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Reason as the World Masterpiece

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Reason as the World Masterpiece: Africa and Uganda’s Success and Failure based on Reason and Reality
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Published10 March 2021
PublisherIndependently published [1]
Publication date
March 10, 2021
Media typePaperback, e-book
ISBN978-9-97065-200-6 Search this book on .
Preceded bySuccess and Failure Based on Reason and Reality

Reason as the World Masterpiece: Africa and Uganda’s Success and Failure based on Reason and Reality is a 2021 self-improvement book authored by Ugandan businessman Hamis Kiggundu. The book focuses deeply on information about prosperity and self-development and advocates on the world human challenges, the solution to Africa's problems and Uganda's direct path from poverty to prosperity, with use of reason.[2][3][4][5]


Mr. Kiggundu defines reason as one's ability to critically analyze, make deep assessment and mind adjustment to the realistic prevailing circumstances.[4]


The 14-chapter book contends that “God made man with a processing unit –the brain– which gives him or her the capacity to think, examine, judge, scrutinize, elucidate, analyze, distinguish and primarily reason in all the existing situations before him given the fact that he is of full age, competent understanding and sound mind.[6]

Hamis additionally accentuates that Africans are still in absolute poverty despite the fact that they hold 80% of the world's resources as a result of not applying reason in appropriately using the available resources towards actual prosperity within the prevailing day to day circumstances.[7][2]


In the book, the author articulates that reality in his view refers to the facts as they are before one, observing issues as they are before you rather than presuming them to be, as Presumption is a restraining factor for one’s ability to think gradually and prosper since they keeps seeking solutions to a non-existing problems instead of the actual prevailing problem.[7]

He notes that: The only absent part is how Africans still remain poor despite the fact that God gifted the African continent with all that is desired by Africans to prosper; he attributes this fact to the inability to apply reason when using the available resources towards actual prosperity. He says the difference between Africa and the West is Simply Reason and adds that God blessed: Africa with Resources and the west with Reason.[3]

Education System[edit]

The book similarly highpoints Africa’s education structure as an extra barrier for most Africans from actual prosperity.

The formal education structures of Africa were presented by their previous colonial masters hence they are foreign education systems and structures, not native. He proposes that education systems be restructured in line with Africa’s prevailing society challenges and desires in order to produce graduates with the capacity required to create matching solutions to Africa’s social, political and economic problems for current and future realistic prosperity within existing circumstances.[8][2]

Hamis suggests that:[6]

He further advocates for Uganda to adopt fundamentals of Reason as debated in line with African progress as reason according to him is the gap between success and failure both at individual or society level and equally the distance between Uganda’s success and failure


Hamis talks about agriculture as the direct path for Africa (Uganda) from poverty to prosperity. He says Africa’s bright future lies the three free God given natural elements of: Fertile soils, the good climate and an energetic young population, if at all exploited to maximum potential with available peace and God’s blessings as a constant factor. The book highlights that these three elements facilitate Agro produce as agro produce is more valuable than any other world resource.[9] He notes that the Oil value may drop with discovery of another energy alternative but the Value and desire for agro produce will never drop for as long as man lives on earth.[10][11]


He concludes his book that:[4][3][5]

As a realistic fact; Reason is present in each element of human survival and further highlights that we live within boundaries of our reasoning capability in regards to past, present and the coming generations for individuals, societies, countries and as extensive as continents. He says; Reason stands at the epicenter of creation and the world as known by us. He adds that all the past generations lived and accomplished up to the level of their reasoning capacity and so will the present and future generations.

He attributes the use of chains on the book cover to the fact that reason is above chains and each person has their his/her chains which may be: poverty, scarcity, hardships among others, yet the brain is capable of breaking every chain by means of reason.[4]

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