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Sonic Omens

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Sonic Omens (ex-2020)
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Developer(s)Mania Team
Ouroboros Studio
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SeriesSonic the Hedgehog
EngineUnreal Engine 4
Releasexx.xx.xxxx - Full release
3 May 2021 - Episode "The Breakthrough"
3 May 2021 - Episode "The Temple of Sands"
14 March 2020 - Episode "White Jungle"
23 June 2020 - Episode "Shadow of Water"
Genre(s)Platformer, action-adventure, beat 'em up
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Sonic Omens[edit]

Sonic Omens (previously named "Sonic 2020") is a platform fan game developed by a collaboration of Russian developers called "Mania team" lead by Alex Dmitriev aka Bolt, which was later disbanded and merged with "Ouroboros Studio". The game is available only on the PC platform, and only for Windows operating system.[1]


This fan-made game provides the players with its own take on the reason why Chaos Emeralds are no longer used in the recent official Sonic games, turning it into its main story. The events of the game take place after Sonic Unleashed and before Sonic Lost World.

Currently, the story is known only partially, as not all 7 episodes of the game have been released yet.


The game is done in a relatively new boost gameplay style well-established for the franchise. Most of the developer team came from the video production, so Unreal Engine 4[2][3] was chosen for the development, because the cinematic options of this engine seemed better than those of the others, which clearly shows in a variety of the in-game cutscenes. The engine's excellent visual capabilities are also demonstrated in the gameplay, which has brought the atmosphere and immersion to a new level.[4][5] But Unreal Engine 4 is not being used in the game in its pure form. The developers have made a choice to use Sonic Infinity framework, created by Oban back in (year). Though, during the development of the game, the framework has been heavily modified to suit various gameplay needs of the game.

As for the gameplay itself, it's worth mentioning that there are 2 types of levels.[6]

  • The first type are the levels done in the aforementioned boost style, they are fast-paced and focused primarily on moving forward, passing the level as fast as possible while blasting away everything on the path.
  • The second type brings the players back to Sonic Adventure era of the franchise, offering a much slower-paced gameplay style focused more on exploring, solving the riddles, and making progress step-by-step.

There are several playable characters:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Miles "Tails" Prower (playable only as a Tornado pilot)

All of the characters have their own abilities. Sonic The Hedgehog can us:

  • Bounce
  • Grab (Energy whip)
  • Light speed attack

Shadow The Hedgehog has his 4 famous abilities based on Chaos energy:

  • Chaos Control
  • Chaos Blast
  • Chaos Spear
  • Chaos Dash

Finally, Tornado piloted by Tails has two different attack abilities - machine gun and rockets.

Players have several options on how to play the game: they can play Story Mode entirely, choose and play any completed stage or play split-screened two-player mode with a friend.

Ouroboros Studio[edit]

Development team:
BOLT (Alex Dmitriev) - Director, Animator, Game Design, Environment Artist;
NEKAHSUP (Mikhail Rodionov) - Lead Programmer, UI Design, Graphic Design, VFX Artist;
John R1se (Evgeniy Akimbaev) - Lead Music Composer, Sound Design, Engine Editor;
Belkas (Grigoriy Degtev) - 3D Modeller;
EVIL (Evgeniy Gorlatov) - Rigger, VFX Artist;
Zly (Evgeniy Liudchik) - Programmer;
Slivka (Bektur Sabirov) - Game Designer (Blockout);
PoPrikolu (Alexey Kuzin) - Animator;
Swelly (Alexey Vandishev) - Environment Artist;
JOH (Alexander Zhokhov) - Narrative Designer, Story Writer;
Techno Cinema (Danny Burns) - Music Composer, Sound Designer;

Voice Actors:
GameGuyNick (Nicholas Markgraf) - Sonic the Hedgehog;
Humanarian (Igor) - Shadow the Hedgehog;
Alina Ish (Alina Ishmukhametova) - Miles (Tails) Prower, Rouge the Bat, Artificial Intelligence;
Fazlox (Brandon Coleman) - The Exiled, Man from Government;
JOH (Alexander Zhokhov) - Man from Government;
Anstasia (Anastasia Tikhonova) - Woman from Government;
Seetwelverun (Juwaan Armstrong) - Commander G.U.N., Knuckles the Echidna;
Sumochkin (Damn Belmont) - Dr. Eggman;
Anjo (Angelina Deheve) - News Narrator;
RaeChu (Rachel Thompson) - Amy Rose;

Valeria (Valeria Repetskaya) - Concept Artist;
Rakoobraznaya (Vika Soldatova) - 2D Artist;
Sosdraws (Sonia Moktefi) - 2D Artist;
NOIR (Dmitry Soldatenkov) - 2D Artist;
JCMX (Jinema Canete) - 2D Artist;

Andrea Pitet - French Localization
LaanX5 - Spanish Localization

== Development history ==

File:Sonic Omens Shadow gameplay.png
Shadow gameplay at "Asenal G.U.N."

The first thing Bolt started with, was a rework of one of the levels of the original games "Crisis City". Such was the acquaintance with the Infinity Engine and Unreal Engine 4, but not as a tool for creating cinematics, but as a direct game engine. At that time, the infinity engine practically did not undergo changes, but the level and gameplay immediately found support from the community and formed the basis for the future Sonic Omens.[7]

According to the plan the game will be released episodically and will consist of 7 episodes.[8] Each episode must contain 3 playable acts, and in some of those episodes Act 3 will be a boss battle. The development of the game began in September 2019 and on the 14th of March 2020 the first episode called "White Jungle" was released. It was several levels playable as Sonic, which takes place in the same name location from the main series of the game. This episode already shows different game styles - the first stage showed a mix of boost gameplay with combat elements, the second one was a huge level concentrated on exploring and the third is boost again but against time. Despite the fact that most of the developers are from Russia, it was decided to release the game in the English language as well.[2] The developers involved various voice actors, so each level is accompanied by voice acting as well as cutscenes, which was also positively assessed by the community.[9][10]

The next episode, called "Shadow of Water" was released on the 23rd of June 2020. Development took only 4 months. This time Shadow became a playable hero, and the gameplay had mostly become combat. The first two stages showed similar formula as the previous episode, boost, combat, and exploring. But 3rd act showed the first boss battle. For this episode voice actor cast has been increased, some actors have been replaced.[11] also developers brought in two music composers - John R1se and Danny Burns, so almost all the music in the game was replaced and became original.[12][13] In the next episodes, called "The Breakthrough" and "Temple of Sand" developers promise air gameplay, where the gamers can play as Tails piloting the Tornado aircraft, or as Shadow using Glider.[14]

See also[edit]

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