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Tre, Musical Artist & rapper from Pretoria, South Africa.
Background information
Birth nameBrandon Adam Harrison
Born1991-06-03 (1991-06-03) (age 29)
OriginPretoria, South Africa
Years active2009–present
Associated acts

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Brandon Adam Harrison (born June 3, 1991), but his fans know him better by his stage name Tre. He is a rapper, record producer, graphic designer and music video director from Pretoria, South Africa.

He had founded his own record label in 2012, titled TnT Production. He would then go on to use the TnT branding to open up an entertainment company TnT Corporation, a year after the collapse of his record label in 2015.

Tre started his music career in 2010 and has released four studio albums. Up and Coming through his record label. Return of Tre was his second album release. Third album release, and his big break into the industry was Tre Day and Get Up: All City Toy as his fourth. Accompanying his roster of releases, is his collaborative projects Project Fame, Parking Lot Rap and Sitting Back with Tre with TnT Productions, along with his own rap group called D.o.T and released a mixtape titled Rap It Up. He is well known for his use of crazy, delinquent behaviour in his music, music videos, and performances.

Early life[edit]

Brandon Harrison was born on June 3, 1991 in Cape Town, but moved to Pretoria in the start of 2001 where he was raised in the Montana area. He attended Northridge Primary School, and Clapham High School. Brandon was a shy kid growing up, never liked getting into fights and mostly kept to himself, he didn’t have many friends in primary school, and was the victim to being teased and constantly bullied and picked on, due to his short height and timid nature. This happened throughout his primary school life, and it was no better in highschool, when he became the school nerd and was harassed frequently by his classmates. Tre had always loved music from a young age, and wrote raps whenever he could while he was growing up, but he would always put it aside not thinking of it as a career. Tre wasn’t interested in school work, constantly failing classes and not performing well academically, but always showed an interest in his visual arts subject. Nearing the end of 2009 and his school career, Tre had finally decided that music, and rap was what he wanted to do with his life, he devoted most of his spare time writing lyrics, and struggling through his school work it then left him with a failed Matric grade. So being left with no alternative, Brandon decided to focus all of his attention and passion into a possible music career.[1]

Music career[edit]

2010-2012: Career beginnings, First single and TnT Productions[edit]

Tre began recording his debut single Doin' It My Way in 2010 and was eventually released locally in late 2010.[2] Tre had initially signed with Renzo Beats in 2011 and even began recording his debut album called Tre-onics.[3] However his debut album, Tre-onics was never released due to constant recording problems and loss of his projects at his studio. Shortly after the failed attempts to release his album, Tre sought his release from Renzo Beats due to lack of financial compensation, artist support, and promotion.[4] Before the departure from Renzo Beats, Tre founded his own independent label, TnT Productions, with Tshiamo Mahape Titan. Tshiamo was a life long friend of Tre from the D2 area of Montana in Pretoria. He was the first artist to be signed to TnT Productions. Shortly after launching TnT Productions, Tre released his first album titled Up and Coming in August 2012 to promote the label and his first self produced album of his career.[5][6] TnT Productions originally wanted to sell it for retail sale, but were unable due to Tre still being unable to find a distribution company, so he decided to manufacture and distribute hard copies of the album by hand.[5]

2012–2014: Return of Tre and Mainstream Breakthrough[edit]

Tre released an E.P titled "Return of Tre" as a small project that he was working on while he was busy producing artists under TnT Productions and when he saw that his E.P was well recieved by his audience he decided to make it a full project, which then became his second album Return of Tre in late 2013.[7] On October 5, 2013, Tre released a music video for the song "Doubt Me Doubt You", the single that came off Return of Tre on YouTube. The video became a YouTube success and gave Tre more recognition within the music industry as a local rapper, espicially within his own neighbourhood of D2.[8] In the song Tre talks about how people have always doubted him and always said that he would never amount to anything within music and as a white rapper. Tre's second album, Return of Tre, was released on November 10, 2013.[9]

In January 2014, Tre began working on his third album, titled Tre Day[10] which was his most controversial piece of work, and which really brought life into the Tre character, as this album revealed Tre as a rapper who has a comical dark twisted humour.[11] TnT Productions really began taking off and Tre was helping such companies with production, such as the SABC and Spur, as well as artists from all around the world.[5][12]

By March 2014, Tre was approached by Ray Mupats to merge TnT Productions with HMI. He was originally hailed as one of the driving forces behind the HMI movement, that was gaining momentum in the South African music industry, being acknowledged by fans as South Africa's top contenter in the music industry. Tre had released his hit single, titled Break It Down.[13] This single led tre to go on tour with the artists in HMI.[14] He also had the opportunity to open up for Cassper Nyovest at Blue Room nightclub on the 25 February 2015, the footage of the event was recorded and is on Tre's official youtube channel.[15] However, by the end of 2014 Tre sought his release from HMI due to lack of artist support.[16][17]

2015–2016: The Rise and Fall of TnT Productions[edit]

On March 30, 2015 while Tre was feeling deeply depressed and even suicidal he walked out on his HMI team and started putting together Mad House. His new team had 10 members in total.[18] However, despite countless attempts to get his new team to see the bigger picture, and see the goal which Tre had tried to get them to fulfill to help their careers as artists. By November 2015, and after 8 years of building TnT Productions, his life's work was destroyed and his career had reached rock bottom.[19] Mad House members left Tre with the wreckage of what was left of his torn down studio, and after 8 years, Tre had finally went quiet in his career, releasing only one single track titled Enough[20] [21] featuring Annastasia Nicol from Cape Town, on 8 March 2016. This was the only project that was released that whole year from the rapper Tre until he had finally broken his silence to his fans on the 20 December 2016, by releasing a graphic art onto his social media of his new business venture of his career. So that marked the start of TnT Corporation and the start of his corporation's seize upon the entertainment industry.[22]

2017–present: TnT Corporation & Euro Trippin[edit]

On January 7 2017, Tre had announced the new design of TnT, after 2 years of being silent on all social platforms. Nothing being revealed to much by the rapper and his personal life, but on December 27 2017, Tre had announced that he had gotten married to Jolien Harrison. Not long after Tre then had announced that he was going to be a father. His son Aidon Adam Harrison was born on 29 May 2018.[23] Despite his busy family life,[24] Tre had also worked many hours and built his company, TnT Corporation into a global conglomerate.[25] Tre had built his very own radio station, distribution agency and a vast network within the music industry.[26] Tre then sought help from an old friend in France, YoAnn, who owned the distribution company Eighty-Eight Records who helped with a European Tour and full on release of his latest E.P titled Euro Trippin.[13] [27] [28]

In 2019, Tre[29] has shown that he is not only a talented wordsmith but a power mogal. He has established his own in-house music empire through his new entertainment company which has gone farther than any music company based in South Africa. He has partnered TnT Corporation with various types of businesses within the entertainment industry, but has also branched out to other industries, outside of the music industry and into the telecommunications and technology fields. This has given Tre a more competitive upper hand over his competitors, and has built smaller companies which share the TnT name-sake, but all fall under the umbrella parent company of TnT Corporation. Currently the organization's structure and in-house facilities that Tre[30] had invested for the TnT brand, had grew the company to be able to start TnT Radio. This was a FM and online broadcasting radio station, that was owned and was housed within the TnT Corporation structure. The network was designed and built by Tre himself, and currently is TnT's own company radio station. TnT Radio's FM frequency can be found on 102.6FM. Upon the success of his company's radio station, Tre ventured further with his TnT brand name, and opened up another company within TnT Corporation titled TnT Distribution. This department has given TnT Corporation online distribution with stores and streaming platforms.[31]


Performance At Local Club:[edit]

On the 8th of February, 2014, Tre and the TnT Productions team had faced a slight altercation at a local club in the Montana area. Tre was booked to perform his new single ‘Aint About You’ from his latest album which was to release earlier that year. Himself, his team and his entourage were having a good time at the club, but just before they were about to perform the track, the bouncers started harassing the rapper, and his entourage, and telling them to leave. This caused Tre to get extremely angry and misbehaving badly towards the bouncers to leave his team alone, and if they got a problem with them they should talk to him. As Tre and his co-featuring artists on the song, went onto the stage, and the track’s backtrack started playing, Tre went berserk and started yelling out.[32] He was waving his middle fingers for the audience and to the bouncers, and making sure that they knew if they weren’t going to make him feel welcome, then he will do the same and show no respect back. At the end of the song Tre dropped the microphone and walked out with his team. The footage of the performance can be found on youtube. The next day Tre released a video onto the TnT Productions Facebook account, where he explained what happened that night, and why he did what he did, and that he would not stand by and watch his own team members get humiliated at their OWN performance.[33]

Pistol JnR[edit]

A confrontation with a rapper from the Vaal named Pistol JnR had instigated a message of complete hate towards Tre. The rapper was sending hateful responses to the white rapper, and that he wasn’t cut out for the music business. He had said that he’d be releasing a diss track by the name of ‘Fuck Tre’ telling exactly why he doesn’t like him. The TnT members did not like the way Pistol JnR was talking about Tre and they started posting lyrics and doing retaliation tracks on the behalf of Tre. During this time Pistol JnR’s track wasn’t released and Tre wasn’t commenting to anything the young rapper had to say about him. His fellow group member named Blaeze Mr Flame On released a short warning track towards Pistol JnR, the song was called ‘Type-A-Tre’. This whole beef got Tre’s manager involved and as well as his team mates wanting to physically assault the Vaal rapper. Tre called off his manager, and his team, saying “Let the kid release his track”. The ‘Fuck Tre’ song was released.[34] Tre there after responded with a message on his Facebook account that said “Not bad kid… Now it’s my turn”. Three days later Tre released his retaliation song called ‘Trigger Happy’ a full 4 minute verse insulting and as well as using the insults Pistol JnR said to Tre, against the Vaal rapper himself. Nothing further has been said after Tre released his retaliation and the beef has died out. Both these tracks can be downloaded on TnT Productions Facebook account.


Studio albums



  • Return of Tre E.P (2012)
  • Break Bad E.P (with Mr Problematic) (2014)
  • Euro Trippin' E.P (2018)


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