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Scorpia (comics)

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Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceSpider-Man: The Power of Terror #2 (February 1995)
Created byGregory Wright
Darick Robertson
In-story information
Alter egoElaine Coll
AbilitiesCybernetic suit grants:
Superhuman physical attributes derived from that of Scorpion
Energy blasts
Micro-thin force field generation

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Scorpia (real name Elaine Coll) is a fictional supervillainess appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. A psychotic female version of the Scorpion, Scorpia is a long-time enemy of Spider-Man. She was recruited by Silvermane from a mental hospital and given robotic armor which enhanced her strength and speed five hundred percent.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Elaine Coll was a mental patient at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan. She was chosen by Silvermane to become the new Scorpion after the retirement of the original. However, she opted to call herself Scorpia and was eager to get in on some action. Silvermane originally intended for Scorpia to aid Beetle and Hydro-Man to deliver Deathlok to him. After interference from Spider-Man, though Scorpia proved herself to be a formidable enemy, she was ultimately taken out. She recovered, and brought the surrendering Deathlok back to Silvermane. She was then ordered to ambush Spider-Man and Daredevil, who had infiltrated their base. She was able to wear them down, but was then betrayed by Silvermane, who shot her in the back. Infuriated, Scorpia vowed revenge, and followed Spider-Man and Daredevil to his location. Once there, she immediately attacked, ending her dispute with the heroes and instead going right for her former employer. Mainframe, another of Silvermane's mercenaries, took control over Scorpia's cybernetic enhancements and used her to attack Spider-Man. However, she soon regained mobility and blasted Silvermane. An explosion created by The Punisher knocked Scorpia off the building they were on, but a mentally conflicted Deathlok saved her. She then decided to flee the area, rather than be put in prison.[1]

Scorpia then joins the new Sinister Six (though there were seven members total). The team's main purpose was to stop Kaine from killing any more of Spider-Man's enemies. When Kaine disguised himself as Spider-Man and attacked Hobgoblin, Scorpia immediately joined the others in the battle. However, they were not accustomed to working together, much to Scorpia's disdain. Spider-Man eventually entered the battle and was able to defeat Scorpia herself. She also participated in another battle against Spider-Man with some of her former allies, and new ones such as Boomerang and Jack O' Lantern. She was defeated when Spider-Man threw Jack O'Lantern at her.[volume & issue needed]

When Mac Gargan resurfaced, Scorpia laid low for a while.[2]

Much later, Scorpia was seen attacking Carnegie Hall in search of a man named Garrison Klum, whom she had planned to assassinate in a redesigned suit. She was able to fight her way through various policemen and thugs, but was attacked by Spider-Man and Black Cat. Scorpia held her own against the pair, but Black Cat was able to rip her tail off by jumping out of a hole in the wall while connected to it.[3] She was later interrogated (quite humorously) by Spider-Man, where she revealed that she was hired by Alberto Ortega, the head of a local drug syndicate.[4]

Scorpia appeared in Brand New Day as one of a group of villains in the Bar With No Name watching a fight between Spider-Man and the "Basher" on YouTube. She was among those that placed their bet with the Bookie.[5] When the real Spider-Man arrived (after it was revealed that the Spider-Man who fought Basher was actually Screwball in disguise, Scorpia was among the villains who fought Spider-Man until Deke the bartender broke up the battle, telling them that the Bar With No Name is a sanctuary for those on the run from the law.[6]

During the Infinity storyline, Scorpia appears as one of the female villains in the employ of Caroline Le Fay. She helps fight off Thanos' forces and later battles the Fearless Defenders.[7] Scorpia remained in Le Fay's employ afterward, acting as one of her bodyguards during a meeting with the Mercs for Money.[8]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Scorpia's cybernetic suit provides superhuman physical attributes derived from that of Scorpion. It can also project energy blasts and emit a micro-thin force field.


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