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Mahmoud Mansi

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Mahmoud Mansi, London, 2016

Mahmoud Mansi (Arabic: محمود منسي, born 1986), is an author,[1] public speaker,[2] human capital consultant,[3][4][5] social entrepreneur.[6][7][8] He is a Faculty Instructor at the Human Capital Institute.[9] As a writer, Mahmoud worked on global literature projects and published articles related to gender equality,[10] economics,[11] politics,[12] feminism,[13] lifestyle,[14] journalism,[15] arts and literature.[16]

Mahmoud developed the "Shared Development"[17]training and development & cross-cultural communication model,[18] and was granted an honorary award from AHRA (Alexandria Human Resources Association).[19]

Shared Development Model / ©Mahmoud Mansi

In 2019, Mahmoud's insights about performance management were recognized by "GroSum Employee Performance Management Magazine" as one of the "29 Best Employee Performance Management Quotes",[20] while earlier in 2016 he was featured in The KPI Institute's Performance Magazine.[21]

Mahmoud is a media host specialized in human resources where he interviewed business leaders with the HRTV regarding matters related to education,[22] talent assessment,[23] consulting, and learning and development.[24]


  • A Journey from Darkness to Light, a philosophical & spiritual novel published in 2010.[25]
  • Sustaining a 360° Agile Workplace: A Millennial Perspective, published in 2019.[26]
  • The Librarian: A Librarian shares 125 Lessons about Reading and Learning, published in 2019.[27]
  • When Women Unite: A Play about Challenges facing the Modern Movement of Feminism and Gender Dialogue, published in 2019.[28]
  • The Entrepreneur: 70 Lessons of Wisdom on Entrepreneurship, published in 2019.[29]
  • How to Manage a Writing Competition: A Handbook to Effective Measurement of People Innovation, published in 2019.[30]

Social Responsibility Activities & Awards[edit]

Mahmoud volunteered as a community member and organizer with several TEDx events including TEDxYouth@Alexandria 2013,[31] TEDxAASTMT 2016 [32] and TEDxManaratAlFaroukSchool 2017.[33]

Participated with the British Council and Ford Foundation in the "Cultural Leadership and Innovation Scheme MENA.[34]

Volunteered at "Her Story Campaign"[35] collaboration with UN Women.

Mahmoud Mansi receives Brand Ambassador Award 2018 from Dr. Rashid Al Leem, United Arab Emirates

In 2018, Mahmoud was granted Aleem's Brand Ambassador Award for year 2018 in UAE by Dr. Rashid Al Leem.[36]

Literature Awards & Projects[edit]

In 2010, Mahmoud Mansi was announced as one of 20 global winners of the Sea of Words Writing Award for his short story "The Island[37]", out of 336 stories where he received his award in Barcelona, Spain. The theme of the competition was "Justice, Equality and Inclusion in the Mediterranean and in Europe", which was organized by the European Institute of the Mediterranean & Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue Between Cultures.[38]

In 2012, Mahmoud's story "Revolution of Pirates[39]" was one of the chosen entries in the WEYA (World Event Young Artists) Festival, which took place in Nottingham, UK, participating in literature performance events.[40]

In 2011, Mahmoud founded "The Forgotten Writers Foundation"[41] – a non-profit initiative dedicated to develop new writers and launch global writing competitions, aiming to "globalize Egyptian literature",[42] and to "to inspire underground writers."[43]

In 2012, Mahmoud Mansi launched the "Resurrection of Ancient Egypt Competition"[44] where the 12 award-winning stories were announced and published as a book in 2013.[45]

Mahmoud launched other literary competitions: Umm Kulthum Writing Competition,[46] Women's Domination Writing Competition,[47] The Seven Dictators Play-writing Competition,[48] Makan Writing Award,[49] Unsold Stories Fiction Competition,[50] Motherhood Short Story Competition,[51] Alexandria Writing Competition.[52]

Public Speaking[edit]

  • HR Summit & Expo, UAE 2019: Paper Presented "Managing HR Initiatives"[53]
  • MEA Digital HR and Analytics Conference, UAE 2019[54]
  • TEDxGSLMedicalCollege, India 2019[55]
  • TEDxSanStefano, Egypt 2019[56]
  • Future Workforce Conference, KSA 2019[57]
  • ATD Middle East, UAE 2019[58]
  • 21st GCC HR Management and Empowerment Conference, UAE 2018[59]
  • 10th Annual Project Management Congress, UAE 2018: Paper Presented "Project Management from a Human Capital Perspective"[60]
  • Rome International Careers Festival, Program Director & Speaker, Italy 2017[61]
  • FreelanceMe Summit, Egypt 2017, organized by Microsoft[62]
  • The Role of Translation in Spreading Culture Conference, Egypt 2017, organized by Bibliotheca Alexandrina[63]
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa HR Summit, UK 2016[64]
  • Innovation for Education Conference, Egypt 2016[65]
  • TEDxSmouha, Egypt 2016[66]
  • TEDxGUC, Egypt 2016[67]
  • TEDx AASTMT, Egypt 2015[68]
  • TEDxYouth@Alexandria, Egypt 2012[69]


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