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List of erotic and sex workers with unnatural death

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This is a list of sex workers who had an unnatural death. Deaths by accident, misadventure or clearly unconnected with past or present erotic work are excluded.

Name Life Comments Reference l
Al Parker (1958–1994) American adult film actor. HIV-positive. [1][2] o
Alex Jordan (1963-1995) American adult film actress. Suicide by hanging. [2] p
Amber Rayne (1984-2016) Pornographic actress. Accidental Overdose of Cocaine. [3][4]
August Ames (1994-2017) Canadian pornographic actress. Suicide by hanging. [4][5]
Billy Glide (1970-2014) Pornographic actor. Overdose. [6]
Bradford Thomas Wagner (1968-2005) Gay pornographic film actor. Hanged himself after arrest. [7]
Bryan Kocis (1962-2007) Director of gay pornographic films. Murdered. [8][9]
Cal Jammer (????-1995) Porn actor. Committing suicide by shooting himself.
Casey Donovan (1943–1987) American adult film actor. HIV-positive. [10]
Cathy Stewart (1956-1994) Pornographic actress. Overdose. [11]
Chloe Jones (1975-2005) Pornographic actress. Overdose of unspecified prescription drugs. [12]
Cole Tucker (1953-2015) American adult film actor. HIV-positive. [13]
Eric Stryker (1954–1988) American adult film actor. HIV-positive. [14]
Erik Rhodes (1982–2012) American adult film actor. HIV-positive. [15]
Felicia Tang (1977-2009) American female adult models and pornographic film actresses. Her cause of death is suspicious. [16]
Greg Centauro (1977-2011) Pornographic actor. Overdose. [17]
Haley Paige (1981-2007) Pornographic actress. Suspected overdose of Methadone. [18]
Jennifer Lyn Jackson (1969-2010) Playboy Playmate. Heroin overdose. [19][20]
Jill Munroe
Joey Stefano (1968–1994) American pornographic actor; was a model in Madonna's book Sex. HIV-positive. [21]
John Holmes (1944–1988) American adult film actor. HIV-positive. [22]
John Sex (1956–1989) American cabaret singer and performance artist. HIV-positive. [23][24]
Johnny Rahm (1965–2004) American adult film actor. HIV-positive. [25]
Jon Dough (1962-2006) American pornographic actor. Suicide by hanging. [26]
Jon Vincent (1962-2000) Pornographic actor. Overdose of Heroin. [27]
Josh Weston (1973–2012) American adult film actor. HIV-positive. [28]
Kandi Barbour (1959-2012) American adult model, pornographic actress and exotic dancer. Homeless at the time. The cause of her death was not released to the public.
Karen Dior (1967–2004) American transvestite pornographic actress. HIV-positive. [29]
Karen Lancaume (1973-2005) French pornographic film actress. Overdose of temazepam [30]
Kelly Jean Van Dyke (1958-1991) American actress and adult film performer. Committed suicide. [31]
Kent North (1971-2007) Pornographic actor. Overdose. Suicide (speculated). [32]
Kurt Marshall (1965–1988) American adult film actor. HIV-positive. [33]
Leila Lopes (1959-2009) Brazilian actress, journalist, porn star and presenter of television. Suicide. [34]
Linda Wong (1951-1987) Pornographic actress. Overdose. [35]
Lolo Ferrari (1963-2000) Pornographic actress. Overdose. Officially ruled as "most likely suicide", though previously speculated as murder. [36]
Marc Stevens (1943–1989) American adult film actor. HIV-positive. [37]
Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) Famous sex symbol. Overdose by Barbiturates, Suicide (suspected). [38]
Mattie Blaylock (1850-1888) Prostitute. Overdose of Opiates, provavel Suicide. [40]
Mary Millington (1945-1979) English model and softcore pornographic actress. Overdose of Anafranil, Paracetamol and alcohol. [41]
Megan Leigh (1964-1990) American pornographic actress. Suicide by gunshot wound to the head. [42]
Missy (1967-2008) Pornographic actress. Overdose of Unspecified prescription drugs. [43]
Paige Summers (1976-2003) Pornographic actress. Overdose. [44]
Savannah (1970-1994) American pornographic film actress. Committed suicide. [45][46]
Scott O'Hara (1961–1998) American pornographic actor, poet and editor/publisher. HIV-positive. [10]
Shauna Grant (1963-1984) American porn actress Suicide by gunshot. [47]
Shyla Stylez (1982-2017) Canadian pornographic actress. Her cause of death is unknown. [48][49]
Star Stowe (1956-1997) American model, eventually fell into prostitution. Murdered, her murder remains unsolved. [50]
Stephen Clancy Hill (1976-2010) American pornographic actor. He died while being apprehended by police for the alleged murder of fellow actor Herbert Hin Wong as well as assault on two other individuals. [51]
Tera Wray (1982-2016) American pornographic actress. Drug overdose. [52]
Tim Kramer (1952/1958-1992) Gay porn star, escort and health business owner. HIV-positive. [53]
Venus Xtravaganza (1965-1988) American transgender performer and prostitute. Suspect murdered by a client. [54]
Wade Nichols (1946–1985) American pornographic actor and soap opera actor; committed suicide after receiving HIV diagnosis. [55]
Yurizan Beltran (1986-2017) Pornographic Model/Actress. Accidental Overdose of Hydrocodone. [56]
Zoey Zane (1989-2007) Internet pornography model. Murdered [57] [58] [58]


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