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List of Superman & Lois characters

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Superman & Lois is an American television series developed by Todd Helbing and Greg Berlanti, based on the DC Comics characters Superman and Lois Lane, created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. The series stars Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch in the title roles, as well as Jordan Elsass, Alex Garfin, Inde Navarrette, Erik Valdez, Emmanuelle Chriqui and Dylan Walsh. The series is set in the Arrowverse sharing, continuity with the other television series of the franchise.

The following is a list of characters who have appeared in the television series. Many are named after (or based on) DC Comics characters.

Main characters[edit]

Clark Kent[edit]

Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman (portrayed by Tyler Hoechlin) is a superhero from Krypton who defends Earth and is Lois' husband. Dylan Kingwell portrays a teenage Clark while Lennix James portrays a 4-year-old Clark.[1] In season one after losing his job at the Daily Planet and his mother dying of a strike, Clark relocates the family to Smallville for a fresh start and becomes the assistant football coach in Smallville High School. Hoechlin previously portrayed Clark in a recurring role in Supergirl, where the character was introduced, before appearing in guest roles in Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman.[2]

  • Hoechlin also portrays an evil version of Superman from another Earth.

Lois Lane[edit]

Lois Lane (portrayed by Elizabeth Tulloch) is a renowned journalist and Clark's wife.[1]

In season one, Lois quits her job after Morgan Edge buys the Daily Planet and start working at a local publication Smallville Gazette.

  • Tulloch also portrays a variation of Lois Lane from another Earth where she is married to John Henry Irons. Before being killed by Superman, she gives away the Kryptonite weakness in her news report and tells her family that she loves them.

Jonathan Kent[edit]

Jonathan Kent (portrayed by Jordan Elsass as a teenager, Brady Droulis as a 7-year-old) is the modest and kind-hearted son of Clark and Lois. He is named after Clark's adoptive father Jonathan Kent.[3]

Jonathan is on the Smallville high school football team.

Jordan Kent[edit]

Jordan Kent (portrayed by Alex Garfin as a teenager, Dawson Littman as a 7-year-old) is the introspective son of Clark and Lois. He has social anxiety and enjoys playing video games alone. He has inherited his father's powers, though his abilities are only in 'small bursts'. He is named after Clark's biological father Jor-El.[3]

Jordan is on the Smallville high school football team.

Kyle Cushing[edit]

Kyle Cushing (portrayed by Erik Valdez) is Lana's husband and the father of Sarah and Sophie. He is Smallville's fire chief.[4]

Sarah Cushing[edit]

Sarah Cushing (portrayed by Inde Navarrette) is Kyle and Lana's oldest daughter.[5]

John Henry Irons[edit]

John Henry Irons (portrayed by Wolé Parks) is a mysterious and solo survivor from an unidentified parallel Earth.[6] Introduced under the alias of "Captain Luthor", this version is from an unidentified alternate Earth that was ravaged by an army of evil Kryptonians, engineered by his Earth's Morgan Edge and led by Superman. Additionally, he was married to his Earth's Lois Lane and had a daughter named Natalie. After Lois exposed the Kryptonians' weakness to Kryptonite on the news, she was killed by Superman. In response, John and Nat built a suit of armor and incorporated an A.I. he took from his Earth's Lex Luthor. As he was unable to reprogram its recognition protocols, John was forced to go by "Captain Luthor". At some point prior to his Earth's destruction, John makes his way to Earth-Prime and witnesses its Superman.

Convinced he will inevitably turn evil, John hunts down Earth-Prime Superman. Along the way, he encounters Earth-Prime's Lois, introduces himself as "Marcus Bridgewater", and offers to help her investigate Morgan, leading to them finding X-Kryptonite. After finishing his hammer, John uses Lois to arrange a meeting with Superman and beats him after weakening him with red solar flares. Upon having Lt. Reno Rosetti run the prints on the box he gave them to see if he was related to Lex Luthor, she learned that "Marcus" is a variation of John Henry Irons. Meanwhile, having obtained John's fingerprints to see if he was related to Luthor, Lois deduces John's identity and joins forces with her sons, Jonathan and Jordan, to save Superman while the Department of Defense take John into their custody. While being interrogated by Superman, John briefly reminisces on his past and how he got to Earth-Prime before warning Superman that Earth-Prime will go through what his Earth did. However, Lois convinces John that her Superman is nothing like the ones from his Earth.

  • Parks' image was also used to portray Earth-Prime's John Henry Irons, who is mentioned to have been killed in action.

Morgan Edge[edit]

Morgan Edge (portrayed by Adam Rayner as an adult, Jack Rehbein as a 10-year-old, Ben Cockell as a 19-year-old Tal-Rho) is an intelligent, eloquent and impassioned self-made mogul" and CEO of Edge EnerCorp who has taken an interest in Smallville, raising suspicion from Lois.[7] In Smallville, Edge's company Edge EnerCorp gains ownership of a mine that contains X-Kryptonite which he plans to use to continue experiments in an attempt to create a superpowered army. His previous experiments resulted in only one non-flawed subject, his assistant Leslie Larr (portrayed by Stacey Farber). His work in Smallville brings him into further conflict with Lois Lane and an alternate John Henry Irons, who comes from an Earth where a similar army led by Superman ravaged Metropolis and murdered John's wife, Lois. Edge is later revealed to be a Kryptonian named Tal-Rho, the son of Lara Lor-Van and Zeta-Rho and thus Superman's maternal half-brother.

His escape pod landed in England, where he immediately came into conflict with the local townspeople. He was captured and experimented on before managing to escape, causing him to hate mankind. His goal is to resurrect Krypton on Earth by implanting Kryptonian consciousnesses into human hosts using the X-Kryptonite and the Eradicator. Upon finding Superman's body at the Fortress of Solitude following the defeat of most of the Subjekts, Tal-Rho uses Kryptonian technology to review Superman's memories, discovering his human family. With his family threatened, Superman agrees to accompany Tal-Rho to his hideout where the A.I. of Zeta-Rho instructs Tal-Rho to use the Eradicator on him.

Sam Lane[edit]

Samuel Lane (portrayed by Dylan Walsh) is Lois Lane's father, Jonathan and Jordan's grandfather, and an Army general who is determined to keep America and the world safe from all threats.[8]

  • Walsh also portrays a version of Sam Lane from John Henry Irons' Earth who was killed in conflict against his world's version of Superman.

Lana Lang[edit]

Lana Lang-Cushing (portrayed by Emmanuelle Chriqui) is an old friend of Clark and the loan officer at Smallville Bank.[9] She is married to Kyle and the mother of Sophie and Sarah. In addition, she is also the cheerleader coach at Smallville High School.

Chrissy Beppo[edit]

Chrissy Beppo (portrayed by Sofia Hasmik[10][11]) is a journalist and proprietor oft the Smallville Gazette who Lois works with. By the end of season one, Lois buys half of the Smallville Gazette to keep it from being sold to someone else.

Natalie Irons[edit]

Natalie Irons (portrayed by Tayler Buck[12]) is the daughter of the alternate John Henry Irons and Lois Lane from an unidentified parallel Earth. She helped her father to work on his armor when facing the alternate Superman and an army of Kryptonians. By the end of season one, a vessel carrying Natalie arrives on Earth-Prime. As Natalie reunites with her dad, she sees Lois and mistakes her for her mother.

Recurring characters[edit]

Introduced in season 1[edit]

Sophie Cushing[edit]

Sophie Cushing (portrayed by Joselyn Picard[13]) is the younger daughter of Lana and Kyle and the sister of Sarah.

Leslie Larr[edit]

Born Irma Sayres, Leslie Larr (portrayed by Stacey Farber[14]) is a woman with super-strength and heat vision who works as the personal assistant to Morgan Edge. Her abilities come from being experimented on by X-Kryptonite.


Jor-El (portrayed by Angus Macfadyen) is Clark Kent's biological Kryptonian father. Though he died along with Krypton, a copy of his consciousness is encoded virtually as an AI within the arctic Fortress of Solitude in hologram form to provide guidance when his son seeks help.[15]

A.I. Device[edit]

The A.I. Device (voiced by Daisy Tormé) is an unnamed A.I. that works for John Henry Irons after it was stolen from his Earth's Lex Luthor.

Sean Smith[edit]

Sean Smith (portrayed by Fritzy-Klevans Destine) is a student at Smallville High School and football player on the Smallville Crows. He was Sarah's boyfriend and antagonizes the Kent brothers before she breaks up with him.

Tag Harris[edit]

Tag Harris (portrayed by Wern Lee) is a student at Smallville, a friend of Sean Smith, and a member of the Smallville Crows football team who developed vibration abilities upon being exposed to yellow phosphorescence the day Jordan's heat vision manifested.

Timmy Ryan[edit]

Timmy Ryan (portrayed by Zane Clifford) is a student at Smallville High School who is a friend of Sean Smith and a member of the Smallville Crows football team.

Reno Rosetti[edit]

Lt. Reno Rosetti (portrayed by Hesham Hammoud) is a military lieutenant in the DOD that works for Sam Lane. He later gets empowered by Morgan Edge through X-Kryptonite offscreen and fights Superman in Project 7734's room before being killed by a Kryptonite spear wielded by John Henry Irons.


Gaines (portrayed by Danny Wattley) is the football coach at Smallville High School who coaches the Smallvile Crows football team.

Malcolm Teague[edit]

Malcolm Teague (portrayed by Austin Obiajunwa) is a student at Smallville High School who is a member of the Smallville Crows football team.

Corey Wellnitz[edit]

Corey Wellnitz (portrayed by Pavel Romano) is a student at Smallville High School who is a member of the Smallville Crows football team. His parents own a lake house.

Emily Phan[edit]

Emily Phan (portrayed by Leeah Wong) is a woman who knows Lana Lang and later undergoes Morgan Edge's X-Kryptonite experiments.

Guest characters[edit]

Introduced in season 1[edit]

  • Martha Kent (portrayed by Michele Scarabelli) - The adoptive mother of Clark Kent. She later dies of a stroke in the pilot.
  • Jonathan Kent Sr. (portrayed by Fred Henderson) - The adoptive father of Clark Kent. He died of a heart attack while Clark was still a teenager.
  • Perry White (portrayed by Paul Jarrett) - The editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet before Morgan Edge bought it out.
  • Samuel Foswell (portrayed by Dean Marshall) - A minion of Morgan Edge who runs the Daily Planet after it was bought by Edge.
  • Dr. Frye (portrayed by Chy Liu) - Martha Kent's physician who informs Clark about Martha having a stroke.
  • Cobb Branden (portrayed by Dee Jay Jackson) - A farmer who is a friend of the Kent family.
  • Eliza (portrayed by Coral Humphrey) - Jonathan's girlfriend who he speaks to through a video chat ever since the Kent family relocated to Smallville. She eventually broke up with him.
  • George Dean (portrayed by Eric Keenleyside) - The Mayor of Smallville.
  • David Fuglestad / Subjekt-11 (portrayed by Daniel Cudmore) - A man with super-strength that rivals Superman's super-strength due to having been experimented on with X-Kryptonite.[16]
  • Sharon Powell (portrayed by Jill Teed) - A woman whose son was offered a job by Morgan Edge and later gets targeted by Subjekt-11.
  • Derek Powell (portrayed by Clayton James) - A miner and Sharon's son who took a job by Morgan Edge. After being killed in an accident, Derek was revived by Morgan and Leslie using X-Kryptonite that gave him Kryptonian abilities.
  • Thaddeus Killgrave (portrayed by Brendan Fletcher) - A mad scientist and old enemy of Superman who works with Intergang.
  • Denise Olowe (portrayed by Kelcey Mawema) - A cheerleader at Smallville High School.
  • Dabney Donovan (portrayed by Robel Zere) - A scientist and associate of Morgan Edge.
  • Tegan Wickhem (portrayed by Kayla Heller) - A student at Smallville High School who becomes Jonathan's new love interest. She and her mother moved to Smallville from Central City after her father was arrested and incarcerated.
  • Dr. Wiles (portrayed by Wendy Crewson) - A Department of Defense (DOD) therapist whom Lois sees.
  • Jason Trask (portrayed by Spencer Lang) - A lieutenant in the DOD who was supposed to torture John Henry Irons before being killed by Lt. Rosetti.
  • Duc Phan (portrayed by Jay Zhang) - The husband of Emily Phan.
  • Avery Phan (portrayed by Kenendy Chew) - The daughter of Emily and Duc Phan.
  • Ms. Sharp (portrayed by Marika Siewert) - A music teacher at Smallville High School.
  • Jasper Townes (portrayed by Shawn Stewart) - A man who undergoes Morgan Edge's X-Kryptonite experiments.
  • Ron Troupe (portrayed by Charles Jarman) - A reporter from the Daily Planet during Clark's early days.
  • Janet (portrayed by Yoshi Bancroft) - A television producer from the Daily Planet during Clark's early days.
  • Henry Miller / Atom-Man (portrayed by Paul Lazenby) - A Neo-Nazi arsonist whom Clark fought in his early days.
  • Dr. Patel (portrayed by Yasmin Abidi) - The doctor who delivered Clark and Lois' sons.
  • Zeta-Rho (portrayed by A. C. Peterson) - The father of Tal-Rho and ex-husband of Lara Lor-Van. Like Jor-El, a copy of his consciousness is encoded virtually as an A.I. within Tal-Rho's desert hideout in hologram form.
  • John Diggle (portrayed by David Ramsay) - An A.R.G.U.S. operative from Star City. John Diggle arrived in Smallville with some A.R.G.U.S. equipment upon Sam Lane contacting Lyla Michaels. After a talk with Lois, Diggle scolds Sam for plotting to use the A.R.G.U.S. technology to take out Superman due to Tal-Rho planning to subject him to the Eradicator. When he finds out that John Henry Irons is from another Earth, Diggle states to Sam that they will have a talk about this later. Later on, Diggle mentioned to Sam that he left the life of dealing with the deaths of people he knew and encounter characters from other Earths.[17]

See also[edit]

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