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List of Sage 300 modules

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Below is a comprehensive list of modules that are part of the Sage 300 business management platform[1]. All modules are optional and can be added at any time allowing the system to evolve and adapt as the best solution for each unique business need[2].

These prefixies are used by the Sage 300 to manage the installation and operation of modules[3]. This is a technical list and some products may no longer be in development.

References to ACCPAC International, Inc. refer to the owner/developer of the Sage 300 product, Sage[4].

Selector Application Company Company Link
2F ACCPAC French Overlays
AA ADB Add-in Acute Solutions
AB Advanced Bill of Materials Appsoft
AC A/R Credit Card Sidler Clarke
AD ADP Import Musick International
AE Advanced ERP and Manufacturing COSS Systems Inc.
AF Advanced Configurator AppSoft (Pty) Ltd ACCPAC Exchange (Advantage)
AG ACCPAC Exchange (Pro)
AI Appsoft Utilities Appsoft
AL Apparel-Pac Softkey Microsystems
AM Asset Management Norming[5] [1]
AP Accounts Payable ACCPAC International, Inc.[6] [2]
AR Accounts Receivable ACCPAC International, Inc.[6] [3]
AS System Manager/Admin. Services ACCPAC International, Inc.[6] [4]
AT Advanced Statements Appsoft
AU Audit Logging Pacific Software Technology[7] [5]
AV Add-ins for A4W AVMI Logic
AW Advanced Work Orders Appsoft
AX Axiom Utilities Axiom
BA New Venture Business Analysis Abenaki Computers
BC Barcoded Time Entry Full Capacity Systems
BD Barcode Dispatch Acute Solutions
BK Bank Services ACCPAC International, Inc.[6] [6]
BM Advanced Bin Management Appsoft
BN Batchmaster Integration EWorkplace
BO BackOrder Releases Sidler Clarke
BQ Brio Query ACCPAC International, Inc. (Options) [7]
BR BRASS (Booking, Reservation, and Scheduling System) Index Computer Solutions Pty Ltd.
BS Sales Order Analysis HMS Systems Inc
BT Bar Tender MJD Software
BU Baccpacc for Windows MicroChannel Pty Ltd. [8]
BW BridgeWorks (EDI) Jesness Consulting
CA Customer Analysis HMS Systems Inc
CB Peresoft Cashbook Peresoft Software[8] [9]
CC Commitment Control Abenaki Associates
CD Customer Item Details ASP Information Systems, Inc.
CF Orchid Utilities (2) Orchid Financial Systems [10]
CH Charge Card Interface UniDevCo
CI Supra Display Customer Item HMS Systems Inc.
CL Computer Literacy
CM Collection Manager Axiom
CN Advanced Commissions Appsoft
CO Commitment Accounting Pacific Software Technology[7] [11]
CP Canadian Payroll ACCPAC International, Inc.[6] [12]
CQ C.C.Q. Report for Payroll – Quebec Construction Unions SoftKey MicroSystems
CR Credit Control Acute Solutions
CS Common Services ACCPAC International, Inc.[6] [13]
CT Canadian Payroll Tax Tables ACCPAC International, Inc.[6] [14]
CT Canned Reports Sidler Clarke
CU Cusomter Credit Card Payments Sidler Clarke
CW CashWorks Systronics [15]
CX RecXpress Peresoft Software [16]
CZ Contact Master Professional ACCPAC International, Inc. (Options) [17]
DA Contact Manager Dingosoft Pty Ltd [18]
DB Bank Transactions Dingosoft Pty Ltd [19]
DC Debit Clearing Parity Software
DD U.S. Payroll Direct Deposit Musick International
DE db Explorer 3.0A HMS Systems Inc.
DF Fixed Assets Dingosoft Pty Ltd [20]
DG Customer Currency Converter Dingosoft Pty Ltd [21]
DH Vendor Currency Converter Dingosoft Pty Ltd [22]
DI Reserved Dingosoft Pty Ltd [23]
DJ Reserved Dingosoft Pty Ltd [24]
DK Reserved Dingosoft Pty Ltd [25]
DL Reserved Dingosoft Pty Ltd [26]
DM FRS - Dingosoft Financial Reporter for Sage 300 Dingosoft Pty Ltd[9] [27]
DN Reserved Dingosoft Pty Ltd [28]
DO Docket Invoicing Orchid Financial Systems [29]
DP DistribuPro Custom Application ACCPAC International, Inc. [30]
DR Reserved Dingosoft Pty Ltd [31]
DS Disk Serialization Peresoft [32]
DT Data Manager Peresoft [33]
DW Dispatch Workflow Appsoft
DX Dingosoft Modification Dingosoft Pty Ltd [34]
EA EFT Direct Payroll ACCPAC International, Inc. [35]
EB Enhanced Budgeting Orchid Financial Systems [36]
EC Electronic Commerce ACCPAC International, Inc. [37]
ED Education Management Abenaki Computers
EE EFT Direct EFILE – Canada ACCPAC International, Inc. [38]
EF Extra Fields Zinck Computer Group
EI Multiple I/C Item Numbers ACCPAC International, Inc. (Smartsys) [39]
EJ Excel Integrated Journal Entries Sidler Clarke
EN Export Documentation Pacific Software Technology [40]
EO Extended Optional Fields Pacific Software Technology [41]
EP EFT Direct Payables ACCPAC International, Inc. [42]
EQ Equation Technologies Development Equation Technologies, Inc. [43]
ER EFT Direct Receivables ACCPAC International, Inc. [44]
ET Enabling Technologies [45]
EU Euro Dollar Utilities ACCPAC International, Inc. [46]
EV iConnect Server ACCPAC International, Inc.[10] [47]
EX Apparel-Pac Extended Size Grid Softkey Microsystems
EW ACCPAC eCRM Integration Component ACCPAC eCRM Integration Component[6] [48]
EZ ZCG E-Mail Connect Zinck Computer Group
FA Fixed Assets ACCPAC International, Inc.[6] [49]
FC Finite Capacity Planning Full Capacity Systems
FD Fuel Distribution Pacific Software Technology[7] [50]
FE Field Extender Systronics [51]
FL Financial Link ACCPAC International, Inc. [52]
FM Funds Availabiliy

(Previously) Farm Manager

Pacific Software Technology [53]
FN Financial Link Professional ACCPAC International, Inc. (Options) [54]
FO Front Office Unisoft
FP Apparel-Pac Fabric/Trim Planning Softkey Microsystems
FQ Quotation Management Full Capacity Management
FR Financial reporter ACCPAC International, Inc. [55]
FS Factor Management System Axiom
FT EFT Services Visionetix Software Pty Ltd
FX FIXIT Musick International
GA National Accounts Parity Software
GF GL First Aid Network Microsystems Pty Ltd
GI Grid Inventory Management System Softkey Microsystems
GL General Ledger ACCPAC International, Inc.[6] [56]
GM GIMS Manufacturing SoftKey MicroSystems
GP General Ledger Posting ACCPAC International, Inc.[6] [57]
GS GL Security ACCPAC International, Inc. (Smartsys) [58]
GU The Government Uniform Invoice Manager ABA Technologies Ltd.
HA Multimedia training for Accounts Receivable ACCPAC International, Inc. [59]
HF Multimedia training for Financial Series ACCPAC International, Inc. [60]
HG Multimedia training for General Ledger ACCPAC International, Inc. [61]
HO Housing Inventory and Capital Projects Management Abenaki Computers
HP Multimedia training for Accounts Payable ACCPAC International, Inc. [62]
HR Human Resources Quick Pro Software
HS Multimedia training for System Manager ACCPAC International, Inc. [63]
HZ Horizon Group Custom Integration ACCPAC International, Inc. [64]
IA Inventory Manager Parity Software
IB ICBOM Scheduling Network Microsystems Pty Ltd
IC Inventory Control ACCPAC International, Inc.[6] [65]
ID Inventory Date Based Pricing Pacific Software Technology
IE Inventory Extensions Acute Solutions
IG Simple Manufacturing Pacific Software Technology [66]
IH Inventory History Network Microsystems Pty Ltd
II Supra Display Items HMS Systems Inc
IK iCan – subclass of ARTCP view, not a product CAA Online Inc.
IM Inventory Management Musick International Inc
IN Integrity Manager Lorge and Associates
IP PO purge HMS Systems Inc
IR Inventory Receipts Unisoft
IS Item Analysis HMS Systems Inc
IT Inter Branch Transfers+B141 ACCPAC International, Inc. (Smartsys) [67]
IX Integration Access Pack ACCPAC International, Inc. [68]
IY Entity Transactions ORCHID FINANCIAL SYSTEMS[11] [69]
JC Job Costing ACCPAC International, Inc. [70]
JP Job Cost Payroll C-TEC Ltd.
JR Customer Loyalty Sidler Clarke
JS Job Scheduler ACCPAC International, Inc. [71]
JT Job Tracking and Costing Full Capacity Systems
JW Job Cost for Windows Network Microsystems Pty Ltd
KC Kalyx Tools for Canadian Payroll Kalyx Systems Inc.
KG Kalyx Tools for General Ledger Kalyx Systems Inc.
KI Kalyx Tools for Inventory Control Kalyx Systems Inc.
KJ Kalyx Tools for Job Cost Kalyx Systems Inc.
KN Notes ACCPAC International, Inc. [72]
KO Kalyx Tools for Order Entry Kalyx Systems Inc.
KP Kalyx Tools for Accounts Payable Kalyx Systems Inc.
KR Kalyx Tools for Accts Receivable Kalyx Systems Inc.
KU Kalyx Tools for U.S. Payroll Kalyx Systems Inc.
LA L&A Demo Pack Lorge and Associates
LC Lease contracts AVMI Logic
LL Unknown Musick International Inc
LM Ledger Manager (Multipurpose Subledger) Dingosoft Pty Ltd [73]
LP LanPak ACCPAC International, Inc. [74]
LS Account Analysis HMS Systems Inc
LT Lot Tracking ACCPAC International, Inc. (Smartsys) [75]
LK Linxsoft, Inc.
LO Linxsoft, Inc.
LX Linxsoft, Inc.
L? Linxsoft, Inc.
MA MISys Analysis Manufacturing Information Systems [12] [76]
MB Membership and Human Resources Management Abenaki Computers
MC MISys Capacity Planning Manufacturing Information Systems [77]
MD MOM Development Mind Over Machines
ME PO maintain expected ship dates HMS Systems Inc
MF Options Multi-User Pack - 5 Users ACCPAC International, Inc. [78]
MG Options Multi-User Pack - 10 Users ACCPAC International, Inc. [79]
MH Options Multi-User Pack - 20 Users ACCPAC International, Inc. [80]
MI Misys Manufacturing Information Systems[12] [81]
MJ Multi-user packs for Option products ACCPAC International, Inc. [82]
MK Multi-user packs for Option products ACCPAC International, Inc. [83]
ML Medical Laboratory billings AVMI Logic
MM Magnetic Media Server Comprehensive Consulting Serv., Inc.
MN MISys Needs Manufacturing Information Systems[12] [84]
MO SO Maintain Expected ship dates HMS Systems Inc
MP Manufacturing Plus Musick International Inc.
MQ ACCPAC Messenger Integration ACCPAC International, Inc. [85]
MR Material Requirements Planning Musick International Inc.
MS Master Production Scheduling Musick International Inc.
MT Multiple Contacts

(Previously) Options NT Server License

ACCPAC International, Inc.[13] [86]
MU MOM Utilities Mind Over Machines
MV Caribbean Customization Kit Management Accounting Software Solutions (MASS)
MW MISys Work Orders Manufacturing Information Systems [87]
MX MISys/2000 Serial/Lot Tracking Manufacturing Information Systems [88]
MY Options Multi-User Pack - 50 Users ACCPAC International, Inc. [89]
MZ Options Multi-user Pack -100 Users ACCPAC International, Inc. [90]
NA National Accounts Pack ACCPAC International, Inc. [91]
NB Unionized Payroll Reports for BC SoftKey MicroSystems
NF Computer Based Training 4.2 New Features
NO Unionized Payroll Reports for Ontario SoftKey MicroSystems
NP Norming Chinese Payroll Norming[14] [92]
NS NetServer TDI Computer Systems Ltd.
NX Nexus Integration MJD Software
OA Enhanced A/R for Win Inv Entry MicroChannel (UK) Ltd.
OB Optional Tables Pack ACCPAC International, Inc. [93]
OC Order Picking Sidler Clarke
OD Order entry enhencements Sidler Clarke
OE Order Entry ACCPAC International, Inc.[6] [94]
OF Orchid Utilities (1) Orchid Financial Systems [95]
OG MicroChannel (UK) Ltd.
OH Star Ship host interface MJD Software
OI OE Satellite Import Network Microsystems
OK Order Key Sam Hobbs
OM Order Merger The World Management Pte Ltd
OP Completed S/O purge HMS Systems Inc
OQ MJD O/E Host Interface MJD Software
OT MicroChannel (UK) Ltd
OU OE Autoship Network Microsystems
OX OE Satellite Export Network Microsystems
PA Payables Workflow

(previously) Paredi

Pacific Software Technology[7]

(previously) Parity Software

PB Personnel Management Abenaki Computers
PC Price/Cost/Dicount quick change HMS Systems Inc
PD Postdated Cheques Parity Software
PE Enhanced Security Planet Earth Dot Com]

(previously) Price Matrix

ACCPAC International, Inc.[10]

(previously) Appsoft

PG Serialized ePOS ePOS
PH Physical Inventory MJD Software
PI MicroChannel (UK) Ltd.
PJ Purchase Approval Visionetix Software Pty Ltd Barcode Labeller
PK Pick and Pack MJD Software
PL Purchase Price Lists Pacific Software Technology [98]
PM Project Manager ACCPAC International, Inc.[6] [99]
PN Enhanced Bank Services Planet Earth Dot Com]
PO Purchase Order ACCPAC International, Inc.[6] [100]
PP Purchase Planning and Control Unisoft
PQ MJD P/O Host Interface MJD Software
PR ACCPAC Payroll ACCPAC International, Inc. [101]
PS Parity Utilities Parity Software
PT Purchasing Workflow Pacific Software Technology[7] [102]
PU Disbursement Accounting Planet Earth Dot Com]
PV AP Vendor Recon Planet Earth Dot Com]
PW MJD P/O Scanning Interface MJD Software
PX ACCPAC Process Server ACCPAC International, Inc. [103]
PY ACCPAC Process Server, More than 5 ACCPAC International, Inc. [104]
QE QteEntry Resolve Group LLC
QH Extra indexes for PO Quality Directions Group, Inc.
QT Quote Management The World Management Pte Ltd
QV Vendor/Customer synchroniz Quick Pro Software
RA Return Authorisations ACCPAC International, Inc.[15]

(previously) Orchid Financial Systems

RB Sage Accpac WMS Link

(previously) RadioBeacon – ACCPAC Integration

ACCPAC International, Inc.

(previously) RadioBeacon

RE Advanced Remittance Appsoft
RH MJD Route Sales Import MJD Software
RI Retail Invoicing ACCPAC International, Inc. [108]
RM Resource Management System Mestafin (PTY) Ltd. (subsidiary of Analysis Management Systems)
RO Retail Order Entry C-TEC Ltd.
RP Receipt Processing Sidler Clarke
RQ Purchase Order Requisition SystemLink (UK) Limited
RR Resource Reservation Unisoft
RS Resource Scheduling Network Microsystems Pty Ltd
RT Canned Reports Sidler Clarke
RW Reverse Charges and Withholding Taxes

(perviously) Report Master

ACCPAC International, Inc.[16] [109]
RX RecXpress for Cashbook Peresoft [110]
SA Sales Analysis ACCPAC International, Inc. [111]
SB Social Assistance Management Abenaki Computers
SC Canadian Payroll Toolkit Softline Systems Inc.
SD Smart Orders ACCPAC International, Inc. (Smartsys) [112]
SF Smart Finder ACCPAC International, Inc. (Smartsys) [113]
SG G/L Account Code Change ACCPAC International, Inc.

(previously) Softline Systems Inc.

SH Sales History Softline Systems Inc.
SI Item Number Change ACCPAC International, Inc.

(previously) Softline Systems Inc.

SK Bank Customer Management System SystemLink (UK) Limited
SL Sales Budgets Pacific Software Technology [116]
SM System Manager (internal usage reservation) ACCPAC International, Inc. [117]
SN Serialized Inventory ACCPAC International, Inc. (Smartsys)[10] [118]
SO iConnect Sales Orders ACCPAC International, Inc. [119]
SP Vendor Code Change ACCPAC International, Inc.

(previously) Softline Systems Inc.

SR Customer Code Change ACCPAC International, Inc.

(previously) Softline Systems Inc.

SS Sales Analysys 3.0A HMS Systems Inc.
ST Enhanced Serial Tracking Unisoft
SU US Payroll Toolkit Softline Systems Inc.
SX Purchase Invoice Register SystemLink (UK) Limited
SY SystemLink PRS1 SystemLink (UK) Limited
SZ Softline Database Interface Softline Systems Inc.
TA Trust Accounting Dingosoft Pty Ltd [122]
TC Contact Master for Windows Softline Systems Inc.
TD Time and Disbursement ACCquire
TE Time and Attendance Workforce Automation Sierra Computer Solutions, LLC
TF TradeFinance Systronics [123]
TJ Trade Job Costing Systronics [124]
TK UK Tax Reports (Making Tax Digital)

(previously) QI Toolkit for ACCPAC for Windows

ACCPAC International, Inc.

(previously) Softline Systems Inc.

TL Timecard LanPak ACCPAC International, Inc. [126]
TM Malaysia Tax Reports

(previously) Teammate Customer

ACCPAC International, Inc.[6]

(previously) Softline Systems Inc.

TP TravPac PereSoft Software [128]
TR Transfer Manager Pacific Software Technology [129]
TS Singapore Tax Reports

(previously) Macro Manager

ACCPAC International, Inc.[6]

(previously) Lorge and Associates

TT Timetrack 2000 / Time Billing Network Microsystems
TU SDK Tutorial ACCPAC International, Inc. [131]
TW Australian Tax Reports

(previously) CA-Acer-ACCPAC Localization

ACCPAC International, Inc.[6] [132]
TX Tax Services ACCPAC International, Inc.[6] [133]
UA UniAllianceLink Unisoft
UB UniPOLink Unisoft
UC UniStockCard Unisoft
UD UniARLink Unisoft
UE UniOEPurge Unisoft
UF UniCrystalLauncher Unisoft
UG Unisoft
UH UniPOGen Unisoft
UI UniICTools Unisoft
UJ Unisoft
UK Unisoft
UL UniSerials Lite Unisoft
UM UniMasters Unisoft
UN Unisoft
UO UniOELink Unisoft
UP US Payroll ACCPAC International, Inc.[6] [134]
UQ UniOpsInquiries Unisoft
UR UniARInquiry Unisoft
US UniSerials Unisoft
UT US Payroll Tax Tables ACCPAC International, Inc.[6] [135]
UU Unisoft Utilities -2- Unisoft
UV UniSend Unisoft
UW UniEnhancedOE Unisoft
UX UniSalesAnalysis Unisoft
UY UniTester Unisoft
UZ UniAdminServices Unisoft
VA Vendor Analysis HMS Systems Inc
VB Various Customizations C-TEC Ltd.
VC Technisoft Communicator Technisoft Pty Ltd [136]
VD Virtual Manager Pacific Software Technology [137]
VI Supra Display Vendor Item HMS Systems Inc.
VL Find All Visionetix Software Pty Ltd
VM Service Manager Technisoft Pty Ltd.[17] [138]
VS PO analysis HMS Systems Inc
VW View Master for Windows Softline Systems Inc.
VX Customer Cheques Visionetix Software Pty Ltd
WA Winacct Server Peresoft Software [139]
WA Winacct Server Peresoft Software [140]
WG QI Toolkit Account Code Change Softline Systems Inc.
WD Workflow Documents Pacific Software Technology[7] [141]
WI QI Toolkit Item Number Change Softline Systems Inc.
WM Warehouse Management Acute Solutions
WN Workflow Notifications Pacific Software Technology[7] [142]
WO Electronic Orders Sidler Clarke
WP QI Toolkit Vendor Number Change Softline Systems Inc.
WR QI Toolkit Customer Number Change Softline Systems Inc.
WS Warehouse management systems ACCPAC International, Inc. (Smartsys) [143]
WZ Setup Wizard ACCPAC International, Inc. [144]
XD ODBC Link Demo Softline Systems Inc.
XE Extend eCommerce Extend System Corp
XF ACCPAC XBRL Financials ACCPAC International, Inc. [145]
XM Membership Pro Zinck Computer Group
XP Post-Dated Checks Peresoft [146]
XR ODBC Link Standard Softline Systems Inc.
XS Registration System ACCPAC International, Inc. [147]
XS Commission Analysis HMS Systems Inc
XT Serial Tracker Island Microsystems
XW ODBC Link Professional Softline Systems Inc.
XX SDK Tools ACCPAC International, Inc. [148]
XY Reserved for anyone's use with macros ACCPAC International, Inc.[18]
XZ Reserved for anyone's use with macros ACCPAC International, Inc.[19]
YE G/L Transaction Listing Lorge and Associates
YG Payslips Lorge and Associates
YN Netcare Developments Lorge and Associates
YP Payment Processing ACCPAC International, Inc.[6] [149]
YS Set Off Manager Lorge and Associates
YU UUNET - Debtors Export Lorge and Associates
ZA Advanced Allocations Beta Lorge and Associates
ZB Bank Manager Lorge and Associates
ZC Gl Consolidations ACCPAC International, Inc.[6]

(previously) Lorge and Associates

ZD Financial Statement Pro
ZE Description Manager Lorge and Associates
ZF EFT Manager Lorge and Associates
ZI Inter Company Transactions ACCPAC International, Inc.[6]

(previously) Lorge and Associates

ZM Warehouse Issues Lorge and Associates
ZN Zippy Notes ACCPAC International, Inc. [152]
ZP Export Manager Lorge and Associates
ZQ PO Authorizations Lorge and Associates
ZS Disbursement Manager Lorge and Associates
ZT AP Consolidated Payments Lorge and Associates
ZU ZCG Toolkit Zinck Computer Group
ZZ Add-ins for ACCPAC for Windows Unisoft

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