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The following is a list of candidates from the British reality television series The Apprentice (British series 9).

Candidates are listed alphabetically. Where a date of birth is not provided, the age given is as of the time the series aired.

Jaz Ampaw-Farr[edit]

Age: 41; Occupation: Literacy and Education Company Director.[1]

Ampaw-Farr described herself as "half machine. I can process things at a speed that is out of this world!", "I'm superwoman", and "the Brad Pitt of the Teacher Training Industry".[2] Despite these claims Ampaw-Farr was fired after the first task and became the first female project manager to be fired on the first task.[3] She was the only candidate that Tim Stillwell never worked with during the series.

At the time of her appearance on the show, Ampaw-Farr was 41, making her the oldest ever contestant to take part in the show, beating out Matthew Palmer from Series 1 and Mani Sandher from Series 2, who were both 39 during their time on the show respectively. This would be beaten two years later by Ruth Whiteley from Series 11, who was 47 during her time on the show.

Neil Clough[edit]

Age: 32; Occupation: Regional Manager - Soccer Centres.[4]

Clough was educated at Woolston High School,[5] a former comprehensive school in Woolston, a suburb of the city of Warrington in Cheshire in Northern England.

Early in the process, Karren Brady labelled Clough a "backseat driver", as he never volunteered to be project manager, though always ended up leading in some way. In week 4 Clough led his team to a loss, though survived based on past performance. He later won two other tasks as project manager - one being an overwhelming victory. In the Interviews stage of the process, Claude Littner said that Clough could not make his business idea work, but Clough continued to insist that he could make it work. Lord Sugar regrettably fired Clough for his obstinate nature, though was saddened to do so.

Sophie Lau[edit]

Age: 22; Occupation: Restaurateur.[6]

Lau was educated at Bristol Grammar School,[7] an independent school in the Tyndalls Park area in the centre of the city of Bristol in South West England.

Lau described herself as having "raw talent, the drive and the competitive streak", but was fired in week 3.[8]

Jason Leech[edit]

Age: 29; Occupation: Historian and Property Entrepreneur.[9]

Leech was educated at Elliott School,[10] a former state comprehensive school in Putney in South West London, which closed in 2012, followed by Wadham College at the University of Oxford,[11] and King's College London.[12]

Fired in week 8. Lord Sugar stating that Leech is an "awfully nice fellow, but it was time for (him) to go". In week 8 he became the first project manager to resign his position after being repeatedly pushed over by Luisa.

Francesca MacDuff-Varley[edit]

Age: 32; Occupation: Dance and Entertainment Entrepreneur.[13]

Macduff-Varley was educated at Outwood Grange Academy,[14] a comprehensive school with Academy status in the town of Outwood (near Wakefield), in West Yorkshire.

MacDuff-Varley was fired in week 11, albeit with regret from Lord Sugar, finishing third place finalist in the competition.

Alex Mills[edit]

Age: 22; Occupation: Former Company Director.[15]

Mills was educated at Cowbridge Comprehensive School, a state comprehensive school in the market town of Cowbridge in the Vale of Glamorgan in South Wales.

Mills claimed that "I’m the new breed of businessman that this process requires". Mills volunteered to be project manager a number of times, but was not selected. Eventually, in week 9, Lord Sugar made him project manager, and Mills led the team to a loss leading Lord Sugar to fire Mills.[16]

Myles Mordaunt[edit]

Age: 39; Occupation: Marketing Company Co-Founder.[17]

Mordaunt was educated at Burford Primary School,[18] a state primary school in the large village of Marlow Bottom in Buckinghamshire, followed by Sir William Borlase's Grammar School,[19] a state grammar school, close to the centre of the town of Marlow (also in Buckinghamshire), in South East England.

Mordaunt claimed "I’m business perfection personified". Mordaunt had a successful track record, being on the winning team for six consecutive weeks, and only being in the final boardroom twice in the last two weeks, before the interviews stage. However, Lord Sugar stated that he could not build a business, and fired him in week 10.[20] [21] During his time on the show, he gained the nickname "Mr. Monaco" because he lived in Monaco.

Natalie Panayi[edit]

Age: 30; Occupation: Recruitment Manager.[22]

Panayi was educated at St Clement Danes School,[23] a state comprehensive school in the village of Chorleywood in Hertfordshire, in South East England, followed by the Italia Conti Stage School,[23] an independent school in London.

Panayi stated that "When it comes to business, I am the complete package and when it comes to sales, I’m the best." but was fired for failing the week 7 sales task. Panayi also stated that "Lord Sugar could learn from me". Lord Sugar disagreed and stated that Panayi "overestimates her abilities".

Jordan Poulton[edit]

Age: 26; Occupation: Sales & Marketing Director, Makers Academy.

Poulton was educated at Bramcote Preparatory School,[24] a former independent school for boys in the suburb of Bramcote in Nottinghamshire and Oundle School,[24] a boarding independent school in the town of Oundle in Northamptonshire, followed by Worcester College at the University of Oxford.[25]

Despite having the best record of anyone in the series, winning 7 out of the 10 previous tasks, during the interview stage Littner described Poulton as a 'parasite', citing that Poulton technically didn't own any share of the tech-startup business he claimed to be an existing partner of. The interview terminated early. Poulton also claimed to be able to solve a Rubik's cube in 3 minutes, however failed to do so during another interview. He was fired in Week 11, coming fifth place in the competition.

Zeeshaan Shah[edit]

Age: 27; Occupation: CEO of Property Investment Company.[26]

Shah was born in the town of Doncaster, in South Yorkshire in Northern England, but moved to the city of Karachi, in Pakistan, from the ages of eight to nineteen. He then returned to the UK and attended a Sixth Form College in his birth town of Doncaster, followed by the University of Nottingham.[27]

Shah described himself as "I’m a ‘Great’ of my generation. I’m an innovator and leader in business. I take inspiration from Napoleon; I am here to conquer", and stated that "Zeeshaan Shah will go down in history". He also has a self-declared IQ of 137.[28] He was fired after losing as project manager in the week 5.[29]

Rebecca Slater[edit]

Age: 35; Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales Rep.[30]

Slater was educated at Broughton High School,[31] a state comprehensive school in the village of Broughton, near the city of Preston, in Lancashire, in North West England.

Slater claimed that "I’m a pretty tough person. I don’t let people walk all over me in life or in business. And if somebody crosses me, it’s game over." Slater was the best sales-woman in week one and the best seller out of all of the candidates. Despite being brought back into the boardroom in week 2, she was the best seller in the out of all the candidates. She was fired for being the cause of the team's overspend in week 6, and for having no skills other than sales. After being fired Slater claimed that she did not deserve to get fired because she is "very good".

Tim Stillwell[edit]

Age: 23; Occupation: Mexican Food Entrepreneur. Fired in week 2.[32]

Stillwell was educated at Salesian College,[33] a Roman Catholic independent school in the town of Farnborough in Hampshire in South East England, and Godalming College,[33] a Sixth Form College in the market town of Godalming (near Guildford) in Surrey, followed by the University of Birmingham.

Leah Totton[edit]

Age: 24; Occupation: Doctor.[34]

Totton was educated at Lisnagelvin Primary School,[35] a state primary school in the town of Lisnagelvin in County Londonderry in Northern Ireland, followed by Foyle and Londonderry College,[35] a voluntary grammar school, also in County Londonderry.

Despite having little previous business experience, during week 11, Lord Sugar stated how Totton had learned the most and had good business knowledge. She ultimately won at the final, on 17 July 2013.[36][37]

Kurt Wilson[edit]

Age: 26; Occupation: Health Drink Entrepreneur & Health and Safety Manager.[38]

Wilson was educated at Holy Family Catholic High School,[39] a voluntary aided Roman Catholic state comprehensive school in the village of Thornton in Merseyside, in North West England.

Wilson described himself as "I’m an alpha male; I always get my own way and know how to make people do what I want.", but was fired for leading his team to a loss in week 7. Wilson was criticised for "terrible sexism" when he described Totton as "eye candy".[40] He made a grave error when prompting PM Zeeshaan Shah with the wrong size for a flag of the United Arab Emirates, assuming that 1 foot was 12 centimetres and was blamed by PM Neil Clough in Week 4 who said he should be fired for the failure of the farm shop task.

Uzma Yakoob[edit]

Age: 32; Occupation: Entrepreneur and Make Up Brand Owner.

Yakoob was educated at The Green School for Girls, a state comprehensive school in Isleworth, in West London, followed by the London College of Fashion.

Yakoob said that she was going to make millions, and that Lord Sugar would not be disappointed in her, but was fired in week 4.[41]

Luisa Zissman[edit]

Age: 25; Occupation: Retail Entrepreneur.[42] Zissman claimed to have a "brain like Einstein", yet got a C, D, and E at AS level.[43]

Zissman was educated at Northampton High School for Girls,[44] an independent school in the village of Hardingstone in Northamptonshire.

During the process, Luisa came across as very arrogant and pushy. In week 8, she forced Project Manager Jason Leech to give up his position as PM and let her be PM. They went on to lose the task and Lord Sugar didn't like what Luisa was like throughout the task. Despite this, he allowed to stay in the process, but didn't want to see her in the final three again. In weeks 9 & 10, Lord Sugar, Nick and Karren were very impressed with Luisa. Zissman made it to the final and came second, losing to Leah Totton. Zissman said that during the process she had "learnt to keep her mouth shut".[45]


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