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Singer to join Royal Opera House Tour

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By John Bannerman MD.

Barrie Law formally from Elland near Halifax, now a resident of York, His Tenor voice raised funds for several children needing specialist treatment in Switzerland and Philadelphia USA

How did it begin for Barrie Law ?

Law started out as a singer in a choir in the town of Elland at the church of St. Mary's laying the foundations of his fame. His singing led him to the Halifax Opera Society where he took tenor roles. Although Law had immense talent in his voice he always strived to become a better musician. So in 1972 Law started to study music and voice coaching with a teacher from the London College of Music. Law had to work for what he wanted to achieve, he took different singing bookings in clubs to pay for his coaching classes Perhaps that is what ignited the flame in him to use his talents and capabilities to do good, a number of young children benefited from his singing with specialist treatment in USA and Switzerland, over several years

Barrie Law in the 1980s working for the Royal Opera House, After returning from New York on his ten days visit. Press Photograph