Syrian Civil War

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Syrian Civil War
Part of Cold War II, Arab Spring, War against ISIS, Second Arab Cold War, spillover of Iraq conflict, Arab-Israel conflict, and others
Syrian Civil War map.svg
Map of the situation as of March 2021
Date15 March, 2011 - Ongoing
Syria, Spillovers in Lebanon, Iraq, France, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, and Madrid, Spain.
Status Ongoing
  • Hundreds killed in protests in early 2011
  • Major powers like Iran, Russia, China, the United States, France, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and more intervene in Syria
  • In May 2015, ISIS reaches its major extent
  • Kurdish forces gain autonomy
  • ISIS defeated in territory in March 2019
  • Turkey invades and occupies Northern Syria.
  • Israel intensifies airstrikes in December 2020.
As of March 2020, AANES and Pro-Assad forces control most of the Syrian territory.
Main belligerents

 Syrian Government


  •  Iran
    • Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
  •  Iraq (2012-2019)
  •  Lebanon (Until 2017)
  •  Russia (Since 2015)
  • Popular Mobilization Forces


  •  China
  •  Oman (allegedly)
  •  Venezuela
  • Houthis
  •  Algeria
  •  Armenia
  •  Belarus

Syrian opposition Syrian Interim Government(Syrian opposition)

Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria Autonomous Administration of North and east Syria

  •  Iraqi Kurdistan
  • PKK
  •  Rojava
  • APRA