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My Racing Career

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My Racing Career
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Developer(s)F&L Creative s.r.o.
Publisher(s)F&L Creative s.r.o.
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Producer(s)František Debnár
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Platform(s)Computer, Cell Phone, Tablet
ReleaseFull version
  • WW: 17 September 2012
Beta version
  • WW: 27 June 2011
Genre(s)Sports management games
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My Racing Career is a realistic, browser-based online motorsport manager game (MMOG) where the player takes the role of racing driver manager. Rookie drivers start in low Formula 3 series climbing up the series ladder throughout driver`s career. The beta version of the game was released in June 2011 with simple single races racing. Full version was released in September 2012 adding the season series into the game. Each month, My Racing Career is voted to be one of the best rated online sport games [1][2] and one of the most popular online sport management games.[3][4][5]

The game is free to play, however there is possibility to buy extra functions which improves game experience but does not affect player`s in game success.[6]


In January 2011 just one month after František Debnár left the PowerPlay Manager development team the start of game development was announced by him. That plan was confirmed on 13 May 2011 when the domain for the game was registered and website was moved from development server to the new domain.


On 27 June 2011 the beta version was officially made available to players with the first official race qualification was calculated. Steady development was made for more than 1 year and finally the long-awaited full version was launched on 17 September 2012 when the first official racing season was started.


The basic idea of the My Racing Career is to manage the motorsport racing career of the driver. Manager needs to take care of driver growth, arrange sponsor contracts, manage the driver races and races settings, hire and fire employees. The qualifications and races are calculated by the unique race engine in the background of the game during the day. Races broadcasts, results and reports are shown after the race is calculated. All the tactical settings for the qualification, strategical settings for the race, car settings and driving style must be set before the race calculation. With the good results in season series races the driver climbs up the rankings and is allowed to join higher profile series next season.


Every manager is forced to create a driver to start the game. He should pick the age of the driver where lower age means lower skills but better potential, name of the driver which by the rules must be like real name based on the driver nationality and driver skills. Distribution of the skills then determines the character of the driver. Definition of the skills stands like this:

Driving Skills - Skills in this category are used during the driving only and determine how good a driver's driving technique is.
Pace - This attribute represents a driver's overall ability to drive fast. It does not take into account the conditions on track.
Ideal Line - This attribute represents a driver's feeling for selecting a good driving line (path) and the ability to stay on it. A driver can be fast overall, but if he/she cannot pick a good path he/she will lose time.
Overtaking - This attribute represents a driver's ability to pass slower cars. Losing time behind slower opponents can be devastating for race results.
Blocking - This attribute represents a driver's ability to avoid faster drivers overtaking him. Fighting for position is key for race results.
Wet Weather - When the track is wet, a driver needs to use a different approach to driving. This attribute represents a driver's ability to be fast in wet conditions.
Mental Skills - These skills are used during driving only and describe a driver's mental strengths.
Bravery - Drivers with high bravery are not scared to drive through challenging curves at full speed.
Reactions - Drivers with good reactions have a better chance to avoid losing time or crashing when something unexpected happens.
Concentration - Full concentration helps drivers to avoid mistakes. It is very useful, because every mistake (especially when driver does not have good reactions) will lead to losing time or crashing. It is even more helpful in the second half of longer races.
Calmness - When the decisive moment comes and the driver's heart beats fast and strong, it is always good stay calm.
Patience - It is always good to stay patient and wait for the right moment to do a risky move. Drivers with good patience don't make so many mistakes trying to overtake an opponent.
Technical Skills - Technical skills are valuable in car preparations for driving, like searching for good setup, developing or repairing car.
Feedback - This attribute represents a driver's ability to feel the drive and find the weakness of the current car setup.
Technical - When a driver feels the weakness of the car, he still needs to decide which setup parameter can be changed to improve the car performance. Technical knowledge allows him to decide better. It also helps the driver to understand his car theoretically.
Mechanic - In some situations a driver must make changes on the car by himself. Especially when nobody else can do it for him. It is also good to understand the car practically.
Personal Skills - Personal skills are important for all off track interactions, like working with employees, negotiating with sponsors or improving the skills.
Intelligence - Intelligent drivers can learn new things faster.
Charisma - Everybody likes charismatic people. Drivers with good charisma usually have more fans which is of course good for sponsors.
Man Management - Drivers have to cooperate with their staff. Good man management skill helps to improve employees motivation and is also useful during contract negotiations with them.
Physical Skills - Physical skills are very important, especially when the driver has to handle the car with hard steering or during long races.
Fitness - This attribute represents driver's overall physical dispositions. For most drivers, stamina is the most important, which help drivers to feel good even at the end of long races.


Finances are integral part of the game. As well as in real world racing money do the business. Of course to have this game competitive for all managers everybody have the same chance to earn money, so they can spend them to move forward. Money are needed to hire employees, buy seats in season series, pay for extra training and so on. There are 3 ways to earn money:

  • family donation before every season
  • sponsors
  • rewards for final standings in season series


There are custom series and season series in the game. The important ones are the season series because those are the main thing creating the path to climb up. Usually the rookie driver starts in Rookie Formula 3 series or with some luck in one of the national Formula 3 series. After the successful season the next possible step is Continental of World Formula 3 series, lates one of the Formula 2 series or Indy Car type series. If the driver is not focused to open-wheel racing then the NASCAR type series is also available and the goal of every driver is of course to get to the Formula 1 series and become a Formula 1 World Champion.

The season series system is created to imitate the real world series which supports the realistic impression of the game.

The Formula 3 season series were launched with the start of 1st season. There is one major Formula 3 World Series, 6 continental series, 6 regional series and many national series. Formula 3 World Series is also known as Cup named after the website main sponsor.[7] With the start of the 2nd season Formula 2 season series were launched. There is now one major Formula 2 World Series and 3 continental series. With the start of the 3rd season Indy Car type series were launched. Major series is called Indy Series and there are also two additional Indy Junior series.

New type of series is launched at the start of the 7th season and it's the alternative to real world NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. It called NASC Gold Cup Series (NASC = North America Stock Car).

At the 9th season start, the Formula 1 World Series has started. 6 seasons later, an electricity series has started. It's called Formula E World Series.

At the 14th season start, 3 touring car series has started: WTCS, ETCS, and DTWS. At the 15th season start, a new touring car series has started already, the V8 Supercars.

At the Season 25 start, the Turismo Carretera touring car series has started.

At the 26th season, several new series are launched: two new stock car series(NASC Canada Series, Stock Car Brasil), and a brand new touring car series, the TCS Scandinavian Series, which replaces the Formula 3 Scandinavian Series. Formula 2 Asia Series was replaced by Superb Formula, which series is the alternative to real world Super Formula.[8]

At the Season 27, there will be many changes in the series list: some Formula 3 series, all of the continental Formula 2 series(exclude the South America Series), and 2 touring car series, the WTCS and the ETCS are will defunct. And a lot of new series will launch at the start of the season: 5 new touring car series(World TCS Series, TCS Europe Series, TCS Benelux Series, TCS Portugal Series, and TCS Russian Series), 2 new grand tourer series(911 Supercup Series, World GT Series), and a new stock car series, the NASC Mexico Series.


Employees helps driver to improve skills and use skills with better efficiency. Every employee have 9 attributes and the highest skill defines his specialization. Employee is able to use all his skills even the minor skills. Manager can hire or fire employees for his driver. Salaries are paid from the driver account.

Driving Coach - This attribute describes teaching skill of the employee. It affects driver training speed of driving skills.
Mental Coach - This attribute helps employee to prepare driver mentally for all the racing situations. Increases training speed of mental attributes.
Technical Coach - This attribute describes how well can the employee explain the technology to the driver. Improves the training speed of technical skills.
Personal Coach - This attribute describes how well can the employee help driver to improve his personal skills.
Fitness Coach - This attribute describes the employee`s ability to improve driver`s fitness.
Mechanic - This attribute describes how skilled mechanic the employee is. It affects how fast the pit-stops of your driver will be and also how fast can the changes in the car setup made.
Car Designer - This attribute is not so important for helping the driver, while he drives in default cars. This attribute is much more important for F1 teams which develop their own cars.
Race Engineer - This attribute describes the employee skill to help inrace preparation. To understand better the data collected in testing stints and prepare good setup for the race.
PR Manager - This attribute describes the employee skill to improve driver`s image in eyes of fans and helps driver to get better sponsor offers.


There is a huge database of real world tracks in the game. All of the tracks used in major real world series are included additionally few tracks which are only planned to be built in real world are available in the game already.

The tracks are divided into 3 base groups by their type:


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