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Miki Sawaguchi

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Miki Sawaguchi
Native name沢口みき
Born (1975-09-01) September 1, 1975 (age 45)[1]
Yokohama, Japan
🏳️ Nationality
💼 Occupation
Height1.61 m (5 ft 3 in)
🌐 Websitehttp://blog.livedoor.jp/anton91/

Miki Sawaguchi (Japanese: 沢口みき, Hepburn: Sawaguchi Miki) (born September 1, 1975 in Yokohama, Japan) is one of Japan's best known adult video performers. On television she has appeared as a regular cast member on two shows and made several guest appearances on other shows. She has also appeared on radio and made two music CDs.

Life and career[edit]

Prior to her career as an adult entertainer, Sawaguchi was employed at both a coffee shop and a clothing store. She also worked for a private tutoring center.[2] Claiming that she has always loved to be photographed,[3] she entered the adult film business in 1996.

AV debut[edit]

In a country where AV idols can become major celebrities, Miki Sawaguchi quickly gained many fans, and became a presence in the mainstream Japanese media. She rose to stardom in the 1990s, soon becoming one of the most popular Japanese big-bust adult video stars in the world.[2] Miki made her AV debut in January 1996 with a video for the Crystal-Eizou studio entitled I Have Found Breasts Larger Than My Face (顔よりデカイの見っけ)[4] The video saw her partake in three sex scenes said to be inspired by her real-life love making experiences during and after high school. In an interview on that video Sawaguchi says that she was very shy during her first sexual encounter, and had to be guided throughout most of it by her much older partner.

One of Miki Sawaguchi's most successful videos, Dynamite Breast Girl - Uru Tora no Chichi, released in March 1996, has a cover featuring Sawaguchi in a small blue bikini, and it has become a collector's item in and outside Japan.[5] This third production of hers features, again, three sex scenes, where this time Sawaguchi is dominated by her different sex partners.

Retirement and return[edit]

After a few more videos in 1996 for Crystal-Eizou, the Osaka-based talent agency Yoshimoto Kogyo convinced Sawaguchi to retire from the AV industry and become a media personality. Although such a move was risky considering Sawaguchi's background in porn, the agency was convinced she could pull it off since by 1997 Miki had already had success as a bikini model in weekly magazines and as eye candy on adult-themed TV shows.[citation needed] For a short time, in 1998, Miki Sawaguchi held her own radio program and was a guest on several talkshows, such as Downtown DX.[citation needed]

In October 1997, Miki Sawaguchi returned to the adult video industry with the production of Come Back to Ultra Breasts. In her opening speech within this video, she describes the Japanese media/entertainment industry as a "dark and dirty world" that unheartedly destroys people's careers. In contrast, she describes the porno industry as a place she feels right "at home."[citation needed]

In Miki Sawaguchi's productions following her return to AV, she is more articulate than in her earlier work and she often speaks to her audience regarding her personal life and her views on sexual intimacy. For instance, in White Princess, she says that all of her experiences having sex on film have driven her to develop sexual techniques that can fully satisfy her on-screen partners.[citation needed]

The Summer 1999 issue of the U.S. magazine Oriental Cinema featured a review of Miki Sawaguchi's video Dynamite Breast Girl - 101 cm J-Cup with images of her on the front, back and inside covers. The reviewer calls this video "the best X-rated Japanese video I've ever seen…", further stating, "Miki Sawaguchi one of the sexiest women in Japan." [6]

Following her return to AV Sawaguchi also entered the music industry by releasing her own album, titled Big Boobs, on the Alchemy Records label in February 2002.[7] The last song on the album, Watashi no Mune de Onemurinasai ("Sleep with Your Head in My Chest"), was also the subtitle of the album. The album was successful enough for her to contribute vocals on a second Alchemy release entitled Uterus and Human.[8] With her guitar noise band, Sawaguchi performed in New York's Knitting Factory on November 18, 2000.[9]

Later career[edit]

Miki Sawaguchi is currently working infrequently on the JAV scene, making a few videos befitting her "jukujo" (mature lady) status, such as the 2004 release, Remembrance of Lewd Tits[10] and a series of videos for the "mature woman" specialist studio Madonna. In August 2006, Sawaguchi started an online diary which she continues to maintain.[11] Eleven years after her AV debut, Tokyo Topless, a Japanese big-bust website which is updated about once a month, gave Sawaguchi her seventh featured appearance on April 27, 2007.[12]

As of 2013, she is billed at the Yoshiwara soapland Tiara.[13]

Partial filmography[edit]

Video title[14] Company Director Release date Notes
I Have Found Breasts Larger Than My Face
Crystal-Eizou Messiah
Shin Kawakatsu January 18, 1996 Debut[4]
Dynamite Breast Girl - 101 cm J-Cup
爆乳娘 101cm Jカップ
Crystal-Eizou Messiah
Kyosuke Murayama February 22, 1996
Dynamite Breast Girl - Uru Tora no Chichi
爆乳娘 うるとらのチチ
Crystal-Eizou Messiah
Shin Kawakatsu March 21, 1996
Dynamite Breast Girl - Youthful Tits
爆乳娘 乳んプリプリ
Crystal-Eizou Messiah
Maruyama Taison May 16, 1996
Dynamite Breast Girl - Legendary Tits
爆乳娘 伝家の宝乳
Crystal-Eizou Messiah
Kyosuke Murayama July 11, 1996
Dynamite Breast Girl - Attacking Tits
爆乳娘 乱乳突撃
Crystal-Eizou Messiah
Shin Kawakatsu October 3, 1996
Come Back to Ultra Breasts
プレイバック 乳帰る
CII Queen
Yuji Sakamoto October 25, 1997
Tits Adventure
CII Queen
Kyosuke Murayama November 22, 1997
Big Tits Bomber
Media Station Bazooka
December 7, 1997 With Tomo Imaizumi & others
New Female Teacher Special: Dangerous Sailor Story After School
あぶない放課後 新・女教師スペシャル 沢口みき
V&R Planning Vogue
TOHJIRO December 24, 1997
Stockholder's Meeting Female Extortionist Rape
女総会屋レイプ 凌辱、異議なし
Attackers Shark
June 1, 1998
Lesbian Tits
OL百合族 爆乳レズビアン
CineMagic Gang
Takuto Watanabe September 25, 1998 With Yumi Kazama
Come Back to Ultra Breasts 2
大爆乳の復活 II 沢口みき
Hot Entertainment
Shungo Kaji April 30, 1999
AV World Masters
AV界の巨匠 豊田薫の世界
September 1, 2001 Compilation video containing Complete Exposure Fetish 2 (恥骨フェチ 2) with Sawaguchi and The Deep Coupling (カップリング ザ・ディープ) with Tomoyo Shinomiya
Remembrance of Lewd Tits
Haruki Yukimura July 23, 2004
The Busty Female Teacher
Athena Eizou
September 1, 2004
Super Bust Female Doctor
爆乳女医 沢口みき
November 15, 2004
Obligation Sister
December 15, 2004 Co-starring Natsuko Kayama
Tragic Love Wife
悲恋妻~火遊びの代償~ 沢口みき
January 15, 2005
Big Tits Promiscuous Sex
爆乳ぷかぷか温泉 ズブ濡れハッスル大乱交!
May 25, 2005 With Aki Tomosaki and Nobue Tamura
  • The Prez & His Secretary (Oshioki 3)
  • ORDER 2(Museum)
  • 30 DVDs, 24 VHS tapes listed at Japanese Amazon.

Television appearances[edit]

Regular cast

  • YOUNG (TV Tokyo)
  • Gilgamesh Night

Special appearances

  • Donmai! Sports & Wide Show (Japan TV)
  • Down Town DX
  • Hare Hore Burlesque (TBS)
  • Oh, Divine Vocation! (Tokai TV)
  • Racing Bonchies
  • Takeshi's Everyone Is Picasso
  • TV Jan! The News Even Monkeys Can Understand by Shinsuke
  • Windy Down Town (TV Asahi)


  • 130R Monthly (Bunka Broadcasting)

Magazines with Miki Sawaguchi photo layouts[edit]

  • B (Boobs) -101 (Regal Publishing)
  • Bejean
  • Dr. DPicasso
  • Video Boy (GOT Corp.)
  • Girl Friends (Wakao Publishing)
  • Top Ten & Grace
  • Madonna House
  • Top Ten
  • Weekly True Story
  • Shocking Readers' Column (Imagine)
  • D-Cup Japan
  • AV Idaten Information (Taiyō Library)
  • Gokuh (Bauhaus)
  • Weekly Playboy (Shueisha)
  • Urecco (Million Publishing)
  • Hot Dog Press (Kodan Publishing)
  • Friday
  • The Best Original (Hello K Entertainment)
  • wooooo! (Magazine Magazine)
  • Amateur Photos (Sun Publishing)
  • The Hit (Miwa Publishing)
  • Flash (Kobun Publishing)
  • Exciting Scholar (Scholar Publishing)
  • Weekly Taishu (Futaba Publishing)
  • Gals DEE (Dia Press)[15]
  • Oriental Cinema
  • 4 books listed at Japanese Amazon.


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