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0.14.18 / October 1, 2021; 10 months ago (2021-10-01)..[1]
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    TypeJavaScript framework
    LicenseMIT License[2] Logo.png Search MoleculerJS on Amazon.

    MoleculerJS, or simply Moleculer, is an open-source Node.js microservices framework for building distributed web applications[3] [4] [5] [6][7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12].


    Moleculer is a progressive microservices that supports multiple software architectures: monolith [13], microservices [14] or mixed. Moleculer provides out-of-the box most of the features required to build a distributed web application, some them are listed below:

    • Request-Reply Concept
    • Streams
    • Event-driven architecture with balancing
    • Service registry & dynamic service discovery
    • Load balanced requests & events (Round-Robin, Random, CPU-usage, Latency)
    • Fault tolerance features ( Circuit Breaker, Bulkhead, Retry, Timeout, Fallback)
    • Middlewares
    • Versioned services
    • Service mixins
    • Caching (memory, Redis)
    • Pluggable transporters ( TCP, NATS, MQTT, Redis, NATS Streaming, Kafka)
    • Pluggable serializers (JSON, Avro, MessagePack , Protocol Buffers, Thrift)
    • Pluggable data validator
    • All nodes are equal, no master/leader node
    • Built-in metrics with multiple exporters (Prometheus, Datadog, StatsD)
    • Built-in tracing support with multiple exporters(Jaeger, Zipkin, Datadog)
    • HTTP Gateway

    Polyglot Implementations[edit]

    The open-source community is also working on porting Moleculer to Java, Go and Ruby languages.


    Moleculer is used by Ghost, Shareworks by Morgan Stanley, Sonda and more[15]. Microsoft's Web Template Studio also provides support for Moleculer[16]

    See also[edit]

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    • Microservices
    • Docker
    • Kubernetes


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