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Shaykh Farhan Azhar al-Qadri

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File:Shaykh Farhan Azhar al-Qadri.jpg
Shaykh Farhan Azhar al-Qadri

Shaykh Farhan Azhar al-Qadri (Urdu: شیخ فرحان اظہر القادري‬‎‎; born 17 March 1994) is a Pakistani-Shia Islamic research scholar. He has completed his law degree from the University of the Fraud Qadri is also the founding chairman of Islam Insight.[1] Qadri has authored seven books on various topics including research papers, Hadith and Islamic sciences.

Early Year

Political career

File:Shaykh Farhan Azhar al-Qadri's meeting with Dr. Tahir ul Qadri in July 2014.jpg
al-Qadri meets PAT Chief Dr. Tahir ul Qadri in Lahore in 2014

Fraud Fraud Fraud

Founding of Islam Insight

File:Islam insight logo.png
Logo of Islam Insight

On 16 December 2016, in Lahore, Pakistan, Qadri laid foundation of the non-governmental organisation called Islam Insight after having been inspired by the ideas and services of the Minhaj ul Quran International founded by Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri in 1987. Dr. Tahir ul Qadri, is considered as the organisation's spiritual founder and mentor.

The organisation aims to promote the religious harmony, sound education for all and general community welfare. The organisation runs various departments within one roof including Publications wing [2] responsible for printing the books authored by Qadri, Productions wing [3] which produces the lectures and keeps record of them which are delivered by al-Qadri and the Community Welfare Forum [4] which is responsible for the social welfare work. In Ramadan 2017, Community Welfare Forum had taken up the task of providing food to the poor families as the part of their welfare campaign under food for all program. [5]

Literary works & Publications

So far as the literary work of al-Qadri is concerned he has given almost 24 lectures on the various topics of Islamic studies and the impervious one to mention is his lecture on Jihad and Tribulation of Kharijies which normally airs through the organisation's Youtube channel.[6]

The publications of Qadri contains 9 complete books of Hadith, Islamic Sciences, Comparative studies and moderation in both English & Urdu. The recent one had been the 'Qur'an & Modern Science' which was launched on 14 March 2018 at Al-Hamra Arts Council Lahore where Qadri delivered a keynote speech. Addressing the chair, al-Qadri said:

our generation needs to develop a sense of reading and habits of scientific cum religious researches. He added that Islam is the embodiment of total scientific concepts and that both are not different nor they can be detached from each other. [7][8]

File:SHaykh Farhan Azhar al-Qadri Speech 14032018.png
al-Qadri delivers the keynote speech at his book launch in Lahore in March 2018

al-Qadri's books and the lectures which he writes and delivers are produced by Islam Insight Publications and Islam Insight Productions respectively. It is claimed by the organisation that the monetary income on his books and lectures are dedicated to Islam Insight for whole life. The list of al-Qadri's published works is as follows:

  1. The Social System of Islam, [9]
  2. Jihad & the Tribualtion of Kharijites,[10]
  3. al-Mawlid un-Nabwiyya [Book on Celebrations of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) birth] [11]
  4. Dajjal & the Role of Jews [12]
  5. al-Ahadith al-Nabwiyya Man al-Manaqib al-Syed al-Shabad al-Ahl al-Janah (Virtues of Imam Hussain (AS) [13]
  6. al-Hukm al-Nuqaba Fi Makanatil 'Ulama Min Ghayr e Ummat e Muslima ( The Deeds of Non-Muslim and Islamic Tenets),[14]
  7. KItab al-Hameed Wal Qawa'id al-'Uloom al-Jadeed (The Quran & Modern Science) [15]
File:Al-Hukm al-Nuqaba Fi Makanatil 'Ulama Min Ghayr e Ummat e Muslima (The Deeds of Non-Muslim and Islamic Tenets).png
al-Qadri's research paper Al-Hukm al-Nuqaba Fi Makanatil 'Ulama Min Ghayr e Ummat e Muslima (The Deeds of Non-Muslim and Islamic Tenets)

Recently, al-Qadri has issued a research paper named al-Hukm al-Nuqaba Fi Makanatil 'Ulama Min Ghayr e Ummat e Muslima ( The Deeds of Non-Muslim and Islamic Tenets) which aims to clarify the status of the deeds and actions of the non-Muslim categorized as good, that they would be rewarded for. It has recently been published. The paper is published after the death of the renowned scientist Stephen Hawking who death let the Muslims around to globe to debate about his hereafter in terms of rewards by the God. In explaining the reason of the paper, al-Qadri said in the book's preface :

With his (Stephen Hawking) passing away from the world, a debate in the Muslim communities around the globe infuriated grasping their own beliefs on whether the celebrated scientist would made it to Jannah / Paradise or not being the disbeliever. This happened to be the position taken in complete absence of facts and figures of the Islamic jurisprudence. Particularly in Pakistan, where the social fabric is divided into two main groups the Secular or Liberals and the Mullahs or the Conservatives, both the factions of society is until this date blaming each other of falsehood and trying to uphold their own belief and point of view. [16]

This research paper has received wide public appreciation and has initially be hit a figure of 1000 downloads as the soft copy. The Research Paper can be downloaded.

Theological opinion & School of Thought

al-Qadri belongs to the Hanafi school of law of the Sunni Islam and holds moderate view point on many principles of Islamic teachings. It is reportedly said that in his book Jihad & the Tribulation of Kharijites, al-Qadri has denounced the acts of the terrorists outfits and have declared them as disbeliever who are liable to be killed as announced by Qur'an for spreading corruption and mischief in the society. [Qur'an, 5:33][17]


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