He was voiced by Paul Braithwaite in the full-cast audiobook.

Warlord and conqueror of Green Isle, Riggu Felis was a fearsome wildcat, possibly distantly related to Ungatt Trunn. He and his horde of feral cats, descendants of ordinary cats who had joined with their wildcat brethren, took over Green Isle, enslaving many of the otters in residence. Riggu's mate was a feral cat named Kaltag, and he had two sons: the cowardly Jeefra and the bullying Pitru. Riggu was wounded while trying to kill an osprey, and the entire lower half of his face was ripped away, leaving a clear view of the jaws. To hide this wound, Felis donned a chain mail mask that covered the lower half of his face.

Riggu was constantly bickering with his two sons, whom he felt to be unworthy of his name. He tried to goad Jeefra into standing up to his brother, and he put down Pitru's bullying. However, his efforts proved in vain, and during a battle with otter outlaws, Pitru drowned his brother in a nearby lake. Pitru continued to oppose his father, claiming that with his youth and strength he would make a better warlord.

Riggu's problems multiplied as the otter clans grew bolder and his wife became insane over the death of Jeefra. Pitru declared open rebellion on his father, and in the end departed their fortress with several scores of cats. The otter clans were reinforced by their new queen, High Rhulain Tiria Wildlough, and the hares of the Long Patrol.

Riggu's defeat came abruptly. His wife, trying to kill an otter who had barricaded himself in the fortress whom she blamed for Jeefra's death, set fire to the building. Riggu then saw the osprey who had wounded him before, and hurled his weapon, slaying his nemesis. However, his triumph was short-lived, as Tiria used her sling to kill Riggu. The load: a barbed star, the same which had become stuck in the osprey's mouth when it had fallen into Riggu's trap before.

Riggu's legacy crumbled thereafter. His wife died in the fire, and his last remaining son was killed by a Long Patrol hare and devoured by the monster Slothunog.

Riggu's chosen weapon was a one bladed axe.

Lady Kaltag[edit]

Lady Kaltag is a feral cat who was Riggu Felis' unfortunate wife. Unlike many of the vermin families in the series, she was attached to her sons Pitru and Jeefra and opposed powerfully to Riggu's decision to make them rank-and-file cats. She disapproved of Riggu Felis's teaching Pitru and Jeefra to take what they wanted by force. Upon Jeefra's death, her already fragile mind was pushed over the edge. She blamed many creatures of Jeefra's killing, including her husband for sending her sons to the barracks and the outlaw otter Leatho Shellhound. Ironically, her closest ally from then on was Jeefra's true killer Pitru.

When Leatho Shellhound was captured, Kaltag made several vain attempts to kill him outright, such as throwing a spear at him, but was restrained on Riggu Felis' orders (Riggu wanted Leatho as a hostage). When Riggu and his soldiers were distracted in battle, however, Kaltag found Leatho trapped in a room in the fortress tower. Mad with hatred, she burned the room down. Although her death was not mentioned outright, it is assumed that she was killed by the fire.


Pitru is a half-wildcat half-feral cat who was the son of Riggu Felis and Lady Kaltag, and the brother of Jeefra. He was the fiercer of the two brothers, and wanted to be ruler of Green Isle. Pitru was very cruel to his brother, and taunted him about how he was going to rule the fortress.

After deciding they were both spoilt, Riggu enlisted his sons under Weilmark Scaut as common soldiers. They ended up in a small boat which was capsized by rebelling otterslaves.

Pitru was the first to surface. A drowning and panicked Jeefra begged him for help, but Pitru refused, and smashed a wooden paddle over his brother's head and paws, knocking him out and killing him. The cats did not realize that Pitru had killed his brother, thinking it was the otters.

When Riggu left his fortress, Pitru, the newly appointed Fortress Commander, made an impression on some of the catguards, in particular Yund, Balur, and Hinso. He ordered Yund to kill Atunra, Riggu's lifetime companion, and Yund complied. Pitru attempted to take over his father's fortress, but failed.

Later, he abandoned the fortress with those loyal to him and set up an encampment on the side of the Deeplough. After defeating Riggu the otterclans launched an attack on Pitru's barricade along Deeplough's ridge, which was well defended on all fronts. Pitru's force was quickly overwhelmed and in the midst of battle Pitru was killed by Cuthbert Blanedale Frunk in a berserk killing spree. Since the mad hare was unable to use his pike axe at short distance, he pulled Pitru close and broke his back with the axehaft. His body was eaten by the Slothunog after Frunk threw himself and Pitru's body into the Deeplough.


Jeefra is a half-wildcat half-feral cat who was one of the sons of Riggu Felis and Lady Kaltag. He was the brother of Pitru. Jeefra was half a head taller than Pitru and was rather burly, but he was stupid, spoiled, whiny, and terrified of his fierce brother.

Riggu was disgusted with the spoiled nature of his sons, so he sent them both to the guard barracks to work as regular catguards, ignoring Kaltag's protests. Soon afterwards, an attack by rebel-otters led by Leatho Shellhound burned part of the wildcat's fortress, and a quick turn of events found Pitru and Jeefra's boat sinking in the lake. Pitru escaped the water, but his brother was not so lucky. As Jeefra begged him for help, Pitru promptly snatched a wooden paddle and smashed it onto his brother's head and paws without a second thought. Jeefra's corpse was recovered from the depths and buried on dry land.

Pitru blamed his brother's death on Leatho Shellhound and Lady Kaltag was sure that the death of Jeefra was the fault of Riggu Felis.


Atunra was a female pine marten, and the constant aide of Riggu Felis. She was completely loyal to him and had been so since their younger years.

When Felis was attacked and severely wounded by Pandion Piketalon, Atunra treated the injury as best she could, sending Pitru and Jeefra for help. Later, when Pitru and Felis split forces to search for Leatho Shellhound and the Otter Clans of Green Isle, Atunra stayed behind to keep an eye on things for her master, annoying Pitru with her insistence that his father's rules should be kept regardless of whether he was actually present or not.

Atunra was killed by Yund and thrown into the fortress lake after Pitru ordered him to do so. Weilmark Scaut discovered her body when he fell into the lake. She was avenged by Riggu Felis.

Characters in Eulalia![edit]

Gorath the Flame[edit]

Gorath the Flame is a badger who was a Salamandastron ruler, the husband of Salixa, and the father of Rowanbloom. Before he learned to control himself, he had a fierce and raging Bloodwrath. Gorath's family originated from far southern lands; after his parents died fighting in the Great Vermin Wars, Gorath and his grandparents fled the dangerous region hoping to find a place of peace. However, a storm wrecked their boat on the Northern Isles, stranding them.

After spending seasons on the Isles, Sea Raiders, led by the fox Vizka Longtooth, raided the islands and slew Gorath's grandparents. After knocking Gorath unconscious with his mace and chain, forming a large scab, Vizka brought Gorath aboard his ship, the Bludgullet, hoping to convert the badger into a Sea Raider, possibly to attack Salamandastron. Gorath, after displaying a bad case of the Bloodwrath, refused to become a Sea Raider and slew one of Vizka's crew members in retaliation for the death of his grandparents. Vizka decided to let him starve in order to break Gorath's will and eventually turn him.

Gorath was later rescued by Orkwil Prink, a young hedgehog from Redwall Abbey. During the escape, Gorath strangled Codj, the brother of Vizka Longtooth and his first mate, killing him in retaliation for Codj's part in killing his grandparents. Orkwil and Gorath returned to Redwall shortly after, where Gorath was taken ill due to the effects of his imprisonment on the Bludgullet. Sister Atrata was able to heal Gorath, in the process removing the scab from where Vizka's mace had struck Gorath, leaving a flame-shaped scar.

Gorath later left the Abbey and travelled into Mossflower to slay Vizka, only to fall unconscious from the uncontrolled Bloodwrath. He later awoke in the company of a wise elder badger named Tabura, and his female assistant Salixa. Having been taught by the Tabura to control his Bloodwrath, Gorath returned to Redwall with the Tabura and Salixa for whom Gorath shared mutual feelings of affection. During this time he was also introduced to Mad Maudie Thropple, a Long Patrol hare who had been sent from Salamandastron to find him.

Gorath and Salixa, along with their friends, ended up on a gigantic sandstone plateau, where they fought off the combined forces of Vizka and the Brownrats with the assistance of Log-a-Log Osbil and his Guosim shrews. They managed to fight off the vermin with assistance from the Redwallers and their Mossflower allies. With the Brownrats and Vizka's crew disbanded and in retreat, Gorath returned to the Bludgullet where he confronted Vizka. The two battled, Gorath finally triumphing when he snapped Vizka's spine. Instead of returning to Redwall, Gorath set out on the Bludgullet, now renamed Eulalia, to Salamandastron, where he met Lord Asheye and eventually succeeded him as the new Badger Lord.

Orkwil Prink[edit]

Orkwil Prink is an anthropomorphic male hedgehog.

Orkwil was abandoned as a babe by his thieving parents and was found and taken into Redwall by Granspike Niblo. He grew up much like his parents: he was a thief and a sneak. Eventually, the Redwallers could take no more of him and exiled him for a season. At first he was thrilled by the idea, but after one night in the woodlands, he felt otherwise due to various mishaps, such as having his supplies stolen by magpies. The following day, he met a grumpy, unnamed watervole. In an attempt to get some food, he worked for the vole. However, the vole cheated him, and threatened to kill him if he did not leave. Then he decided to sleep, only he slept unwittingly into a swamp.

He woke up the next morning half-sunk in the swamp. Clinging to a branch, he shouted for help. Codj and some of Vizka Longtooth's scouts heard his cries and pulled him out of the swamp. When he refused to tell the location of Redwall Abbey, they chained him to the Bludgullet's mast next to Gorath. Being a thief, he was able to pick the lock and escape with Gorath. He was able to get the starving Gorath some food by going to the grumpy watervole's home and scaring him off. The two went to Redwall Abbey, and warned them of Longtooth and his crew. His exile was declared over by Abbot Daucus.

Meanwhile, Vizka had captured the watervole. He has the watervole take him to Redwall, where the watervole is captured during a failed ruse to get Vizka into Redwall. The vole is interrogated, the let go. However, Gorath tells him to lock the gate behind when he (Gorath) leaves secretly to hunt the Sea Raiders.

He is caught sneaking back to the Infirmary, where he was being held. They take him back to the sickbay, but on the way the vole notices Martin's sword. He escapes the Infirmary and steals the sword, killing Sister Atrata in the process. He runs off into the woodlands. Orkwil, along with a squirrel called Rangval the Rogue and a hare called Mad Mugsberry (the Hon.) Thropple (Maudie), (who was sent to find Lord Asheye's successor Gorath) go out in pursuit of the vole and Gorath. The vole is killed by Magger and Vizka kills Magger when he returns to camp and claims the sword for his own. Vizka captures Orkwil and company, and when Vizka, hearing of Gorath's coming to the plateau, rushes off to slay Gorath once and for all, leaving Ruglat, Saltear, and Undril behind to guard the captives. Maudie gets free and frees Rangval and Orkwil, and they easily overpower the three Sea Raiders. Disguising themselves as Sea Raiders, they pursue Vizka.

When they finally catch up to Vizka and his crew at the plateau, Orkwil vanishes. Maudie and Rangval assume him to be dead and carry on to meet up with Gorath. What really happened was that when they were climbing the plateau, Orkwil slipped and hit his head, and blacked out. When he woke up, he heard the battle going on above, and rushed to Redwall, where he persuaded Abbot Daucus to bring some Redwallers to the plateau. They arrive just in time, saving Gorath and his friends. Orkwil followed Gorath to the Bludgullet, and watches him slay Vizka Longtooth. He is named captain of the newly dubbed Eulalia. He is named Abbey Warrior at the end of the book.

Rangval the Rogue[edit]

Rangval the Rogue was a resident of Mossflower Woods. He is a loyal and resourceful small squirrel and self-proclaimed rogue. He lived in a small cavern hollowed out by a river that he called "Rogue's Retreat". Rangval was an expert at making traps and his favorite trap was Owch Mansions, a dead willow containing several hives of wasps and hornets. The squirrel seemed to have a gift for communicating with these insects. If vermin blundered into the branches, which he would tie across the stream, the stinging insects would often kill or badly hurt with several stings.

Rangval carried four daggers as weapons, which he could readily use. The daggers were his pride and joy, and he dreaded the thought of any other beast stealing or using them.

He met Maudie Mugsberry Thropple on the River Moss while she sailed with the Guosim as they were pursued by Brownrats. He saved them by tricking the vermin into Owch Mansions and lead the vermin off of their trail. He fought at the Battle of the Plateau, after the battle was won he followed Gorath to his confrontation with Vizka Longtooth.

Later, when he was sailing on the Eulalia, he was the only one of the crew to get seasick. He also became known as "Uncle Rangval" to Rowanbloom, and became the "unofficial Scout in Charge to the Long Patrol".

Vizka Longtooth[edit]

Vizka Longtooth is an anthropomorphic golden fox with overgrown fangs. Vizka was the Sea Raider captain of his ship, the Bludgullet, and his crew was a motley array of vermin including his brother Codj. He had a cruel personality, as shown when he puts a bowl of soup barely out of Gorath's reach. His weapon of choice was a mace and chain.

He took the badger called Gorath prisoner when he found where Gorath and his grandparents lived on the Northern Isles. He killed Gorath's grandparents and wounded Gorath. When Gorath learned he had slain his grandparents, he swore a blood oath against Vizka. Later on, he captured a hedgehog named Orkwil Prink (who was a thief), who was from Redwall Abbey. Orkwil and Gorath escaped to Redwall, with Vizka hard on their heels. Vizka attacked Redwall, and although he failed, he managed to steal Martin's sword. He eventually joined forces with a Brownrat horde, and went to fight the Redwallers at a plateau. Vizka and five other vermin escaped, but the vermin subsequently deserted Vizka. Vizka met Gorath on board his ship, and Gorath broke his spine, killing him. His ship was then renamed "Eulalia" and is captained by Orkwil.

Characters in Doomwyte[edit]


Bisky is an anthropomorphic mouse and the main character of Doomwyte. He is portrayed as being young, possibly in his teenage years, and is a descendant of Gonff the Mousethief. Bisky relates the story of how Gonff stole four jewels from the Doomwytes, and later becomes one of a group of Redwallers who initiate a treasure hunt to find the four jewels, which they believe from riddles left by Gonff to be hidden around Redwall.

When Bisky and friends explore some tunnels leading from the Abbey cellars far into Mossflower woodlands, Bisky is kidnapped by the Painted Ones, a tribe of primitive tree rats. He eventually escapes with a fellow prisoner, a young Guosim shrew named Dubble. The two meet the Gonfelins, a tribe of thieving mice descended from one branch of Gonff's family; Bisky is smitten with Spingo, the daughter of Gonfelin chieftain Nokko.

Bisky, Dubble and Spingo later meet the black otter Zaran, and assist her in her campaign to collapse the roof of the Doomwytes' subterranean lair. The three also fought during the battle between the Doomwytes and the Redwallers, before collapsing the roof of the cave, killing the remaining Doomwytes.

In the epilogue, Bisky had married Spingo, and they have a daughter named Andio.


Baliss is an anthropomorphic adder in Doomwyte. Descended from the infamous adder Asmodeus Poisonteeth, Baliss lives in the old sandstone quarry where Asmodeus lived. Although now blind due to advanced age, Baliss adapted to use his other senses to detect prey, making him more dangerous. Following initial attempts to terrorise the Redwallers, Korvus Skurr hired Baliss to terrorise the Abbey.

During his first visit to Redwall, Baliss attempted to attack Cellarhog Corksnout Spikkle; Baliss rammed Corksnout, resulting in a number of Corksnout's bottom spikes lodging in his snout. Maddened by his injuries, Baliss slowly returned to Skurr's underground hideout, led by the Doomwyte Vugri. Having reached the cavern, Baliss killed Skurr's pet catfish Welzz, but was trapped underground when the Redwallers set a fire inside the cavern to contain him. When the cavern collapsed, Baliss was trapped inside and fatally crushed.


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