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Paul Ilea

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Paul Ilea
Paul Ilea studio photo
Paul Ilea (2018)
Background information
Birth namePaul Sergiu Ilea Ferenț
Also known asMongol, Paul Sensor
BornCluj Napoca
GenresElectronic Music, film & theater score, drum'n'bass, techno, breaks, ethnic, world
Occupation(s)Musician, Producer, Composer, Performer
InstrumentsSynths, percussion, piano, guitar, violin
Years active1987–present
LabelsKult Studio Records, A&A Records, EMI/Era Business
Associated actsIPSE, Hans'n'Feet, Sensor

Paul Ilea (born Paul Sergiu Ilea Ferenț on 24 November 1976, in Cluj Napoca) is a Romanian musician and producer who writes and performs electronic music. He began his career composing and playing keyboards and percussion for the romanian music band Sensor and later composed, produced and performed music for film, theater and fashion shows.

Paul is an MTV Romania Video Music Award winner (Best Video, 2005) , Romanian Music Awards winner (Best Sound Award, 2009[1]), UCIN Award winner (Best Original Film Score, 2015[2]), Gopo Awards nominee (Best Original Score In A Motion Picture, 2013[3]) Association of Independent Artists Awards Nominee (for Best Electronica Independent Artist, 2013) and is best known as the leader of Romanian electronic music band Sensor. His career includes more than 15 years of live performances, sharing the stage with various international artists (Yehudi Menuhin, The Prodigy, Faithless, Busta Rhymes, Korn, Kylie Minogue, Kelly Rowland, Bob Sinclair, Inna). His collaborations span from creating scores for contemporary dance shows with choreographer Gigi Caciuleanu[4] to producing music for pop artists such as Coolio or Haddaway. Since 2014 Paul Ilea is the Musical Producer and Head of Band[5] for some of the most popular romanian TV shows hosted by the Romanian television PRO TV like Vocea Romaniei or Romanii Au Talent.

Musical Formation[edit]

Paul Ilea began his musical career at the age of 10, when he was onstage for the first time, as Peter Pan in The Romanian Opera Cluj’s Povestea Micului Pan[6] (The story of little Pan) for two seasons (1986-1987). He attended gymnasium and highschool years at Sigismund Toduta Musical College (Cluj Napoca), and continued with Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, studying composition (violin, piano) and later music pedagogy.

Paul became a member of the the contemporary music choir Antifonia[7], under the baton of Constantin Râpă[8], ever since his first year at the academy. One of the professionally relevant moments from university years is singing with Antifonia choir under the direction of violinist and conductor Sir Yehudi Menuhin[9]. During the last academic years, he met Cosmin Gherghinoiu (Ipse, Sensor, Moonlight Breakfast) who invited Paul to be a keyboard player in his progressive rock band called IPSE[10] - in this formula Paul Ilea took part in almost all the Romanian rock festivals in the early nineties.

Paul Ilea onstage @ 'Spirit Of Burgas Festival', 2012


In his last year at the Academy, Paul became the official composer for Hans ’n’ Feet[12], initially a `body music` group, which subsequently split into two groups - Sensor (with Paul as leader) - the artsy electronica project, and the more mainstream group, Sistem[13]. The new name came with an original show concept - as it relied on a new idea: a mix of electronic sounds and percussion on unconventional instruments. Their shows were hard to categorize, at the crossroad between a stage performance, theater play and music show. In 2000 a local radio station from Cluj Napoca - CD Radio - awarded the band (The Most Original Group) and in 2001 the Romanian magazine VIP Magazine'[14] awarded Sensor for its originality onstage for their show Sakadat ExtraSensorial. For more awards, check the 'Awards & Nominations' category.

Sensor began exploring many genres and arts and performed throughout Europe in many different venues and events like the 2004 Golden Drum Advertising Festival from Portoroz, Slovenia[15], the 2004 and 2005 Fashion Week Show in Paris[16], France, the 2006 Multiart Show at the Romanian Embassy, Art Palace in Budapest, Hungary or the 2006 tour in Singapore[17]. As the band leader, Paul composed the music for all Sensor albums and shows, starting with the debut LPLands (Distant Voices)[18] - the first Romanian world-fusion album, later presented in a show co-directed with Tudor Giurgiu at the National Opera in Bucharest. In 2007 Sensor launched E-Volution[19], their second full length album, an electronic industrial sound that tells the story of the digital intrusion in the human creativity. Since then, Sensor became an open project, inviting different artists to join the band’s core trio (Paul Ilea, Sasha Negară, Cristian Melak). In this formula plus guests, Sensor finished its third studio effort, Urban Symphonik Beats[20] in 2013. Each Sensor LP explores uncharted musical territories, as Paul signature sound is to associate seemingly opposite musical ideas and instruments into organic audio creations[21]. In spring 2019 Sensor is celebrating its 20th anniversary by launching an album that will be a collection of brand new music that re-tells the two-decade Sensor journey.

Theater and Film[edit]

Paul Ilea with Gigi Caciuleanu (One Minute od Dance or...Uf!)

Pau Ilea has been present on the theater stage since his early debut, with Sakadat Extrasensorial[22] in 2001, an unconventional percussion show which benefited two seasons at the Bulandra Theater[23] (Bucharest) and one at the National Theater Bucharest[24] and for which Paul scored the music, performed, was the stage-director and co-directed together with Dan Chisu. In 2013 Paul began a lasting and rich collaboration with world-renowned choreographer Gigi Caciuleanu. He composed the soundtrack for Folia, Shakespeare &Co.[25], a dance-theatre show that later was transformed into a TV film[26] which won him - together with the score for the feature film It Takes Two to Fence[27] - his first award in cinema –UCIN’s Best Score for a Motion Picture[28]. Un minut de Dans sau Uf![29] is the second performance by Caciuleanu that involved Paul, this time not only as the soundtrack composer, but also as a live performer on stage (dance and live music). With this play Paul traveled across Europe and performed on some of the best-known stages[30][31][32] in the theater/dance world. In 2015 Paul appeared in Dan Chișu’s documentary YouTube Bazar[33], as himself. His involvement with the big screen continued with the role of On set Music Assistant for Universal Pictures production, The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power.

On the Screen[edit]

In 2014 Paul Ilea is starting his collaboration with Pro TV as a Musical Producer and Head Of The Band[34] for `The Voice` Romania (`Vocea Romaniei`) seasons 4-8. His TV collaborations include also The Voice Kids Romania (`Vocea Romaniei Junior`) first 2 seasons[35], Dancing With The Stars Romania (`Uite Cine Danseaza[36]`) 1st season and, Romania’s Got Talent - finals in season 6 & entire season 7[37] and `I see your voice’ Romania, 1st season. Paul’s most recent onscreen appearance is co-hosting alongside actor Marius Manole in George Enescu Music Festival’s 14 episodes cultural project Ce auzim cand ascultam muzica?[38] (What do we hear when we listen to music?) - a live and recorded series of sessions with high-school students and professional musicians concerning the classical music and how we approach it.

Kult Studio Records[edit]

Paul Ilea founded Kult Studio Records[39] in 2008, a private held music label designed to engage and produce an array of talented artists such as Mara, Sensor, Mongol (Paul’s alter-ego/ electronic solo project), Melak. Along the years kult Studio worked and produced music with and for artists from all genres and arts: A.G. Weinberger, Loredana, Ovidiu Lipan, Haddaway, Coolio, Damian Draghici, Nicolae Voiculet, Marius Mihalache, MC Bean, Grigore Lese, Lennox Buppy Brown, Maia Morgenstern, Ioana Marchidan, Florin Piersic, Florin Piersic Junior, Ioana Macarie, Judith State.



Studio albums[edit]

2002 - Lands (A&A Records)

2004 – E-volution (EMI Romania)

2013 – U.S.B. Urban Symphonik Beats (Kult Studio Records)


2004 – ‘5 Minute’ (feat. Mono)

2005 – ‘Help Yourself‘ (No.1 at MTV Romanian top 40)

2009 – ‘La Dragoste Nu Se Poate Vol.2’ (Kult Studio Records)

2013 – ‘You Give’ (Kult Studio Records)

2014 - ‘Figure Out’ (Skillz Records)


2009 – Best, Unreleased album (Kult Studio Records)


2008 – Sensuous Moods – 40 min. mix (Kult Studio Records)

2008 – Club Mix – promo, club music (Kult Studio Records)



2018 –‘Ku Na Ta’ (Kult Studio Records)

2018 – ‘Folklore’ (Kult Studio Records)

2014 – ‘You Got It’ (Kult Studio Records)

2014 - ‘The Stairz’ (Kult Studio Records)

2013 – ‘Da Roots’ (Kult Studio Records)

2013 – ‘Harmony’ feat. Mara (Kult Studio Records)


2013 – ‘August’ (Kult Studio Records) – 19 min. mix



2012 – Mara – ‘In Love with Love’ – (KULT STUDIO Records) (composer/producer)


2018 - MCulture – ‘Chef de Chef’ album (Cat Music) (producer)

2015 - Mara – ‘Ma Bike ‘ single (RotonMusic) (producer)


2011- How Do You Know Remix for Gaoler’s Daughter UK

Original Score[edit]

2014 – ‘Folia, Shakespeare &Co.’ – original soundtrack (composer/producer)

2014 – ‘Plansa’ (‘It takes two to fence’) - original soundtrack (composer/producer)


2001 – ‘Marfa și banii’ (‘Stuff and dough’) – Sensor music featured on the soundtrack

2013 – ‘I'm Not Famous But I'm Aromanian’ – Music featured on soundtrack along side aromanian artist Mara

2013 – ‘Si Caii Sunt Verzi Pe Pereti’ (‘Chasing Rainbows’) – original soundtrack (composer/producer)


2014 – ‘Touareg Dream’ – Music for Liza Panait fashion show (composer/producer)


1997 – IPSE band promo album (artist)


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